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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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rising sun, it sank in 1917. thanks for joining us. i'm tony harris, the news continues next live from london. >> this is al jazeera. >> it is very good to have your opinion. you're watching the al jazeera newshour live from london, i'm david foster, this is what we're looking at in detail in the next 60 minutes. a boat runs aground off greece. the eu agrees on a ten point plan to improve the crisis. a bomb blast in the yemeni capital of sanaa. we'll speak to a survivor.
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south africa's zulu king denies he's to blame of the crisis. despite the recent outbreak of violence in yoach. ethiopia. well the european union's foreign policy chief says member states must act on the mediterranean migrant crisis as ships responded to distress calls from two more boats which are carrying some 400 people. maltese, are starting to bring board the survivors only ahandful of survivors there with one of them suggesting that as many as 950 people were actually on board. on monday, the sailboat carrying migrants ran aground off the greek island of rhodes before breaking up.
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the greek coast guard said three people are drown and 90 people were rescued. europeans are meeting to produce what they call is a ten point action plan. paul brennan reports from catania, southern island of sicily. >> being battered by waves clinging to what's left of her boat a woman tries to protect a young child. attention focused on migrants leaving north africa for italian waters this boat hit rocks off the greek island of rhodes. not known how many others are still missing. on ma ta bodies malta bodies are being brought ashore. 24 corpses have been recovered but as many as 900 drowned when think capsized off the coast of
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libya on saturday night. of the hundreds on board just 28 were saved. those survivors are on their way to the sicilian port of catania. deadly period for migrants crossing to europe. some 11,000 people have been rescued in the last ten days but an estimated 1500 people have drown in the attempt. the compassion with which sicilians regard these migrants, with this memorial is a monument for those who don't make it. there are 15 graves of adults and two of children. the names of people in these graves will never be known but the words on them are the words of the poet laureate from nigeria, and the hope is that the rest of europe now can see a similar degree of empathy as is being shown here. at a meeting of europe's foreign ministers, a ten point plan,
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that increase still not be enough to restore operations to last year's level of resourcing. there will be a european summit meeting on thursday. how many more migrants will have died by then? paul brennan, al jazeera catania, sicily. strengthening the mission in niger, to keep migrants moving from there to liberia. where they are sent on boats. getting eu nations to share responsibility for the settlement and relocation of refugees. >> today we have a new european level of awareness that this is a european issue. not of single member states. and that we need to act.
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to act fast and to act united. this is not just a call from some but a response from all. >> here's dominic kane our correspondent covering that meeting in luxembourg. >> the uleader summit as it were, donald tusk has called for immediate action, a statement his presidency released to the media not long ago. it is a feeling from the meetings, all day we have had the foreign ministers and the interior ministers that's giving you the importance that the uhas placed on the meeting. how much resources will they really put into some sort of success tooror to tritan. in success of mare nostrum.
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it was the cost the italian government said it could no longer bear. we understand from one source that the try tritan may perhaps be doubled, will that be enough? given the wave of migrants that we've heard just this year. we heard earlier the secretary-general, ban ki-moon twice the number crossing the mediterranean twice the number ton titanic. >> see the overcrowding on the boat the smiles on the faces of some of these people, they are the ones that actually made it. barnaby phillips, from cattleania, southern port of
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sicily even as we speak 24 hours a day these migrants are trying to get out of their countries, most of them from libya and the rescue operations are never ending. >> reporter: never ending david, that's right. the italian prime minister mateo renzi spoke today of two more ships being in distress off the libyan coast. one he believed had perhaps 100 150 people on board. another had some 300 people on board. we know the italian coast guard were heading towards those ships, those boats but we haven't heard anything since. in the meantime, the aftermath from that tragic event from saturday night sunday morning is still being played out. bodies were taken to the island of malta some 20 bodies and then there are the survivors only believed to be 28 of them and they will arrive here on catania, on the dock behind me
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during some stage during the night in sicily. >> barnaby, we talked about how invisible the people may be, but one specific option put forward by eu, go to the country in africa you've met these sort of people that want to get out. >> reporter: well, these kind of interventions can make some difference in some certain situations niger is an important country because it is a gateway up to libya and nigeria, the most populace country in subsaharan africa. it would be a useful route to block off. if it were only that simple, david. mateo renzi has spoken about the need to stabilize the situation in europe.
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what an enormous task that would be. at the same time it would have to be done without european union troops having any presence on the ground. so that seems an almost impossible task, when the political means to ceash it out are socarry it outare so limited. as we have been following the story in the mediterranean over the years it's a story of ebb and flows. you'll block one route and migrants will find another route. three or four years ago there were a lot more migrants coming across the land border, that was omuch more important route than the libyan water route. subsequent to the downfall of moammar gadhafi this route has become much more used.
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as long as you have difficulties in the subsaharan africa and the terrible tragedies human rights abuses this flow of human misery of desperation of young people looking to improve their lives in europe will continue. >> barnaby phillips, thank you a report there from sicily. is now in the news hour, we return to yemen an explosion rocked the capital air strikes targeting a scud missile base, used by houthi fighters. massive blasts flattening nearby buildings but also a saudi
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border guard has been killed, two others wounded by heavy gun and mortar fire from yemen. saudi arabia sis it is stepping up security in areas after receiving threats. killing thousands of houthis the united nations estimates 750 people overall have been killed. take a look at this. footage showing the moment of the explosion in sa florida l sanaa. 46 people believed to have been killed, more than 300 wounded. residents say it's one of the worst things they've seen since the strikes began four weeks ago. >> translator: we were close by and we heard a bang and then after a moment we heard a big explosion.
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>> translator: when we arrived here to help our colleagues and the people there was a big explosion and we found shells over the whole area. >> the munition hit our homes. this is what the cowards use to bombard civilians. >> let's establish contact with the political analyst in yemen's exam sanaa. hisham, we are talking to you not as an analyst but as somebody who survived that blast. you were very close and now you're sheltering with some friends where you think it is the safest place. tell us what happened when the munitions went up. >> the problem is we don't have air defense systems air raid sirens that warned us of the blast were the air strikes. was it sudden and very surprising and what we learned of it is the air wave pushing
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us knocking us off. i was drinking coffee next to the window and the window exploded in my face. tried to run downstairs and the earth was shaking. the whole building was shaking and i'm almost four kilometers away from the epicenter of the explosion. you can imagine how bad it was for places near the explosion. >> you and the other people close by did you know this was a base allegedly used by the houthis and it could therefore be a possible target in the air strikes? >> well, we've known that there are some weapons stashed a depot of some sorts we did not know there were scud there. however, when people are saying there's strikes targeting something in the residential areas, it is not about the bomb unloaded from the jets, it's what about the explosion the ensuing explosion from those depots like the case today the
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bomb goes large but the ensution explosion was hue humongous. a lot of people died, a lot of homes were destroyed. a not are angry at the coalition for knowing that depot while being amidst civilians. >> we have been looking at an area some buildings flock down and debris everywhere. tell us about your daily life which i imagine now is only going to get more difficult. >> yes, it is. it's actually sat. today when we tried to are rescue some people get them to hospitals, there are no cars on the streets because there's no gas. we tried as soon as possible to get people to the hospital, as soon as we got to the hospital there was no blood bank because there's no electricity for the past six days so the blood in
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the blood bank went foul. we went around asking people to donate blood. the electricity in the hospital could not run because the backup generators did not have gas. it was catastrophic. the hospital was basically helpless. >> well, it sounds absolutely horrendous for you and everybody else there. thank you for getting in touch with us, that's hisham alamesi. thank you. >> thank you. >> size of the explosions caused by strikes on houthis chose that houthis shows that the hughts are in possession of houthis are in possession of scud missiles. >> including areas where ballistic missiles were being
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stored. many of the launchers were destroyed. some rockets stored in caves. the size of the operation shows there must have been some scud missiles inside, everyone knows scud uses liquid fuel. it confirms there was missiles and everyone knows some, is controlled by the houthi militia. it was easy for us to start aarticulating. >> come north to aden, which has seen some of the worst fighting since the offensive began government forces have made some gains but houthis are continuing their push. this report is by zeina khodr. >> reporter: aden is one of
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many battle grounds in yemen. for weeks the city has been suffering major air strikes. not only have they seized several important buildings in aden but with the help of the saudi led coalition air strikes they have managed to expand their control. >> they came and invade our territory. they humiliated us and they took our money. they came with their weapons. so many women have become widows and so many children now are or fans. >> the humanitarian situation is worsening, there is a lack of fuel and essentially like food and water. and those in aden are not the only ones suffering. wounded keep pouring into hospitals and they can no longer cope and they fear the hospital may no longer receive patients.
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efforts to find a political solution has so far failed. the leader of the houthis has rejected a call for ceasefire and no sign of backing down. >> translator: the saudi regime has absolutely no right interfering in our issue. this is our problem our country our regime and we should determine our fate and we should choose our government and we as yemenis should decide our gem. >> pro-hadi forces may have regained parts of aden, but this is one of many front lines in yemen. zeina khodr, al jazeera. >> stay with us if you can. we have this coming up. accused of opening fire on civilians, massive new road which will extend china's
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influence from pakistan to the arabian sea. the nhl playoffs there. south africa's zulu king condemned a wave of anti-immigrant attacks describing them as vile. supporters listen to him at a rally in durbin calling for calm and denying those allegations that he told the migrants to get out. the zulu king has been accused of fueling the unrest. he says the comment has been taken out of context. >> this war i am calling for
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irrespective of which country they are from. like i said last week, if these reports of me calling for war were true then this country would be in ashes. >> very much a speech of peace and reconciliation here by the zulu king. he called for what he described as a new war a war to protect all foreign narnls, in south africa or this huge wave of xenophobic attacks. misinterpreting his statements last month which have been blamed for sparking this violence. he said that the perpetrators of this violence should be cawd and punishedcaughtand punished and brought to justice. it's an embarrassment for them to be accused and south africa
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haven't learned from that mistake yet. for example the genocide in rwanda he went so far as to mention that, how south africa and africa as a continent was deeply damaged by such violence. very much a message of peace and reconciliation here and it's hoped that soon the king's speech would be doing something to quell these attacks. >> antigovernment, demonstrations dublin says a trainee policeman was seriously hurt they believe because of the fragile security situation in the country. three people died in protests earlier this month.
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>> the united has united nations has report an attack, four somali s and three german nationals employees of the u.n. children's organization unicef. somali president has called it a direct acontaminate on the fiber of the country. restsveflts ofrelatives of some of the ethiopian group posted videos of the deaths of about 30 men on social media website. some being beheaded on a beach and others being shot in scrub land. the ethiopian government has
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confirmed they were citizens and there will be a memorial service on wednesday. >> i have never seen such a barbaric act. it is a reutdless attack -- ruthless attack. howp can something so horrible happen to human kind, how why? >> our sorrows are great we are very sad not just neighbors but but ethiopians. they saw the post on facebook. when a human being is slaughtered like a sheep it's disgraceful. >> they will keep to a ceasefire, committed to the peace talks. this is after the rebels broke the ceasefire.
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in a smawt town called quaca. the two sides have been in peace talks in cuba for the last two and a half years. we join alexander the word from the farc people is what, at the moment? >> well, david there were a lot of expectations for what they had to sake, bowt park is rebels and the government mediators. since the 11th soldiers were killed. nowee van marcus the head of the farc negotiators say they will continue with their unilateral ceasefire, sloks is then stop their siege on the groups, in the areas where the congress e-conflict continues. exactly what happens the last week?
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what he's saying is if the military continues their ground operations, it will be very difficult to avoid these kinds of incidents. he alsod though, that at the are still committed to a full peace deal and they feel that essentially the problem is with the fact that the government is not accepting a full bilateral ceasefire, which is something that the governmental will not do until a full peace agreement is signed. roughly an hour later a government head of the peace gloashtors also spoke and he gave a very different version of what happened last thirst and park has an issue with the colombian people, they neat to for example what they would say the people of colombia were outraged, especially after the progress that had been made in
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the l last few months, which translated into violence and betterment of the acknowledges of life of those who live in the conflict riej. the good nuns is acknowledge they will are willing to continue talking though. >> thank you. mexican federal police have dwunned down 16 civilians according to a report published in a mexican magazine. they were caught in cross fire between the police and armed rural michigan in nearby michoacan state. armed with nothing more than states..
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adam rainey tell us about it. >> state local and now federal are being allegedly involved in these mass acers. this after several months is just the latest of three very large massacres in which involvement by official authorities seems to be if not proven very firm allegation are being made. back in june of last year soldiers allegedly killed 22 suspect ed members of a drug gang about a two hour drooive from here from mexico city, led to the rate and then later as the world knows now 42 students were attacked by police in the state of guerrero, they were
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turned over to members of a drug gang allegedly massacred and incinerated, now we have witness testimony dozens of people saying they saw police open fire on a group of people in the state of michoacan. at the time, a federal office direct reply appointed by the the president what we're seeing in this report is a totally district attorney city and county that the if are per police opened fire who accord to the, for being these roil police forces former vij vigilantes now in the pay of the federal government. >> thanks adam. still to come on the newshour. car makers reveal their new vehicle models at the shanghai
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market. and the one with the most economy. five years after bp's deep water horizon oil spill we go to are the land scale to see the scars. >> and turning the league tie around.
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>> criminal gangs risking lives >> it's for this... 3 grams of gold >> killing our planet >> where it's blood red... that's where the mercury is most intense >> now, fighting back with science... >> we fire a laser imaging system out of the bottom of the plane >> revealing the deadly human threat >> because the mercury is dumped into the rivers and lakes, it then gets into the food chain... >> that's hitting home >> it ends up on the dinner plate of people... >> techknow
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only on al jazeera america >> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile planet >> you're watching the newshour,i'm david foster. these are the global headlines. the european union is planning to give more money to rescue operations. another migrant boat has run aground this time off greece and two other ships sent out distress calls near libya. yemen's capital sanaa has been hit with one of the biggest explosions since the conflict began. 46 at least died if the
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explosion. south africa's zulu king has condemned a wave of antiimmigrant attacks in the country, claiming he was not to blame. more on the top story about people trying to get across mostly from africa to europe and life can be tougher not only trying to get out but also when you get to where you want to go. one man we met made it through. his name's joseph, his journey started in ghana he went to lampedusa, the island we've heard so much about and from there he went to rome. he's been there ever since. phil lavelle has his story. >> reporter: for the migrants crossing the mediterranean sea it is a journey that represents a new life. a new start. and joseph got that new life five years ago.
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>> they say you have now enter italian waters. i was blessed. >> reporter: joseph had to get out of ghana made his way to libya, where people smugglers put him on a boat for a price. destination, lampedusa. >> first i was lucky. the first time they promised you joe you are moving today. i went in and they didn't take me. they said that i'm -- the boat is full, it's full so i have to go. following two days time. about one or two days time, i heard that the boat had been sank on the sea. al of those people died. >> so you had a snare owe escape. >> yes! and the people were about 1 twaif passengers, people all of them died, all of them sink including the boat.
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>> the boat he did board also got into trouble and had to be rescued. joseph still remembers vividly the moment he arrived in europe. >> people were very kind to us. they were happy to receive us. so we are happy about them so they sent us to lampedusa for about four days. they check us, medication and everything. they treat us. after that they took us inside plane and we came to rome. >> but life has not been as kind as he had hoped. joseph takes odd jobs where he can. he barely can get by. >> i struggle to get money to feed myself. >> you struggle to eat? >> yes struggle to eat. in italy here, room here, the job has been limited.
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there's a little job. wrsh people arewhereby people are working. if you are not lucky you are just praying that some day somebody will call you to come work for them. >> he has a message for those risking their lives to get to europe. >> it's better for them to stop coming. i tell them, stay where they are. interthe words of >> reporter: the words of a man who has been there is there now but words many will ignore so desperate for that enthuse start. phil lavelle roam. >> let's talk to our representative carlotta, can you believe the scale of what you're seeing, what you're having to deal with? >> you know, today is a very sad
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day. it's a bit -- so weird to be here, and wait for these 27 guys that survived their horrible ship recommend where probably more than 700 have died. but in these very same minutes and hours there are another six rescue operation ongoing with probably more than 1500 people, that hopefully they will are brought alive to italy soon in the next hours. so what is happening in the mediterranean? is of course some of the migrants are coming to look for a better life. also for them they feel a big pressure because they escaping war. we have students from syria ethiopia fleeing the terror
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aarticulates. they have no hope. we have immediately a credible search and rescue operation. >> you had one didn't you -- not you in u.n.hcr but in mare nostrum. >> it was effective in rescuing 100,000 people. there was an argument, political argument against them. somebody was saying it was a pull factor, something that would attract migrants. the numbers are wrong without a rescue operation we are region the same and probably go over their level of rifle arrival today
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we have possibly 1700 and this is really appalling. rescue operation the first priority then legal alternatives for refugees to arrive in europe in a safe and regular manner. the first step against traffickers. >> the thing carlotta, we are all saying a great deal need to be done but the real problem when you have 700 500 lock down below by the people who put them there in the first place, what do you do to stop that? >> well, of course, but you know, there is no civilian solution. this sees a he very very
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pecular historic moment the uhas expressed even before, with former yugoslavia war for example, the capacity to intervene and be very expectative of asylum seekers. the uis intervening in special large disasters, with the same spirit we are expecting the members of the are european union, to intervened also. >> thank you cor lott carlotta. >> a start of a trial has now been adjourned until the beginning of next month. about 60 will go ton trial who were arrested in tweang after
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the stab 80 of whose-k fodden dawn to a flusms of right wing group of said it the did no, sir of the nothing of the sort. a high school teacher is accused of -- high school student is accused of killing his high school teacher and injuring others. >> he didn't have any particular issue, he was a loner. he lost his mind. he had been talking about weapons in previous days. he had a list of people he intended to kill and then he did it. >> the chinese president xi jinping has gone abroad with an awful lot of money in his pocket $46 billion, to be
2:42 pm
exact. looking to unveil an investment plan now that he's in pakistan. the center piece of the investment a trade route stretching 3,000 kilometers between the twoing countries. iforts seenit's seen as chinese attempt to influence a larger territory. nir cole johnson has more. >> high in the mountains close to the border of china and pakistan the caracorum highway and expanding its influence. this is part of a $43 billion project called the china-pakistan economic corridor. it will strike from cashka in china's shinjohn province to the
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port city ever guada. >> when the china corridor would be this would be a big dividend accruing directly from the corridor. >> construction last started on a chinese funded deep sea port. it will take time for goods and oil to reach china from the middle east from 12 days to 36 hours. and there are all sorts of deals linked to it. coal solar oil and gas appliance. >> a 30 million convention center paid for by china.
2:44 pm
helped develop its latest jet fight ir, the jf 17 sender. >> pakistan is a country that has been plagued by problems from all around. unless we really cannot depend on others. china has been far more trust worry,woirltworthy, that is known universally. >> the china pakistan economic corridor revieives revives the old silk road. a note to the past, while developing new industries for the future. nicole johnston, al jazeera islamabad. >> chinese also market is growing quickly but its momentum is being threatened by falling
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sales and slumping economy. adrian brown reports from shanghai. >> 25 years ago owning a car was a dream for most people. this is arguably the industry's most important trade event. dominated once more though by foreign brands. >> i think it's still growing i think it's still an exciting place in the world. i think there's a lot of opportunities. >> but it's not all good news. car sales are declining here. falling from 13 to 7% last year. one of the reasons china's slowing economy. and there is another reason, the government's campaign means that some officials don't want to be seen driving around in vehicles that could be vaguely described as a luxury model and that is denting the market for premium cars. sales of electric cars also remain in the slow lane. as parts of efforts to curb
2:46 pm
pollution and promote a domestic car industry the government wants 5 million energy saving vehicles on the road $by 2020. so far the figure is fewer than 100,000 but manufacturers say they are optimistic. >> when you walk around at this show and not only look at manufactures that have committed, the interest we're getting, i'd say the future is brighter here in choinl china for electric vehicles. >> last month telz confirms tesla cut jobs. and it has unsold cars in china. banned this year, making the focus say officials more auto, than show. adrian brown, al jazeera
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shanghai. >> now in thailand they've seized 4 tons of ivory in which customs officials say is the the piggest bust in history there. seized at a port in bangkok the authorities received a tipoff and found the containers which were listed as beans. not only killed 11 workers i.t. also spilled oil and gas into the sea for 87 days, the deep water horizon disaster. gulf ofgulf of mexico, one of the most facted areas. we took a tour. >> we know from other spills, the exxon valdez, spills all over the place that recovery
2:48 pm
takes decades and some things may never recover. the idea at 5 years bp can declare the gulf back to normal is ridiculous on its face. this area of the coast which got the bulk of the oiling has seen a continued above-normal rate of dolphin deaths that's been going on since the spill. in addition they've done studies, actually capturing dolphins checking their health and what they found is shocking. very sick dolphins. some of them dying rat much higher rates compared to dolphin populations in parts of the gulf that weren't affected. we can't bring back the dead dolphins the dead pelicans, the dead turtles. they're gone. but what we can do is improve the habitat improve the ecosystem so that those populations can eventually recover. cat island is a symbol, there are some of the largest nesting
2:49 pm
colonies of wading birds in north america here on the louisiana coast. the oil came in, it not only oiled both adults and young in the colony, many of which got rescued and were attempted rehab on them but it eventually killed the mangrove. >> as the oil washed in it sort of smothered the plants themselves. they died. as you can see as the plants died the island died. it's sad, if you saw what it looked like a few years ago it's sad to look at the graveyard of what it once was. >> stay with us, we have sport lee in a moment. we havewe have the contradict tragedy. tragedy.
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cricket tragedy. cricket tragedy. >> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for... >> you know, everybody in this country can hear them... >> at 7 a thorough wrap up of the days events >> here are today's top stories... >> things did turn violent... >> god does not discriminate! >> and at 8, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. >> this is a complicated situation. the justice department.... >> and at 9, get a global perspective on the news... >> sending their government a message....
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>> organizing themselves... >> people say their finally fed up... >> weeknights on al jazeera america primetime >> and lee is here as threadenned -- as promised. >> david thank you very much. tens of thousands of people have taken part in the boston marathon. from fun runners to the elite. killed three injured 264 two years ago. the race was dominated by kenyan and ethiopian runners. desisa gave his winner's medal to the city for the
2:52 pm
commemoration of the 2013 attack. dzhokhartsarnaev has been convicted and begins his sentencing portion prosecutors arguing he should be put to death. >> added to the calendar, said i think we've got enough here don't you referring to the fact that there are two races in the middle east, bahrain and abu dhabi. third victory in the first three race he, hamilton's team mate nico rossburg, third. leading rossburg by 27 points. a player is dead, head injury after colliding with a team mate while trying to take a catch for the east bengal team. suffered a heart attack and died
2:53 pm
a few hours later. captain of the bengal, short listed for india under 19 team. earlier this year australian batsman phil hughes died after a test match in sydney. >> he had a severe traumatic brain injury which gives rise to swelling of the brain which can compromise his respiration and cardiac activity any time. for that reason he was kept in the icu to see any immediate change and take appropriate measures. unfortunately, his cardiac arrest occurred and we took all appropriate measures even we put in a pacemaker for his heart to work but he unfortunately succumbed to his severe brain injury because other systems in the body are also governed by the brain they did not work properly and we could not save this unfortunate gentleman. >> reaction on social media
2:54 pm
sudden death bordered by an unfortunate situation on the field. afghans have made extraordinary progress thus far but captain mohamed navi is stepping down after two eventful years on the job pop given recent performance of the team, i would like to you accept my resignation as captain and allow me to continue as a team player. two european champions semi final will be decided this week by munich, that's what they must do against porto on tuesday. they have to do it without larm snigo. positive they can reach the semi finals for fourth consecutive year.
2:55 pm
>> i'm optimistic but i'm realistic. it won'ting easy to get a 3-1 score in the semi finals. i really believe we can get through this situation. >> also on tuesday barcelona are expected to complete the josh against paris san jermain. spanish club in control for the first time in years he wasn't guaranteed to be the star player when he arrived at the camp in liverpool but appears to have settled in. $120 million man garth bow calf injury by the welshman has been criticized by sections of the club's supporters and the spanish media for his recent performances. all 16 teams have played the first games of the n benefita
2:56 pm
playoffs. hawks won all of their regular four season meetings. dennis schroeder put in the shade by carl cover who scored a game high 19 points. game 2 is on wednesday. >> well, i did feel like we hadn't played a meaningful game in quite a while. i still try go to your job every day you know but when the playoffs come, there is that little extra to get you going. it was a lot of fun. >> in the nhl playoffs the new york islanders are now two up against washington capitals. they did it in overtime. jonathan tavares scoring to give them the 2-1 lead.
2:57 pm
tavares is the first to score in 21 years. meanwhile, the chicago black hawks lead their series with the nashville predators chicago leading there one 4-2. game 4 of the best of 7 series takes place on tuesday. finally, the all black star king of rugby looks as if they are going to have to do it without star fly off aaron crudon. a cruciate ligament injury. final at the last world cup his replacement stephen donald kicked the winning penalty. as david will recall. >> thank you lee wellings, thank you, for this newshour, you've
2:58 pm
got felicity barr in a couple.
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>> more desperate survivors more deaths at sea. as the eu promises to do more for those risking their lives to cross the mediterranean. ♪ >> hello there i'm felicity barr and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: dozens reported debt after the saudi led coalition attacks a missile base in the yemeni capital. tension between the u.s. and iran as the washington post journalist is reportedly charged with espionage. and grief in ethiopia.