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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> more migrants arrive in italy. e.u. leaders are now considering military action to stop people traffickers in libya. >> i'm lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up fighting rages on in yemen and airstrikes continue. saudi arabia said its ready to stop more houthies entering aden. closing in on boko haram nigerian forces say that they've entered the groups last stronghold. mexican authorities launch into claims that police kill unarmed civilians.
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>> european union leaders are said to be considering launching a military operation to stop people traffickers. they're expected to discuss the idea on thursday on how to stop more people dying in the mediterranean. hundreds of migrants have lost their lives in the last week, making the perilous journey from north africa to europe including 900 people on sunday. the death toll for the year has already passed 1800. we have this report. >> these are the latest arrivals in the great movement of people across the mediterranean. they set off from egypt not libya. the italian navy rescued them at sea and brought them here. families from syria wondering what will come next. the italian authorities do their best to save lives but they do not welcome these arrivals.
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and so they've made it, hundreds of young men but as you can see now many women and some very young children. they risked everything to come to europe and yet the government here in italy and governments right across europe are desperate to stop this kind of migration. aid organizations assess their health and try to find out whether all these children have traveled with their parents or are alone. >> there are many children arriving many unaccompanied children as well. there was a 11-year-old boy a couple of weeks ago came to lampedusa. it's just unbelievable. >> then they're led away to a reception center. i caught a quick word from one from darfur in sudan. >> i'm looking for a safe praise to live because our country is so dangerous and there is--there is a war.
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>> in catania i met two young africans who made that journey across the mediterranean one year ago. nino and cakka from gambia. they found support in a religious charity but their lives are in limbo and they are lonely. >> i wanted a better life. now i miss my mom. i miss my mom now. i don't have anybody else. at the time i came here, i don't know what yet is my future. i don't know yet my future now. >> we talk of this as an immigration crisis. but the people at the docks tired and confused for sure, are also relieved. they've escaped wars and crossed a sea without disaster. they would rather be here than in the troubled lands they left behind. barnaby phillips, al jazeera,
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italy. >> e.u.'s prime ministers have come together to call for the stop of migrants trafficking. matteo renzi wants the e.u. to be more human in the handling of the crisis. >> when a person is ready to put his life at risk because he needs to get out from a situation where he could be beheaded you cannot discourage the depastures with a sample statement you do it by taking action in the countries and keeping ourselves even more human avoiding demagoguery as the oppositions are doing. >> paul brennan is in catania. he has more on what e.u. leaders are expected to discuss on thursday. >> the deaths in the mediterranean, according to one u.n. official, have been down to
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monumental need of compassion. there was a ten. point plan put together monday by the foreign ministers that the leaders will now consider. we've seen a draft communique, which has been leaked, which seems to flesh out some of those ten points. they include, for example, at least doubling the current amount of resources which has been put into searching and rescuing the mediterranean trying to save lives. but even doubling the current level of resource was not match the resources that were put into that operation last year. so i think that there will be some criticism from that quarter. the other issue is whether or not the route causes are going to be addressed. matteo renzi talks about poverty, oppression, issues that are forcing people to flee their homes at various places in the
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world, and try to make this perilous journey. without addressing those root causes you're only looking at the symptoms. the legality as well some of the measures put forward are also questionable. for example the idea that they can target traffickers' boats in the libyan ports. well, they have been tasked with the following to begin preparations for possible operations. you can see the language is a little bit woolly, and the fear, i think in some quarters is that the fine principles and the fine words may not be able to translated into practical action action which stems the flow of migrants coming from the mediterranean sea over my shoulder that way. >> yemen's houthies have released a statement call forgive an immediate halt to saudi-led attacks. the coalition has launched more
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strikes in yemen as they enter a knew phase. fighter jets have struck aden, taiz and other provinces. >> reporter: street battles in the yemeni city of taiz a day after the saudi-led coalition announced the end of its first phase of its air campaign in yemen. these fighters of are loyal to president hadi. they're supported by soldiers from the 35th brigade, but they are still unable to push the houthi rebels and the soldiers loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh from the city. a similar scene is here further south in the city of aden. these are members of hadi's popular resistence communities. they say that fighting continues here's on tuesday night and into the early hours of thursday. in washington the saudi ambassador to the united states said that the situation in aden required continued military action.
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>> we're seeing movements by the houthis that are very disturbing in the city of aden where we see skirmishes and troops moving in from three different directions. >> clashes resume in the areas on wednesday the saudi-led coalition. but the houthies seem far from broken. they marched into sanaa. they chanted victory and denounced the saudi-led strikes and yemeni armies, loyal to the hosties and former president saleh join the march.
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>> bombarding the residential areas, we're telling them shape on you. why don't you face us on the ground. why don't you fight us like men. we'll always face you like yemenys solid like rocks. >> they say that any base rule should be in the base of the center. >> houthies target any woman any child any man they simply were randomly targeting all of us. we're no longer able to receive more cases. s goneit's gone beyond our capabilities. nine patients in reach room. we're short staff and we don't have enough medical equipment and medicine. >> the international community of the red cross has declared the humanitarian situation in yemen as catastrophic and called for better access to aid.
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the saudi-led coalition said it has launched a new operation of restoring aid in yemen. but so far there are still no signs of a peace in the resolution to the conflict. al jazeera. >> u.n. said that more than 110,000 people have fled fighting between iraqi government forces and the islamic state in iraq and the levant in the city of ramadi. aid agencies are warning that many of the displaced have nowhere to go. we have more from the capital of baghdad. >> the iraqi government said its forces at making gains by pushing out isil fighters in the area surrounded the compound, they also pushed areas from areas mainly from the eastern parts, that's because much a number of reasons including
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reinforcements sents in from baghdad, and airstrikes from the coalition as well as well as the iraqi air force. on the other hand, the humanitarian situation is getting worse. the number of people who fledry mad di fled ramadi and the surrounding areas they live in tough conditions on the outskirts of baghdad. meanwhile there has been a car bomb in bag cad and a roadside bomb where a number of people killed and dozens injured. >> it's been a hundred years since lethal chemical weapons were used in world war i. in the u.s. engineers are working to eliminate the last supply of must tar gas something that could take four years. >> a small army of workers in
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protective gear assisted by pro significance row bats robots is fighting chemical weapons. >> we have agent hazards we spent a lot of time training, making sure that the workforce is ready to complete chemical weapons destruction. >> mustard gas and chlorine were not particularly effective on the battlefield but they demoralized the men in the trenches. the vast majority of remaining u.s. poison gas is stored near the colorado plant. workers there are focusing on
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dummy shells. full scale destruction will begin in october. each shell will be basically unbattled and then checked for leaks. they'll be taken apart. blasted with high pressure water, and baked in offense to skip away every. >> some shells that are leaking and damage ready already being controlled by controlled explosions. workers load them into a thick steel cylinder. and then-- >> three two one. >> it's not dramatic, but the charges neatly split the cells which are then fleet treated
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with chemicals. >> it is neutralized and we rotate the vessel typically no more than an hour where it has broken down and destroyed the mustard agent. >> the experts who do this painstaking work say it's a deeply satisfying job. >> when weapons are dirty they're nasty. getting rid of them in my opinion is an important thing. >> destroying the stock pipe will take four years and cost $4.5 billion. >> ahead on al jazeera, bail is set at $8 million for the british trader. and new reports the planet's oceans are a multi trillion dollar industry that is close to collapse. collapse.
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>> a reminder of the top stories here in al jazeera. european leaders are said to be launching a frustration to stop people traffickers in libya. they're expected to discuss the idea in a summit meeting on thursday. audi led coalitions are continueing airstrikes on houthi. and u.n. said more than 110,000 people have fled fighting between iraqi government forces and the islamic state in iraq and the levant in the city of
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ramadi. the news agencies are reporting that my otheri can't is launched a offensive in the last known strong hold for boko hackboko haram. these reports seem they could be reliable and accurate. we have witnessed a significant decrease in the number of attacks by boko haram in the northeast area. we've also managed to speak to a member of the civilian joint task force. those are ordinary nigerians who have been supporting military operations against the group. now the source we spoke to confirm the lines that we're getting. he also went as far as saying that the fighting that ensued
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between nigerian forces and boko haram five members of the civilian task force were killed and two nigerian soldiers. president goodluck jonathan has said that he will eliminate this group before he leaves office at the end of may. he said for months now that the group is facing extinction. it's incredibly difficult to verify the n that we're getting from this region because access has been very limited. government and human rights and media organizations have not had access to this area. this could pave the way for a million people who have bin internally displaced by boko haram vie minutes. >> the department of justice is investigating the death of an african-american man in police custody in maryland. the protesters have been angel with the death of freddie gray. let's bring in gabriel live.
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tell us more about this gabriel. >> that's right. we're in downtown baltimore. you mate be able to see hyped several hundred protesters here. they're calling for justice. justice they say for freddie gray who died on sunday here after serious back injuries. these protesters are out in force, and they're angry they say, they're holding signs. signs that say things such as black lives matter, justice for freddie gray, they say that they want justice for this young man who died in suspicious circumstances while in police custody. these protesters have been building up over the past few days or so. they say they're going to continue to be out on the streets in the coming days until there is some sort of justice. now the police are investigating exactly how freddie gray died. we know that he had a serious
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back injury while in police custody, went into a coma and died on sunday. we spoke with police union officials a few hours ago and they say there has been a rush to judgment, in their opinion to convict these police officers six of them who are oned a anyone traytive leave until this investigation is complete. here on the streets of baltimore the tensions are a little bit high as a lot of people are coming out trying to let their voices be heard that they do want to see some sort of justice. >> and this has been in the context of these kinds of deaths happening recently and protests across the country. tell us what has been done to calm thing down for address some of these fears. >> well, the protests here in baltimore have been very peaceful so far. but what makes baltimore
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interesting, as you mentioned there have been high-profile cases, in ferguson last year of a young man that was killed. in new york where a man was choked to death and then in south carolina a black man who was killed by police there. what makes baltimore interesting is that this city is different than others. here the mayor is african-american. the majority of city council members are african-american, and there are also a lot of african-american police officers on the force here as well. so this is going to be a very different case and a very different situation than what we've seen in ferguson and some other players because africaen communities are very strong here. as you can see from the protest behind me there are civil rights leaders here. so it will be a real test of how this city can deal with this, and they are really in crisis dealing with this right now. make no mistakes about it. there is real anger on the streets, and the leadership, both white and black leadership
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in the city and the police force are trying to figure out how too deal with this, and nobody has any answers. i can tell you the police investigation that is going on now will probably be completed around may first but beyond that the federal government, the justice department has gotten involved and they're opening an inquiry as well. >> thank you very much. >> claims that mexican police officers killed 16 unarmed civilians in january are now being investigated. this comes a day after media report said that police open fired on people with nothing more than sticks. the report con interest addicts official accounts where nine people died in cross fire. adam raney tell us more about this investigation. >> well, we've been hearing all day speaking to people, mainly we were speaking to people who said that they were there that night of january 6th, and they were fired on by police.
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you might see behind me a police checkpoint. this is what you see all over this state because it's still a very violent state in mexico. the people we spoke to said they were unarmed on the early morning of january 6th when federal police came into the city right on the edge of the city right now and that they attacked them open firing and they heard the police say kill them kill them all. we can't verify this now. we have spoken with the police. the police would not answer any of our countries but they say they're conducting a thorough investigation. but people don't buy it and said that shows how high corruption reaches in this country. >> every time we talk about mexico it seems that there is some bit of bad news. how damaging is this for mexico? >> well, this isn't good news for the country and it's especially not good news for president enrique pena nieto.
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if this report of police attacked unarmed members from a group that they had help from in looking for mexico as most wanted men this will be bad for the government because this will be the third case in less than a year when security forces massacred large amounts of people who were complicit or colluding with people who did that. we had a case in june last year in which soldiers killed 22 people suspected of being members of a drug gang. we had a case of the 43 missing students in september who were abducted by local police before being handed over to a drug gang. and then this case, we don't know if it's true at this time, but it doesn't look good for the government. >> thank you very much for bringing us that live report from mexico. thank you. a london trader accused of being involved in a fraud that
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briefly wiped 1 trillion-dollar of value off the u.s. share market has been granted bail. he's accused of making millions of dollars for himself in the years before his arrest. police in frontal system say a man they arrested was planning an imminent attack on one or more churches. the interior minister said that the 24-year-old was accused of killing a woman shortly before being arrested on sunday. the man also was planning to travel to syria. the computer science student had lived in france for several years had been flagged by officials last year. an arsenal of weapons was found in his home. the prime minister minister said that the country needs to unite against terrorist threats. >> our answer must be to protect our nationals our citizens, of course, but we also have to gather to unite and show a great determination facing this terrorist threat.
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>> now a new report says that the raw economic value of the world's oceans rivals the wealth of the world's richest countries. the ocean' output worth $2.5 trillion a year. oceans generate hundreds of millions of jobs in tourism fishing and shipping and billions of people rely on it as a food source. that's now threatened by failing fisheries coral reaves and of. >> oceans cover two-thirds of our planet. not only a vast multi trillion dollar resource but crucial in the cycle of life itself. on the shores of the gulf a research team from a study center. on its way to study a vital component of of mangroves. home to all types of animals.
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they are also capable of scoring up more co2 than tropical forests and it's important to understand how they work. >> we're looking at the capability of a man grove to store nutrients, store carbon, the support it gives to local fisheries and species in the gulf. >> fragile ecosystems like mangroves are fundamental to the health of the populations. the rate of loss is more than three times of deforest station on land. as far as oceans are concerned it does not end there. according to a worldwide fund for nature report the entire multi trillion dollar marine resource is in danger of failing. the oceans are changing faster than at any point in tens of
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millions of years from over fishing, pollution. >> the acidification that we've seen is staggering. in a system like oceans can recover. this is the good news. it can recover very fast if we don't reach the tipping point or the no return point. but we are at risk in the next 20 years or so that if this continues the ocean will not be able to recover for hundreds of years, for generations to come. >> the message is we're running down our association and pushing the marine economy into the red by couching the ocean's now flagging health, they hope that they're speaking a plan that the world's decision makers could just understand. nick clark al jazeera. >> let's bring you more live pictures coming in to us now from chile where the government has declared a red alert after the volcano has started to
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ecorrupt. there are quite traumatic pictures where the volcano has been erupting. for more go to our website watch us by clicking on the watch now icon. international piano superstar lang lang. >> the art, you know, it's about, you know... the distance and in and out, big picture, precision. >> billions of people around the world have seen him perform. at the beijing olympics... the world cup in rio... even jaming at the grammys. >> as a musician we will collaborate with great musicians.