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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> devastation in me pap after a huge earthquake. 1300 people are killed, and many are feared trap. nepal pleads for international help as the race against time begins to save survivors. hello there this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. the battle for aden. fighters repel the houthi rebels. 350 more migrants have arrive in
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italy. night wolves, they recreate the red army's journey to berlin. hello, a state of emergency has been declared in nepal where 1300 people have been killed in one of the more powerful earthquakes to strike the country in decades. rescuers dug through the rubble with their hands. injured were treated outside in the street fear of aftershocks made it the safest place to be. this was the kathmandu before the quake. and this was after the tremor reduced the tower to shear rubble. well the 7.8 magnitude quake's
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epicenter was right between pokhara. but it was also felt as far as india and west bengal. in china, it was also felt. the hardest hit area is kathmandu. more than 630 people were reported dead in the kathmandu valley and from there several others more. >> it was the most powerful earthquake in decades. people describe wave after wave of tremors. the armies looking for signs of
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life as well as bodies. the number of people killed is rapidly increasing, hundreds of bodies have been recovered. >> this is a calamity. we're asking people to stay calm and and so relief can be given where it is needed. >> hospital beds have been set up in the streets. and treatment is basic. nepal is asking india to send mobile medical teams. the worst damage is old kathmandu. it is full of narrow winding lanes, many of them blocked with rubble making it difficulter for rescuers to get in. tourists were climbing the tower
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when the earthquake struck. >> there are multiple aftershocks. some quite big and people are afraid to go back to their homes. as you can see most people have come to these public spaces and build a shelter. it looks like a storm is also coming and people are praising themselves for a cold and wet night. >> what if an earthquake comes again and we don't have a chance to run. we'll be buried alive. we are too scared. >> around 2.5 million people live in kathmandu valley. their reports whole villages have been destrayed. nepaldestroyed. nepal is facing a major disaster and asking its neighbors for help. >> tourism is an important part of nepal's economy with more
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than 800,000 visitors head together country every year. most come plainly for trekking and himalayan mountain climbing. well from the alpine rescue service. >> we'll be arranging for the rescue mission and if favorable we'll arrange all of our rescue. the ground rescue team is already in operation. huge difficulty that we face is in terms of communication problems because without communication it is very hard to coordinate, and given the problems that we're facing, in fact it is a bit hard to locate information. >> parts of india bordering
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nepal have also been affect: we have no sound. we'll try to get back later. in the meantime let's move on to other news. rebel fighters have taken control of a strategic city in the country's northwest. after days of fating, the group are attacking areas nearby. in egypt a blast at the border crossing in the western part of the country.
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the victims were all members of the iraqi military forces. >> i'm from tikrit, and i tell the people and the families to return. we are your brothers. the conditions are good and your neighbors are returning. >> in yemen houthies are targeting positions in aden. forces loyal to ali abdullah saleh have been trying to push themselves in a district northwest of aden.
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in aden fighters from popular resistence committee loyal to abd rabbuh mansur hadi are trying to defend the city from falling under houthi control. these men have never had military training, and for some it's the first time they're using a weapon. >> most of the men here have nothing but this gun. they've never had any kind of training but thank god the resilience has been heroic, and they weren't the ones to keep the houthies from controlling aden. >> on the outskirts of aden, local resistence fighters were able to push back the houthis and in the western of the capital local resistence fighters have attacked other houthi positions.
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>> we call on them to do it. this is for yemen. >> fighters have been under the offensesive the last few days. areas largely controlled by houthis and loyalists supporting the depose the president ali abdullah saleh. >> let's head on now to the main news the earthquake which has reduced parts of kathmandu to republic. and areas bordering nepal have also been affected. let's go to new delhi to find out what has been happening in india. tell us a little bit of what has been happening in india with regard to the earthquake. which areas have been struck? >> yes we're having a few problems with our lines. we'll try to re-establish our
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connection a little later. >> still to come, in nepal many buildings have been flattened including historic monuments. we'll have more coming up. and in tgogo, people are heading to the polls. will it be a third term in power for the country's president?
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>> fall of saigon, forty years later. >> we have no idea how many were killed. >> unanswered questions, a botched withdrawal lives lost. examining the impact that still resonates today. a special report starts tuesday, 10:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. >> a remind of our main story here on al jazeera. 1300 people have been killed in one of the most powerful
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earthquakes to hit nepal. theit was felt at mt. everest where ten people were killed there. in india 34 people were killed while two people died in bangladesh. tibet and china were also affected. many buildings have been flattened including historic monuments. nepal attracts 800,000 visitors every year. >> a rich history is etched into its architecture. nepal sits between hindu india and buddhist tibet. this is where the two religions converge and it is revered as
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the birthplace of buddha. it is the tradition that proves so captivating. visitors come to see monuments that have stood for centuries. before parts of it were flattened in the earthquake, the square looked like this. until now the world heritage site brought in tourism dollars but even so. rely on foreign aid and tourism. it employees the aim number of people that it attracts. april is the start of climbing season. over the last couple of weeks hundreds of people have been preparing for their exhibitions. >> the earthquake was reported in nepal.
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>> we should hear more from people at camp one. i hope that everyone is okay there. >> demanding answers from the police department about what happened to 25-year-old freddie gray. an autopsy into his death found that he suffered a spinal injury. demonstrators have been take together streets almost every day since he died april 19th. from blackhawks lawyers for justice discusses why these rallies have been organized. >> so the residents of baltimore can articulate demands against police brutality and their
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feelings about the freddie grey case. and also the national leaders and organizers who can explain the freddie grey case in the context of the national epidemic of police killing of back men. >> about 350 migrants have reached the the italian port in sicily. they are the latest to be rescued by the italian coast guard. they were picked up 60 kilometers from the coast and then transferred to an italian naval vessel. in a separate incident, 18 people were rescued by tunisians and taken to tee tunisia. >> these are more than 300 african migrants, many of them from somalia who have been coming off the italian navy ship here in the port of augusta just before nightfall. they were picked up in the
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mediterranean. when they come off the boat they go to this red cross tent where they get instant medical assessment there. and then they're being made to sit down in rows here in the dock. most of them are men but there is probably at least 30 or 40 women amongst them, and i have seen one little girl. now the aid organization say that the chirp have told us that they've had a very harrowing journey that many of them were held in a detention camp in libya for several days, and a number of children died in that camp just before they embarked for europe. well now they've arrived. they're taking their first steps on european soil, but this is by no means the end. many of them want to leave italy
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and move further north into europe. this is just one stage in this exhausting long and dangerous journey. >> indeed, because they set sail for libya many of the migrants will already endured long and arduous journeys cross africa. ethiopia is one of the main starting points where every year many leave here to reach europe. we have more from the capital. >> almost everyone here knew at least five young men killed along side other migrants by isil last week. they were headed to europe by a well-traveled smuggleing route. the plan was to arrive in italy across the mediterranean sea. many join the families in mourning. they were inconsolable. the pain, hard to describe. they were looking for a better
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life. many of their friends here are also desperate to leave. they say that here life is difficult and staying in ethiopia is not an option. these are some of the childhood friends who saw them off two months ago. they hope to follow them soon. even though they grief grieve, they will not alter their plans. >> they attempted the journey. he never got to his destination. they were turned back at the libyan border. they said that smugglers failed to up agree on the payment to the border police. >> the smugglers are brutal. they don't care about anybody. they only care about money. they treated us badly. they beat us. >> ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. still, it's a poor country. many people are unemployed.
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some analysts say it's an mentality than poverty that drives people to leave. >> this mindset this collective social psychology of going to dream land, countries of destination with plenty of opportunities has been a driving factor. >> the vigil goes on. even as some of the young people here dream of plans to leave the country no matter what. catherine soi al jazeera. >> togo's presidential election where the incumbent is a clear favorite to win a third term. he had taken over from his father who had been in charge over the previous 38 years. we have more from the capital. >> the voter register is not perfect, but the candidates have agreed to it.
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735million people are casting their ballot across togo. a street trader is one of them. >> we just want the country to move forward. everything is going okay so far. >> the election campaign has been dominated by president in the capital posters and billboards for the ruling party are everywhere. he wants to third term in office, something that has become controversial in africa. togo is one of two countries without a term limit in its constitution. >> the hopeful is that very soon the country will move in that direction so that we are also--what we do here is conformity with what is going on in the rest of the countries.
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>> voting has been calm and peaceful. it's what happens next that people are worried about. >> we always have problems after the counting, so we're praying that everything goes well. >> this time around local election monitors will be able to compare their results with the official results. there is also a new system for the results. the government said that these results will be published quicker, but the opposition parties say they don't trust the system. >> some opposition groups have boycotted the vote. a similar situation in neighboring burkina faso last year is still on people's minds here. the president was forced out of office when he tried to change the constitution so he could run a third time. but togo is hoping for a peaceful resolution which observers say will eventually italy have to be addressed.
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>> burundi's ruling party said that it's president can run for a third presidential run in june. the 2005 agreement which ended the civil war said that the president can only serve two terms. president nkurunziza said that no one will stand in the way of the ruling party's decision. we have this from the capital. >> president nkurunziza was chosen as his party's presidential candidate in june. that was the outcome of the congress held here at their headquarters. after the decision was made, nkurunziza went to the streets for a parade. nkurunziza running for president again is not a big surprise. some of his supporters have been
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talking about it for the last few years. much of the international community say that he has served his two years during his two years in power and it's against the constitution for him to run again. his supporters say that he should. they say his first term doesn't count because he came to power elected by parliament during a transitional period following peace talks that ended burundi's civil war. activists have called for massive demonstrations. many are concerned that violence can escalate. everyone here is waiting to see what will happen in the coming days. >> turkish cypriots will be holding elections in this coming sunday. >> it is a starting point on a path many hearsay should have been taken a long time ago. they're walking together with a man they believe will take them on the road to a better future.
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it is election time in the self-declared turkish republic. one of two candidates vying for the leadership of this enclave, which is only recognized by turkey. he wants that to change. >> the relationship between turkey and the turkish community. there i will very much like to see a kind of more brotherly relations rather than mother-baby relations so to speak. >> these people say they want links in a world with an united country. >> it's the last day campaigning before sunday's run-off vote. for many this election is about change and they believe there is an opportunity. as of late democratic efforts have picked up pace to find a solution to the decades-long conflict in cypress.
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>> eruglu wants to keep turkey as a state of turkeycypress a state of turkey. the divisions are deep at a time of reviving the peace process. many believe those involved in the conflict can be gained economically and and democracically. >> it can besting utilizeed and viable if cypress reunites and her political relations with turkey normalizes. >> the opening of the ports and markets can bring huge potential. while many people may differ on
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politics they're united on the hope of ending their isolation. >> a group of russian bikers are on their way towards germany despite a warning from poland that they won't be allowed to cross the border. the night wolves are a pro kremlin motorcycle gang, and with tensions running high, warsaw considers any trip along the the roads provocative. >> they support the unmistakable look of outlaws, rebels of the road but born to be wild? not these days. now they ride for russia and christianity. >> our values are based on the same thing on which our country is based. it's orthodox reasonable. >> leader of the pack is alexander's eldest son aka the
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surgeon. he is on the u.s. sanction's list for the involvement of take over of crimea. he showed me his favorite bikes and articulated the belief of a destructive force attempting to control world affairs. >> there is a new technology now which can destroy as much as a nuclear weapon. it's called controlled chaos. we see the consequences in iraq, libya, syria and in ukraine. now russia can be the leader in a very important sphere. the spiritual sphere. this is the great meaning of russia. russia isn't the salvation. probably the salvation will come from russia. >> orthodoxy patriotism, the commitment to defend the nation from outsiders and treacherous insiders, it's easy to see why the night wolves like vladimir putin and why vladimir putin likes the night wolves. in fact, he has ridden with them several times. >> this is part of a more
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general campaign to fit the conservative majority, first consolidate the conservative majority and then pit it against anyone who would not pledge allegiance to the state. >> poland also has concerns. it says that 20 night wolves advance through berlin won't be let through. the wolves say that even if they are stopped at the polish border they'll still find a way of getting in. they're not hinting exactly how they're going to do that, but a suggestion that they might split up and try to get in individually through different border posts. >> it brings the tension that many are worried about and it's the measure of modern russia that the leather-clad biker game
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is one of it's government's staunchest allies. >> you'll find much more about all our stories on our website the address to click on to is for all your international news and sports updated 24 hours a day. >> louisiana's bayou, 70 miles southwest of new orleans. this is the heartland of the native american houma tribe. and it's one of the most valuable ecosystems in the entire united states. >> we go to the bayous to provide for our families. everything's there... >> raymond clark's ancestors came here to escape settlers 300


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