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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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round the city. thanks for joining us. i'm randall pinkston. the news continues next live from london. ♪ ♪ cut off from katmandu, and the help they need, we report from rural nepal where entire villages have been flattened. >> look at the damage and right through this area. there is only one home left standing. >> live from london, watching al jazeera at least 15 have been injured as well. >> gains exclusive access to
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amie jeerian town recaptures from boko haram. one of the most fruitful missions is about to conclude. it has been a rare moment of joy five days after country's terrible earthquake, rescue crews have managed to put a 15-year-old boy from the collapsed ruins of the hotel the capitol katmandu, he is brought out of the rebel to cheering crowds. apart from being a little dehydridded we understand and a bit dusty he is recovering well. in hospital. >> drank the water and then i found clarified water which i
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eight. i could move around by crawling in the rubble. >> bad weather and block roads continue to hamper rescue efforts to government under pressure. asked for more helicopters. to reach the remotes part. with thousands of rescue crews unable to get into those remote areas that is likely to rise dramatically. the u. n. still estimating 8 million people have been effected more than a quarter of nepal's population. reconstruction cost is thought to cost $5 billion that is 20% of the country's g.d.p. reach a remote part of nepal in the east of the country sustained massive damage in the wake of zahrt's earthquake. a rural district about 30-kilometers from katmandu, and while 1600 people have
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been confirmed to have died there, it is fears the actual figure may be as high as 5,000. andrew simmons sent us this update what we are seeing here is extraordinary these people five days a f this struck trying to go through their homes what is left of them. it is just a pile of rubble. look over there people still in shock it is remarkable because only one child died when the quake struck this tiny settlement, and over there, look, the children just still in shock really, people not sure what to do, where to go. this entire district has really been untouched by help for so many days. only now is aid getting through, and that's only a small number of tents. it's a critical situation here without any shadow of doubt, but looking here, i
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still can't take in how no more than one child died. most people were in the fields so that's a reason why. look at the damage, and right through this area, here, there isn't one home left standing. >> take a look at these pictures which have reached us of the moment. ohs of katmandu this is backed up about 13-kilometers. hindu temples all around, it is known as nepal's cultural gem. as we might understand from what we have heard the last few days what you saw there many of those badly damaged. in h some cases completely destroyed by the quake and we
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join katmandu, we heard andrew's story there about one particular community more and more tails coming in from the outlying areas. and people i would imagine now able to build up a picture of just how complete the devastation is away from the capitol. >> it is right the picture is slowly coming together. andrew himself said this is one area that they were able to visit. and there's so many more areas we still have no access to. the government hasn't been able to, no relief team has been there we have added from this one area, 1600 more deaths and the prime minister he said that he believed that the death toll could go over 10,000. now, there are some rumbling that the death toll could go much higher than that. now the two people who are rescued today 20-year-old and a 15-year-old, that is done a lot to boost morale here a lot of people are hoping they could still be a
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chance no matter how small. any little bit of good news here is being very welcomed. we are getting more and more reports of casualties and the death toll continues to climb. >> as we have heard from experts what are we more than 100 hours after the quake and 72 hours is thought to be the most time that you have a chance of coming out of this sort of thing alive. so it is quite extraordinary we have seen two people pulled out what about the conditions? talking about the wet weather, it is one extreme to the other and that won't help anybody sleeping outside. >> that's correct, it was very hot here, and then as the sun goes down it becomes cold. it rains sometimes and
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people are under tents. i visited another of the sent cities and people say it does offer some protex but it is more like a ebbing toen protection. it is still cold, they are still wet a lot of people are still paying for their own relief, whatever money they have. at the same time, some people are trying to get on with their lives. i was at a hindu wedding taking place today. the ceremony was initially canceled but the couple decided to go ahead. they warrant to bring more normalcy to them. a lot of guests said they need to move on, but some cafe and shopped have opens things are slowly getting back to normal, but people are still trying to move on. they also want to get on with their lives. >> thank you, we will talk to you later on, for now, thank you. >> at least 15 demonstrators
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were hurt, now in the fifth day. after the president he wanted to have a third term in office. defying the two term limit. the unrest is being described as the biggest crisis since the country's civil war ended in 2005. malcolm web has been following developments from the capitol. >> there is still no sign that either president pierre or the protest ever toes will back down, protest ever toes continue in various suburbs of the city. earlier this car was burned and destroyed. people here say it belongs to a member of the ruling party he said he had a gun that's why they destroyed the gun. the government denies that it was used by the hue moon
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rights chief as a militia. meanwhile, two poll sixes say they won't be taking part. they say they won't be taking part in june's election, if the president is still running because they say that means the election will be meaningless. >> malcolm web reported. now senior diplomates has warned the president against sum pressing political opposition. >> if you try to put a lid on that pot it risks builting over and reis rated our strong view that will be space, for opposition, and for peaceful criticism. going forward. and that all sides both the government and the opposition
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should above all refrain from violence and intimidation. show you some pictures now pictures of women and girls that the ema says it rescued from a boko haram strong hold, but nearly 300 of them free from the forests the army on thursday saying it also found a second group in the exact number of people in that rescue not specified. the armed group pushed back by forces, one area where boko haram swept through and destroyed -- hundreds of human remains have been found there, this is a town -- in north eastern nigeria. boko haram fighters occupied this town for a month and
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are alleged to have kills many. soldiers and residents say 200 bodies were removed from here. many more bodies that were found on the streets have been buried. >> the bodies were taken two days ago. >> the occupation of their town was brutal. >> when boko haram was here, you can't go out, attorney the market, we were more like prisoners.
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we were faced with a lot of resistence, between duty, we lost some men but we managed the clean the whole zone from here. today civilians are starting to feel safer and started coming back to their homes having said that, our mission initially wasn't to stay and protect the city, the nigerian military forces should be. cooing to take control of the city but they haven't responded yet. so we are here. >> the threat of the attack remains as troops continue operations in the northeast. >> it says it has rescued more than 350 girls women and children. >> despite the military victories bo caha ram fighters have attacked some fighters only a few months ago. an indication that the threat
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is ever present. still to come in this program. where much of the war in that country is being played out. plus. we meet the highn't grays trying to reach europe through law less libya desperate for a new life.
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>> fall of saigon, forty years later. >> we have no idea how many were killed. >> unanswered questions, a botched withdrawal lives lost. examining the impact that still resonates today. a special report continues tonight, 10:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. . >> these are the top stories two people have been rescued alive and seemingly unhurt
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from the rubble of politicallings in nepal. five days after that quake killed at least 5,800 people. the u.n.'s warning people in rural areas warning that they are in desperate need of help. >> u.s. diplomate has told the president that he risks further increasing protests if he continues to stifle political opposition. the government demonstrated the rally five days against pierre. the decision to run for a third term. >> 93 people rescued in ail, freed from the forroast. forest. yemen's presidential office is telling international embassies in the port city to make sure that no houthis fighters will on their premises. city has been a battleground since the saudi led coalition
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launched air strikes against the houthis more than a month ago. and the government says it has proof now that they are iranians on the ground. helping the rebels. al jazeera has that story. >> progovernment fighters say they are gaining territory at the airport. but beyond that, people say it is the houthis who seem to be gaining ground. they say the rebels are shelling their neighborhoods and pushing people from their homes. the houthis have also stormed a hospital, medical staff fled leaving behind people in need of care. they continue to shell places where they know women and children gather.
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a houthis denies allegations of torture. >> our opponents have accused us of killing a demonstrator. we have helped the family to help was the investigation but they refused. it became a base of operations where the president after he was forced to leave the capitol earlier this year. by air strikes the houthis still control large parts of yemen. and they are well armed. >> the government says iran and hezbollah are partnering with the rebels. something the houthis deny. let me tell you that the minister of defense has been kidnapped and the operation led by an iranian. >> more than 1,000 people have died since the war began in late march.
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about 12 million people desperately need food and water. >> numbers that will only grow. as the fighting continues. natasha, al jazeera. >> now some of the main headlines france's president says there will be harsh punishment for any french peace keepers found guilty of sexually abusing children. in the central african republic. the abuse allegedly took place at the center for displaced people ten men to life in prison. for their part in the 2012 shooting of the school girl. they boarded her school buzz and shot her in the head because of her outspoken support for girls education. she was badly injuries was 15 at the time, last year she was awarded the nobel peace prize. and the volcano in chile is
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erupting again the third time now after two eruptions last week. and once again shooting into the sky people living nearby being asked to move out for a second time. last week's eruptions are the first in more than 30 years. three diplomates have walked out of the conference after distinctly undip lo t maic spat. insists on reading out a statement, yelling free north carolina. al jazeera diplomatic editor joining us live now from the united nations. i think we saw some of the pictures there but they flicked the switch before it got really exciting tell us the rest of the story. well normally committee meetings here are pretty sedate affairs.
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what we had was a et mooing on human rights on north korea. north korea said it wanted to speak, there was a row about whether they should speak or not. and eventually, the u.s. ambassador relented so they could speak with the microphone had to be switched off, because it wasn't a formal presentation the microphone got turned on again, and the u.s. ambassador then dend maaed it demanded it be turned off. they went on and on speaking. details what he said was human rights abuses in the u.s. and even referring to events in baltimore. finally the ambassador lost patience, and said the
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diplomate had to stop speaking or security would be called and security were called. and it was only just as secure arrived in the committee room, that the north korean diplomates stopped his speech and walked out of the room a great deal of applause then from the rest of the audience as they say made up of among other people defectors from north korea, the u.s. ambassador after the north korean had left said i will say it must be chilling for those subjected to the terror of the regime to be confronted with bullying and destruction in the kind of behavior that you have seen here today. >> thank you, james. there at the united nations. the european union has been in does niya for talks on the crisis. many of those people to governments one in the capitol tripoli the other
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hundreds of miles away in the port of that brook. the u.n. has given the two governments until sunday to come one a political agreement to try and solve the crisis. our reportner libya. they come from different countries. one of a long journey that took them from long journeys. each had strong hopes for the future. but for judy, it all ended in a detention center. she had decided to leave after her husband died. >> they cut me in the dessert. soy came -- i came here. before this burden, they caught me. one week here like two week -- i want to leave this place.
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>> these are only a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of migrants nobody knows exactly how many. who will waiting in libya for their opportunity to reach europe. the country has become a transit point, many of the migrants stay here for several months to earn enough money to pay for crossing the mediterranean. >> there are hundreds of kilometers of empty beaches along the coastline typically migrants are gathered in spots like this one, away from the city. and then at night under the cover of darkness, the boats sail off. there's little control. there's one vessel available it was donated by the e.u., it is for sure patrols. we need support for the land, toes they should try to stop people before they board once at sea it is very difficult for us to capture them.
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there are also few monitoring points be uh the current law lessness has allowed smugglers operating in the country to flourish. there are about nine known points in this area alone and many more further west. >> because of the political divisions the e.u. is not assisting. we have four vessels but they are held in italy they don't recognize the government. that one in that brook doesn't need the vessels because they are all from the western side. >> they had set off a few weeks ago he left his wife and two children prompting to find a job and take care of them. >> it is not easy as all. everything is money. then you have money you are everything. going home won't be easy either.
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there are few embassies left to assist, and authorities don't have the means to deport the migrants. for now, they are stuck in libya's turmoil. al jazeera in central libya. >> now to vietnam where people have been celebrating the 40th anniversary of that victory over the united states. more than 6,000 soldiers and veterans parading through the city. formally saigon the capitol of south vietnam. the fall of saigon in 1975. while the final end of the u.s.' decades involvement in the country. and the people there came out to celebrate. 75 to 2,015. the 30th of april 1975.
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it has spent the last four years sending back information to the plannest closest to the sun in an hour's time, i think nasa's messenger mission to mercury will finally come to an end as it crashes into the surface of the planet. the science editor will explain the knowledge about the formation of the solar system and it's smallest planet. it is only slightly bigger than the moon, until the spacecraft arrived in the orbit in 2011, little was known about the planet. a sol i core, with much bigger and it is now almost assured that there is a liquid core also there surrounding this mercury which is producing a magnetic
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field. >> messenger reveals mercury's moon like service in unprecedented detail. scarred by the collision of asteroids and meet rides. the effortrecorded surface. and it happened ancient lava flows and discovered ice at the polls. covered by a layer of dark mysterious matter. delivered to mercury bring the same objects that brought the water probably from the outer solar system, not only of water rights but of what on our planet were once some of the building blocks or organic chemistry and life. >> now the craft's fuel has run out. and nasa says it is powerless to stop gravity from dragging messenger towards the planet. it's impact, more than 14,000-kilometers
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an hour, adds another small crater to the already pitted surface. >> all of these exploration are giving us an idea of how the solar system must form, how our planet came to be so it is placing us in time and space within the universes and the confinement of the solar system. very important to know these things. >> this published hours before the demise, says it is one of many it will release in the weeks and months ahead. the next mission by japanese teams is not expected to arrive there until 2024. until then, scientists will be working through the huge volume of data. having to add even more detail to our knowledge of the planet. waylady called yang yang is turning heads in beijing. >> hard to believe that she is robotic. made of a special type of
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jell, that feels like human skin. yang yang wowing visitors at the global mobile internet conference with her life like movements and expressions. one day she may be used. for more. >> police in baltimore turn over their findings to the prosecutor as civil rights leaders meet with baltimore's mayor after a night of protests across the country. a miracle and a disaster. a teenager is rescued after being buried alive for five days after the earthquake in nepal. and sentenced in pakistan, ten men jailed for decades for shooting.