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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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the police family to be compensated for the death of loved ones as government works to stop the spread of disease. ♪ i'm rochelle live from the al jazeera headquarters in doha and also ahead, the battle for an airport intensify as the war in yemen goes on. plus saudi arabia restructures the world's largest energy company and. i'm in northern tunisia and i'll be explaining why this tiny country has become one of the biggest olive oil producers in
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the world but farmers here are still not reaping the benefits. ♪ we begin in nepal where the death toll from saturday's earthquake reached more than 6200 people and almost 14,000 have been injured. the government has announced it will give every family which had a family member killed in the quake around $1,000 in compensation. the bodies are still being recovered from the rubble. search and rescue teams are using their bare hands as well as machines to clear debris from crushed buildings and century old temples and now the threat of disease, it's inevitable conditions are poor with the severe shortage of clean water and toilets and retalked to a medical team coping with the situation and has this report. >> reporter: around the village locals line up to get treated by a team of doctors.
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this is the first medical team in the village since the earthquake struck on saturday destroying most of the houses here. she and her daughters have been suffering from stomach cramps. >> translator: the water is thick and smelly but we have to drink it. >> reporter: many patients have diarrhea and have been vomiting. some in the cube seem to be dazed. besides diarrhea two-year-old has skin infection. behind him two-year-old stares on. >> he has bad diarrhea and our house is too dangerous to go back to. >> reporter: army doctors from bangladesh have come to help out the army. >> grass roots level and one week or more they will come and in the long-term to prevent our break up of chronic diseases like diarrhea and skin diseases
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and long-term for the department. >> reporter: collapse of the existing health system concerns medical officers working in the field. the army has been coordinating all their international medical teams which have come to help. >> quite a few of the village and hospitals there have been de-septembered and the foreign medical seems in nepal will start moving out in a week or two but our plan is that other medical teams which can come here and stay for a long duration problem for three to six months in the meantime and probably will send teams to go there with the airforce and with the hospitals have been destroyed. >> reporter: back in the village those who are not physically sick are in shock. many say they are afraid to sleep. they hope to get some medication from the doctors who will be here for one more day but once the medical team leaves they will be left to fend for themselves once again. even at the best of times the health system in nepal has been rather poor and for this village
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the only health post is half an hour further up and the only thing that they have is this. not every one has toilets and people defecate openly in the streets, water has been contaminated in places like this increasing the risk of epidemics. the village. guinea has been rattled by a second big earthquake within 24 hours, survey says the 7.1 quake struck southwest of rabal and no immediate reports of casualties or damage and a tsunami warning was lifted pretty quickly and 6.7 hit new guinea on thursday. >> this is a second magnitude 7.1 in the same region and this is 10 kilometers to the northeast of the one that occurred yesterday, thankfully in this region it is very uninhabited, they have a lot of earthquakes in this new britain
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region. of course it's very close to rabal, the city that underwent a large volcanic eruption in the 1990s from the volcano and thankfully this is far enough away from rabal to not cause any damage and not expected to cause any damage and certainly it would have been felt in the city of rabal but i wouldn't expect any damage from a distance of 3, 400 kilometers that it is away. news of another quake as well this one is reported in india island region and magnitude 5.3 tremor struck 135 kilometers southwest of port blair. at least 21 people have been killed in baghdad follow agree series of bombs across the iraqi capitol and this wave of explosions happened over thursday night. a car bomb in the western district of monsor killed five people and wounded 12 in the northern neighborhood a car bomb
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outside an ice cream shop killed four people. rebel fighters in syria made gains in idlib providence bringing them closer to the government stronghold and government retaliated with barrel bomb on districts with civilians and this is from the city northwest of idlib and including the al-qaeda al-nusra front have gained grounds in that province. u.s. navy will escort ships at the mouth of the arab yanukovich gulf and accompanied to ensure they encounter no interference from iran and the new policy is implemented in response to what the white course calls provocative iran behavior and they fired warning shots near a cargo ship and detained the ship and its crew. the u.n. is warning fuel short analyzes threaten to some relief operations in yemen within days and follows the release of a secret report which reiterated past claims of iran has been
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arming houthi rebels since 2009 and findings presented to the security council, iran sanctions committee last week and tie ran has been shipping since the early years of houthi insurgency and u.n. trying to broker an end to the to the saudi-led campaign. abd rabbuh mansur hadi have gained grounds in the central province and houthi fighters took control of the oil-rich area last year and the fighting continues in the city of aiden and other places as well and we report. >> reporter: ♪ artillery shells target houthi fighters both sides want to control this area but its tighters loyal to yemen president in exile abd rabbuh mansur hadi are on offensive and pushed back houthis and forces loyal to saleh and are
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determined to hold their ground. >> the end of humiliating the people who refused the humiliation and ready to sacrifice everything for the safety of their area. and the source of welfare for yemen and stopped them from achieving any progress. >> reporter: street to street battles continue in the port city of aiden with fighters using tanks and heavy shelling to try to force the houthis to re retreat. pro-government fighters say they gained more control of the area around the airport in the sue di led coalition air strikes continued to target the road between aiden and it's a main houthi supply route to get weapons in and saudi arabia and partners said they won't stop attacks unless president hadi is reinstated, a demand so far the houthis rejected. until the two sides reach an agreement, people in yemen can
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expect more of this. victoria with al jazeera. saudi arabia is restructuring the world's largest energy company and leading oil exporter and saudi ramco will be run by an item member economic council headed by the crown prince and separates the state oil giant from control by the oil ministry. a major shuffle of the kingdom government was announced just a few days ago. ramco is vital to saudi economy with estimated recoverable resolves of $260 billion and by far saudi arabia's biggest employer with more than 60,000 staff members and it generates a billion in revenue every single day. now john is a middle east director at the ash moore group and explains the significance of the restructuring. >> very historic again, part of a larger reform system reform
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momentum that has been highlighting the last four months of king soloman's reign and it's pretty substantial because it's important to separate the oil ministry from rshg amc -- ramco and the institutions functioning independently even if both of them are state controlled and over see. saudi ramco is a very effective institution and yet again it doesn't mean this is the only way of doing it so i think now we are going to see a more efficient and proper oversight of saudi ramco and i don't think there is anything to be concerned yet i think there is more coming and it's for the good of the country. >> reporter: at least 13 people have been injured during demonstrations in jerusalem. jews of ethiopian origin accuse
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police of brutality and discriminating against black people in israel and we report. >> reporter: they came out in hundreds and mostly israeli jews or ethiopian origin. angry at what they say is police brutality against a black israeli soldiers and medics say more than a dozen people hurt when scuffles broke out with the police. >> translator: police brutality and the police is acting with force and against the israelis. >> reporter: in an incident last week an israeli was assaulted and thought he was illegal immigrant and it sparked outrage on social media and they were seen beating a soldier and shows a policeman pushing him to the ground and an officer tries to help the colleague and this
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has had controversy for years and activists say deliberate policies resulted in almost 50% decline in the population of ethiopian jews in the last decade, in a video on social media he picks up a rock and threatens the policeman before police backup arrives, in 2010 there was a published cable from tel aviv saying 65% of israeli household of ethiopian origin relied on people to survive and a spot protests said tenants in the southern city have signed agreements not to sell or rent properties to ethiopians in 2013 israeli government admitted to injecting ethiopia women with birth control treatment without their knowledge and figures this year suggested out of nearly 18,000 asylum seeker mostly from african countries and few were granted this in israel. they want end to this.
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>> translator: in the year 2015 those who are weak in the land of israel have no reason to exist and subjected to racism covert racism and it must be stopped. >> reporter: israeli government provides aid to some refugee groups but they struggle to integrate in society, to deal with the issue of 50,000 immigrants of african organ there is a fence on the border of egypt and built large detention centers seeking refuge without the required paperwork. this is over for now but the anger is likely to boil over i'm with al jazeera. still ahead on al jazeera, u.s. motor company is taking the highway towards silicon valley as technology in the industry shifts up a gear. plus. i'm andy gallagher in las vegas as the count down to what is billed as the fight of the century and looking at the economic impact on north
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america's entertainment capitol. ♪
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♪ you are watching al jazeera and let's look at our top stories now, doctors fear outbreaks of disease in camps for the homeless after last week's earthquake in nepal, the number of confirmed dead is over 6200 and close to 14,000 others are injured. saudi arabia says dozens of houthi fighters have been killed during fierce battles in southern yemen and people loyal to the exiled president abd
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rabbuh mansur hadi gained in the central province. saudi arabia has a shake up at the world east largest energy company after a government reshuffle and they are being separated from control and run by a ten member economic council. turkish police using water canons on may day assembled and used tear gas against protesters trying to get to the square over 10,000 police have been stationed around the area as the capitol was put on shut down to stop unauthorized demonstrations. roads to the center of istanbul were closed and the first since they pass add security bill giving them more powers to crack down on demonstrators. workers are on the march in traditional may day rallies around the world and hong kong international workers day saw demonstrate better working
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conditions and similar in indonesia and philippines and south korea demanding more wages and better conditions and we have more program the protest in the south korean capitol, seoul. >> reporter: the union organizations behind today's events protesting against what they see as attempt by the government to further deregulate the labor market here in south korea, in particular they are opposed to attempts to make it easier for companies to dismiss workers and double the time someone can be on a fixed term contract before protections of being a stark member and changes to the pension system and want to see a near doubling of minimum wage to nearly $10 by the end of the year and this is a first mass protest and there was a strike on april 24 and a series of protests after the ferry disaster and the government's handling of that, with the event there is a big police presence the street,
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15,000 officers we are told. more protests expected in milan as a six month world fair opened in the italian city. [chanting] this is a scene there on thursday when hundreds of students marched the city center and angry at what they call a waste of public money and corruption scandals that marred the event and the fair which focuses on food and nutrition brings together more than 140 countries. police in thailand have found 30 graves from myanmar in a trafficking camp and bodies in a remote jungle could be of muslims and thousands of them have been fleeing western myanmar because of ethnic violence and persecution and smugglers often put them in temporary camps and demand large amounts of money to take them across the border to malaysia. police in the u.s. city of baltimore have completed their investigation in the death of
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freddie gray the black man who suffered a spinal injury in their custody and could be weeks before the findings are made public and protesters in baltimore have been demanding police reveal details now the report has been handed over to the chief prosecutor who will decide whether to file charges against the six officers involved. urged residents living on islands and lake chad to head to the mainland because of an ongoing threat by boko haram. last weekend in an assault on one oof the islands by the armed group left at least 74 people dead and it was the heaviest loss since it joined regional offensive against the fighters and further attacks in the lake region are possible. a six-day of protests resumed in burundi after the announce by the president that he would run for a third term and police are being accused of shooting demonstrators as malcolm web reports from the capitol.
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>> reporter: he was among a crowd of protesters when police opened fire. he was lucky a bullet just grazed his leg and he seems unshaken. >> translator: the police are trying to intimidate us and want us to stay off the streets and do not want us to express our views. >> reporter: he is one of several re -- receiving treatment for gunshot wounds at the hospital and the president they say should not run for a third term in june election and supporters say he is entitled to and police frequently fire tear gas, some protesters block roads and throw stones back at the police. there have been small groups of soldiers out on the streets since monday. people here in burundi trust the army and see it as natural and not taking political sides. some of the protesters say when the soldiers are present the police don't use live rounds.
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dozens have been arrested and detained. riot groups say the government is trying to silence anyone who objections to the third term and public security and defense held a press conference and read a statement but we could not ask them about the people who have been shot or detained because they didn't allow any questions. >> translator: the organizers said those demonstrations would be peaceful but it's clear they only organized violent protests in blocking roads and throwing stones at police and shooting and throwing grenades. >> reporter: then they showed us a gun, some money and a man with a bloody beaten face. they said he was an armed protester here they caught. away from the protests in the city center one grenade was thrown into an active bus. we don't know who by. police said we should film it. more wounded protesters arrive at the hospital. but the injuries don't seem to have deterred the demonstrators
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and the people living here hope the political standoff can be resolved without more violence malcolm web, al jazeera. the french president has promised harsh punishment for soldiers found guilty of sexually abusing children in the is ennel african republic and took place at a center for displaced people between december 2013 and june of last year. >> translator: if soldiers behaved badly there will be sanctions that we put in the armed forces and proud of the army and i will be harsh on those who behave badly if that is the case in central african republic. >> reporter: they destroyed ten tons of ivory, the stockpile had been seized over the past three years and uae is a transit hub for the trade and most ends up in asia and used for traditional
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medicine among other things assist and director of the africa program for world conservation society and she believes destroying ivory sends an important message to smugglers. >> reporter: it's really an important move forward because you have to realize that there is a global ivory crisis and elephant crisis in the world and losing 96 elephants per day and in a matter of a decade we could lose elephants from the world and what happened today, the burning of the ivory, is incredibly important for two reasons, first of all it shows the world as a global statement that says that we are no longer as a government going to tolerate illegal ivory trade and it's important to send the message and secondly it's important because it takes ivory out of circumstance circulation and places with stockpiles of ivory it's expensive and difficult to guard and at risk for traffickers who want to access the ivory and the best
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thing to do is destroy it outright. coming to the electric car market and u.s. tesla motors is a dominate force, one big name car maker is trying to change that, ford is moving part of detroit operation to silicon valley, the capitol of the high tech industry and john reports. >> reporter: the center of gravity in the american alluto industry is going to silicon valley a place where software and hardware meet. >> here in silicon valueley is important for our future and important to get the right talent we need coming in the company and supports our efforts of driving innovation for customers. >> reporter: here cars are designed by virtual reality with ultra light carbon parts, the kind used on the up coming ford gt super car with self adjusting height for speed bumps and self adjusting spoiler for wind
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resistance. ford traveled part way down the road to self driving vehicles at least when it comes to the annoying task of parallel parking, i'm operating the gas and brake but this one is entirely steering itself, see, no hands. ford is also researching making cars more internet connected and there they are playing catch up with tesla with a dash board that looks like it was built by that they nasa and they want to do it with the $35,000 model in 2017 and with rolling outcome tear and computers and they will look to village convalley with cyber security and data management. >> they are becoming communication platforms if you want to be on the bleeding edge of that stuff you want to be where you can incorporate that
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sort of technology into the auto as quickly as possible. >> reporter: that logic is likely to attract other u.s. auto makers building an island of detroit in northern california, john with al jazeera, palo-alto, california. it's a fight that is six years in the making but on saturday floyd mayweather and pacquiao will face each other in las vegas and what about the economic impact on a city that was hit hard by the financial crisis and andy gallagher reports. >> reporter: it's the neon city in the desert a place where just about anything goes but even here the buzz surrounding the fight between floyd mayweather and pacquiao has las vegas excited. pound for pound mayweather and pacquiao are considered the greatest boxers of their generation and this has been a fight years if the making. it's also bringing in thousands of fans who between them will spend millions of dollars. >> i need a cab. >> reporter: lucky
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transportation company business is booming. the firm has more than 200 vehicles, not enough to cope with the influx of people. >> i have been booked solid for the weekend, for the fight. >> reporter: the fight is one of the biggest events the city has seen. >> it has a huge economic impact it has also huge moral impact that las vegas is back and it's going to be economically great for our community. >> reporter: betting shops across las vegas it's a similar story and estimated that $100 million will be waged on the outcome and bookies say it's more than just money at stake. >> i'm rooting for one good thing to happen a great fight, a great fight spurs interest maybe for another great fight, if it's a dull fight or doesn't go right i think boxing is in trouble. >> reporter: for las vegas this is an event to help restore the city's fortunes.
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during the recession thousands lost jobs and this is a city built for larger than life events and could be a billion dollar weekend and certainly fans from all over the world are getting excited about what is billed as the fight of the century. >> best fight in this division. look at them go at it. that are raring and we ran to watch it and nothing better than mgm watching the fight live i can't believe it and being in the atmosphere is amazing. >> reporter: boxing may not draw the crowds it once did but this is expected to be the biggest money fight of all time andy gallagher, al jazeera, las vegas, nevada. a chinese company unveiled one of the most realistic robots yet and take a look yang-yang is modelled on a research and blink, smile, shake hands and developers believe the design wait for it consumer replace
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sales assistant celebritys and news readers in the future say it ain't so, reminder keep up to date with all stories we brought you today going to our website that is al, al and do keep it here. >> new reports into what may have caused freddie gray's death as baltimore's prosecutor begins a new phase of the investigation. >> may day protests in south korea turn violent as workers demand better treatment across the globe. >> the death toll rises in nepal. the biggest threat now is the spread of disease after the earthquake.