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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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only on al jazeera america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ body is still being recovered, and aid still trickling in. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello i'm darren jordan, and, live. 6 police officers got charged in connection with a death of a black man. nigeria's army, rescues women, but no sign of school girls taken last year.
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it's been a week since a magniuled 7.8 earthquake hit nepal, and the death toll continues to rise. international help trickles in and rescue teams are still looking for bodies. emergency workers haven't been able to reach many rural villages and they have lost their homes and livelihood and family members. and, they visited the village to see what they are facing. through the himalayas area's natural beauty is scared. with all the buildings and now a way of life has been extinguished and without their homes, and without their farm billions how can people plan
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ahead? without loved ones, how can they cope? that's a question going through the mind of the girl wearing the pink coat. her mother and baby brother are both buried in this rubble. she's 11-years-old, standing with her grand parents wishing her mother and brother could still be alive and they watched from the pavement, a chinese rescue team has now taken over the rescue team, and with such an odor in the air they are not expecting to find anyone. her grandmother feels that all hope is lost. my daughter-in-law and grandson were so beautiful this tragedy is unbearable, and i'm not sure how we'll manage. we lost everything. my son has been hurt really
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badly. and he doesn't have work. it becomes too much, and her father is in shock and has taken for drink and hasn't been seen for hours. the searching goes onto the night, and the darkness can't fade out any of the pain. and the chinese search team, plans to tackle it the next day. the grandfather wants to hear some news, and the only thing, is his son. slurring his words because of the alcohol but clear, in his thoughts. it's a dire situation and my baby son are buried here, and, what is the government doing? we have nothing. please tell the government we hardly have anything to eat. the flames of protest people demanding food and shelter. and, spending another night under plastic sheeting for
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herscheler. her grandmother is unwell. what goes through the mind of an 11-year-old in this situation? her cousins try to lighten the mood. but daylight brings reality it's start of another day, and the chinese search and rescue team are back on the ground and they may have found a body. mother and baby son are found huddled together, never going to be rescueded the family moved down the road, away from the crowds trying to seek some privacy. this earthquake doesn't allow dignity with the lives it takes. another mother and baby, don't get a car for their cremation and, their families pass a
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family that can't understand it. and a father who can't understand what has happened. and a girl who faces an uncertain future. andrew simmons. some survivors say they have lost faith in their government's ability to organize rescue efforts and. the distribution point where medicine is being given out but it is not being run by the government but by a local business association. i'm here with the vice-president of the local business association. and you have given some medicines to the government, and you're handling it yourself. this is because we have a proper channel and we have more than 1,000 medical representatives and, they have a member there so it is faster than the government.
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that's why we're distributing it to them. the association has sought help, and have turned down offers of money. we need the goods and money we can't buy blanket and anything in here and 10th here and, better to give goods so we can distribute it. mostest medicine are for juan dis and typhoid and water purification and the plan is to follow the organizations and deliver supplies directly. now, live, in katmandu,. there are concerns, from the government, that the promised international aid is arriving slowly. tell us what's been happening? yes, there was an admission by the minister, of communications on friday, when he spoke to us, here, that there
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was a problem initially with the arrival of aid both by road and air and, they have been cleared and the land flights are clear and, the road is partially mentioned. and, now boy air and the aircraft trying to get in, to deliver it, has now eased. and valerie is the u.n. humanitarian chief and she spoke to us a little while ago here, to tell us of her impressions how the aid effort is doing it and, how the government is dealing with the situation. well, we've made some progress, i was very concerned at the beginning because of those x-ray on the particular things that we were seeing. it's always like that at the beginning after major crisis like this. and of course, our hearts go out to those people, who have lost loved ones, and it's a terrible tragedy,. coordination is a challenge
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and getting them in-and-out and we have one international airport, with one runway, so how we organize ourselves is how all of the different teams that have come in, are best able to make maximum use of their skill and expertise, is the thing that we have been working on. just in the time i have been here, i have seen some improvement, and now, get it better. of course, she will be touring the whole weekend as quickly as she can so she can tell the international community how they can coordinate it with locals. and, one of the main monuments that collapsed and many people have been asking and, many are asking what's going to happen with the temples and palaces? well, we got word, that, all the rubble and wreckage, that
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you see across nepal are being taken to specific locations where they are -- where they will be guarded by the police, until they can sift through the rubble and try and reclaim the architecture and rebuild them once again. we'll have live coverage and, back to you. so, thank you. the city of baltimore, is now being billed as a victory rally, following the decision to charge 6 police officers, in the death of freddie gray, and some protestors were arrest after the curfew. and, they say that it should be handled as a homicide and some say it's a rush to judge ment. a day after police turned over the findings into the death
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of freddie gray, and after an autopsy, the chief prosecutor laid out the evidence against the officers involved. mr. gray suffered a severe neck injury, as a result of being handcuffed, and shackled and, unrestrained in the wag dpon. the six includes those who arrested him for carrying a knife, which is not illegal. but officer goodson who drove the transport vehicle is accused of second degree murder, and how he handled gray, and refusing to heed his cries for help. and, the police union said they were not responsible for his death and they accuse the state's attorney, for a conflict of interest, and demand that it be turned over to a different prosecutor. i have never seen such a
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rush and separate from the law and, facts of the case. president barak obama said the federal government would help see that justice was served. those individuals who are charged, are also entitled to due process and rule of law. so, you know, i want to make sure that our legal system runs the way it should. in gray's neighborhood, residents welcomed the indictments, and a move that some hope would give faith to the system. these are important for getting justice. the mayor issued a warning to the police force. to those of you two wish to engage in brutality misconduct, racism, and corruption, let me be clear, there is no place in the baltimore city police department for you. the charges may help diffuse
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some of of the anger but the city wide overnight curfew and state of emergency remain in force for the next few days. at least 27 people have been killed fighting in yemen and rebels and troops, loyal to the exiled president are battling for control of the airport. now, here's more. as fighting escalates in the port city, there are few if any safe zones left, in this hospital, one of only a handful of hospitals open, and they clash with those loyal to the country's president. and news after doctor killed, and two weeks earlier another doctor was killed boy sniper fire. the situation here, in our hospital is miserable. we are under huge pressure, and
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our staff are under pressure. there's a shortage of equip minute and medicine. isn't yet one-years-old and a bullet pierced his head and surgeons have managed to remove it, and the violence remains part of his childhood and they blame the fighters. and we were at home and what should we do now? now, war has led to the destruction of nine family homes, and saudi arabia air strike reduced them to rubble. we heard the explosion and we were real estate cued from under the rubble and we found body parts of my uncle and, this is our neighbor's home, and the whole family all died. the military commanders say the airstrikes target the
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fighters, around the airport. and this poor neighborhood was also hit. there's no heavy lifting equipmenting, and they use their bare-hands to look for the dead and injured. they are led by the saudi missions to get control ordinary people continue to suffer. saudi arabia, says the airstrikes will continue, until the military capabilities are diminished. st. louis ahead here, we visit the mediterranean island, and it has kept migrants. and the biggest night and can find themselves on the ropes fighting. stay us with.
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welcome back, for the top stoaferls, it's been a week, since the earthquake and, the death toll continues to rise. there's a curfew in baltimore, and charges were rendered in six officers. and, the city's prosecutor and it was treated as murder. 27 people have been killed
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as fighting, in yemen continues and rebels and troops, those for the exiled president are fighting for the airport. the army has launched, a operation. the main port and, most important government held areas. and, now, the center for middle east studies he explained what it means for the regime. they have been badly shaken by the loss of it, and then, so the rebels seem to be much stronger than they had before, they're getting money and arms from turkey, and, saudi arabia, and, they are on the same page with turkey, and he used to be afraid of them, and he wants to
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hurt iran, and and that's the new priority and they are made progress. the regime, and, in fact, most have been spooked by these losses because it puts the rebels much closer to the capital of the region. and if they get this high mountain, they can shell down, onto the cities and towns below, these high mountains. so the regime has to establish a new perimeter, in order to stop the rebels, from pushing down, very vulnerable moment, and the regime has to reavenue shy the people, this could be the beginning of the end, for that title, and, we're not sure. we don't know. he still has a lot of power 65% live under his rule, and he has iran knee enbacking and they have been to iran, no new
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loans, and that's good for the outside regime, because they're not sure how far iran will go, and so it's a real question about the sponsors, what kind of new perimeter, he can put up, and whether he has enough soldiers and, there's been indications, that the minorities who are terrified of islamic rule are not signing up. the activists are saying, we don't know. i suspect that there are -- this is a long battle, that we'll see years more of fighting. the prime minister has told al al jazera, europe should do more of the 10,000 people trying to reach the e.u. i feel that all the european countries can take migrants,
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because, might go grants, they're bringing everybody to the society and they are working hard and, they are adapting very fast and, this is my opinion. and, of course, politicians they use the might go grants, in the political fight but i think this is against the european values and whoa comes and leafs and respect the values, it's a good situation. thousands of might go grants make the journey each year and but cyprus isn't a good place. and faces years in detention centers, without any guarantee they'll ever be granted refugee status. they don't die at sea but they haven't been alive. they are on a hunger strike after motion of protest and
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failed to pressure the authorities to grant them asilevel, they are syrian kurds who came ten years ago and only now have they been given protection, it is not enough. what can i do? i still don't have a passport. i'm in prison here. it means they now have legal documents and can work and they're still stateless and, can be deported, at anytime. their biggest mistake was to apply for asylum in cyprus. many who are unable to survive, end up in detention centers like this one. some 170 people have been waiting for months. waiting. we're not allowed to film inside where some 50 palestinians now live.
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they're all scared to show their identity and, they're all worried about their future. it's important for me to get asylum or i can't bring my family. other passengers, who refuse to apply were given shelter in a church, it has been 7 months, since they were rescued. i didn't apply for it, because i know i won't get it. the government has a tough stance on immigration. this is why some say there hasn't been a wave of illegal immigration in years. one reason, the policy, for them. and the second reason is that we are not taking them, even if you get residence and protection, you cannot move freely, with this residence permit.
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in. sign pus may ab e.u. state but it is not a choice for refugees, they can't return to syria, and the document cannot get them far. after having it, and, for me and, for my friends. sense arriving, they tried numerous times to be smuggled out of cyprus and, they have reached a dead end. pictures have been released by the military, showing the rescue of more than 230 women being held and, they were freed as a operation to clear fighters, from the forest. according to the military, none of the girls released are the school girls who were taken last year. and earlier this week, they rescued, 40 children in the region.
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i'm sure you knew this, there's no justice. and a lot of action. and now is almost about it. central asian artists rarely receive attention outside their home language, and now in singapore, is attempting to put the spotlight on paintings in areas. the new civic rose. an inspiration for modern art through history. this looks to forge that connection in modern times through canvas and paint.
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what we're trying to do is to bring culture and art from central asia, into asia. it includes more than 30 paints. giving them a glimpse of life in those countries. you sense the light and special part of the artist, and they won't peaceful life, and. it's minimal in the form of soviet states and works are rarely shown outside the region. more and more we have artists calling from central asia. new approach to the painting. and bringing culture and about the environments. the two day exhibition was well received in singapore creating
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another path. the wait for the so-called fight of the century is almost over mayweather, and pacquiao will meet in vegas for what is expected to be the biggest money fight in history and this could be the last big bout. if this is boxing's last big fight, then the so called on gentleman's game is bowing out in a big way. ♪ ♪ this is just the weighing in for the much anticipated fight and the arena is almost full to capacity. and some say boxing is losing fans to a new sport. shot. hey. these are mixed marshal arts fighters to compete in the u.f.c. and it's attracting
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younger fans and there's more action and stars. but even the professionals here have their doubts about competing with boxing. it's going to be around forever, and this is a big fight, but, i'm pretty sure, that when muhammad ali fought foreman, that was the going to be the last fight. it is making some in roads here when they say the way boxing is run could be the beginning of its downfall. always so greedy and never thinking about the future of the sport and look what they did with the tickets. only a certain amount of tickets went and secondary market and there's tickets everywhere, and they priced the fans, and so many people would have loved to come in. people don't seem the mind the ticket prices and this could
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win, and give interest in a sport that has cap captivated friends.'s a sport that is going to live on. it brought you u.f.c. it is good. i don't think you can catch it. boxing is good. it always has been, and always will be. martial arts has come a long way and, i don't think it applies to the u.s. market, and boxing is still king and, you only have to soak up the atmosphere in this arena to know that. boxing and fighters like mayweather, and pack key oh, draw huge crowds and big money but they are approaching the end of their career, what and who will take their place? now, the singer known for one of the most popular song, ben e. king has died. stand which me.
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♪ ♪ darling stand by me ♪ that was turned down by his band, as a song, and then it became famous as his solo record ♪ commissioner william bratton. >> this is not race unfortunate. despite what the federal court says. it's his second go as head of the police force, and back when race dominates. >> when you have people chanting what do i want, cops. i'm sorry, that's too mar