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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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us. >> sharks like affection. >> "techknow". where technology meets humanity. monday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. by all sides civilians are hit by government chlorine gas and, shelves and airstrikes. also come up, growing anger over the lack of aid reaching remote villages. anything geary a rescued 234 girls, from the stronghold. and a boxer nicknamed money prepares for the richest bout, in history we look at floyd may
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weather's career ♪ ♪ in the space of 24 hours civilians have been bothered by all sides. victims of the civil war and the fight against iraq, and u.s. led coalition. they say barrel bombs were dropped from government war plains contained chlorine gas. at least 50 cases of suffocation were reported, and children among the injured. it's the second such chemical attack in the past three days. and syrian rebels held districts killing twelve civilians, and injuring dozens more. and opposition fightters say they want to capture the city, think say they're determined to break the stalemate and win their fight against the regime.
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this is a military parade on the outskirts of do mass cast. the biggest shell force by rebels, up with week after they captured the city. the army of islam, is fast with securing the capital once the regime of as sad is toppled and, they tell his fighters, that defeating a regime, backed by iran won't be easy. today we stand united against the iranians and, they want to spread their influence and have a persian state established here and, we will fight them and defeat them. across country rebels are shifting tactics. and, they merge under army, to capture the city. now, their eyes are set on attack here.
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and, the stronghold, the u.s., in the past refrained from arming syrian opposition fighters and, it was concerned about its weapons landing in al-qaeda's hands. but now, they are joining moderate groups, in their fight to repel isis from the area. and, turkey, and, saudi saudi arabia, have helped. the united states is following and killing shiites and they can turn this towards syria and the united states is not going to stop them. the fighters still hold ground in major cities. more rebel groups are now considering joining forces, to defeat as sad. u.s. led air strike killed
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52 civilians on friday. the syrian observe have atory was the village and children were among those killed and not a single isis fighters injured. and the pentagon says it cannot confirm it but it is investigating. exactly a week since the earthquake hit nepal, and the death toll keeps climbing, 6 641 have been known to have died and rescue workers recovered more bodies. over 14,000 people were injured. and the u.n. believe, that they need food aid and the governments take mates that reconstruction costs could exceed $10 billion. half of their economy.
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and, help is not reaching some isolated villages and they say more helicopters are needed. through the himalayas yanks of an old trade route to chinese border, it is scared, with all the ruined buildings and now a way of life has been extinquished. without their homes without their farm buildings, and how can people plan ahead? without loved once, how can they cope? that's a question going through minds of the girl wearing the pink coat. her mother and baby brother are both buried in this rubble. she's 11-years-old and standing with her grand parents wishing her mother and brother could still be alive. for three days, they watch from the pavement. a chinese search and rescue team
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have taken over the operation. but with such an odor in the air, they aren't expecting to find any more. the grandmother feels that all hope is lost. my daughter-in-law and grandson were so beautiful this tragedy is unbearable, i'm not sure how we'll manage. we lost everything. my son has been affected. he doesn't have work and i feel like i have lost him. it becomes too much and her father is in shock, and is taken to drinking and he hasn't been seen for hours. the searching goes on, and the darkness can't fade out any of the pain. the chinese search team plan to tackle the next day. her grandfather wants to hear some news, and the only development, is his son suddenly appearing.
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slurring his words but clear, in his thoughts. it's a dire situation. my wife and baby son are buried here, and many are buried elsewhere, what is the government doing? we have nothing. we hardly have anything to eat. not far away, the flames of protest. people demanding food and shelter. she is spending another night under plastic sheeting, surrounded by relatives. her grandmother is unwell. what goes through the mind of an 11-year old? her cousins try to lighten the mood. but daylight brings reality it's the start of yet another day, and the chinese search and rescue team are back on the ground and it now appears they may have found her body.
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mother and baby son are found huddled together, never going to be a rescue. the family moved down the road away from the crowds trying to seek some privacy for their grief. but this doesn't even allow dignity, with the lives it takes. mother and baby don't get a house or a car. their bodies, pass a family, that can't absorbing what the shaking earth took from their lives. a father who can't face up to what's happened and a girl who faces an uncertain future, without the love of her mother. al jazera. in an interview foreign aid has been slow to arrive. until now $4 million and we have not received any penny
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beyond that, and we are hoping that we'll be able to mol billize, a billion dollars for the reconstruction. and katmandu said, what's the situation with aid on the ground first? well, it is not that great as we saw when search and rescue teams come there they're looking for bodies and they are helping to treat people and, up with thing to understand, when these teams arrive, first of all, it's a slow process, so many remote areas to reach and second of all when they do, they don't solve everything. they go there they do what they can and then they have to move on or come back to the capital. meantime the people there who have lost their homes, they're still sleeping out in the cold, and the injured people have some medical attention and, get on with it, regardless. now that's one of the things
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that the government has asked for, 400,000 tents to help these people get some temporary shelter. and they have only given out 29,000 and are appealing for more. you have new information about some of the people who are moving in-and-out of the capital that's correct. the police have confirmed just this evening that since the earthquake struck, 20,000 people from the outlying areas have come into the katmandu valley and, 100,000 people have left, going to unaffected areas, a lot of these are workers and those who work in the capital and they have been trying to get out for days, and since little help is reaching them here and there's a lot of businesses are closed there's no reason for them it stay. so one week on this earthquake, is affecting a lot of people, the people who have been hurt, and the people who were just trying to make a living.
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thank you very much. a special program after this half-hour, looking at how the country is coping a week after the earthquake has struck. italy's navy says it has rescued more than 1,000 might go grants and they picked up 220 people and they have now arrived. according to officials all those rescued are men from africa. they have seen unprecedented numbers. many are seeking safety and security in the nations and each country has very different rules about allowing people in, and it's a tough stance on immigration, and, they face long periods in detention centers. and, now, the report. they didn't die at sea but they say they haven't been alive
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since arriving at cyprus. they are on a hunger strike after months of protest failed to pressure the authorities to grant them asylum. they are syrian kurd whose came ten years ago and, only now have they been given protection, but it is not enough. what can i do with protection, i still don't have a passport and, we live in insecurity. that means they have legal documents and can work and still stateless and can be deported at anytime. their biggest mistake was to apply for asylum. many who do apply and, who are unable to survive on their own end up in detention centers they have been here for months, wait fog applications to say study. we are not allowed to film
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inside who are refugees, now live. they're all scared to show their identity and, they're all worried about their future. it's important for me to get asylum or i won't be able to bring my family. overpass sen jersey, men women, and children, were given shelter in a church, it has been 7 months since they were rescued while on their way to italy. i didn't apply for asylum, because i know i won't get it. the government has a tough stanes on immigration and rarely does it grant nationality status and, that's why there hasn't been a wave of illegal immigration. it is very restrictive. there are several reasons which means that, even if you get
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residence, and protection, you can not move freely with this residence permit, in other countries. it may be a european member, but it is not at destination of choice. they can't return to syria, and their travel document cannot get them far. tomorrow and, for me and for my friends. since arriving, they tried and failed to be smug he would out of cyprus, and they have reached a dead-end. state holiday in sena gal the country tries to overcome fear about ebola, and the city of baltimore gets set for a weekend of rallies after six police officers are charged over the death of freddie gray.
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>> every day is another chance to be strong. >> i can't get bent down because my family's lookin' at me. >> to rise, to fight and to not give up. >> you're gonna go to school so you don't have to go war. >> hard earned pride. hard earned respect.
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hard earned future. >> we can not afford for one of us to lose a job. we're just a family that's trying to make it. >> a real look at the american dream. "hard earned". premiers tomorrow, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". the top stories here. syrian activists say government planes have dropped barrels of chlorine gas, and, the investigation is launched into claims that, u.s. coalition airstrikes have killed dozens of civilians and they are still trying to recover the bodies of those killed in the earthquake, and many people have not received any food supplies. and 220 men were rescued on friday have arrived and italy's
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navy said it has saved more than 1,000 might go grants in the last 24 hours. nigeri a said it rescued 234 children, and, they were reportedly freed as part of the operation to clear fighters. it is not yet clear if any of the girls in the group were the students, kid pd na. and now, more. we've made repeated request for further information about the hundreds people who have been rescued and the circumstances, in which they have been freed and they're saying on the 234 people just freed that the circumstances were the same, in which others were freed earlier this week, and, they they were an assault and they were freed. and, they were the casualties of fighters and no details on how
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many may have been killed and the operation is ongoing and what we can conclude,is that those who are rescued are undergoing a screening process to ascertain who they are and how they came to be in the hands of them, and where they come from. and the organizers behind the campaign, to find the 219 school girls who were kidnapped last year, are demanding that the hill tear and the government release more information about the identities of these people and, they have given them an an ultimatum, by this weekend they must know who they are and so far, that demand has not been heeded. in gem men battle continues to intensify and 27 people have been killed. troops loyal to the
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ex-president are battling for control of the airport there. dozens of farmlies haved in, but hundreds families remain trapped in their homes and are running short of supplies. in the capital center, hundreds of supporters have rallied to condemn the campaign and, more than a dozen were killed on friday, which is a residential neighborhood, and they have been targeting the rebels since late march. the government says, the ebola outbreak has tarnished its image as a safe who will day destination and tourism is its main support. ♪ ♪ ♪ they do this for every newly arrived visitor to the royal club hotel. most are french, and for many it's their first time in
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africa. and the only travel warning they book it online, to enjoy the sunshine, and the food, and the music, and good company. we were looking for good weather, a safe destination and a 6-hour flight, and sena gal fit the bill. ebola has tarnished the reputation. more than 10,000 people have died. there are cases but fear of ebola is traveling faster than the virus itself, badly affecting terrorism. many hotels have had to close, we were already badly hit by the economic crisis, with ebola we faced a wave of booking cancellations and some resorts went bankrupt. nection store, an abandoned resort and several tour operators have pulled out all together and it could lose 1%
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of hits gdp. they are putting in drastic measures, and cutting in half airport taxes and scrapping visa fees all together, to make more attractive and cheaper for tourists. flying is expensive, and the government hopes to attract low cost carriers. and to reassure arriving passengers it closed its border. authorities continue to stream visitors taking their temperature and any symptoms of the virus. we are taking all necessary steps, and precautions so those who chose to come here, feel safe and comfortable and we hope this will encourage more people to come. but, they don't want more turiafs. it's the extra attention they get here, that makes it so
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special. the national guard troops, are out on the streets ahead of large matches. and, organized earlier to protest the death of freddie gray, and now though, it's much less tense as charges have been rendered against six police officers. and it looks happy there at the moment. and. there's a couple getting married next to you. that's right. this is a sela bratory atmosphere now that the six officers have been charged, and to give you an idea how wide it is, we have a couple who has just gotten married. what brings you out here, in your wedding gown today? we thought it was a good thing to support our people and stand for positive change and, i want to thank my wife for being so selfless, and saving her day
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for such an important movement. you thought it was important enough that you would come out and join it, even though it is your wedding day. absolutely. at the end of the day we still got to live. anything that happens that comes about, i will benefit from it. it was important to take part in it. congratulations to both of you. let me give you an idea of how things have change he. this was the scene of riots and now people are dancing, in the park here, across from city hall and you have people holding signs and very different from all week. there have still been some police activity, more than 50 people were arrested for violating the curfew, and that curfew will go into effect tonight as well and possibly after that, we're not sure at this time, what's going to happen. and all of this has changed because of the charges against those six officers. and it doesn't seem to matter
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that three of them are african-american, including the officer who that has been charged, with second-degree murder. thank you very much. police arrested almost 200 people, including 3 opposition leaders after a protest turned violent. they were demanding the release of jailed former president. and the government has accused them of trying to topple it by provoking violence. the former president was sentenced to 30 years in prison, and the u.n. says it was arbitrary and disproportionate. and the government, and senior member of the opposition democratic party and says the government should hold talks instead of using force. and the public, that there was some clashes.
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but not anything serious. and, but if you look at the way the police have dealt with the general public, it's on the people and people have been injured and, i do not -- police officers who are brought into the crowd after they have charged, at high speed into the crowd and two of them got some injuries and there's no reason to claim this was a violent protest. they ask them to talk to us and we are a party and we cannot be disregarded. and we are part of the area, and, therefore, they should come and talk with us. it's been billedded as the fight of the century.
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payoffs from the richest bout in history, off the charts. floyd mayweather is expected to earn 180 million. and. pack kue oh, 120 million. now a look at his career ♪ ♪ floyd mayweather junior, is money. and he knows how to bring it in, and show it off ♪ ♪ the 38-year-old american is undefeated as a professional, with 47 wins and 47 fights including 26 knockouts and he's also a champion, with five crowns and medals and belts and he's known as pretty boy floyd, and fairly scarless face mayweather has won ten world titles in four different weight classes. his net worth is estimated at 400 million and he's been at the top of the highest paid athletes
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for years and he credits his success to those who came before him. the true legend, and muhammad ali opened up a lot of doors, and joe louis and so many other great fighters. sugar ray leonard. and he credits his uncles, and boxers and trainers. roger and jeff mayweather. boxing for mayweather was destiny, his father was a former welterweight contender, and he trained his son before he could walk. by age 7 he was already in the ring participating in kids tournament na mefnts and as a teen, he was winning national titles. his amateur records of 84-6, landed him in the 1996 olympics where he won a bronze medal. and very, very important. and leaving the sport being
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known as the smartest fighter and, businessmen in the sport of boxing. there's a darker side, that grabs headlines. he has been accused of assaulting a number of women and of domestic abuse one ended with a guilty plea and, a 90-day jail sentence. on the eve of the fight of the century, this is mayweather's message to the world, you can be anything that you want to be. mayweather is saying, nothing comes easy, but the sky is the limit. al jazera. flash-flooding and dangerous surf conditions, and five car passengers were killed, and when vehicles were washed away. a 6-year old died after being swept away by heavy seas. and. brisbane was drenched and
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making many roads impossible, and cutting off power supplies to homes. and check out our website and, you can watch us, by clicking on the watch now icon american artist that sold for than 30 million records. >> first i'm a businessman. >> akon is an activist and philanthropist and spend a lot of time promoting peace in areas congo. he's spending a lot of money to i don't have the quality of life


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