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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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arab special forces have entered the port city. hello, and, you're watching al jazera, and also coming up on the program women and children are with breathing problems in syria after another suspected chlorine attack. why the televised trial of a lynching of men is a test of the country's jew additional system. more than 400 might go grants are rescued on their way
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to italy. plus. floyd mayweather, undefeated after beating, pack pacquiao ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you for joining us, we begin the programming in yemen where sources have told al jazera that they have entered and they are in the southern port city, supporting the forces of the excide president and that is being denied. in this, the fighters, loyal, to him say they regained control, and in the city, popular resistance forces say they have taken control of several positions. meanwhile, the humanitarian situation continues to worsen, with medical fuel and power supplies all running low. the brigadier general, is the spokesman and he said, that
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no foreign troops have entered yemen and that option is not off the table. i assure you if troops were brought in, we would have confirmed through the daily briefing as was the practice. all options are open, the coalition will not spare any effort and achieve positive outcomes on the ground. no troop landings were made into yemen. well, he is on the ground and, he has sent this report. we are now close to the airport, and the fighting is ranging. we proceed, we can see bedrooms of smoke which seems to be an air strike from the
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forces. there are popular resisttence, and shelling, every now and then, as the hooties are stationed inside. it is a battle and will have significant outcome. there again, plumes of smoke, as a result of the shelling by the rebels. it is a crucial battle, and the victorious side will shape the fighting in the coming days. let's speak to muhammad, and he's live, we do have a situation here, where sources are saying, arab special forces are inside and then, the saudis seem to be denying that. let's go through, in detail,
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what it is, that the saudis spokesperson has actually denied. yes. he actually confirmed that, they didn't send the coalition, hasn't sent troops, but there were expressions within his answer, that gave plenty of indications about an ambig us with situation there or, an attempt on his part to not really give very decisive answers because he used the term today he said "i can confirm that today, we haven't sent any troops, and repeated it, during his answers. also he used the other expressing we don't reveal information about an ongoing operation and, he did not explain what is that ongoing operation. because, usually the coalition gefers every detail about what
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they do, the airstrikes and weapons and they drop to the fight as well, to president and we know that the backdrop of this is a protracted air campaign by the saudis and the allies and not clear achievement of, not a clearly chief meant of objectives and they were to destroy the fighting capabilities to force them out of the cities to force them to come to the negotiation table and, all of these are there, and they haven't yet done any of those things and so they did not comply. so after all this week and airstrikes, and the saudis and their allies seem willing to do something, or they need to do something, they need to find alternatives or change the tactics, and the way this operation is going po. and if indeed, they have sent ground troops, it doesn't look
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like major ground operation and that's understandable, and, once they launch it, they have to go, to the end, they have to also, accept heavy casualties in the troops and, they have to finish and complete those goals and any retreat would look like a defeat. thank you. ♪ syriaen activists are accusing forces, carrying out attach with chlorine, and women and children were treated for breathing problems and the use of chlorine is weapons is, banned internationally and government forces are reported to have bombed a kindergarten,
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and twelve people were killed. and the u.n. says the syrian government must stop bombing and shelling the camps and thousands were forced to leave the camp, after they were she would. isis fighters have claimed responsibilities for twin bombs which called twelve people, they went off minutes apart. and some officials say isis fighters are hiding along refugees, from other parts of iraq and now, from the area. it's been a bloody few nights. this neighborhood, was rocked boy two bombs late sunday. the latest attack, was commit had by the islamic state of iraq and those disquiefd as
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displaced residents. isis claimed responsibility. they wound up in camps like these across baghdad and, they were afraid of revenge attacks and, heightened after the bombings. this is all nonsense, we came with the clothes on our backs, and, we're all iraqi and why do they blame us? look at how we live. they have refuted the allegations but the displaced are behind the attacks. a community leader and ex charge of the camp. this is as move by politicians to inflame sectarian hatred and, there's no isis here. baghdad used to be a mixed city and however it changed after 2006 as many sunni left.
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and, violence and closed iraq in 2006, and 2008, it is still being felt today and since then, she a communities stick to their own neighborhoods and sunnies to their own neighborhoods and this new blame game has many people worried and that there will be a return to the blood letting and this city will yet see more violence. the italian coast guard says more than 4,000 people have been rescued in just two days. the buildings of 3 might go grants were rescued and now one remarkable rescue. it's pitch-black imagine what it feels like, cramp need a wooden boat, with no engine, and, floating, in the sea. the arrival of the police, that patrol the waters is a huge relief. this boat has women and children
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on board. the rescuers try to maintain calm because if it becomes unbalanced, they could fall into the water. they have jackets and this is one of 17 rescue operations carried out on saturday alone and, this is another one 397 people including young children cramped into another engineless boat. one of the aid agencies operating here says that the majority of the arrivals this year have been in africa, and libya. and, often their medical condition is not great having difficult conditions. almost 2,000 of those rescued will be brought to sicily and taking advantage of the good weather and, it is set and the numbers reaching the shores are the highest they have ever been and, it's not summer yet. and, thousands and thousands
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more will be attempting the crossing over the next few months. baltimore has lifted the could you few that has been in place, since tuesday with troops deployed, and they have passed peacefully, and gray died from spinal injuries, sustained while in police custody. the six police officers are now face charges from manslaughter to second-degree murder. still more to come,. the poor areas which aid teams are finally reaching. blank. and nigeria rescues two groups of traumatized cattle.
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>> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been
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looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights on al jazeera america. a reminder of the top stories here source says, have told al jazera that arab special forces have entered the yemen city, and, they are supporting the forces of the exiled president and that's being denied. and government forces, have carred out another attack, with chlorine and isis fighters have claimed responsibility for bombs with killed 30 people in the capital of iraq. now, the war in yemen, and now, a fellow, the royal united
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services for the studies and joins us live. so, you heard the reports that we're getting here, and you have seen the pictures as well. what's your feeling? who are these force says in. they could be saudis and they are denying it, and, it is very likely that they're members of the coalition and most likely, are the egyptians they do have special forces and they have a great deal of experience, and, particularly, with israel. so, if it has to be a member of the coalition most likely, the most experienced once are the egyptians. we'll find out in the later days, who it is. but, why? do you think that now would be a time that, we would see some kind of ground force and ground invasion in yemen? it could be a precursor to
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an invasion and it could also be, an attempt to bolster the defense, in that region, particularly the attack, that is ongoing. it needs some support from the outside. the sunni forces that are backing the president, are also, making some advances. and so it could be an attempt to secure the defense, as well as possibly being a precursor to an invasion. why now? how is it going? well -- it is unclear. that's the problem with all of this, there are gains in certain areas and losses in other areas and, people are presenting it the way they want to. and the overall situation is, murky. it depends on whose version you believe. there are very few
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independent sources and no overall assessment made and one think that is clear is this, that no decisive victory has been achieved and, he what must remember that the coalition's objective is to restore the government and they're not in a position to do so right now. so it isn't going as well as it is should be. the i know you'll be with us for the next few hours. thanks. now a video after crowd killing a woman, has been shown in a court in afghanistan on the second day of the trial. and, 49 men are accused of dragging the woman to her death after she was falsely accused have burning a copy of the koran it's a case that has captured the attention of many, among the 49 men on trial 19
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policemen, accused of failing to stop the murder. 27-year-old was beaten, run over by a car and her body burned on a busy cobble street. hundreds watched, and many reporting it on cellphones. some of that video was used in court to identity the defendants. when charges were read out many admitted to being there and said they didn't participate. this trial isn't just about the murder of her it's a test of the justice system, because the family's lawyer plans to prosecute those who failed to help. rule 354 makes it illegal to fail to help police of a mob violence. it has never been enforced. and he hopes to get convictions, and it will be enforced in the future. if they kicked her once or threw a stone they should be prosecuted for murder, and if
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you are standing by, and filming, and not doing anything, then you have a legal only giggs to step in and protect her. senior police officers testified about the breakdown in communication and their failure to send more policemen. junior officers were being held in custody said they called for help and none came. our expectation is that everybody, regardless of their position, should be equal before the law and, we see people are punished and people with high level support, they are just free to speak whatever they want to say. i think it is political and like an exhibition, they don't do the judicial, real court process. the men on trial agree with them as the court adjourned to the day. some of the men said they tried to do the jobs, but they didn't have the support of the commanders. the case continues.
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jennifer glass. let's go to nepal where large parts have yet to receive any outside help, eight days after the the earthquake. 14,200 were injushed. and, 7,000 were killed. and, rescued from the rubble and, the only international airport has been forced to stop accepting large jets because of a backlog of flights, leading to fears that badly needed supplies will not be able to get in. now, live, in katmandu, a lot of developments, and many of them worrying. but this mer of hope, which must be one of the last cases of the clined that we'll see and these people being pulled out alive eight days after the quake. it's incredible. oh, it is incredible. we're heard over the past few
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days some, what is considered to be near miraculous rescu stories, there's been six, this week and that's been a much-needed glimmer of hope, in this landscape, that's as des decimated the buildings. when you go to the sites where there is rubble, what you see resignation and we're going to keep seeing bodies pulled out of the rubble and that's sad. and yesterday we traveled with the world health organization. and, very close to the epicenter of the earthquake and some of the hardest hit areas there and we went there with the who so they could assist to see if they need to set up a field operation and, they have decided to do so, so they could facilitate the aid. here's our report. the village is tiny.
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the devastation massive. i still haven't been able to comprehend what happened. and how we'll recover from this disaster. in eastern district, approximately 50 kilometers from the epicenter of the earth quake,. the 90-year-old leads me around his small enclave while neighbors pick up pieces of their collapsed homes. he's telling me that there are 200 people, 9 number families and 90% of the homes were destroyed in the quake. he built his home, 58 years ago. and it is gone now. medical aid is starting to reach his community and residents are no closer to feeling relieved. we don't know, how we're going to live through monsoon season in this condition. a of far more concerned is
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what might happen in the district, and the rest of nepal before the rainy season against. because of the extent of the destruction, we believe that most of the work, is destroyed and it created diseases. the workers took our team along as they distributed boxes full of medication, water purification tablets and more. over 13,000 people are unaccounted for and these are needed more than ever. one quick glance, around the hospital proves how dire the situation is. with lines out the door, yuck and old await treatment. their faces show how much pain their in. more aid teams have arrived and, more medicine is being dispensed and still not nearly enough. underscoring how perilous the situation remains, on our
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way, a aftershock struck and, it was brief but powerful, causing a lot more fear for a population rattled and traumatized. he was injured in that tremor and, it got even worse. scared, weak and in spain she was forced to seek treatment on her own. my husband and son are both alcoholics she says, my daughters are married and living elsewhere, i had to walk for half-an-hour to get to the hospital. the treatment gives her some comfort, but not enough. she has no idea how she'll be able to get home. back at a village some residents feel fortunate they're all too aware that other areas were much harder hit and they love more aid and assistance but say they know better than to wait for it. we can't just sit around, and expects the government's
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help we all survived the earthquake, there is no casualty in this village. we'll survive and manage somehow, we'll get through this. live for us. and, you mentioned in that report, the aftershock, as you were on your way, to the district, what was the impact? on the residents around you? i can item you, as far as the team, it was terrifying. and we were stopped at the side of the road, at that particular moment and this aftershock was about a 5.0 magnitude and everything was shaking and it was very brief and it was only a few seconds and we were convinced that the buildings around us were going to topple and it was scary and now the residents there were there, in that village they came out to us and asked if we were okay and, they were talking about how
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we were feeling and, the aftershocks, if you are or five times daily and, they are concerned, that their houses, the ones that remain will exrum bell. and they were showing us cracks, and they said they have nowhere else to go and this community is devastated and there's a lot of fear, and trauma and despair and, it only seems to be growing. and even though aid is being delivered not enough is being delivered and they know it and they want to see more help in the days to come. muhammad, thank you. hundreds of girls and women, in in nigeria are being fed, and, cared for 275 women and children are among 700 freed just in the past week. they're now in a camp, two newborns are among the group
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and, still not known if any of the school girls that were kidnapped are among them. the red cross is reporting that at least six people have been killed, during the latest with the clashes with police. this marked world press day by demonstrating for their reporting freedom. on wednesday police shutdown a radio station and raided a press union. and, the archmy was acting a as a buffer. well, it was billed as boxing's fight of the century but, for floyd may weather, it was business at usual and three judges mayweather the decision, and, pack key o slipped to a 6-car rear defeat. pound for pound mayweather, and, pack key o are considered the greatest fighters, of the
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generation, but at the end, it was may weather who came out on top, he weathered a early assault, with each passing round, the big fighter dominated the ring, and, he was defensive and, now cemented his place as one of the greats. for all those that wrote bad stories about me and, i'm going to wake up lirl, and see your stories tomorrow. this was one of the typed fights and, he admitted he didn't have what it took. i did my best. but my best wasn't good enough. hundreds of thousands of fans went to vegas and many just for the atmosphere and owes paid astronomical prices for tickets. it was build as the fight of the century and for those that came here, the ultimate question is was it worth the wait?
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it was worth the wait, because everybody finally got to the see mayweather at his best, and see him do what he does best and box. i wouldn't have paid the dollar for it. mayweather did what he was supposed to do. it was worth the wait. and i wanted to see it and it was a hell after fight. i loved it. my man lost, but i loved it. this was the most profitable boxing match each fighter taking home millions of dollars and it might have been a billion dollar weekend for vegas. in poland, a man has died after being hit by a rubber bullet. and, supporters of one team, stormed a pitch and, he was killed during cla r clashes with the local people.
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and the other stories on our website, there it is. the address, al our top story there syria accused of using chlorine gas to attack phil torres >> this is "techknow," a show of invo vasions that can save lives, we'll explore the intersection of hart ware and huge -- hardware and humanity. let's check out the team. marita davison is specialising in ecology. tonight, what are the scientists at monsanta up to. we go into their lab.


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