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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> sharks like affection. >> "techknow". where technology meets humanity. tomorrow, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. hello there, you're watching al jazera, and also coming up on the program a record number of might go grants are rescued on their way to italy. women and children are treated for breathing problems. and, my best wasn't good enough. floyd mayweather, is in the richest fight in boxing history.
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arab special forces have entered, yemen, they are in the southern port city, and, they are in the forces, and, that is being denied by saudi arabia, this as fighters royal to the president, say they have regained control and in the city popular resistance forces say they have taken control of the positions. and the humanitarian situation continues to worsen, all running low. the bringing brigadier general says no foreign troops have entered yemen and but that option is not off the table. and i assure you and from
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the sea we would have confirmed it as was the practice during the operation. all options are open. the coalition will not spare any effort. and achieve positive july comes on the ground. no troop landings were made into yemen. the correspondence spon dent is on the ground and he sent us this report. we are now close to the airport and fighting is raimging between the popular resistance and the militia. we can see plumes of smoke which seems to be a strike, by the coalition forces. and there are popular resistance fighters, and every now, and then, as they are stationed inside.
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it is a decisive battle, and will have significant outcome. plumes of smoke, as a result of the militia and forces, near to the president near the airport. it is a crucial battle, and the victorious side will matter. now, in saudi arabia doe arabia,. we heard him say and i guess, something pretty unekind of cal no foreign troops have entered yemen and his longer speech than what we heard on the program, do you see any leeway in what he said, anyway that he left some options open?
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yes. barbara, i watched the entire conversation that he had an all all and i heard him say, words like, i can confirm that today, we haven't sent any troops on the ground to yemen and used this word, today, in every part. so it looks like, there is something that might have happened yesterday or overnight, and he wanted to be ambiguous about it, and he said that, we don't reveal information about an ongoing operation. so these words are clues are something, probably going on, undercover there. it might be a very limited operation and also, very limited, both in numbers and time because, for the coalition to announce, a operation, it is a huge undertaking and they have to go, and, they have to send enough troops and equipment and, it would be visible to the outside world
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and, they have always been, during the last several weeks what they do, the airstrikes, and, targets and so on. so for him to be so ambiguous what he said today even though he seemed to be saying, that they haven't sent any troops, there is something probably, happening to help the promilitia because they seem to be making very slow progress. they talk about gains on the ground and, it is still partially under the control of the former president and it's been a long time, since there have been this, hit-and-run situation, and, for them, and they need to show the world that they have gained some ground. they have achieved some of the objblgtives that they wanted to by the airstrikes, they wanted to out of them and send them away from the cities,
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and force them to come to the negotiation table to stop them, and none of that has happened and, they need now, to do something, to change the tactics, to implement new techniques and, on the ground, to achieve some of those things. thank you so much for that analysis. now, we're joined, by a consultant, the royal united institute for defense and studies. thank you so much. for joining us. you heard that too there's a lot of that we don't know, what would be the significance of ground troops, in yemen now. the significance would be, that the saudis and the coalition are likely to experience what the american led coalition experienced indeed iraq, and in afghanistan. it is very difficult to go into a country and, change the order
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there, and then come out safely, and it takes a long time, ten years, or more. so this could be the quagmire for the arab troops, that iraq, and palestine were for western troops. we have heard the brigadier general say, pretty much, deny that foreign troops entered today or yesterday and they're still some leeway in the details and, why do you think they would deny. well, that's the curious thing. i think that, they're not rile being very clear in their communications. if the troops are there, the best thing for them to do, is say we're not going to comment on any special operations. clearly -- that's an admission. indeed but, on the other end, there are troops there if they are not the coalition
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troops who are they. they are not iranians, and be not hootie troops and, so if we have those reports which we have, there are troops there. so it seems rather strange to be denying the obvious. they have not denied, that they may choose to have a ground invasion, and what do you make of the timing now assuming this is what we're seeing. but, the timing now, what is going on, on the ground? well what appears to be going on the ground is, a little confusing and no clear advantage, on either side and no clear advantage, for the supporters and, that's the aim of the coalition to, reestablish his regime and when there is no clear advantage then they have to do something, all the time, they're expending a huge amount of time and effort with the air power and, all the time,
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whatever good will, is now being eroded because the rising toll of civilians and, of course, all the time, the extremists, al-qaeda, and the islamic state affiliates are now beginning to gain ground and all that time they're using valuable capital. they are failing to achieve what they wanted to achieve. they have to do something on the ground. thank you. a number of people rescued from the mediterranean, is the highest ever, that's adored to go the international organization for migration. and, more than 4,000 people have been rescued from the sea and some people have been known to have died and we'll get the
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latest from libya where many people start their journey and first, a remarkable rescue. it's pitch black imagine what it feels like cramp need a wooden boat with no gyp floating on on the mediterranean sea, the arrival of the police, is a huge relief. this boat has women and children on board. get down. the rescuers try to remain calm they could all fall into the water. they've been thrown life-jackets. they cross with nothing but hope and this is one of 17 rescue operations carried on out saturday and, this is another one, 397 people, including young children cramped onto another boat, at the mercy of the sea and one of the aid agencies, said that the majority have been from africa, mainly arriving from libya.
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and their medical condition is not great and waiting to be smuggled across the water. almost 2,000 will be growth here to sicily. and, taking advantage of the good weather and, it is set to last. and the numbers reaching the shores are the highest they have ever been and it's not summer yet, and,000 sages and thousands more will be attempting the crossing. well, rescue boat, off the libyan coast and, we so often hear about the help that the european countries need, but, of course, there are rescue boats on the libyan coast as well. tell us about the challenges that they face. well the challenges, are great, because the means are
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not the same as the ones in, the european union and behind me, on the tugboat about 470 people who were rescued overnight and early this morning about 0 miles off the coast of libya. now they were in five separate inflatable boats and each one of them carrying about 100 people and they're here, on the boat because libyan authorities have to check them, and, vet them through, and then they have to find a place to put them. and there is a sense here and it is full, and libyans are doing as much as they can but the boats keep on going out and the means are extremely enormous. and i spoke to many of these young men and women and they were disappointed. i asked them, you know you could
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die, and hundreds of people have died. and all of them said, they don't care, they want to go to europe and, those who are back here now on land, they'll do their best to earn some money and to try and go back again despite the risk, and the fact that the boats are not apt to make such a long trip. but, they are still willing to go there. what kind of coordination is there, between the rescue mission that's we're seeing, and the european ones when it comes to additional funding which italy is asking for. is there any question of it going to the lib deenrescue searches? well, i've been actually, throw time over the past week, and each and every time, they complain that there was no coordination, with the european side for this, these rescue
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operations and there is the problem of libyan's situation and the fact that the european union, to tackle this issue would have to deal with the government, with the court appointed government, which is did not recognize it. they need training, and just to give you you an example and, here, the coast guards, they called, have under their let's say, the field of operation, it's a stretch of coast, 600 kilometers, and they only have three vessels, and one of them is the boat, just behind me. that's how limited their means
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are. they also said, they don't receive any information from the italians and they don't speak to them. they speak to eastern libya and if you want to tackle the problem, and,. now, the latest. thanks. still, lots more to come, including why the televised trial of 49 men over the lynching after afghanistan woman is a test for the country's justice system. and plus, freed any geary an army rescue two groups of trauma tiesed captives. >> i can't get bent down because my family's lookin' at me. >> to rise, to fight and to not give up. >> you're gonna go to school so you don't have to go war. >> hard earned pride. hard earned respect.
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hard earned future. >> we can not afford for one of us to lose a job. we're just a family that's trying to make it. >> a real look at the american dream. "hard earned". premiers tonight 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america.
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the top stories sources have told al jazera that arab special forces have entered yemen, and they are supporting the forces of the exiled president and, it is being denied by saudi arabia, and the popular resistance forces say they have taken control of several positions. the number people rescued from the mediterranean in the past 4 hours is at its highest ever for that periods and that's according to international organization for might go grations. nepal where large parts of the country have yet to receive any outside help. 7,250 people have been known to die and 14,250 people
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injured. and, rescuers, pulled through the rubble, three survivors. and the international airport has been forced to stop accepting large jets because of a backlog of jets and leading to fears that the supplies can't get in. nepal the roads were blocked by landslides. until now. just four houses out of 90, are still standing. this beautiful place, is called national park and the earthquake has changed everything here. look at it, people trying to rebuild their homes and, they have no other option and this village had 90 houses in it and only four are left standing, and they're badly damaged and there
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was a sense of survival here, really and limited aid has gotten through some food, and because you cannot get through to this place by anything other than a 4-wheel drive and that's near as well and, we were one of the first to come through. the road was cracked in many places and three landslides have blocked it off and, we got through after a bulldozer finished off the work, and when you get to the next town, the large capital of the district, a region, that is as far ausyou can't, you can't get any further because of landslides and the general deterioration and look at it, it's the same picture that you have seen so many times now and harder and harder to absorb because of what has happened here.
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more than a week, after the earthquake, people are still in shock, they're almost acting like robots trying to get on with things and really survive through the day, and the number dead was in the region of four, and that's for the district, and then five bodies were caught in the earthquake, further down this hilly mountain side area, so the number of casualties wasn't huge, but damage to life is something that's going to take an immensely long time to put right. that report, is devastating with the impact he of the earthquake and there have been some stories of survival. a 101-year-old man has been pulled alive, from the rubble of his home. and, they have identified him who was resexeud on saturday,
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after a full week. you suffered only minor injuries and he's now recovering, in the hospital, surrounded by his family. he's in stable condition. syrian activists are accusing government forces, carrying out an attack, with chlorine gas. women and children were treated with breathing problems. and, two other alleged chemical attacks. it is banned, internationally. and government forces are reporting to have bombed a kindergarten and, they say that at least twelve people were killed. and meanwhile, the u.n. says the syrian government must stop bombing and shling the camps on the outskirts of damascus. it was bomb on friday. isis fighters have claimed respons ability for twin bombs
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which killed 13 people in the capital, the bombs went off minutes apart and iraqi officials say, they are hiding along refugees, and now from the capital. it's been a bloody few nights this neighborhood was rocked by two bombs late sunday. the latest attack, was committed by the islamic state and the fighters coming into baghdad, disguised as displaced residents. isis has claimed responsibility billion the bombs. those fleeing it have wound up in camps like this. they are afraid of revenge attacks,. this is all nonsense, we fled isis and, we came with the clothes on our backs,. we're all iraqi why do they
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blame us? so many have dismissed and he's as community leader and in charge of the camp. this is a move by politicians to inflame sectarian hatred, it is mainly women and baby and, there's no isis here. baghdad used to be almost split, the demographics changed as many sunnies left. the violence, and in 2006, and 2008, it's still being felt today. since then,. the communities stick to their own neighborhoods and their own neighborhoods but this new blame game has many people worried that there will be a return to the sectarian blood lefting and see more violence.
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local video after crowd killing a woman, has been shown on the second day after trial 49 men are accused of dragging the 27-year-old woman to her death, after she was falsely accused have burning a copy of the koran. and this is a test of the justice system. it's a cases that captured the attention of many in afghanistan, among the 49 men on trial, 19 toe please men accused of stopping the murder. she was beaten, run over by a car and her body burned, all on a march afternoon. and, hundreds watched. some of that video was used in court to identify the defendant and when charges ran out, many admitted to being there, but said they deny participate. this trial isn't just about
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the murder, it's a test of the justice system. because the family's lawyer prosecutes those who failed to help her. it is illegal to fail to help police and never been enforced and the lawyer hopes that successful convictions will mean the law will be enforced. if they kicked her once, and, threw a stone they should be prosecuted for murder and if you are not doing anything, then you have a legal obligation to step in and protect. senior police officers testified about the breakdown in communication and their failure to send more policemen. regardless of the nets, and now, we see, that, the people are punished, and, they are
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just, you know free to speak whatever they want to speak. i think it is political and, they don't do that, the men on trial agree with them, as the court adjourned for the day some of the accused shouted and, they didn't have the support of the commanders, the case continues. gen ifjennifer glass,. hundreds girls and women in nigeria are being fed and given medical care, 275 women and children are among 700 free. and, now there's a makeshift camp and two new more babies and they don't know if any of the school girls were kidnapped are among those rescued. well, it was billed at
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boxing's fight of the century but the floyd mayweather, it was business at usual, in the win over pacquiao, three judges gave mayweather the decision, and he suffered a 6th career defeat for pack key on you. and pound for pound mayweather and pack key o are considered the greatest fighters of their generation and, it was glide mayweather who exam out on top and he weathered a early assault, and with each passing round, the bigger fighter dominated the ridge and, he was skill full live defensive, and now, cemented his place as one of the greats. for all those that wrote bad stories about me, i'm going to write-up early tomorrow and is he your stories tomorrow,. this is one of the most hyped fights and he didn't have what it took to beat his rifle.
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i did my best, but my best wayne good enough. hundreds of fans, went to vegas, and many for the atmosphere and others paid prices for tickets. it was build as the fight of the century and whether it was or not, let it be decided by the history books and, for the fans that came here, was it worth the wait? it was worth the wait, because, everybody finally got see mayweather at his best and to what he does best, and that's box. i wouldn't have paid a dollar for it. mayweather did what he was supposed to do. actually, it was worth the wait because i want to see what was going on. i loved it. my man lost but i loved it. this was the most profitable bout with each fighter taking home millions of dollars and for the entertainment capital it may have been a billion
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dollar weekend. a lot of people stayed up for that fight and, you can get much more on our website. al [ ♪♪ ] >> hello, i'm richard gizbert, and you are at the "listening post". here are some of the media stories that we are tracking. why cover riots in baltimore, when there's a party in d.c. beijing issues a


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