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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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been a billion dollar weekend. a lot of people stayed up for that fight and, you can get much more on our website. al [ ♪♪ ] >> hello, i'm richard gizbert, and you are at the "listening post". here are some of the media stories that we are tracking. why cover riots in baltimore, when there's a party in d.c. beijing issues a new set of
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rules for news online. italy wants to reform a state-owned broadcaster, there's no consensus as to how. two names, three letters adding up to a world of difference. last saturday night american media outlets had a news story in baltimore, maryland. protests over the death of another african american at the hands of police turned violence. coverage on cnn, fox and n n.b.c. was scant. the majority had the networks had cameras trained on aesent 50 miles away -- an event 50 miles away, the white house correspondent's dinner, a black tie event. the local news media in baltimore was on the story. by the time the national media showed up, they were greeted with the resentment they faced in ferguson, missouri, and that
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they were more interested in the deconstruction of property than the disillusionment that fuelled the unrest. no one wants to be late to a story, sometimes it happens. that was not the case, and a vivid example of disconnect between journalism in the mainstream news media and the citizens they are supposed to cover and inform would be difficult to find. our starting point is not corey washington, but the streets of baltimore. >> when i talk to people as a journalist, the main thing i hear is not so much anger at the right. really, it's the way it is perceived by everyone, by police officers, the way they are perceived by judges, the way they are perceived by journalists, they want to make being. >> riots, as martin luther king
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said, are the voice of the unheard. what happened in baltimore maryland on saturday, april 25th was the storey of the unseen. the first few days of protests after freddie gray, 25-year-old died in police custody were peaceful. there was national coverage, the details of his death, six officers suspended made for familiar reading. the story went to another level. you may not have known that. there's other news net marks, the plan was to cover the white house correspondent's day down the road in d.c. for the most part they struck to it. >> so the white house correspondent centers is this nerd prom where you have all the u.s. based journalists come together. and they have this dipper and the president speaks and others
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event. >> it's a weird mex us where you bring yournists who are supposed to be antagonistic and holding political figures accountable. when you bring them together. >> all main stream covers it. it was the day the white house correspondent's dinner was going on and mysterious happening in baltimore, the town next to it. the fact that cmn stayed on the white house correspondent's dinner and the president telling jokes talks volumes. >> welcome to the white house correspondents dipper, the night itself. >> there's time for a time out. some are uncomfortable by it. sometimes i am. it's too cosy, i argue that it's important tore those being covered to have an opportunity to kick
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back. >> the institution asked you to face the scrutiny it is deserves. most consider it a must-need. >> the cosiness on display is a cystsalisation of failures. given that it inlifts the news media. news networks find the power and celebrity on display, even when real news is happening. >> i don't blame cnn for covering the white house and the president's jokes. where the criticism comes in is when they don't switch to the coverage of what is happening in the community, where there's obviously serious tension, violence, racial tension, police brutality.
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my concern is that they are going to cover celebrity culture through the lens, instead of covering what is happening in the streets. the glitz and gammer. the fact of the matter is many things happened at once. he's criticized for what happened. cnn and other networks. days and hours and hours covering baltimore. peering from the residents and others. i don't think that cnn or any cable news organization should be judged by the second by second crisis. they need to be judged on vitality and points of view brought to the story. >> when cnn covered baltimore, they covered in a sensational way, focussing on the violence. >> they are going in, stealing whatever the hell is in there. >> reporter: if you listen to
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the coverage on cnn or n.b.c. or the local coverage, it's clear that the media is not on your side. criticizing protesters, questioning what you are doing, placing broken properties over broken lives, and a between spine, speaks to why the people are lashing out at the news media. >> when we were out protesting last week for six days strait. there were no news cameras, helicopters or riot gear. >> when the national media got back to baltimore, they arrived in big numbers, some had a hostel reception. >> i want you to get out. you weren't here. you are here for the black riots. you are not here for the death of freddie gray. >> reporter: amateur media critics were in no mood to have their story told in terms of effect of violence and construction, without an
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examation of the social context. easier to consume of the spectacle. it's something we can wrap into a 3-minute idion that can be shared across the nation and cloeb. it's easy to do that. is it responsible to do as a media organization? >> no, it's not. at a systematic level it's problem. >> people here want to make sure the story is correctly recorded. they are asking journalists to listen to them. they try to let them say this is my neighbourhood, why looting happiness. we don't condone looting, here is why things are happ. they want a complex few. >> it's dominated by white people though don't have an understanding. but the issues of
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black people, poor black people. they would rather elbows in washington d.c. than do their job, social economic terror to which poor people or black people, disproportionately black people, what they are subjected to baltimore is a complex story behind the demographics and understanding of news rooms. as for the shindig they made the call for reasons, that are largely commercial. they attract ratings in a way that social injustice does not. the big et cetera celebrity, the way they attract them will be of no consolation on the download our viewers on the way the story has been covered in baltimore.
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>> the media is literally using black people to dispersonal other black people. they condemned the people. and often are willing to do so. they are prompted by reporters until the thrust of the interview is about whether or not they condemn violence rooted in whiteness. >> the impact of police violence and brutality is not told by the media. subsequently people think that the police killed someone once a weeping or once every few weeks. we had tas where eight or nine are killed by police, and baltimore paid a heavy price and >> tonight. pop-rock, new wave icon kate pierson. >> woo! woo! woo! woo! >> revealing the secrets behind her biggest hits.
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>> i can express myself in a different way. >> her latest controversial track. >> i was very taken aback. >> and making a long lasting impact on the world. >> i have to just be myself. >> every sunday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". tonight, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> tomorrow. >> do you make anything that ends up in walmart? >> yes. >> child labor. >> how old are you? >> 12 years old? >> sweatshop conditions. >> says "old navy". >> who's making america's clothes? >> if walmart doesn't know, it's because they choose not to know. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> we have to get out of here. >> "faultlines: made in bangladesh". tomorrow, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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other media stories on the radar, beijing issued tighter restreckszs on news portals, and is doing so publicly, marking an approach. the cyber administration of china nounsed that internet company officials can be hauled in if it covers material deemed pornographic or if they fail to maintain online security systems. the new rules come in effect june 1st. this was a time when the chip owes government denied activisty on the web. and beijing wag happy to be known as a leader in the field. under the leadership of xi jinping, it has deteriorated. the news media has been accused of all kind of things. authorities in
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-- indian viewers saw a notice saying: at issue were broadcasts in 2013 and '14 concerning kashmir, a region india and pakistan were in dispute over. authorities claimed the maps in the packages were wrong, they didn't show the correct territorial borders. once the channel was pointed out they were highlighted differently. the ban was called disproportionate saying we approach india like any other country. we have been hampered for too long by constraints placed upon us when trying to tell indian stories to the world. ngtv and another went off the air for showing programs considered to have content that
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was obscene. a group of prominent novelists bowed out from an award ceremony to protest a decision to honour the french magazine "charlie hebdo". six officers have withdrawn from the penn american center gala after receiving the magazine would receive the freedom of expression courage award. they acknowledged a hideous crime was committed. was it a freedom of speech issue. it was complicated by the cultural arrogance of the nation, which did not recognise moral obligation to a large segment of the population. the president of penn said we now that this was a controversial choice. i didn't feel the issue was to generate concerns from these authors. four
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months ago 12 working for "charlie hebdo" were gunned down in paris. deaths prompted outrage and a debate about whether the cartoons were culturally ipp sensitive and crossed the line. structural reforms have not been spared. we saw cuts in grease, spans and the u.k. it's not just about money, it is first and for most about politics. with almost 2,000 journalists, 11 news rooms, and sister channels, no one would argue that it is perfect and doesn't require a reform. a bill modernizing structure and spending put before parliament. the prime minister says he wants a free ride from the interference that have
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controlled the broadcaster for decade. the opposition is beyond skeptical and sees the government mouth piece in the making. now from rome on the broadcaster and a plan to reform it. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: when italians saw these images from 2014/'15 summit in australia. the pictures told the story about the public broadcaster. count the microphones. you expect one to belong. it's not one, it's not two, it's not three, but five. five news teams for one story. the bill 60,000 euros.
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at the time of austerity, this was an issue in a country where one in four households have a cut to funding, a licence fee. >> half of the budget comes from a latency, effectively attacks levied on people. secondly, add revenue, we are in crisis. there's not enough advertising. cost cutting is in board. populist marking used by broadcasters. something that particular about rye is it is unique for a state television network. different channels assigned to a different political faction. ride one for the government.
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two for the socialist and three for socialism. >> the idea was to guarantee balancing broadcasting, giving everyone a space, perhaps the arrangement was appropriate in the 1970s, and '80s. the situation is remarkable and absurd to non-italians. rye would be under the control of parliament. but the bored of directors would be slimmed down and lose most of its powers to a c ex o appointed by the government. key channels would remain, shedding negotiations with certain parties. the reform of the newsroom proposed would reshuffle news output and production, merging the existing newsroom, avoiding duplication and waste.
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>> the perform proposes two news rooms, the aim is to have a single newsroom. this is a shift that wry must not be afraid to overtake. producing objective balance. >> creating a single newsroom is a logical move. by his nature. pluralism should be part of a news reporting agency. as a news broadcaster, it's my freedom from political influence influence. >> i know that for you, for people that don't live in italy. all this must be surreal. everything comes from history. in italy it's clear
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there was no such thing as productivity. points. >> if the plan to reshape fails, the alternative could be a scenario that might leave italian broadcasting in the hands of a few mooinguals and those now are controversial. rye's major competitor, and free to air channels - the prime minister served three terms and has been accused of manipulateing the media. rupert murdoch's sky broadcast mainly on satellite, trying to subsidiary the free to air market. i don't think we'll see pritisation. there'll be rumours involving
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the sell off. but the news definition is public. we can't sell off the heart, the essence of our national public television. >> i'm not a defender of wroi. i would not be upset if two chapels were sold off. i think the crux of the matter is not the size of the broadcaster. let the rupert murdoch and new publishers come and shake it up. let's make it happen. as far as rye goes, i will be happy to see it revert to roots of administration. >> ittalians call rye the media of the nation. no country is like it. according to the prime minister, the reform is the interference.
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some say it's a big risk. under the existing rule, there's a porality of views. changing those rules they ark u they may leave rye to do with as it pleases. >> all state televisions are ultimately linked to some degree to their governments by definition. they are public institutions and as a result government will medal to some extent. i think the real question is what is the selection criteria applied. in my opinion, there should be a bill, a roadmap finding a way in recruited. >> we could, as the prime minister would like, hand over the management of ride to a government appointed c.e.o. who would this c.e.o. be.
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what qualifications would be needed in order to fulfil a role. that's where the issue rises to a qualified professional or keeping it under the influence of the government. >> i can tell you this much. things will be lively. broadcast media is the spoils of the war. they have enormous value. it's instrument of propaganda. in this context italy is undergoing a new beginning. >> the reforms could bring it to a mission of serving the public, focussing on objective reporting. government. it's not going to be, with the government, political party and competition, ready to have their
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say on the future of italy's state broadcaster more voices on the dupe load on the future of wry on the italian air waves. >> this piece of legislation fails to address what are still the key concerns and the key issues of the italian public casting system. namely the fact that in a different way, in a slightly different way the executive power does everything, controls the
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hadi hadi >> the peninsula, in arabic, is aljazeera. our logo represents courage. fiercely independent quality reporting. >> to take as much aid as possible... >> and standing up for the voiceless. when you see this symbol respected around the world it means you too can now count on all the things we stand for. aljazeera america.
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♪ finally back to where we started the issue of race in america and the question what is in a name, plenty because often times a name can provide clues who you are and class and racial group you belong to the difference between david for instance and dante, a couple called brave new films in california put out a film explaining why a name of dante has difficulty dealing with the police or getting a job than david and it's called
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racism is real and closing on a million views on line and we will see you next time at the listening post. ♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello there i'm barbara and this is the news hour live from london coming ing up in the next 60 minutes arab special forces have entered the yemen port city. a record number of migrants are rescued from the mediterranean in 24 hours. women and children treated for breathing problems in syria after another suspected chlorine attack. and the curfew is lifted in baltimore six days after riots


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