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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". >> this is al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. with a look at today's top stories. developing news in a dallas suburb cartoon contest where they were supposed to be drawing the proved muhammed, those men have been shot and killed. praying for peace. >> migrants trying to reach europe, resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of people that had to be rescued oaferred
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theover theweekend. >> i'm not that guy. >> still to recover from the economic down trn and downturn and face being anfacing anuncertain future. >> and we are following that breaking news coming out of texas. earlier this evening two gunmen were shot and killed after they opened fire outside a community center in garland texas. at the time, the community center was featuring an art show featuring the proved muhammed. police have evacuated the surroundings area and called out the bomb squad. live images from garland, heidi zhou-castro is live on the scene and high did high dizzy hi heidi what
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is happening now? >> police are block the road, turning the traffic in the opposite direction heavily armed. this is not directly connected what happened inside the center, car toonl knowledge tooj depictionscartoon depictions of the prophet muhammed. a bomb squad was also dispatched to the scene. now this is a very populated area wee are in a suburb of dallas and there's a shopping center nearby, this has been evacuated out of an abundance of caution. is this is hosted by far right
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new york freedom niive and initiative and a $10,000 prize to a cartoon depiction which it considered was the best depiction of the prophet mahmoud. whenmuhammed. moved them into a nearby auditorium when the shooting happened. there were 40 some attendees. the organizer herself pamela geler, that name sounds sounds familiar oyou. she was trying to place antimuslim ads inside new york subways. she tweeted her reaction to the shooting calling it a war on free speech. again it is important to remember that police authorities
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have not connected the shooting to the event that was depicting cartoons of the proved muhammed. and the organizers themselves have said that this cartoon contest should not be seen as an attack on islam. however tuesday important the note that this contest was specifically picked to take place in the same cultural center that juice few months ago in january hosted a promuslim community event. again it is too early to draw any conclusions del however police are certainly taking this threat very seriously. >> heidi, i want to explain to our audience what they are seeing, car on the middle underneath that lamp post, the dark car, it is car believed to have belonged to the shooters who have been killed pickup heidi, ask you this question, they were prepared for something that may have happened because
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there was a large contingent of police on hand. >> sure, this topic has no doubt been a hugely controversial theme in thetheme. even that event drew hundreds of protesters from around this area that were again the muslim meeting inside. that meeting was called the stand by muhammed event. we cannot draw any conclusion he thisconclusions,and there's nothing to prove this ising connected to the event. these being organizers have long done things, this is their reaction to things that happened at heb heb hebdo.
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>> being heidi zhou-castro thank you very much. the curfew has been lifted the national guard are going home. beings they dropped the rocks dropped the protest and dropped to their knees in prayer. the mayor said, in understatement it has bean really rough week. can charm city regain its charm? john terret has more. >> reporter: good evening from outside baltimore city hall. is it began with a tweet from the mayor knowledge stephanie you ralings blake. one was an interfaith cch are be it was a celebratory tone once again. at the ending of the curfew.
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at the interfaith ralliesy we spoke torallies wespoke to a few one woman named barbara and this is what they had to say. >> more important i hope the conversation continues creating more economic development in the partly of the city that is absolutely necessary. >> i don't condone the violence and the riots but i understand where it's coming from. you shouldn't be punishing the citizens of baltimore with a curfew when they're trying to speak up and point out to the world thaifts not right. >> with the ending of the curfew the national guard and the police have been called out from all over the area. it will take a while to addition engagetodisengage and for the troops
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to go home but for the short term anyway baltimore returns to normal. >> and faith has been playing a key role in healing for the city of baltimore. paul beban going to a special church service called a rising from the ashes ceremony. >> reporter: at churches across baltimore prayers for peace and progress. >> god is using baltimore to lead the way. >> we all have to come to together. >> from a congressman who grew up on these very same streets a plea for understand ugh on these same streets. >> i see me. i see the little boy. in south baltimore. sitting in special ed.
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folks say you never amount to anything. i see me. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: and at the new song church in the heart of sandtown the troubled neighborhood where freddy gray grew up, a sermon about what comes next. >> we need to see some long term solutions. because when the cameras are gone newspapers start reporting, the next event takes place in the next town, we'll still be here in sand town. >> louis wilson knows that soon, the national spotlight won'ting shining on his community. >> there will still be people struggling with addiction poverty, young african american men that feel hopeless, women trapped in poverty with too many kids or no being support for their kids.those problems will kids.
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those problems will still be here. >> where we go from here is really to engage the men who share the similar background do i. being. >> today is the first sunday after a difficult week for the city and your neighborhood. how do you feel, what comes next? >> oh man. >> that's a tougher question. >> for me what comes next is reconciliation. >> forp here we have more reasons to run. opportunities wrels but we are acknowledging there are limited opportunities here but we want to bring those opportunities here. >> those young men in sabdtown emphasizedsandtownthey want to use
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the difficulties to build a brighter future. they are acutely aware of the structural economic and social problems that have plagued that community for so long. but despite all that there is a sense of optimism there. a sense that this city and their community is turning the corner. >> paul beban in baltimore thank you very much. in new york city, a police officer is in critical but stable condition tonight after being shot yesterday. stopping their car near a man standing on the sidewalk. had a brief exchange before the man shot moore in the head, charged with attempted murder of a police officer. rging ethiopiaianethiopiaianings taking to
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the street. mike hannah reports. >> voyages afterviolence after being are peace. be a flash point this what most caught here a jewish nation, one now divided. on the one side israeli police and special forces. on the other a true. of demonstrators led by ethiopiaian jews whobyethiopian jews being who argue they have been marginalized because of the color of their skins. >> the group is small but its impacts on an already chaotic tel aviv traffic is far out of proportion for its size. no permission was granted for this protest being preventing
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the crowd from moving further into the traffic. many of these protesters are born in israel, children of those brought to the country in a controversial israeli government air lift of citizens, proclaimed being jewish heritage decades ago. viewing the video footage of an ethiopian israeli soldier being attacked by a police officer and his colleague in a suburb of tel aviv that ended in violence and to the events of the cause of this day. the crowd which had increased in size appeared to be dispersing peacefully. but then a few hours later began gathering again in rabin square. be no more restraint from the side of police.
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stun be be groondz. being grenades. in coming hours the israeli prime minister will be meeting representatives from the ethiopian community along with the police officer whose assault has become so public. an attempt perhaps to stop jewish unity from being washed away. mike hannah, al jazeera. >> another hectic day for italian coast guard. more than 2100 people have been spared mediterranean today alone. in italy, it is a combination of good weather and bad timing. good weather means more boats are being launched and more and more being smugglers are taking advantage of the good weather to
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launch that are boats. stefanie dekker has the story. >> over 21 evere 2100 migrants pulled out of the sea. they told us there were 17 separate operations, four still ongoing. you can expenditure more still tonight. the difficult situation faced by the italian navy and coast guard. we have been following it, all day. ships going from boat to boat, one dinghy lost air cfnlg up jumping off these boats and coming to the rescuers. we are seeing these pictures, you see the rescuers screaming at people, don't stand up,ful of these people don't swim, they're not given life jackets and you could see quite how dangerous and desperate these people are
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acknowledge can you see from saturday's rescue. >> it's pitch black. imagine what it feels like crammed into a wooden boat with no engine, floating on the mediterranean sea. be this boat has women and children on board. the rescuers try maintain cawnl. ifcalm.if the boat becomes unbalanced, they could be thrown into the water. cross with nothing but hope. this is one of 17 rescue operations carried out on saturday alone. this is another one 397 people including young children crammed onto another jjless engineless boat. rieivelts havearrivals have been income subsaharan africa. italians wim tell you that they
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are doing moss of the rest accuse. when we look at the figures just every the weekend over 5,000 people rescued. the weather's fine, it looks idyllic. ftc extremely concerning. how to manage that? there is pressure for the eu to do more. when they had that meeting in response to 800 migrants dying in one incident. they talk a lot but when it comes to translating on the ground it hasn't done much. amnesty international says it sounds like a face saving operation not a lifesaving operation. when we have heard word of frontex, the european border operation that runs that, almost 1001 million people could be
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waiting to come. people are absolutely intrit desperate. italy does need help. >> as far as the earthquake in nepal, 7200 are dead, many, many more are missing including 109 foreigners, nine of which are americans. a team of u.s. marines arriving in nepal to help with those efforts, more u.s. troops are said to arrive in the coming days and with them badly needed supplies and help for those trapped in remote areas. those supplies are scarce. earlier we talked to arma informationda dafflos co-finder of the nepal school project she says they're facing a lot of barriers. >> be there are issues, getting
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aid into nepal some of the footage, there are thing arriving but getting it from the airport ising tremendously complex. organizations that are organized to do this type of work some of the complexities around the government holding up aid and a lot of that has to do with athe need for really emergency tie-in policies the ability to clear these goods through customs in an emergency capacity so that we can get it out of the airports. it is a humanitarian crisis as you have seen. i they we are on the edge of some major potential spread of disease. the animal welfare population, animal welfare issues are very complex and pressing, as well as the childs welfare child welfare issues. other things that are pressing in nepal, it is very complicated. >> retired newer surgeon drb ben
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carson announcing he will be running for president on the republican ticket. he joins a wide nifng widening field carl i yedzsarecrarbledy carly fiorino. drawings depicting the prophet muhammed. also world press freedom day. >> day after day cxg how important our profession is. >> those who put their life on the line day after day in search of the truth. increases in the be minimum wage and the affordable care act?
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we will discuss it in depth coming up at the bottom of the hour. hour.
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>> today is world press freedom day. that is a day designed to honor those putting their lives on the line each and every day just to report the truth. reporters without bordering say that 44 journalists dying this
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year just doing their jobs. more than 150 right now are behind bars. kim vanel reports. >> be straight at me. sorry we're under attack. >> reporter: at times targeted. other times caught in the cross fire. now, more than ever, journalism is a dangerous profession. this prison is of huge strategic importance. 2014 saw a surge in the number of armed conflicts across the globe. and as journalists set out to tell the stories they often put themselves on the line. >> with our colleagues who are from all over the world wherever they are, in the media sthutions, theinstitutions the ones who are in prison, the ones who are
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injured, the families that have lost loved ones. >> your sssyria is the most dangerous. 18 journalists killed in the same period. libya ukraine egypt and somalia are also one of the moss dangerous places to be a journalist. be journalistic freedom in egypt, three al jazeera journalists experience they'd firsthand. >> we're seeing a lot of draconian legislation limiting the scope of journalist work in the name uf national security at of national security on the one land, black i.s.i.s. are taking the heads off of journalists. what we are seeing is the kind of neutral space that jurntlen have traditionally been able to
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operate in seem to be evaporating. >> remember those journalists who risk their freedom and their lives. kim vanel, al jazeera. >> earlier this year our colleague being australian journalist peter greste was deported then baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy still haven't been able to leave that country. be peter greste has been instrumental in getting them released. >> world press freedom day is a unique opportunities to stand in solidarity not only with our colleagues within the al jazeera media network but with other passionate and brave journalists here in the u.s. and across the globe. today is the day that we call attention to the monumental
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importance of a vibrant and free press. right now i speak for our entire al jazeera america team when i say that we are honored to be part of an organization. we remain committed to shining a light where there is darkness, giving a voice to the voiceless empowering people's thought and action throughout the world. we honor courageous journalists we remember colleagues who have lost their lives in the pursuit offing the news. on behalf of all at al jazeera america, let journalism thrive. thank you. >> we continue to follow breaking news in garland temp. contest drawing depictions of the prophet muhammed. we will be right back.
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also national small business week, coming up in our week ahead segment struggle of many businesses in technical being economic downturn and the conditions that still exist. exist. hungry and risking it all... >> these people wanna get as far away as they can >> the migrant crisis sweeping europe, are governments turning their backs on those that need help the most? >> compass with sheila macvicar only on al jazeera america
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>> tomorrow. >> do you make anything that ends up in walmart? >> yes. >> child labor. >> how old are you? >> 12 years old? >> sweatshop conditions. >> says "old navy". >> who's making america's clothes? >> if walmart doesn't know, it's because they choose not to know. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested.
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>> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> we have to get out of here. >> "faultlines: made in bangladesh". tomorrow, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> and we continue to follow that breaking news at this hour. two gunmen are dead and a community center outside garland texas. the center was holding a controversial draw muhammed contest. heidi zhou-castro is life there. good news concerning the security guard. >> reporter: that's right del, we heard from the garland independent school district which onus this building but i must say was not hosting this event, just rented the venue. the security officer has been released from the hospital. he was wounded on his ankle. now what we know with the shooting is that a few hours
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ago, two men pulled into the parking lot of the community center. within it there was a trorvel cartooncontroversial cartoon contest asking forking cartoon tee picks of the prove the he muhammed. opened fire on the garland police officer hitting him on the ankle. then other officers returned fire and killed those two men. it was also believed the vehicle they came in had a bomb in it and that's why a bomb squad was also deployed to the scene. we're expecting an update from a police officer from the garland police department just moments from now. the situation was calmer than it was a few moments ago. i'm no longer hearing a helicopter in the air. police have established a y perimeter around this event. it is a pretty big perimeter del, there is a shopping complex
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nearby, there is also a high school, all of that has been put on lock downed. what happened inside community center cartoon contest hosted 50host bythe ultraright group group being they claimed to have received about 350 cartoons from around the country and today was the event where those cartoons were being displayed and being voted on to be judged the winner. inside according to tweets from participants, there were about 40 participants at the time of the shooting. they were evacuated but among those participants was of course the program's organizer a woman by the name of pamela geller, she is the same woman in new york city that petitioned to place antimuslim ads inside the
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new york subway system. police have not linked the shooting, again resulting in the deaths of these two suspects to the art contest showing the controversial being cartoons of muhammed. >> heidi zhou-castro reporting live from garland texas. thank you very much. it's sunday night time for the look at the week ahead. the small business administration along with co-sponsors is going to host training webinars on a nim of number of different topics. small businesses would be the most vulnerable to cost increases in health care coverage if the supreme court rules against affordable care act, also known as obamacare. mary snow has more. >> search years after the recession, small business -- seven years after the recession
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small business owner jody bolen struggles to make ends meet. she can't afford to hire anyone. she's not alone. 60% of small business owners say their businesses haven't recovered from the downturn. just 21% say they have. economists say one reason the recovery isn't faster for small businesses is because banks remain reluctant to provide loadsloans to them. despite the hard shims a majority expressed optimism about the future. but it's not without head winds starting with wages. as workers demand higher pressure on national chains smaller businesses are also feeling effects and they employ the majorities of the workforce. >> keep the fire burning. >> you seattle is one. it began be phasing in a multiyear plan, restaurant
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owners like john platt face hard choices. >> whatever the world's world's perception of wealthy business owners i'm not that guy. >> small businesses were given more time than individuals to sign on but there's a wild card. if the supreme court rules against the obama administration the urban institute warns that smaller businesses would be vulnerable. one prediction, 3.4 million people on business plans would face substantially higher being being premiums. mary snow, al jazeera. >> small firms accounting for 64% of all the new jobs created between 1993 and 2011 when that poll was taken its poll the pew research center finding that americans have a pretty good opinion of their small businesses more pofer than positive
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than churches universities and tech companies. one of the places to start a small business, shreveport, louisiana, dr. julie ann malveau is joining us from washington d.c. and maria contreras sweet. >> dr. malveau how healthy be small businesses now? >> i think your setup piece said it beautifully, small businesses are having it difficult. small businesses at the periphery often because they are small 75% of them only have one employee so it's really almost self-employment. they are small they don't necessarily have all the
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resources and they are depending on banks to provide them with lending. the recess hit many of them very hard and some of the things that were raised in terms of wages will hit hard as well.the whole health care issue hits very hard. we should remember these are economic drivers so it makes sense for federal government and the states to encourage or to provide education for small businesses. >> ms. contreras-sweet is that really how the admiration feels or is it a good sound bite? >> no, you are absolutely right. we have seen 60 straight months of consecutive job growth. that is a new record. employing half of the privately workforce indeed it's time to celebrate the contributions that small businesses making and at the sba we are pushing forward. starting with tomorrow morning
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the president has plaismed it proclaimed it national small business week. high tech contributing to our community we are going to be celebrating them but more importantly we are going to be reminding people that they go out and shop and support the small, so they can create local jobs in their local communities. >> dr. malveau, there is this. we just came through one of the darkest times in the u.s. history. people lost their jobs and small businesses declared bankruptcy. take a look at these numbers of. between 2007 and 2014 there were close to 9 million being bankruptcies. if those same people, if those economic engines wanted to get back and get started all over again they would be faced with banks that won't lend money to them and credit agencies saying
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their credit is udged ruined so whatruined so whatdo they do? >> i think they drill down and decide whether or not they really are entrepreneurs. remember, that half of the of all small businesses fail in the first five years. in order to be an entrepreneur, you've got to be hungry, take a licking and keep on ticking. i know the sba i won't speak for ms. contreras-sweet but it is hard to get back, especially when you had bad credit or challenges. you see serial entrepreneurs. this business closes and they go open another one because that's what they want to do, because they are hungry for it. it's a rough time to say you're hungry but some people don't want to work for anybody. they are providing opportunities for you air nation.
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>> mrs. contreras sweet is it not true that they cannot apply for ajob in the federal government so when it comes to talking to you having direct access to leaders like you who work in washington, they don't have a seat at the table? in they do have a seat at the table . the point is that now the president has selected, elected to put the small business administration at his cabinet so we can be at his table and have a conversation. what we are saying is, if you don't have a job you can start your own. in america you can create your own. the sba has now a record lending history this year. we have been able to break all of our records and so we are really pleased that indeed from millenials to our encore entrepreneurs who have worked for other businesses for years and now want to fulfill their mission have an option to come to sba to learn how to start
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grow or create their business, or international commerce and third they can get our government debenture a guarantee to help the banker get to yes more easily. in our export products we guarantee 90% of the loan and on average we guarantee 75%. these are now possibilities that people had thought thought about before so we are trying oget the word out during this week to come to to learn about the being opportunities we are providing every day. >> dr. malveau, that is the sba. what about the banks if they want to go to the mom and pop being businesses will they be able to borrow? >> i think the federal guarantees are great. i think they are really important. real honestly if we want to look backwards, i think banks that got federal assistance should have been required to lend some of the money that they borrowed
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from the federal governments because what we did is give banks subsidy -- >> you are saying that the banks, jahn morgan chase and others are not required to give people money when they suffered in the last government downturn? >> they aren't. they are waiting to see what's going to happen and it's really not fair nor taxpayers for taxpayers to have built them out but the rationale was that this would trickle down from individuals to small businesses. so we look add it. it simply hasn't happened. del one of the reasons this is so important is because we have to look at what's happening in the rest of the economy. the fortunate 500 -- the fomp 500 are employing fewer people pez we saw their profits rise by 167% but the number of people they employed went up only by 21%. this speaks to the fact that we
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have got to look at small business because fortune 500 and other larger businesses are simply not doing their share. >> i wants to want you to take a look at this report, they say 46% say they plan to hire new staff in the flemple 12 months, that's compared to 52% one year ago. business owners say their number one problems a lack of qul qualified candidates, 59% saying acknowledge 45% saying that workers just wanted too much money and nearly a third saying, the potential workers don't want to work for small businesses. i'll let you ms. contreras-sweet respond to that. >> what we're seeing when we talk to the small business they say first where can we find an sba loan. this is the first for the sba to engage in an actual mou as just
11:44 pm
pointed out to get more banks to the table. so we've expanded and mgz grew the number of banks this are now lend manying. we have zeroed out fees on loans under $150,000. and third what they say is there are very complicated forms. so we put in new technology to facilitate to streamline our lending program. as a result of this, sba has hit record numbers. we've seen straight up numbers for african american lend cg many hispanic cum asian american, and for women. setting that aside for a minute we see record numbers we were able to reach for first time in seven years our contracting goals with the federal government. billions abdullah al-shami of dollars with the public sector and we are now engaging the private sector, the corporations. we say to small businesses: if you do business with the federal government we're going to pay you in 15 days. and corporations asked how can we help? and so for those corporations
11:45 pm
that are also paying their small businesses in 15 days, 34 supplier pay program we are helping them out accelerating their payment cycle. all this is resulting in record job growth. helping so many people who are stagnated in wages in some corporations be able to leave and to start their own business. all of the things that the president has been doing including of late promoting for the -- pushing for transpisk partnership andtranspacificpartnership, all will inure to the small business community an opportunity to engage in the global marketplace.we're going to see almost two billion consumers come online in the next ten years. middle class consumers. we want our small businesses to take advantage of that. as soon as they light up their website they are geangd in international commerce. at the sba we can help them
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navigate through that. >> and dr. malveau. that was an awful lot of positives coming out of washington. i want to know how much of that is true and how much doesn't add up for the people on the street who are trying to get jobs or start their own businesses. >> i think much of it is true. the small business administration is doing what it can, making it easy for minority businesses to participate certainly a challenge especially for black owned businesses. at the same time, many folks in the trades union movement and many economists such as myself, raise questions about the transpacific partnership and the job lost we might see. i'm not sure maria i know we'll have new consumers coming from places like china and middle class consumers who will spend i don't think we spent sufficient time really looking at the impact of these
11:47 pm
partnerships. let's not forget the record we have from nafta. what about the congress want totion cutingto cut $14 billion in domestic spending. making possible people being subsidized for retraining because of some of the unemployment caused by nafta. while i think there is plenty of good news i think there is room for an awful lot of caution. i know maria you talk to small business folks every day and when you talk to them i think many of them will share what their concerns are. you know del the other thing i want to note is that while many small business owners talk about people being insufficiently trained, we know that there are possibilities with the community colleges that the college --
11:48 pm
>> exactly. >> -- has emphasized. this raises questions for me. i think that with the be affordable careaffordablecare act with small business remember we're talking about businesses that have fewer than 500 people. for some mom and pop businesses, that is pretty huge. white the affordable care act makes it possible for people to get health care, what about things like pens. >> that's where we're going unfortunately that is where we are going to have to leave it, dr. julie ann malveau our labor economist and be dr. contreras sweet, i thank you both for joining us. tuesday, cinco de mayo, a holiday celebrated by many of us
11:49 pm
in the u.s., it celebrating the fight with french forces over the battle of puebla. we'll be right back.
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>> we continue to follow that breaking news coming out of garland texas earlier this evening. two gungmen were shot dead after they were showed up at a conference at a civic center there. heidi zhou-castro lest listen in before he goes. >> saw what happened, engaged the two men and shot and killed them there at the scene. the security officer was taken to a nearby hospital where he
11:52 pm
was treated. our concern became the vehicle they had comment in akd possibly any bombs in that vehicle. that's what's going on rights now is our bomb units is working to secure that vehicle. they're doing that with a robot and other equipment that they have available to them. that has not been cleared yet. they were also able to evacuate the people in the event center and 200 people, we did that with garland independent school buses. they are now out. this is going to be a long tedious process. first of all trying to figure out whether there is a bomb in that car. next there's a crime scene that
11:53 pm
has to be worked. that's where we are at this time time. security guards were not armed. garland police were.about. >> is there any idea this attack may have been religiously motivated? >> do not know, the investigation will prove that out to us, we don't know who these two men are as of yet. >> can you give me a description? >> two males. >> as soon as we get everything clear we will let them, what we have got is roadways stopped and blocked so people can't go in. if there was a bomb in that vehicle, to keep those people safe. >> (inaudible). >> no he is a gisd, garland independent security officer who was unarmed. >> what kind of weapons were the shooters using? >> do not know.
11:54 pm
>> both of them armed? >> yes. >> can you describe, how did they come out shooting? >> being i don't know. that's what we'll find out from the security officer. what we do know officers engaged them and shot and killed them both. >> did they have any other type of devices on their person? >> do not know that. the bodies are still there but they're close to the car. our concern now is if there is an insendary device in that incendiary device. >> do you know how many shots got off? >> i do not know, i did hear fire but do not know how many shots were fired. >> were you at the event? >> yes i was at the event. >> you guys had heard some chatter or anything like that from the intelligence units?
11:55 pm
>> security was set up heavier nor event simply because what they represented and what has happened in the past. we worked with garland independent school district. when they found out this event was going to go on, they asked us how much security they needed. garland police officers working off duty hired by garland independent school district, because of this event and the possibility, there was media here, that's why i was at the event. >> did the suspect say or do anything prior to the shooting? >> do not know that until we talk to the security guard. >> can you describe the event. >> it was a -- chris help me. it was a muhammed art event.
11:56 pm
glks when you say being security because of these types of events what do you mean? >> because around the world when they put an event like this on. >> can you give us age and description? >> do not have one. >> twitter account claiming responsibility do you know of that? >> i have been hearing about it but do not know. we will be looking at that. >> do you know if the fbi is here? >> they will be assisting us along with atf. >> can you tell us how wide the perimeter is and the reasoning are for that? >> because if a bomb goes off no one will get hurt. >> has anyone been evacuated? >> yes they have been gone for about two hours now.there was a sports store that was evacuated there was a walmart store evacuated, sam's i believe was
11:57 pm
already closed. the business across the road were still open. >> what was the purpose (inaudible). >> because of what we have witnessed in the past around the world, it would be customary somebody to come up and start shooting to possibly have incendiary items in that their car. >> you have been watching joe harm the garland county police spokesman. outside a community center there, at the time the center was hosting an art show, cartoons depicting the prophet muhammed. security guard was wounded we were told he was taken to the
11:58 pm
hospital, but since treated and released. the gun be men's bodies are still at the scene as well as robots checking for explosive devices. we will update as events warrant.
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>> two suspected gurchmen are shot dead in texas outside an exhibition of cartoons of islam's prophet. hello up i'm nick clark you're watching al jazeera live from doha. hundreds of migrants are rescued rescued,ing from the mediterranean. protests of police violence and race im, thing


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