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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> two suspected gurchmen are shot dead in texas outside an exhibition of cartoons of islam's prophet. hello up i'm nick clark you're watching al jazeera live from doha. hundreds of migrants are rescued rescued,ing from the mediterranean. protests of police violence and race im, thing premier
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league race is over, victory for chelsea. first, two gunmen have been killed after the open fire, outside an event of car toonling the prophet muhammed. >> we prepared for something like this simply because there were additional officers that were hired for this event by the school district. we had talks with them, in preparing for this event. in case something like this hatched. >> well, we can go live now to our reporter heidi zhou-castro. near the scene of the shooting. heidi, what is the latest you have for us? >> this shooting happened in mere seconds. there was no description given of these two suspects.
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we know their bodies are still bethe car which they used to come to the parking lot where they opened fire, hitting one security officer in the ankle. that officer has since been discharged from the hospital. but again there's nothing on motive nothing on description of the suspects. the police have evacuated a perimeter around the complex,ing a neighborhood and sthopg shoapg complex. shopping complex. the group that was hosting this event is a far right new york city based group. they at the time said that this was not mint to be an insult to muslims or an attack ton faith but rather an expression of free speech in light of events, the charlie hebdo attack in france. it is too early to draw any
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conclusion, they are not linking the shooting that happened in the parking lot to the event that happened inside. however they said security was already on hand before the shooting happened. they did not receive any credible threats prior to it but knowing the potential of such an inflammatory event they had extra security guards on scene. american freedom initiative. the controversial event was offering $10,00010,000 u.s., they claimed to have received about 350 entries and today was to be the judging day nick. >> heidi, what about the gunmen's vehicle it was said to have perhaps contained some sort of incendiary device. >> that is right nick, they do believe there may be an
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incendiary device inside the vehicle. they didn't say what led them to that possibility poop bomb squad is on the scene and that is very reason for tall evacuations behind me. they have evacuated a wide swath of this neighborhood in anticipation if there were to be a bomb explosion. >> thank you very much indeed. heidi zhou-castro at garland texas. coast guard has arrived at the italian port, more than 5,000 have been evacuated over the last 48 hours as they try reach europe. stefanie dekker has more. >> just over 900 migrants have arrived at the italian port of sicily. a young mother when her child we're being told she gave birth very soon after setting off across the mediterranean sea.
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what we're being told here by medical workers on the ground is the priority is to screen them for any transmittible diseases, which is why they have been kept on the boat for quite some time. because of the huge number, founder will be taken to one place, the other founder will be checked medically and then moved on. but we spoke to one of the aid workers and she said really it's not that they need more help in the water international waters whatever it is with more ships. what they need is for a real solution on the odor site in lib -- other side because that's where these people are coming from. >> the rallies turned violence and israeli police say at least 46 officers were injured. tensions rose when footage of a jewish ethiopian soldier emerged
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last week. mike lana has this report. >> violence after hours of peaceful operation. rahrabin square, named after a jewish leader. demonstrators, led by yoachn ethiopian jews. the protests be began at an area not far from here. traffic is far out of proportion to its size. no permission was granted for this gathering. police at this point standing by
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attempts being to prevent the crowds from moving further into the traffic. many of these protesters are born in israel. children of those brought to the country in a controversial air lift of ethiopians lay formal claim to jewish heritage three decades ago. most here had viewed this video loodges with hundreds of thousands of others in recent days. its toot foot an ever an ethiopian jewish soldier being attacked in a suburb of tel aviv. that ended in violence and the events of the course of this day. the crowd which had increased in size appeared to be dispersing peacefully. but then a few hours later it good afternoon gathering again this rabin square. no more restraint from the side of police.
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stun grenades and officers on horseback attempting to disperse the crowd. too late to stop the events on this night but in coming hours the israeli prime minister will be meeting representatives of the ethiopian community along with the soldier whose assault by police has become so public. an attempt perhaps to stop jewish unity from being washed away.mike hannah, al jazeeraaway. mike hannah, al jazeera israel. >> fewer of the youth receive high school conversations. there have been several protests over eadgedover alleged marginalization.
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2013 israel admit to administering birth control to ethiopian women without their consent. at those protests. >> this is a violent protest the like of which people in tel aviv have not seen before. and it's something dealing with an issue that israelis are somewhat familiar with but the wider israeli society is not ointimately aware of, the racism that ethiopian israelis say they suffer from and have spoken about. the issue is not just police brutality, it's kind of a whole wide range of social issues and owhole larger failure to integrate the ethiopian community since they began to emigrate in the early '80s.
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in a lot of different situations an economic one of, and since they are a quite small percentage of the population, don't have a lot of political power, they have been largely put on the sideline. >> saudi arabia has denied sending any forces into yemen to fight houthi rebels. earlier, they had seen arab special forces there. mohamed val has been following had storied from the saudi capital of riyadh. >> sources in aden say these men are not what they appear to be. although their clothing is similar to the attire worn in this area. they are said to be arab coalition troops in aden to help pro-government forces. analysts say they don't usually have access to weapons seen in this video.
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>> anti-tank weapon, light infantry troops, typical weapon that is also used by special operation forces. but at the end of the day, you have to define your objective and find the best way to achieve its. going with a grand operation would not be the wisest way to do it because it would be very costly. >> locals agree these are special forces. but the saudi spokesman denies having sent any troops. >> translator: i assure you if troops were brought in to aden from the sea we would have confirmed it from the daily briefing as was the practice of the operation resolve storm. all options are open. the coalition will not spare any effort backing the resistance. and achieve positive outcomes on the ground. i reiterate today no troop
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landings were made into yemen. >> ground troops in yemen would be a major escalation to the wash something saudi arabia does not seem to be committed to at the moment. heavy casualties are inevitable. ambiguous comments when asked about future operations. saudi arabia around its allies have repeatedly suggested there may be a ground invasion butter appeared to be optimistic this would not be necessary. but fighting is still raging in the southern city. forces loyal to president abd rabbu mansour hadi seem to be making gains but aren't in complete control. there doesn't seem to be a unified central command to coordinate the war effort of these pro-hadi militia. mohamed val, al jazeera america.
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>> we hear tales of police high hand heness from earn african americans across the united states. and elections in belarus. >> talking about big subjects >> first hand... >> telling human stories >> giving you a real look at the world today. desperate, hungry and risking it all... >> these people wanna get as far away as they can >> the migrant crisis sweeping europe, are governments turning their backs on those that need help the most? >> compass with sheila macvicar only on al jazeera america
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights, 11:30 eastern. on al jazeera america. >> hello again, welcome back, to al jazeera. two men are dead and a security guard is wounded outside a cultural center in being temp, a bomb squad robot is also
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checking on the suspects' carr. hundreds of migrants have just arrived in the sicilian port of posalo over the past 48 hours as they try reach europe. and thousands of people from the african israeli community protested in tel aviv. tensions rose when the footage of a jewish ethiopian soldier ehe merged last week. the u.s. military have denied that u.s. air strikes killed at least 52 syrianing citizens. seven children died in the coalition air strikes. syrian government forces have been accused of using chlorine gas in idlib province for third time this week. paul treadian has the details.
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>> in northwestern idlib province, there are reports that government has dropped barrel bombs. treated for breathing problems. >> translator: three towns were targeted with barrel bombs 15 people were hurt. civil defense teams rushed to help and set up makeshift hospitals. >> followed chemical attacks this week, leach was syria's most populace city but this once thriving city continues to be are attacked by rebel forces. government has once again dropped barrel bombs. one hit a kindergarten west of the city. a dozen were killed including ten children and one woman. regime forces have been bombard being the yawrm yarmouk camp.
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yarmouk turned into an urban battle ground when fighters belong to the islamic state of iraq and the levant entered it a few weeks ago. most of the fighters have withdrawn, after fierce fighting with other rebel groups. but despite this, the syrian army has not stopped. >> translator: i am a resident of yarmouk. we were sitting in our homes when barrel bombs landed around us. look around you they hit civilians and children. we are paying the price. there are no armed fighters here, where where is the united nations? >> united nations has narnded all parties allow humanitarian aid to arrive. >> our main demand is humanitarian corridor, for those who would like to leave they
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can leave and those who would like to stay and receive humanitarian things they would receive it. >> the plo is sending a delegation to damascus. to relieve the suffering of syria answer palestinians. paul tradergian, al jazeera. >> the mayor of baltimore has lifted the curfew that has been in force in the city since tuesday. david hendren has the story. >> nightly 10:00 p.m. curfew, he is once again selling the baltimore sun in the middle of the riots. charm city as it's known has resumed somewhat like business as usual. >> i couldn't two out to dinner,
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take my wife of 42 years couldn't do it. >> shuttered 200 shops entirely. racially charged riots not only could have happened anywhere, they do. in every city in america it seems like every young black man has a story about an encounter with police. joshua gather. >> i realized at that moment i could lose my life right now. you know? and so i just walked away. went back inside the hooka bar they arrested me. >> julio porter is from chicago. >> taxi driver said i need you to pay me now because black people don't like to pay. they put me on the car i couldn't move. if you get up, we will arrest
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you, just listen. >> jivon gamon said he was arrested for resisting arrest for police brutality over this incident. >> the police said get off the streets and grabbed one of my comecompadres, and commenced to rough him up. because he at any time get out of the street swiftly enough. and i asked him what are you doing? and it was a quick pepper spray right in my face. >> days of chaos but there are thousands of other stories that go unnoticed. in this case police are asking the public not to rush to judgment. >> the case is in the lands of the state's attorney. we will allow and i will allow
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the process to proceed and i have the confidence that the truth will come out for all. >> baltimore has already paid you out $5.7 million from 2011 o2014 poafer over lawsuits that and meant to change. be john hendren al jazeera baltimore. >> in nepal a 101-year-old man has been pulled out alive from the debris. the man is in a stable condition and he was found in the rublg of his home. meanwhile, authorities have had to shut down the only international airport because of damage to the runway. well children are ton of most vulnerable victims in the disaster but nepal's earthquake has left a new generation of
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knowledge survivors. l. >> these 81 girls live, in a district several kilometers outside the capital. their school was destroyed in the quake.
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>> the us is now the world's largest oil and gas producer in part because of what's happening here in north dakota where advances in fracking have unlocked crude oil in the bakken shale formation in the western part of the state. north dakota is now producing more than a million barrels of oil a day. ten years ago there were fewer than 200 oil-producing wells in the bakken. now there are more than 8,000. >> they call it boomtown usa this is where all the money is. it's crazy the amount of money you can make here.


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