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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". ♪ stepping towards an uncertain future nearly 900 migrants arrive in sicily after being rescued by european coast guards. ♪ hello there i'm july in doha and coming up on the program [gunfire] thousands of black israelis protest against police brutality and the president says mistakes have been made in how they have been treated. heavily armed and who are they arab special forces are in yemen, saudi arabia denies it.
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plus plus. i'm reporting from the island in the south china sea and we will tell you why this is at the center of one of the world east biggest security flash points. ♪ just under 900 migrants rescued by european coast guards are at the port and saved from people smuggling boats in the mediterranean see and it's navy as well as tugs and other commercial vessels joined forces in the rescue and more than 5,000 people have now been rescued from the mediterranean see over the past 48 hours and stephanie decker was in the port as the migrants arrived and she sent this report. >> reporter: they approached the port in silence. silhouettes in the dark sky. the boat has just stopped and
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it's quite a powerful moment as the migrants stand silently as the boat has just come to shore, many of them of course with incredibly difficult stories to tell and they have risked a lot to get here and many won't know where they are going from here but certainly this one of the first times they would have fell safe in a very long time. almost 900 people were on board after being rescued on saturday they finally docked in sicily in the early hours of monday morning. >> they never stopped and we talk about emergency because it's not a sudden emergency because it's kind of a chronic condition repeating again and again. >> reporter: it took hours for the migrants to disembark and emergency cases first but one by one medical screening process of so many meant it was slow going. they are exhausted looking faces a hint of what they have been through, we were not allowed to
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talk to any of them. italy minister of interior will decide where they go next and not all want to stay and will continue their journey to other countries and their future remains uncertain but now they have awried to a new day after a voyage where they risked their lives, it's a journey thousands more will attempt, not all will make it here alive, stephanie decker, al jazeera, sicily. the israeli president is admitting mistakes have been made in how the ethiopian community is treated in israel, israeli riot police have fought with black israelis for police brutality and racism and it was in tel aviv after a video emerged of the israeli police beating a black soldier and we reports. >> reporter: violence after hours of peaceful demonstration, and tel aviv named after an assassinated president who sought unity becomes a flash point in what most here call a jewish nation one now divided.
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[gunfire] on the one side israeli police and special forces on the other a group of demonstrators led by ethiopian jews who have long argued they have been marginalized and discriminated against because of the color of their skins. the protest began early in the day at benu a number of kilometers away from the square. it's small and the chaotic traffic is small in proportion to the size and no permission for the gathering and police standing by attempting to prevent the crowd from moving further into the traffic. many of these protesters are born in israel, children of those brought to the country in a conversetroversial ethiopian laying
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claim to heritage three decades ago. most here viewed this video along with hundreds of thousands of others in resent days, the footage of an ethiopian israeli soldier being attacked by a police officer and his colleague in a suburb of tel aviv and led to a demonstration in jerusalem last week that ended in violence and to the events in the course of this day. the crowd which had increased in size appeared to be disbursing peacefully. but then a few hours later it began gathering again in the square, no more restraint from the side of police stun grenades and emphasis on horse back attempting to disburse the crowd. too late to stop the events on this night but in coming hours the israeli prime minister will be meeting representatives of the ethiopian community along
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with a soldier whose assault by police has become so public. an attempt perhaps to stop jewish unity from being washed away. mike hanna with al jazeera, tel aviv. the president of black israeli states goes back decades but it's in the 80s and 90s and now 135,000 living in israel and government statistics say they earn 35% less than the national average and fewer of their youths receive high score qualifications. several protests over alled marginazation and racism and 2013 israel said they gave birth control injections to black women without their consent. syria twin explosions have shaken a north damascus neighborhood controlled by regime forces and residents say the military shut down their streets after the blasts and no one was killed.
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there are reports that suicide bomber set off explosives targeting a military facility and a general. one person killed in a talibon suicide bomb attack in afghanistan and happened early on monday in the capital of kabul and the bomber targeted a bus carrying staff from the attorney general's office and 13 others were injured in the explosion. saudi arabia has denied sending any forces into yemen to fight houthi rebels and earlier on sunday witnesses in the port is city of aiden said they have seen special forces there and this is from the saudi capitol riyadh. riyadh. >> reporter: sources in aiden say these men are not what they appear to be although their clothing is similar to the attire worn in this area they are arab coalition troops in aiden to help pro-government forces in the fighting against
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houthi malitia and they say local fighters don't usually have access to the kind of weapons seen in this exclusive video. >> antitank weapon and light infantry troop and typical weapon that is used by special operation forces but at the end of the day you have to define your objective and then find the best way to achieve it so going with a grand preparation would not be the wisest way to do it because it would be very costly. >> reporter: local sources agree they are special forces in the mission but the saudi-led coalition spokesman denies having sent any tools. >> translator: i assure you if troops were brought into aiden from the sea we would have confirmed it through the daily briefing and all options are open, the coalition will not
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spare any effort backing the resistance and achoov positive outcomes on the ground i reiterate today no troup landings were made into yemen. >> reporter: ground troops in yemen would be major escalation in the war and a move that saudi arabia doesn't seem to be committed to at the moment and that is once a ground operation starts heavy casualties are inevitable as is a protracted conflict. ambiguous comments when asked about future operations and saudi arabia and its allies have repeatedly suggested there may be a ground invasion but appeared optimistic but it wouldn't be necessary. the coalition has said air strikes would be enough to take down houthi military capabilities but fighting is still raging in the southern city. forces loyal to president abd rabbuh mansur hadi seem to be making gains but are not in complete control. there doesn't seem to be a central command to coordinate
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the war ever of the prohad di malitia, mohamed with al jazeera, riyahd saudi arabia. we have a journalist and analyst who lived in yemen and his sources in aiden believe the men are yemen. >> it still may be a little early to say definitively we know who these guys are but the news that i'm getting out of the south and southern resistance in aiden is that these guys are in fact yemen and they were trained abroad for a period and they were equipped by the coalition and mainly by saudi arabia and they have come in with the ability to coordinate more closely with the coalition and with heavier weapon than have been available in opposition to the southern resistance in aiden itself and the hope seems to be they can turn the fight around to the extent that later on troops from the coalition can come into aiden once it's safe
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for them to do so. police in dallas and the u.s. state of texas shot and killed two gunmen who opened fire outside of the prophet of mohamed cartoons and a dutch politician who is an anti-islamic campaigner is one of the speakers at the exhibit and because of the controversial nature of the event there was a heavy presence of police before the shooting. >> we prepared for something like this simply because there were additional officers that were hired for this event by the school district. we had talked with them and preparing for this event in case something like this happened. >> reporter: castro has more from the scene of the shooting. >> reporter: police have evacuated this large perimeter that is behind me which includes a neighborhood a high school as well as a shopping complex. they say more than 200 people were inside this event that was being hosted at this community center and the event itself was a controversial cartoon contest
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asking for submissions depicting the prophet mohamed. now the group that was hosting this event is a far right new york city based group. they at the time said this was not meant to be an insult to muslims or at tack on the faith but rather expression of free speech in light of events of the charlie hebdo attack in france. the police of course say it's too early to draw any conclusion and not linking the shooting that happened in the parking lot to the event that was happening inside however they say security was already on hand before the shooting happened and did not receive any credible threats prior to knowing potential of such an inflammatory event and had officers on the scene. >> reporter: still to come on al jazeera we travel to a remote district in nepal to assess the damage eight days after a massive earthquake demonstrated the area human rights abuses in
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belaroo. stay with us. ♪ damage eight days after a
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>> al jazeera america, weekday mornings. catch up on what happened overnight with a full morning brief. get a first hand look with in-depth reports and investigations. start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes to a world in motion. ♪ welcome back i'm july and welcome to the new stories 877 migrants arrived at the port after being rescued from people smuggling boats in the mediterranean sea and more than 5,000 people have been saved in the past 48 hours. [gunfire] israeli riot police fought with black israelis during a protest against police brutality and racism and the president said on
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monday the outbreak of violent protests exposed an open bleeding wound in the heart of israeli society and the country must respond to grievances and they fled this after a video emerged after they were beating a police officer. arab special forces were reportedly seen on sunday in the port city of aiden regarding the president abd rabbuh mansur hadi. to nepal and rescue workers have reopened word to get aid to himalayan regions and buried in an avalanche set off by the earthquake have now been recovered and nepal more than 7300 people are known to have died more than 14,000 were injured in last week's devastating earthquake. meanwhile 101-year-old man was pulled out alive from the debris
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after eight days the man is in stable condition and found in the rubble of his home. international teams started reaching some of the more remote areas of nepal that have been cutoff and traveled with the world health organization and sent us this exclusive report. >> reporter: the village is tiny the devastation massive. >> translator: i still haven't been able to comprehend what happened he says and how we will recover from this disaster. >> reporter: in eastern gorka district approximately 50 kilometers from the epicenter from the earthquake 74-year-old leads me around his small mountain side enclave as neighbors pick up pieces of their collapsed homes. he is telling me there are about 200 people 90 families in this village and that 90% of the homes here were destroyed in the quake.
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he built his home 58 years ago and it's completely gone now. medical aid is finally starting to reach his community, residents are no closer to feeling relieved. >> translator: we don't know he tells me how we are going to live through monsoon season in this condition. >> reporter: far more concern to the world health organization is what might happen in the district and the rest of nepal even before the rainy season begins. >> because of the extent of the destruction we believe that most of the water sanitation have been destroyed and that increases by the day and concerns for possible outbreak of diseases. >> reporter: who workers took the team along with boxes of medication and water purification tablets and more and say over 13,000 people are still unaccounted for, and these supplies are needed more than ever. one quick glance around the
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district hospital proves how dire the situation is. with lines out the door young and old await treatment, their faces show how much pain they are in. more aid teams have arrived and more medicine is being dispensed but it's still not nearly enough. under scoring hour periless the situation is on the way there an aftershock struck and it was brief and powerful and causing fear for a population already rattled and quite traumatized. she was injured in the tremor after that it got even worse. scared weak and in pain she was forced to seek treatment on her own. >> translator: my husband and son are both alcoholics she says. my daughters are married and living elsewhere. i had to walk for half an hour to get to the hospital. >> reporter: the treatment gives her some comfort but not enough. she has no idea how she will be
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able to get home. back at the village some residents feel fortunate, they are all too aware that other areas were much harder hit and certainly would love more aid and assistance and say they know better than to wait for it. >> translator: we can't just sit around expecting the government's help he says we all survived the earthquake, there is no casualty in this village, we will survive and manage somehow, we will get through this. mohamed, al jazeera, gorka district nepal. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has landed in kenya where he is expected to discuss the fight against al-shabab and 147 students killed in kenya when government from the somali based group stormed their university a month ago and kerry is paving the way for a visit by president barack obama in july. nigerian troops accused of
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killing people to avenge soldiers and 80 people were killed in multiple attacks by soldiers over the weekend in the southern state, some have claimed the killings were in retaliation for the murder and mutilation by soldiers and military officials deny the attacks. nigerian airforce released new video showing what appears to be boko haram fighters fleeing the forest and follows a major operation to push in the northeast and 200 women and children held captive by boko haram were able to escape and nearly 700 people have now been rescued since tuesday. >> translator: they took me so i could marry one of their commanders, when they realized i was pregnant they said i was pregnant by an infadel and say i will marry you to commander and
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soldiers rescued us in the morning. dozens on trial for allegedly killing a 27-year-old woman after accusing her of burning the quaran and it shows the mob beating and kicking the woman before setting her on fire the trial is a test of afghanistan's justice system because the family lawyer plans to prosecute those who failed even to help the woman. now to the tussle over territory in the south of china sea and china building a runway on the disputed island also claimed by vietnam, malaysia and philippines and we reports from one of the islands where philippines are being harassed by chinese fishermen. >> reporter: one of the largest islands in the south china sea and philippine government controls it along with eight other disputed islands, in 1956 a philippine national discovered
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this island he was later thrown in jail by former philippine president marcas and forced to hand over the island in 1974 and 200 people have been living here since the early 70s it's a community that is relatively self sustaining with a health center, a school, a police statute shurnl and even an air strip and have been living here for many years and that is slowly changing. fishermen like him are being harassed by much bigger vessels from china and inching ever closer. >> translator: they use cyanide so there is no more fish in the area and cannot go out far because we are afraid of them. >> reporter: the south china sea is believed to be home to rich oil and gas reserves. it's worth billions of u.s. dollars in annual trade and several countries agree and china's actions seem to be the
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most aggressive and it claimed at least seven reefs in the area and blockades of other vessels are deemed provocative. >> reporter: i do not expect imminent occupation by military force but what they can do is exactly the implementation of what the chinese call their cabbage strategy with more fishing and patrol boats to go around the area and the chinese basically, they are trying to achieve their objective without firing a single shot. this is something they learned from an ancient chinese strategy. >> reporter: they are with the united states and the government filed all land mark case versus china seeking to have claims invalid under the u.n. convention of the law of the sea. >> we must get a favorable
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ruling in the arbitration case and second we must maintain a corrodible self-defense force. >> reporter: this literally means hope here and that is exactly what people like larry is hoping for, a chance for peaceful coexist answer in a region currently lost in the web of claims. i'm with al jazeera, in the south china sea. let's take a closer look at the disputed land in the south china sea, the chain of islands lies just to the west of the philippines and it's also claimed by china vietnam, taiwan, and malaysia, we have a defense and security expert from a technological university in singapore and says countries like the philippines are looking for new allies to counter china aggression. >> countries like philippines do not have capabilities to match
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china military capabilities and looking to the u.s. but the u.s. is reluctant to take a stance to get involve in the dispute directly because as they quickly escalate into something bigger but it's really important to understand that really this is an issue that will not go away and no solutions, it's only about management of these conflicts but another thing what to keep in mind is a lot of the other countries in the region sort of pursuing the military organization despite the fact they cannot really match china but the increasing strategic uncertainty and, you know from the territorial disputes to more of the strategic competition in the area has the future of asia security. >> reporter: hosting peace talks criticism of its own human rights record has subsided after election five years ago a wave of detentions and restrictions were put in place, now with another election only a
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few months away rory went to see if the situation has improved. >> reporter: if they come at all the letters from her husband arrive ten days or more after they were sent she is sure someone else has already read them and nicholas stood against president in the 2010 elections, now he is in a penal colony arrested after demonstrations protesting what international monitors said was a deeply flawed vote. >> translator: i don't have optimistic expectations but every minute i hope for a miracle and there will not be liberalization, that is for sure the legal changes over the last five years make it impossible to have demonstrations or a democratic thought and never allow the events of 2010 ever again. >> reporter: the human rights situation here is repeatedly criticized by groups like amnesty and human rights watch. the eu and the united states
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have tried changing his ways with a variety of sanctions but the abuses activists say continue. >> first of all this is still using death penalty and second this is a political prisoners in prison and six persons in prison and also other type of limitations of most political and civil rights through freedom of expression. >> reporter: this independent bookshelf and publisher recently felt the hit and hit with a fine of $60,000 in january for a year's turn over. the court said it didn't have a license. the book shop's owner said their applications were repeatedly turned down. >> translator: i think it's the circle of authors we work with we work with writers who are not members of the official union of writers which is loyal to the government and express opposition to what is happening in the country and we are an
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open state where people can meet freely and for authorities it's a dangerous, suspicious activity. >> reporter: to save themselves from closer they launched a crowd funding campaign and it didn't take them long to reach their target now to get an idea of the level of support to save this book shop has received look up each one of these stars is a thank you to someone that has given them money and it has come from all over the world. but this is a small victory in a contest which as maria can at test the state has the upper hand rory in minsk. >> reporter: buddhists are celebrating the birth of lord buddha. in nepal known to be the place where lord buda was born the day had prayers for the victims of the earthquake hundreds of people gathered at one of the
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world's oldest buddhist relics near kathmandu which is still standing after the devastating earthquake. and don't forget you can keep up to date with all the day's news and sport on our website, al night. hello, i'm ray suarez, you would a guessed that a lot of american schoolkids live in poverty, we have known for a long time that poverty has a lot to say about where you go to school and who is at the desk next to yours. this of the last few days a striking number emerged from the nation's classrooms, a survey from the southern education foundation reports that a majority of american public schoolchildren life in poverty. 51% of students attending public school were from low income


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