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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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investigative series new episode the death of aging only on al jazeera america ♪ the u.n. calls on sawed tee array we a to end its strikes on yemen, to be sure that aid can be flown in. hello, welcome to al jazera, live, from the headquarters. it was like a bomb went, the number of israeli veterans, were afraid of anything that moved during the gaza war and police try to shutdown anti government protests. i'm andrew simmons
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reporting from nepal and i'll explain why aid isn't getting through to victims of this earthquake. saudi arabion says it's considering a pause, in airstrikes to allow aid in, and, meanwhile they continue to target several airports across the country airstrikes, officials said, was used to transport food and supplies to areas. airports, have been hit despite a pause in in the mountain uu n. to pause fire. they are strongly urging the coalition to stop targeting the airport, and preserve it so humanitarianses can get to all. the office for humanitarian
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affairs, say lack of fuel have limited access to say a delivery of services and difficulty providing medical services as a result of the current security situation, and continued airstrikes food partners have also reported they have had to suspend assistance, and also, balls of a lack of fuel. meanwhile, they will be sending more than 2,000 troops, to help in yemen. it will bring the number of countries to 11. this announcement made by the foreign minister, as the national assembly comes up, and surprises, the president was in saudi arabia, trying to expunch the 21 billion plan to turn it
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into a middle income country. of course, sena gal has a wealth of experience when it comes to peace consuming situations. and, sources are a number of comfort zones throughout africa, but nowhere has had it 2100 troops, and that's the big surprise. 2100 troops, commandos and members of the armored division were going to be deployed with the saudis, along the yemen border and, that's the big anumbersment here. the official reason given was that sena gal add obligation to protect the muslim holy sites. no announcement yet as to when this is going going to take place and we're expecting the president to make a statement to give ausprecise date when that's troops will be deployed.
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the foreign u.s. secretary explains why a nation like sena gal would want to join the coalition. i think two reasons one because they don't believe in what they are up to, and the other is the saudis are going to give them an awful lot of money. they tried to get pakistan, and the executive branch seemed to indicate and then the parament would not approve it, and the last thing they want to do is put their own troops on the ground and i think sena gal hopes if there is, if they can stop the violence, they can become part of the peace keeping mission. you might get some of the other countries in the region, who might be willing, to do something, like uganda, which has troops in somalia fighting, and being financed by the united states. you can't win just by air
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power, there's e there's no doubt about it, are there going to be negotiations or a pause in the bombing so they can let supplies in. and the saudis recognize, and the united states is putting pressure in them, they're losing in the world of opinion and human rights pointed out, they had use had ammunitions that we had sold them, and the world has banned the use. israeli war veterans have given frank testimony about the 16 day war infaz a, the report, in the group raised serious questions, over whether they have breached their law, and now, more. in just 50 days, israel's war killed more than 9,000 people in the gaza strip its aim was to say cripple hamas
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and most was civilians. and, on the israeli side, 66 soldiers and five civilians died. and the ground defense destroyed schools, hospitals and infrom a strucktures leaving damage that will take decades to rebuild. group breaking the silence has collected the testimony that 60 troops have fought in the war, what they said paints a dark peculiar sure of israel's actions and disregard for civilian lives. we she would cars, and ambulances and doing things i was rauzed not to do. not to shoot an amplans and it's like the wild west out there. and it was all approved by the commanders and, i thought there was something roth ten that we were authorized to do this. and i was told kill anything.
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another soldier discussed how a decision was made how they should target. i remember many times, they could decide, based on his personal opinion what town we should hit and say, i trust you, shoot when needed. and mostly machine gunfire and shells as well. the group that gathered the testimony, said it wanted to tell the real story of the war. what we're trying to do is enlighten the public to understand what the moral price of occupation, and how our wars look like so the public would manage to understand, what the real story beyond the lies, that they hear from the government. the palastinians have asked the court to investigate alleged crimes and israel has always denied it, and accuses hamas of committing its own war crimes.
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the army says it doesn't fit to avoid civilians and it cannot deny the numbers, and the u.n., 7-10 killed, during the 2014 war were civilians. israel has resigned from his post and he won't be part of this government. and he has decided to join the opposition. he said the distance, in i deology is the reason he quit. he was at the press conference today where lieberman complained, that he intended to go forward toward the creation after palestinian state, and he did not intend to build in areas in jerusalem and, west bank, and settle freezes and he said he believes that he intended to, after
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internal party issues are settled, bring herzog and the left into the government. so lieberman explained it as a purely ideological move and it's very personal. there's been a lot of bad blood for quite sometime. 11 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in protests. the protests, when the president announced that he would return for a third term. a peace deal that ended the bloody civil war states that a president can serve two terms and, now many from their homes and, now more. he says he's terrified by what's written in these letters they've been pushed under the doors, by members of the ruling party. he belongs to the minority, and
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the letters illustrated with coffins and graves, and men and women and boys and girls will be killed if he does not run for a third term. come at night and threaten us and smash anyone who stand necessary their way. it is because of these threats that thousands of people have fled to rwanda, and, the government says it is because of misinformation, and people said there was a family of 7 and they left at 9 months ago, and they sold the roof, and, to get money for the bus fare, you can see some of the things they left on the floor and, we have spoken to several more people, they want to leave but they're still trying to get the money together. we met the area leader, outside the ruling party's meeting place in a nearby town,
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he didn'ted it as sending the letters or making threats. this is a lie. there are no films or signatures. and the opposition may be writing them to make them look what bad because they fear our popularity. whoever wrote them seems to want to create ethnic tension. and, during the protests and the political standoff, the ruling party was once a rebel group and there are many thousands of hooties in the opposition, and the opposition led another group, bistles largely fought along ethnic lines and he's against it, and he and his supporters lives are in danger and, the presidents supporters are trying to gain advantage. but what kind of predicament, am i enduring from
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him and his government? back in the country side, this man is a member of another group, he's been hiding here and, now he's leaving in secret. and he only packed a few possessions. many hope, ten years down from the war it won't catch on, and many more feel the threat of both ethnically, and politically violence is real. malcolm web. still ahead the prime minister tries to show he cares about black citizens. and we'll tell you why students having to study at home
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are governments turning their backs on those that need help the most? >> compass with sheila macvicar only on al jazeera america
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>> al jazeera's investigative unit has tonight's exclusive report. >> stories that have impact. that make a difference. that open your world. >> this is what we do.
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>> america tonight. tuesday through friday. 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. good to have you with us, and, these are the top stories. the u.n. is calling for an end to saudi airstrikes, after several airports were hit. saudi says it is considering persons to allow aid in, and in yemen, in late march. the israeli soldiers have broken their silence about tactics used in georgia sla last year. they question whether israel breached international law. and 11 people have now been killed and more than 100 injured
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during violin protest. they began when the president announced that he is running for a third term. let go to indonesia football fans are gathering outside and, they want the president, to step in, and reinstate the national football league, and the sportsman they suspended it earlier this year. and now she's joining us live, very loud, where you are. what's happening there? well, that is very unusual protest, because this very passionate and loyal supporters, of the football club are singing and dancing in their own football stadium and they are here at the presidential palace, to protest because they can't watch their favorite team play any more since it has been canceled, by the government, due to a going
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crisis in football, so they have come here and taking their children and all love football, and it is crazy about it. and at the moment, the competition has stopped so they can't watch and, they can't play. so this is a serious problem for the club because they say, they can't stay, and the whole reason can be summed up by two words and that's politics and money. in the last couple of years football has been paid pie money by politics, and by corruption and, this ended in a very dramatic event in the last couple of weeks, where the minister of sports has canceled it and stop them from working and as a result, the football association has canceled the whole competition and those parties are not talking right people here want. they want the parties to come together, and the president to intervene, and to make sure that
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football is going to be back, and that, it's going to be healthy again and football has been taken by corruption, and buying off matches and players not being paid, and players dying because they couldn't afford their healthcare and it's been very serious. of course, it has affected the quality of the football, very significantly. thank you very much. israel prime minister says racism won't go tolerated, it comes, by black israelis against alleged discrimination. a signature moment as the prime minister meets the soldier who was beaten by police, we cannot accept this, the police are dealing with this, and we need to change things.
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afterwards, the soldier expressed his gratitude. we spoke about everything that has happened, he knew about the issues, and he knew what he was talking about. first of all, it's a boost and i know ever it's encouraging and it's his initiative to meet with me. it was a good meeting. the beatings sparked off a series of anti racism protests, by the ethiopians. and, spain and portugal and africa. a significant number of these israelis were born in this country and they insist that they have lived as marginallized citizens since bird. few taking part were willing to be interviewed out of fear. and one outline the reason. we are here to say enough, because we see more and more
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attacking by the police and not only the police, but individual criminals, and because of the color and, the difference of culture is, they are attacking some young especially. and another demonstrator, identified by david explained why he was there. it's tough, i don't know what's going to happen, i am a police officer, and i took my uniform off to demonstrate that says something. it's very difficult. the demonstration that had gun so peacefully, generated interviolence. police officers were injured and, demonstrators. it is significant that despite what appeared to be violence there were no serious injuries. that's due to the fact that they were using non lethal weapons, and, the range, and
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make sure that nobody gets hurt, and stunt grenades make noise and, scare off the rioters and causes no damage. the center of televiv is being cleaned up, but little will walk off the violence. well, a new fleet of french jets, he flew to get the planes. they are welcomed,. now, a researcher and strategy, and he expults. he explains why the acquisition is important. cutter is a country, that the in the recent decade, it's been very expensive, in their foreign policy, and proactive in trying to create peace and stability, and they've been
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asked by the united states and other partners to take over more responsibility and in order to back it up, the military has to be an option on the table. and, the best plane, the best strike fighter that's out there at the moment. so it's not just able to have different roles and a jet but a swing role jet it can go on a mission, and denver both air to air, and air to ground combat functions. which most other planes cannot do. it's very flexible. and it's the newest, and that comes with a pricetag and, that is something that has led to a problem in selling this. to nepal where a team has reached a remote area, an area that desperately needs aid the crucial road, has been blocked since last saturday, due to
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landslides. ruined villages, on every mountain side, no one is here to help so they're getting on with it by themselves. but this isn't rebuilding. it's about clearing out the best they can attempting to recycle the timber and rubble to rebuild there are no 10ths. not even basic plastic sheeting and further down the mountain side a proud family man walks away. everyone is helping. he struggles to hold back tears. our lives have gone, how can we rebuild? what can i say? where will we get help? who will help? this is what has been stopping anyone reaching villages, land slide caused by the quake and aftershocks and
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the road ahead has been blocked for more than a week. one of the first to get through, the road ahead is treacherous and no aid convoys here. you can see, how much aid is needed though, with one glance, of the village. 90 homes only four are left standing. and they pass through and their tasked to search for missing people, including foreigners and small amounts of food, and helicopters pass by on other missions. this is all too familiar keep people show remarkable resillians but will it be enough to face what lies ahead? unless there's rapid assistance, he has a wife and baby doesn't therchg he'll be able to copy. we have nothing.
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however much we dig, there are only stones, no food, how will we survive? and that's what it comes down to, survival, not just hardship, and the rain and cold, and the monsoon season could be only a month away. hundreds of more might go grants have arrived in italy live pictures of them arriving in southern sicily, this is in addition from the 7,000 rescued over the week, and, they have taken to the same port. 40,000 people have crossed the sea to enter europe, and 1,800 people have died in that period. a spokesperson for unh c.i. says refugees should have more legal options to enter europe.
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they are proposing twelve actions, very specific and very concrete, and some of them are focusing on the fact that these refugees should be provided with some attractive legal ways to arrive in europe, they should open for some quotas and provide these people, with different kind of possibilities from family, and we have families that are broke because of the war and the father is in europe and, the mother with the daughter, and children, in libya, or in turkey and family ru uniif a indication, is already there, and then we have the possibility to increase the resources some countries in europe hah done a lot like germany, and others might do more and some countries will start to increase it, and italy
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for the first time. we think more is needed because, first of all, we want to bring these people out to put these people out of the hands of these murderers. u.s. federal agents have identified two suspected gunmen in texas. both were shot done ever dead outside of an event. officials have named them as simpson, and the f.b.i. served their homes earlier. now, teachers from the bra yilen state are protesting against government plans to alter nair pensions. it turned violent last week and 200 people were injured. daniel reports from the state capital. they are planning carefully for the march saying they were
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surprised by the hostile reception from the authorities. in the state with guns and, bombs. and, all those things that, never -- we expected. we were waiting for some reception, different reception but not like that. with so much violence. more than 200 people, mostly demonstrators were injured, in this normally peaceful city, and wounds have still not healed. we cannot understand. we live in a democray, those that govern us treat us like we're in a dictatorship. they say they must implement austerity measures. meanwhile schools across the state have been closed for six
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weeks. here and four overstates are protest it go, and there's discontent right across brazil, not just with the government but politician and politicians in general, and the people that they're supposed to represent is growing ever wider. they are working hard for entrance to the university, and he wants to study law while the strike continues he has to do it with home, with friends or using the internet, and despite the strike, he fully supports the teachers. we are united with the teachers. we students are mobilized and ready to fight to be part of this moment, that they face. 11-year old, didn't have school either. he works with his dad guarding cars and collecting, the debris and it's not the
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education, his teacher intended for him but brazil is suffering that's a reminder you can always keep up-to-date with all the news that you can see on your screen there at al all the news and much of our special programming all this, al jazera. com down to a crisis that could have an imfact on the economy, greece is this close to running out of cash. i went there to show you how tax cheats drive the economy into ruin. out of the shadows and into the open. i'm ali velshi and this is "real money".