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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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to the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights, 11:30 eastern. on al jazeera america. yemen, calls on the security council to send in ground forces against the hat ones as the fighting ranges on. hello, welcome to also ahead, benjamin netanyahu strikes a last-minute deal to form a government in israel. leader from iraqi curled
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said it will be held after the fight with isis is over. why the sky is the limit for the skinny buildings in new york. ♪ ♪ ♪ the ambassador to the u.n. is urging world powers to intervene in the crisis in yemen in a letter, he calls on the international community to quickly intervene by sending land forces to save yemen. and he also calls on international human rights to documents what he calls barbaric actions by the houthies and now, in new york. this is a very significant letter that was sent from the ambassador to the lith they wayne knee en, that is the head of the security council this month. the letter saying that yemen is
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calling for ground forces to be sent to the country and leaving very little about what he wants to see happen in his country and this is all happening as the u.n. has hah new envoy to yemen he has been on the job for less than two weeks, and on wednesday he was in paris, trying to kick start the political discussions to get them back to the negotiating table, and on thursday he's expected to be in saudi arabia, where john kerry is, and the timing of this letter is very significant. it could be -- it could give legitimacy of of the saudi arabiadys to get ground forces into the country this is an invitation to the international community to do that. and that could be the legal cover they need to actually get those ground troops in there and, number two it could be a last-ditch effort, by yemen to get the houthies back to the
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negotiating table so far, they have said, they are open to talks, so long as there are two preconditions, that they are not held in riyadh, and that the airstrikes are stopped. all of this is happening under the dark cloud after deteriorating humanitarian situation on the ground. and this has been documented and, it says the situation is getting worse by the day. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is now in the saudi capital and he is deeply concerned about the humana tear reensituation and he'll push for the aid to be delivered. the situation is going more dire by the day and we're deeply concerned about that and we have urged all sides anybody involved, to comply with humanitarian law and, to take
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every precaution to keep civilians out of the line of fire, out of harms way as well as to provide the opportunity for assistance to be able to be delivered. here's this update. yemen's letter come as a very interesting time because john kerry is trying to ask for a cease-fire in the war to allow humanitarian relief to be channeled in. however, the letter is asking for the u.n. to give its pressing or to send troops to the ground and that means a ground invasion. and, they have been launching these strikes for about 6 weeks now without the objectives of those fights, from major cities, particularly in aden, and other cities, and to also force them to come to the negotiation
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table for a peaceful resolution. and they have taken more territory, inside yemen and they have been able for the first time to strike the inside saudi, and to reach civilian areas. saudi arabia is in front of some difficult choices, a stop in the fight means the failure to meet the goals, and he is cast lacing means going against the desire and will of the international community there and, humanitarian organizations which are asking foresees fire. and that means more deaths in terms of civilians and more suffering for people of yemen. some of the worst fighting in yemen has been in the southern port city, and a boat, was attacked by hooties killing 40 people and, they say an army
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officer died in the fighting. other news, the israeli prime minister has signed a new del for a new government, just hours before deadline and it is thin as we report from west jerusalem. it went to the wire, the last moment was an agreement reached. its leader, securing major concessions, and throwing in his eight seat that's gave the prime minister the support of the majority in parliament, a slim majority of one. time is of the essence and not only because i'm leaving now to call the president, and the chairman, to tell them that i managed to form a government but also because we need to form it by next week, in order to give a strong and stable government to the state of israel. the full exents and will
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become apparent in you mean asking days, as the prime minister finalizes the composition of his cab what tonight. this will be right wing sensibility. jewish home has its roots in the settle meltses and the leader has called for more settlements not less, and expulsion of palestinians. the government will also be at the mercy of two religious parties which have demanded and granted the pledge of renewed state welfare benefits an exclusion from military service for religious students. the increase in state expendisure will put pressure on the finance minister, who brought his party back into the fold. it could take the withdraw of support boy just a sane gel member of one of the parties to bring the government down.
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so, after ends of negotiations he is left with a slim one seat majority, that will be a weak government, that's at the mercy of the settler movements and two small religious parties. ♪ ♪ on this evening annual religious festival, and spring in the step of these dance sers as they celebrate the resurgence of ultra orthodox movements. now, patty reports from washington dc on how the new coalition could affect the relationship with u.s. no no immediate reaction, but it seems that this is going to further strain an already complicated relationship between the president barak obama and
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psm. settlements have been a big issue, and so far they have only gone to call them unhelpful to the peace process and now what this means for peace. the prime minister angered u.s. officials who said, there would be no two state solution, and then, as long as islamic extremist groups were in existence. said when it comes to the u.n.,ed in have to reevaluate its stance. on the security council and we don't know if that's a real threat or just words. the president of iraq's kurdish region says there will be a referendum for independence. it would be on working with baghdad to wipe out isis. it could have regional implications. the group playing a major
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role, the fight against iraq, and the force has retaken between 20-30% from isis. its success has also re-ignited kurdish ambitions. and now, the region's president says as delayed referendum will go ahead. i can't give you an exact time-frame but, i can assure you that certainly an independent cur disstan was coming. he was giving a speech, after talks with president barak obama. the u.s. is opposed to it, as is turkey. and, kurds could inspire the turkey population to act and which makes it a regional issue. the shelfed plans earlier this year. when the prime minister of iraq made his first visit to the
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kurdish capital all talk was coordination. it was for cooperation and liberation of the people. complicating matters are the areas where they battle isis and won and still maintain control. it was as disputed area, but some fear, that it won't hand it back. but, he says, any push for independence will be peaceful. i believe that it's a continued process, it will not stop, it will not step back, i won't go into details this won't happen through violence or through killing. we want it to be through peace and dialogue. the kurdish region, profited after the u.s. occupation and brought billions of dollars of investment and they want to mat
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most of the money and realize a long held dream of self determination. still ahead we travel with a man sharing his grief and fears as he returns to his village after the earthquake and, how the heat smugglers are making a profit.
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good to have you and, the top stories yemenmy ambasas
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door to the u.n. has called on the international community to send in ground forces, in a letter, he accuses hootie rebels of causing the conflict. the israeli prime minister has forged a new government, he has signed an agreement with the far right, jewish party and the president of iraq's kurdish region says there will ab referendum on independence once the fight with isis is over. they delayed a vote last year to focus on working with the government to wipe out isis. syria's president has spoken in public for first tim. he said reinforce men's will be sent to the area that was taken by rebel fighters. and, the military base have also
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fallen, and the president described it as a minor setback. we are today, waging a war and not a battle, war is a number of many battles and when we are talking about a fierce war, like the one in syria we talk not only about dozens or hundreds but thousands of battles. well, the war is forcing a ever growing number of people to leave their homes. and a might go grant who was trying to take his two sons to germany, and buy passports and the journey ended in tragedy. here's his story. we got to the port, and passed through several checkpoints without a problem. at the last one i was called
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over, it was very big and i asked an arab family to keep my son and i took the family's phone number and they saw my fake passport and seized them, and they made us leave the port. i phoned the arab family and told me not worry and they would deliver my son. i stayed in the hotel, and i headed back if athens, and then i saw the t.v. news, showing the rescue operation of a ferry on fire out to sea. it was the same blue ship that i was going to get. i saw the rescue of children, and i waited for a few days, to look to see if he was on the list of survivors and he wasn't and, my wife and daughter had died. and i had no documents to prove that i was his father and after 45 days of searching the greek authorities told me that my son is officially missing and presumed dead, and i believed he was still alive.
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i can't explain why but, it's a father's feeling. and he might be in some people, or with some shock. i waited 15 days, before telling the boy's mother. imagine the reaction. of course, i regret being smuggled and everyone always and he is that. what other options do i have? i ask that, of the e.u., and u.n. and turkey, they didn't give me travel documents. what choices were given to me before i kill my son. today, more than 7,700 have been confirmed dead from the earthquake and almost 16,000 have been injured and many were overseas, and they had to wait to find out what happened to their families. one man managed to return home.
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less than 3 months after arriving in cutter, his world has come crashing down, when the massive earthquake shook his house collapsed burying his two-year-old daughter with had it, it is a homecoming he never imagined. the image my daughter running to pie suite is running in my mind, i have to fight the pain and deal with the loss of a home. it's been two-and-a-half months since i left, and i have not started paying my loans. he is from a village and thousands have been working in the middle east, and most of them as laborers and the construction company has given him one month leave and, a one-way ticket home. when he returns he'll have to pay them back. the loss of work time and the 4% on his loan are weighing
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him down. after six hours he finally reaches his village almost all its houses have been reduced to rubble. this is his older daughter, 4-year old rosy. father mo, wife, and sisters. two-year-old was a sleep around here when the earthquake happened and, her grandmother was the only one around. it took almost two hours for everyone to gather to dig out the baby, and by time they took her to the hospital, they pronounced her dead. his wife, was with her older daughter washing clothes when the earthquake set. she can't bring herself to say that her daughter is dead, she keeps saying, she's sleeping.
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i don't know how i made it back home. when i got back, my daughter was in the field sleeping and it rain he would all day and we waited with her in the rain and in the evening they took her away. but, even during this grief she knows she has to be practical. have to go back, they have crippling loans and he has to earn, and she says she'll take care of the house. but he is concerned. what if company does in the call me back. i won't be able to go anywhere else to go? taking the pictures with him to cutter and now they're the only ones that the family has. once he goes back to work, he will be able to send money to rebuild his house but if there's no amount of money will help him fill the void in his
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heart. she has asked all her cabinet members to resign, she will appoint a new cabinet in 3 days. there are just a few hours left until u.k. heads to the polls, and no party is an out right majority, that could mean a messy process of coalition building. this election looks to shatter of two party system of government that existed in britain sense the end of the second world war. in 1945 the labor party took office and construction of the national health service in 1951 the conservative party became the first under winston churchill, all the way through
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until 1964. the rest of the 1960s belonged to the labor party but in 197 #rbgs the conservatives took over again and most of that was shared between the two parties. and the conservatives only had a small government, but in 1979, margaret thatcher came to power and, she altered the course of british approximate will a particulars, and the conservatives held office until 1997 which saw the birth of new labor and tony blair. and labor then, were in government through until 2010, and that's when things started to get difficult for the conservative party because they had to go into a coalition with the liberal democrats and five years on, there's been an explosion of new parties all vying for authority, on the left, the green party the
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scottish national lefters and right, u.k. indofep dense party. this is unchartered territory. the region will continue to outperform the rest of the world, by the international monetary fund. it is expected to be fueled by increased demand, and low interest rates and china is' is expected to slow, and japan is to pick up this year. vent vernldz says it will install fingerprint cameras and sales and, it is an attempt to slow down on hoarding, and the black market will continue to born as long as the price of the controls are the government. friends call this man obama, they say he looks like
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the u.s. president and how dangerous his job is, he asks that we not show his face. he's a meat smuggler. , more than 40% of the imports go straight back out to the country's borders. obama knows he's one to blame. i know i contribute to the shortages and,fy stop, the people around me won't. in fact, i dare say 80% of everyone in the state smuggles. price controls means that triefing a couple hours across the border, to sell subsidized goods can what drew pel your monthly earnings in a couple of days. nothing beats smuggling and at first site, it does seem everyone is involved. back in venezuela finish fear print scanners have been
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installed to control what and how much people can buy. they hope it will cut down on smuggling, exit still needs finetuning. the fingerprint scanners will prove successful when we can integrate it. they have insisted until prices are no longer controlled, smuggling will thrive, and shells will remain empty. despite efforts with scanners and they have had to still stand in line for hours and, often go home empty-handed. whatever is causing the shortage, no one here, hides the disappointments or the desser raising. nothing has changed. it's the same. you waste the whole day in line. and they still can't find diapers. they're on the black market. while new mechanisms are found to curb food shortages a
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new economy is likely to boom in venezuela. now, global concentration has reached its highest level in 2 million years, it's the gas most respondable for global warming, and it is a long-term trend, it is 100 times faster than natural rises in the past. coal and gas have contributed to the gas. new categories, is rising in manhattan, and, they are built for the super rich, and one which is still under construction is among the tallest residential tower in the world. and, jacob got exclusive access. there there's a new kind of skyscraper going up, in new york city. super tall knife like towers for the extremely rich. the tallest boosts views of central park, and this costs 95
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million. but, we managed to get inside while it was still under construction. beautiful view. sill vivian marcus is the engineer. there are so many buildings that i'm looking around, that -- looking at your portfolio. for him, the height of 432 park isn't the challenge. the challenge is that in manhattan you have to make it very slim. the wind of the building, multiply had by 15 is equal to the height of the building. that creates its own set of problems. robert goodwin is designing another super slender tower for a turkish developer. the tall buildings and far less slender is much more about the way that the wind interact wes a tall building, the tower will always move in the wind,
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and if it moves slowly you don't feel it. is it moving right now in yes, but you don't feel it. 60 ton pep do you lumps on the roof counter it, and five points, on the tower, there are no windows to let the wind through. but it it is still unnerving be to up there. i can't get used to it. my hands are sweaty and people will live up here. this is the future of high enresidential living. in the end these buildings are about power. super slender towers are the future of new york and a select few will see it from on high. but for everyone else in the city, this new form of engineering only serves it elevate the rich each farther above the rest. jacob. lastly this bulletin, a private space company has successfully launched, a
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capsule, that hopefully will send astronauts into orbit. it reached a altitude of 1,500 meters. they tested things. the republican party. thinks foreign policy is the weakness in the presidential race but republicans themselves are split on u.s. muscle-flexing. will misreading the national mood cost the gop the national election? greece and russia both countries are facing an economic catastrophe. and cold war with the west. we'll look at china's latest challenge to the global economy.