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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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r digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights on al jazeera america. welcome, the strikes the last minute deal, to form a coalition government, and britain's, one of the closest general elections for decades on the rise, why the sky is the
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limit for these sceneny buildings in new york. yemen's ambassador has called for ground troops to be called in. he wanted to have land forces to aye yes, ma'am men especially, aid done, and, he wants human rights organizations to document what he calls barbaric regulations. and now, more from u.n. headquarters in new york. this is a very significant all righter that was sent, to the lithuanian council, and the letter being that yemen is calling for ground forces to be sent to the country and the
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ambassador leaving very little to the imagination. this is all happening as the u.n. has a new envoy to yemen and he's been on the job for less than two weeks. on wednesday he was in paris trying to kick start the political discussions and, get them back to the negotiating table, and on thursday he's expected to be in saudi arabia and, the typing is significant. it could be give legitimacy to the saudi led coalition to get ground forces into the country. this letter, is an invitation to the international community to do that, and that could be the legal cover they need to get those ground troops in there. number two it could be a last-ditch effort, by yemen, to get the houthis back to the negotiating table and so far they have said they're open to talks so long as there are two
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conditions, the talks are not held in riyadh, and two that the airstrikes are stopped all of this is happening under the dark cloud of a deteriorating humanitarian situation that has been dockcu minuted. they say the situation on the ground is getting worse by the day. some of the worst fighting in yemen has been in the port city of aden, and, they say prohouthi fighters have held aide work kirks hostage, on wednesday a boat carrying people was attacked we the houthis killing 40 people. a senior army officer also died in the fight. john kerry is now in the saudi capital to discuss the conflict in yemen and he's meeting the president and he
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says he is concerned about the situation and he'll push for a pause, in fighting to allow for aid to be delivered. the situation is getting more dire boy day and we're deeply concerned about that. and we have urged all sides anybody involved, to comply, with humanitarian law and to take every precaution to keep civilians out of the line of fire, out of harms way, as well as to provide the opportunity for humanitarian assistance to be delivered. clashes have intensified in the syrian/lebanese border. and both are claim gains. they killed dozens, and syrian rebels say they have made
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gains. the president says those defeats are only a minor setback. we are today, waging a war not a battle, war is a number of many battles and when we are talking about the fierce war and thousand he of borders and inside syria we talk not only about dozens but thousands of battles. voting is underway in the u.k. general election, in what could be the tightest political race in years. if neither win more than half of the 650 seats in parliament, they may have to negotiate with smaller parties. after 2010, it took five days for conservatives and liberal democrats to form a coalition. the israeli prime minister
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has sealed the deal to form a new government. but his majority is extremely thin. it went to the wire, only at the last moment was an agreement reached. its leader, bennett securing major concessions and throw in his eight seats that gave the prime minister the support of the majority in parliament, a slim of one. time is of the essence not only because i'm leaving now to call the president and the chairman, to tell them that i managed to form a government but also because we'll need to form it by next week in order to give a strong government to the state of israel. the full extent will become apparent in days.
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but it's clear this will be a government of extreme right wing sensibility. jewish homes has its rights in settlements and the leader calls for more not less, and expulsion of palestinians. and the government will be at the mercy of two religious parties which have demanded, the bleblg of renewed state welfare benefits for the ultra religious, and exclusivetion from military service for religious students. it will put pressure on the mom nateed finance minister, who brought his party back into the fold. it could take just one member of the parties to bring the government down. so, at the end of weeks of negotiation, he's left with a slim one seat majority in
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parliament, it will be a weak government that's at the mercy of the settler movements and two small religious parties. ♪ ♪ on this evening it's an annual religious festival, and there's added spring in the step of these dancers as they celebrate the resurgence of religious movements in israeli life. chile's president has asked all her ministers to resign, she'll appoint a new cabinet her popularity has plummeted because of corruption scandals, and many see it as long overdodo you. i will take 70 hours to decide and who will stay, and who will go will. they will have to present
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themselves. why didn't i do this earlier? because we've been deal with difficult situations like rain and, flooding, and now the volcano. in thy land, more than 50 police officers have been row assigned to different posts while being investigated for human trafficking. more than 50 bodies have been fold, and some cross south to malaysia, and, the agency says around 40,000 are registered there and others have headed south to thailand, where they fall prey to smugglers. it's a stretch of land at the tail end of thailand. it's rugged, raw and beautiful. but these jungles hide something more sinister. camps run by human traffickers holding ethic
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muslims, as captive. last friday, a mass grave with 26 bodies was found. he spent four-and-a-half months in camps and he saw two dozen people die. he escaped and has been living in a nearby mosque for two months. i saw them die. i helped wash and buried the bodies. the deaths are a result of a scene that's played out to hundreds of people. call the family and asking the family for more money. be has to pay if you don't pay, if you can't pay, you are subject to beatings, and to deprivation of food and water. on sunday, thailand authorities, put more than 100 policemen in jungles to find the
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camps. so this patrol, this is an area they came across in the morning, and they believe just several hours before it was occupied by traffickers. and what they're doing is destroying the material here and, that way the traffickers can't come back and use any of these supplies and they'll continue in this area of operation. they'll go deeper into the jungle and look for camps. the national police announce that two local officials were arrested and some have been reassigned. they launched a command center for the anti trafficking operation. we now have a clear direction, for the nation action plan to counter it. it is considered a crisis. it might be a bit late for this round. as they couldn't their jungle
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patrols, some feel they'll only find more evidence of the traffickers. not the traffickers themselves. the border is so close, they could slip across and out of reach. the asia pacific spokeswoman, and she says human traffickers are becoming more ruthless. when they first started monitoring these movements most of these passengers were paying to be smuggled to thailand and malaysia, and now we're seeing a change intact particulars the smugglers are more desperate abducting children off-street, and offishing boats and making false promises to people. saying we'll find you jobs. and they're offering some people
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cash. and when they board the boats they fine, if they change their mind they are forced to stay on the boat. it's clear that this is a problem that goes beyond one country. it is encouraging to see that the thigh land authorities are cracking down and, this is a massive problem that calls for countries in the region to come together and discuss the best way forward. it's important to look at law enforcement, cracking down, on the smuggling networks and we need to remember that the victims need to be protected. well still ahead southern afghanistan, farmers are expecting another record harvest of poppy why then is the government saying it's winning the war? columbia's teachers, keep on the pressure our government to honor their preelection promises
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welcome back, there's continued fighting with yemen and, now calling for the international community to send in ground troops, and 40 people were killed on wednesday rescue people say their boat was she would. voting is underway in the uk in what could be the tightest race in years. if neither of the two major parties win more than half the seats, they may need to
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negotiate with smaller parties. the israeli prime minister has formed his government just hours before the agreement. he signed the agreement with the far right jewish home right, and others. war in syria has crippled the region's economy and violence with jordan has forced them to seal off the trade route billions of dollars and goods once passed through the crossing, and now trade with syria, is finished. the crossing, and a major trade network, that ferried goods and jordan closed it when the rebels seized control of the syrian side. this is the life loin and now it is a burden. he can no longer work in in the
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free trade zone, 17 family members depend on him and he has a truck loan to pay e month. 4,000 trucks in the country explrks nowhere for them to work if we work in the local market we get an assignment once every 3 months. reopening the crossing is unlikely anytime soon and, so far, refuse to operate one with rebels. the only one has been detrimental and that's because thousands lost their jobs she in the free trade zone warehouses and factories. and there are also reports of widespread looting of inventory by rebels and if that's not enough, trade with iraq is not existent. because it is controlled and, jordan has banned its truck drivers from the journey there.
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this iraqi truck-driver says, isis seize the cars and goods and if the driver is not sunni, he may not make it out of the checkpoint alive. they stop us and request documents and what goods we're carrying, and they charge hundreds of dollars for each car and then give us a receipt. they say jordan is become isolated by violence and its economy is going through the worst crisis in its history. this isolation has been imposed. we import 90% of its food needs and we have enough now but we are afraid. what if straights are closed? we are not in a good position at all. jordan has so far succeeded at finding off what it describes from iraq and syria but an ailing economy can threaten
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stability. iran says it has released the congo ship over a legal des speut, they dotained it after firing warning shots in the straight. the seizure stems from the private company the danish shipping company said it carried no special car go such as military equipment. the east african foreigners are trying to strike a peace deal. they have been protesting against the decision to run for a third time, in june elections. more than a dozen people have been killed and many wounded. central avenue from a can republic says it will take legal action against frequent soldiers suspected of child abuse, they
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were to help the peacekeepers restore order. several children allege they were sexually abused in exchange for food. legal action will be taken these are very serious acts, the french government said "i must reiterate, that we must not lump everyone together. it was not france, it was individuals. individual soldiers. the asia pacific region will continue to outperform the rest of the world that's according to the latest figures. the economic growth is expected to be fueled by increased demand and, low income rates and falling oil prices and china is expected to slow to a more sustainable pace. and, japan is poised to pick up. afghanistan is said to have
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another record year for her win production. it supplies 90% of the world's her win, and the government says it is making gains. now, this report. in a secret if a isty, in the capital four men accused of smuggling her win are about to answer to justice. afghanistan's special drug court is run in a clandestine operation to try to prevent judges and prosecutors from being targeted, or bought off. but it is not enough. the government has allowed all all in. now, she's a prosecutor here. we never take bribes, and we do honest work. this is because we know, afghanistan is under severe threat from drugs.
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officials argue the court is convincing him to give up the illegal trade. but last year, afghanistan farmers harvested a record 24,000 hectors of open opium poppy. and this year looks like another bumper harvest and then, those like lttle john, this is the only photo of the kink pin. he was sentenced for 20 years and he managed to escape. after his time in court people working for the kingpin paid 14-16 million dollars and that money secured his release and, he is nowhere to be found. you talk about clean judges and clean courts and there are cases like lttle john. what happened there? all those who were involved in the exploiting the processes are under investigation.
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afghanistan's acting minister says lttle john is an isolated case. i can assure the international community that the mistake that has been taken place, will not be repeated. he stresses in the last eight years, they have put thousands behind bars. that may be so, but out in the fields few seem intimidated by the threat of jail-time ♪ these farmers are harvesting drugs, because they say they paid local officials off. well for more, you can watch the full program on afghanistan, the billion dollar drug war. thursday on al jazera.
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9 million students in columbia haven't had classes in two weeks because of the biggest teacher's strike in two years. since the teacher's strike, started in in columbia, they walk to school, hoping that at least one of them would have class. the girls are in different courses and some teachers are work and they never inform us on time came yesterday and there was no notice. for working class families, having their width kids on the of school has been difficult and, they had to stop working and despite the hardship, she understands and supports the teachers. i support the strive because the demands are fair. our school's infrastrucsure
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is precarious. each class has 45 students. its impossible. they have protested he as unfair working conditions. low pay enfear error health care plans, and some of them have traveled days to get here. we're just asking for our conditions to be leveled. and we're fighting to preserve public education. teachers make between 500 to 900 a month, and their purchasing power is 28% in the last decade. the government is now offering a 12% increase in salary in four years and promising to reform the evaluation system. on wednesday a preliminary agreement was announced and it might not be enough. former vice men center of education, says the government,
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is paying for their past mistakes. during the last presidential election they promised big changes. an important voting block, for the teachers and then they didn't deliver. they're saying, we will promise and give it back to you, because i supported you and i gave you more than 3,000 votes and 300,000 votes and now, you have to give me back what you promised. with the agreement in place students could be back in class in coming days and teachers insist unless the government finally satisfies their demands even if this strike ends, they could take back to the streets. a new category of super thin buildings is rising in new york. the knife like towers are being built for the super rich, and
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one is the tallest in the world. jacob ward explains. there's a new kind of skyscraper going up in new york city. super tall knife like towers for the extremely rich. the tallest among them. 432 park avenue, has views of central park and manhattan. it costs 95 million dollars. we got in while it was still under construction. sylvan marcus is the architect behind just about every tall building. i'm looking at your portfolio. for him, the height isn't the challenge the challenge is that in manhattan, you have to make it very slim. the width of the building, multa play by 15 is equal to the height of the building. that creates its own set of
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problems. robert goodwin is designing another super tower for a turkish developer. the nature of tall buildings and is much more about the way that the wind interacts with a tall building, if it moves slowly you don't feel it. where we're standing. is it moving? the building is moving. but you don't feel it. a pair of 650 ton pendulums on the roof counter the mulch and, at five points, there are no windows to let the wind through, it still is unnerving to be up there. i've been up here, and i can't get used to it, my handles are shaking and people are going to live up here. in the end these buildings are about power. super slender towers are the future of new york, and a select
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few will see it. and for everyone else, this new form of engineering only serves to elevate the rich farther above the rest. and, of course, you can keep up-to-date very few people get up in evil. what evil can i do today? >> he wrote the epic novel, a song of fire and ice, the basis for the hbo series "game of thrones" now in its fourth season, george r.r. martin is working fotin issue the series. >> there are days i wonder if i bit off more than i could chew. did it have dotcoms? >> his characters are often