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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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can go to our website at this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. fearing that fighting will spill over the border. after the president insists he will run for a third term.
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and britain votes in it's tightest election for decades. could it see the labor party back in power after five years? >> saudi arabia stopped hall tisty the announcement was welcomed by secretary of state john kerry he has been the saudi capitol holding talks. late on wednesday yemen's ambassador the the united nations asked the international community to bring. that was brought by rising which is still raging in the southern port of adan. and many residents are trapped. he is pleased that they are trying to make a peaceful solution, be few saudis say it will depend on the houthis. >> i also briefed him in the kingdom thoughts on a five day cease fire, in order to
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coordinate with international organizations to send assistance and aid to the yemen people. if the houthis submitted to not attacking any convoys during that time. question will determine the date together with all the detail as. >> sing solomon has announced a confront, which the prime minister referred to to which he is inviting all yemen parties. and we support that conference. everyone agreed that that conference can help lead into the subsequent talks under the u.n. office misses, and that all of this dialog is beneficial in an effort to try to find the political resolution to the crieses. we are pleased that saudi arabia has agreed to support the u.n., and efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the situation in yemen.
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he agrees the group will agree to a cease fire. >> when it comes to the humanitarian issue, i am pretty sure they will agree about that. but let's make it clear that after the 40 days of bombardment, the houthis as well the humanitarian agency have been calling for a cease fire, and the saudi has been accusing and just two days after the yemen tribes have entered sawed yeah arabia, attacks many bases now they are calling for a cease fire. they are using this humanitarian issue to save a them because they are losing very very badly. and one other thing that a cease fire doesn't mean, is that especially tribesman will withdraw from saudis areas that they have controlled a cease fire means
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you start firing on each other and that's it. for the secretary of state john kerry and his visit now they have given this offer to the yemenis particularly to the houthis and the loyalists former president. and it is conditioned to the favorable reply to it, if they agree then this cease fire would be extended. they are arrangements by the u.n. agencies to have be able to bring these supplies in need. but once it starts the secretary said, and that means there is an opportunity there for the houthis if they accept it. that it's one month, two months even open ended cease fire. and also make sure some flexibility shows flexibility
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there in saying they want to hold a peace conference, but also after that they are flexible if the subsequent talks under the united nations take place anywhere else around the word. now, everything hinges on the response of the houthis. >> as both sides toy with implementing the cease fire, the important city has been raging on for thousands of people trapped in adan's district. the sea is their only way out. they have been caught a in the battle for the southern port city. the residents are terrified. the condition, the bombing random shelling no electricity, no water. >> the responsibilities for
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the people of south yemen or they should step aside. >> and streets are deserted and many people are confined in their homes. others on the move looking for a way out. >> even they have become dangerous. on wednesday, one of the boats was shelled by rebels killing dozens of people. the district is important. it is not far from the city's port. the area is vital for control over the southern coast. the houthis and forces loyal to former president remain powerful here. >> and the prof vince ties north of adan the fight is equally hard. forces loyal to the current president are putting on a tough fight but most of the city is destroyed houthiss and their allies continue to push for control the areas war bombed.
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speaking from the saudi capitol, the newly appointed chief of stat says the priority is to reorganization his forces. >> our priority is to unite and regroup the army, because a majority of the army is sitting at their homes. the houthis cleared all the bases and send the officers home around 80% of the army is not doing their job. bracks in yemen most of the country is a battlefield, and millions continue to suffer. before the conflict even began, more than half of the population was going hungry, now aid agencies say a lack of imports of food are complicated what was already a dire humanitarian situation. mohamed has spent most of his life here. a small community on the
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outskirts of the capitol. he lives along with his father and married brothers and sisters in this house. it took step years to guild it. but their house has been badly damaged by forces from explosions that targeted the area in the last few weeks. it could collapse, any time. my father -- this is where i lived with my wife and children. this is where my brother lived. he was planning to move with his wife to this room. as you can see, it is all gone we were three families in here. this is the moment the saudi led coalition air strikes targeted was a sudden missile. also strike a military base, used by the elite republican guard, which he is loyal to former president humps of
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families have had to three their homes including mohamed ali. >> we first sought refuge in this underwater tank but enthis it rains and we had to evacuate. we now live in a shop that was emptied by it's owner. >> many people like mohamed have lost all their belongings. they can't return because of the continuing violence. now they their only hope is for this war to come to an end so they can go back home. an iraqi soldier has been kilted and 11 others wounded. a security source says that rocket propelled grenade hit mel tear headquarters. three fighters before also
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killed in a drone attack. syrian activists have denounced what they say a are new attacks. an activist on the ground claimanted to show several people in hospital with breathing problems after a strike, and they say government helicopters dropped barrel bombs filled with glory rene gas over several villages. >> fierce battles are underway for control of the border between syria and lebanon. leading to fears that violence can spit over into the neighboring country. it has seen intense fighting between opposition forces and hezbollah fighter who support president bashar al asaad. it is a site of clear supply routs. >> the battle in the mountains has intensified. this is in the western parts where the coalition of syrian opposition groups says it is pushing out the government, and hezbollah fighters.
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it is considering a have edge tooic strong hold for fighters along with dems. cause. the fighters know it. commanders from outside the group say they don't want them to distract fighters from the fight in their areas against isil and the government. but the group is adamant about maintaining the areas they have taken. >> the syrian air force has been targeting rebel positions to interrupt any positions it gets. the government denies using ground opposition, and recent gains in the other areas of the country are. proking set backs and prompted to raise the morale of stirrian troops. >> god willing the army will seize those to battle to combat terrorism. >> in neighboring lebanon funerals were held, killed during battle. hezbollah says it has also
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conflicted losses on syrian fighters and promised to clear the area. but the battles near the divided part of lebanon where the tensions run deep, is a cause for concern for others as well. the alliance of political parties that caused it says it is worried that hezbollah advances can drag the army into syria's war. >> negate as threat from the army itself. >> the syrian opposition says it does not want to cross the border but fighters insist on battling hezbollah. the lebanese army already been deployed in areas where hezbollah can't operate because of sectarian issues. in a fight so close to home, where people may take sides based on whether they are sunni or shia is seen for remember nor. which is already struggling to contain that divide. al jazeera.
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>> the news agency is reported that the u.s. military has started training syrian fighters for the battle against the islamic state of iraq. the program is said to have started in jordan, and launched in turkey. still to come this half hour. avenue 13 years in prison former prisoner is given bail in canada. >> also a look at life nearly laugh a kilometer up, we take you to the super tall a buildings being built from the super rich. just because i'm away
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>> ♪ ♪. >> the top stories here on al jazeera. the united states has welcomed saudi a arabia's offer for five days. the cease fire has turned out for deliveries of humanitarian aid, but it is on the cause of fighting. activists say government helicopters dropped barrel. bolls filled with chlorine gas. the niese battles faced along the boarder between syria and lebanon. the region is a strategic supply rout, supporting president asaad's forces. >> the u.n. says it has received only $22.4 million of the $415 million requests in nepal's earthquake appeal. it estimated the 8 million people effected need food, water and medicine.
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they are working to top the spread of disease. they have already disinfected 68,000 square meters of the capitol. conservations from the u.n. cultural heritage agency, has begun assessing the ruins. an estimated the earthquake has damaged nearly 200 historic sights. the construction and restoration is expected to take years that will take about 12 months just to complete the drawings for the rebuilding plans. >> we are working to assess the damages of the earthquake. and question are making mapes of the images within the different sites. and this is the first step of our work. we also make photographic campaign and then every single building for reconstruction campaign to come. >> millions of people across
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britain are casting their ballots in the general election, the leaders of the main parties are among the early voters. it's been one of the most closely fought campaigns in a generation, lawrence lee reports. >> calm weather across the u.k. on polling day and voters turned out by the millions to exercise their choice. the polling stations opened at breakfast time, church halls, pubs, even a care home became for the day places where people could put a cross in the books. much of the leaders turns out early. the prime minister in his country side in his constituency, the labor lead tore the north in the town. and as well the scottish national party leader. the u.k. independent party leader bring the seaside the
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leader of the greens in london and many others too. for a party to gain the confident of the house they need a simple majority, half that number, plus one seat. the key date in the calendar is may the 20 second. the new legislative program turn outs are brisk in many places perhaps suggesting i may be higher than the last vote when two-thirds exercised their democratic choice. the doors closed in the meantime with exit polls immediately afterwards against results. lawrence lee, al jazeera london. >> two more people have been killed during political violence. the protestor has been on the streets for who two weeks. demonstrating against the president to run for a third term which they say is illegal. however, a court this weal ruled that they could seek a new term in office. al jazeera reports from the
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capitol. soldiers have been out on the streets of bujumbura. since the second day of protests. the army says it is supporting the police, but the soldiers have not joined in the violence, and the protestors like them. >> the soldiers are always protecting us when these policeman shoot at us. >> we thank the soldiers and we thank their commander. he should deploy more soldiers on the streets. >> that protest was then broken up. police fired tear gas and guns this time, nobody was injured. the probing fors say a lot of the people in police uniforms aren't policeman but members of the ruling party youth wing. and the protestors say the much more likely to shoot them with guns but they say as long as the soldiers are out from the streets too
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then they are safe, and they are much less likely to get shot. >> it is not normal to hear police chanting. but police and the ruling party deny that they are involved. many people see the army as being politically neutral the peace deal that ended the civil war in 2005, states the military should be ethnically balanced and inclusive of all former rebel groups. some say this is not fully happened in practice, but it is trusted and known to be professional none the less. it is soldiers have been trained by the u.s. and some european militaries they serve in peace keeping missions. in spite of fears of political and ethnic violence escalating the army spokesman told us it can keep the population safe a. >> they know what to do, they know how to operate how to cooperation.
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and they are doing their job. but some of the activists who call for the protests don't want the army to wait. they a say they want it to take control. he thinks it could happen soon if the violence continues. in that situation i can even see a cue dethat happening so that stability and no mar testimonyky be restored throughout the country. it is hard to see how the situation will be resolved. neither the president nor the protestors show any sign of backing down. >> a u.s. appeals court has ruled that a the collection of millions of phone records by the national security agency is illegal. but the ruling has not stopped the perhap, the judge has asked the congress to step in and decide how best to tackle national security and privacy interests.
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snooping by the n.s.a. was leaked by ed guard snowden back in 2013. two cases among several pending thattening thats the surveillance authority. new coalition includes the far right, which strongly backs settlement buildings and opposes the state. the details from jerusalem. opposition politician say this the government is narrow, and want the self-interest. the palestinians described it as ex-stream right composed of those that have no interest whatsoever in seeking a two state solution. they make take comfort in the fact that a the government may not last long. some contend it is inherently self-destructive. a number of members were brought in with a promise of
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increased government expenditure, on their interests. however, another of the coalition partners is headed by a man tapped to be the finance minister who has insisted that he will cut government spending. clearly, the interests are very question gent. >> let's break in now the saudi led coalition in the events in yemen. >> and the start of the operation, we have mentioned that we will be together in a presser when there is a need. today, we would like to talk about three main points. an apache that is from saudi arabia and for some technical problems that apache landed.
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and the pilot has been injured and he is now in the hospital. being treated. he is okay, he is fine. the co fighter was also under treatment and everything is okay. as you know, have been targeted during the last few days by the houthis using some terrorists and this adepression was repeated on the last three days. against houses, homes farms schools, a hospital. and we have mentions through the statement a of the civil
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defense how many people were injured. and most of the injuries are saudis and people work in saudi arabia. these operations has no military target or aim. it's only a corporation to kill, and to destroy that's why we need to connect this with what has been done by the coalition command. the last few days. one -- the hope is and the rely since the very beginning number 2216. it is a u.n. resolution, and the international community is committed to that resolution, in order to save the yemen citizens. but the houthis have refused that resolution. then the initiative regarding a center for humanitarian support and the
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$270 million offered by saudi arabia to the united nations for humanitarian aid and support in yemen. and the houthis have not committed themselves to anything peaceful, and this will never be for the sake of the yemen citizens. then we have a statement by the saudi foreign ministry, and the saudi foreign minister said this the coalition command is targeting some day of away from the military actions in order to help and support the yemen citizens in yemen but the houthis have attacked the saudi cities. and you have seen what has happened the killing the killing on purpose we have
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seen that. now we need to say the situation is different. at the beginning the operation ends at protecting the legitimacy and the citizens. is on the saudi borders. the way will be different, the houthis have committed one of the most serious mistakes during the last few days. which is targeting the saudi citizens. so. the coalition command, and the saudi armed forces will adopt so so the securitydy
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command will adopt the necessary procedures, to stop these houthis and the mergers will bee again people who have planned locations to start, with, and the citizens where the houthiss are there. our operations will mostly by, the time might be longer. the operation will target all of the leaders of these houthis militias, their places the ones that have planned and will never be a limited operation this of ration will be big and we said, that the row also will be there according to the militias movement on the ground, put now we will take the initiative. we will start we will take the initiative. way will be the ones who start the initiative.
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and from these moment, that reply will be decisive and we will be tough. this is on one hand. on the other hand, there is no space or no limitation for these operations. we will target those who are in need to the borders and who will target the suburbs because those people are now of the houthis hiding in other places. the situation is different the confrontation is different, they will pay a high price. they will pay the high price because the security of the saudi borders is the top priority of the coalition forces. >> you have been watching live coverage of saudi proofing on the war in yemen. let's get you caught up on al jazeera america, the federal court says the nsa broke the rules when it