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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> good to have you. you are watching al jazeera live. we also have this coming up. >> saudi arabia offered the yemen houthis rebels a five day cease fire, but also threatens to step up it's attacks. reports that a senior official from al quaida in the arabian peninsula has
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been killed by a u.s. air strike. and what goes up must surely come down. and russian spacecraft said to hurdle back home. well, starting in the u.k., after a long campaign, david cameron's conservatives are on course to return to government. what and called an exit poll, as the voting stations close. is predicting a hung parliament, one where no party has a overall majority, these are the numbers just projections at the moment. conservatives expected to be the largest party, this is in the parliament with 650 seats. the left labor party, two unh 39, and a bad night for the liberal democrats they are the ones that have been in coalition with the conservatives for five years expected to lose a great number of seats down to just 10. but, if you are in scotland and you support the national
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party, good night for you so far, predicted to be anyway a unmanning hoo increase to 58 seats. there are some others as well and they may well play a part a little bit later on. there in that block the other one they could combine some of them with the conservatives only 323 not 326, because some mps stay out of the parliament. liberal democrats add that to 326, more than enough, but the labor party annihilated in scotland, that's just a few thoughts let's go to barbara in just a moment. up in the scottish city glasgow. let's get it wrapped up so far the exitle polling stationses suggest that david cameron will perhaps once again be prime minister. he is not predicted to have an absolutely majority, but if the liberal democrats join him in coalition for a second
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time then he may hang on to power. for labor and the predictions are not quite so encouraging. the poll suggests labor will be down 19 seats from 2010. and the liberal democrats themselves have been punished by the voters. just ten seats massively down from 2010. it's the scottish nationalist led by nicholas sturgeon who appears to be the success story of the elections virtually a clean sweep of scotland, 58 seats up from just six in 2010. but all this remain as prediction for now. there's many hours of both counting ahead following by many days of negotiations over who can form a government. britain is having to get used to coalition government it's t no unknown here but in recent decades there's
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usually been a outright winner. >> hopefully a coalition will still work. >> i don't think there's much to worry about and e.u. referendum is something that i would be worried about but i don't mind it taking place. >> outside parliament, there was an anti-austerity demo. and the most closely fought. it could decide britain's future in europe, the conservatives the promise add referendum on renegotiating membership terms. smaller parties like the u.k. independent party led by nigel that's predicted to get two seed have started to influence policy something that the scottish nationalist will now be eager to do. given their predicted success. >> tim friend al jazeera.
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>> from all around the country, we have specifically the one spot now outside the palace of westminster there the houses in parliament, that's what they are voting for today what do they make of it where you are. >> well, i suppose we were expecting a lot more confusion, and a lot more discussions about polling stations entheble horse trading between the parties and how they were going to form some sort of coalition but seeing as for now the exit polls we have painted a different picture and i guess it could be a simpler picture, the continuation of the coalition government that we have seen for the past five years. and that is the conservatives with the liberal democrats even though they have many fewer seats than they had at the lastelection, i guess there's confusion, but remember it is a long night. we are still waiting for the constituencies to come in. many of them marginal. be interesting to see how the
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seats swing and if they coincide with the exitle polling stationses as mentioned in his report, we also saw another opinion poll which seems potential government. thank you very much indeed. >> regardless othe force to have extraordinary night. on the idea that 58 seats and the labor is knocked out. don't trust the exit polls there you go. >> she says you say don't
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trust the exit polls you look at these two you have the exit poll thatsies the s&p could have taken 48. and they represent either of them. good news and bad news, good news in the sense that this is a party that five years ago won six seats now it is on course to take the majority of 59 seats. if those polls are to be believed. a political party that is a huge result, bad news because it means she will not be forming the next government from the labor party she wouldn't have influence had the result been higher. had the result been different, and it represents for labor a huge huge loss. there are seven constituencies here. they are all counting at the moment the original idea of the original fort was that six of these would go to the snp, possibly all seven can go, and there are a lot of big names douglas alexandar the foreign secretary, the man that led labor campaign,
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he could lewd his seat to a 20-year-old. jim murphy, the leader of the t soish labor party could lose his seat. and there are various other big name whose are all watching this very very nervously. a professor of politics here this has been a terrible night for labor as these polls indicate, where did it go wrong? buzz scotland has been a huge labor area. >> yes. less able to connect with the working class. the shift in those areas short term you have to say such a dramatic shift. there has to be a hang over from the ref reason dumb, people for example. remember remember a large
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amount of those and that translates into a dramatic shift. in this. >> what does this mean for the party? yeah i think so, they are really a tiny force. there are symbolically important force it would still be difficult to ignore such a message from the scottish population, given how close they are not long ago. >> thank you very much. well we are expecting the first result at around 1:30:00 a.m. local time. that's about two hours or so away. you do have to treat these polls with some caution but we will bring you the first result when it comes into us here. and there are seven here as i say that have been counted at the moment. >> phil, thank you very much
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indeed. enjoy the night up there back here in london. we will talk to the former governor minister, former u.n. deputy. look everybody seem as bit surprised by this but in terms of the international standing another five years of david cameron what do you think that means in. >> well, i think if these numbers hold up. the first reaction abroad will be relief. people don't like coalition governments they are not very predictable. a government which may have to rely -- well, certainly have to rely on other parties parliamentary support but is a rock of 316 seeds in it's own right. will offer kind of a certainty, and direction and tradition nally the stronger on things like defense spending etc. there's the questioning of trident which you would have gotten from the s.m.p. had they been an influence.
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>> this is quite important isn't it? although it looks like it is going to do numerically extremely well, a great deal of influence over u.k. policy as a whole. and that it clowned the nuclear deterrent. >> i think that's right. but on the other hand, the price of this victory is to have further separated scotland from england the message of the campaign, that the smp can't be trusts is a message to all scotts that there isn't a place or a home for you in west minister, or at least to many scotts so i think while it will be ill stand positive reaction to the result abroad the questions that it raises about the long term future about a united kingdom, and secondly the questions it will raise about britain's place in europe now with the assurance that there will be
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a referendum. the morning after there will be more doubts about it. >> having viewed the success of the scottish national party, not in gaining independent but in winning all these seats what encouragement is there to give to other separatist parties in the rest of europe such as in spain. a very small party to the dominant party in scotland across one election cycle so i think yes it will encouraging tendencies across europe and elsewhere. >> is britain the international player, there were suggests in the sections of the media when we saw francoise elan. and the deal on the jets.
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>> it's always been there that has programs reasserted. perhaps germany leading on issues like ukraine and the relative absence from the crisis management, in recent months. and the refusal he was willing to throw money at everything else, but the one thing he wasn't prepared is the 2% going on the defense spending the that toe target. so i think there is a feeling that britain has turned inwards that retreated from the world. >> thank you very much, indeed. mark brown, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. >> okay, the senior conservative politician says the expo we have been talking about prime minister the national election pointed to
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a clear win for his party said this the first we have heard from, if it is right it means the conservatives have clearly won this election, and labor has clearly lost it. this poll forecasts that the current prime minister party would win 3-1 6-3 and 16 seeds in the 650 seat par limit. scottish national leader predicted to do very well, such as that extremely carefully. >> now still ahead oen this program, we see more deaths in the african nation after the president insists he will run for his third term in office. this is an out of control russian spacecraft and it is coming our way, stay with us, if you can.
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going through the headlines for you after the u.k. polling booths close predicted the conservatives led by the incumbent are in the lead projected to get 316 seats. that is ten short of a majority the polls suggested labor may come in the distant second with 239 seats. the scottish nationalist leader the leader of the smp says it should be treating this poll with caution winning all but one of the et sos in scotland. and one international headline military has vowed to target leaders of the houthis rebel group say they cross add red line, this it said is because they attacked
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saudi citizens. just hours earlier they offered to pause attacks to deliver humanitarian aid it said it would do so only if the houthis also stopped fight. our correspondent reports. >> is this is the southern yemen city of adan after weeks of air strikes and fighting. a scene of chaos destruction, and misery. hundreds have been killed and thousands have lost their livelihoods. but there may be an opportunity for a temporary break in the violence. >> today woe particularly welcome a new saudi initiative, to try to bring about a peaceful resolution through the announcement of their intent to establish a full five day renewable cease fire and humanitarian pause.
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no bomb nothing shooting. no movement or repositions of troops. >> john kerry has been meeting the government officials and if the houthiss and loyalist of the former president respond favorably. his proposal could change the situation on the ground. the five day truce is a renewable which means that if the initial cease fire holds there's likelihood of no longer -- the p up is not only to facilitate the distribution of the relief supplies but also to open a window of opportunity for talks to start king solomon has announced a conference which the foreign minister referred to, to which he is inviting all yemen parties. and we support that conference. the two ministers pointed out that after the initial conference proposed by saudi arabia which will be held on
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the 17th of this month the saudis and the government encouraging subsequent talks to be held with the help of the u.n. the houthis say they are open to talks but will not attempt any that support the saudi led coalition. they will never ever never go to real because they have attacked us, they are not any more neutral, and neither any country in the gulf. >> but the saudi foreign minister insists of the talks to begin the cease fire must hold. >> this is all based on the houthis complying with the cease fire, there will be a cease fire everywhere, or a cease fire nowhere if this offer holds it is the biggest step yetrd twos bringing all sides to the table. mohamed al jazeera. despite all that talk about a cease fire, in a military briefing just a few hours ago, the saudi led coalition
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said it would apply painful response to any attacks by the houthis on land inside saudi arabia. it was bid a high price because the security of the saudi borders is the top priority of the coalition forces and of the saudi armed forces this is a red line that has been overcome. so there will be huge operations that will start from now and will never end until there objectives made by the political leadership of the country are done and fulfilled and met. the sight intelligence groups which tracked the movements of number of groups is reporting that a senior official that's al quaida in the arabian peninsula has been killed by air strikes. he has named this man appears in a number of videos including one claiming
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responsibility for the attack on the french magazine in paris in january. they can neater deny nor confirm that report. an iraqi soldier has been killed. 11 have been wounded during clashes with fighters in the iraqi city. security sources said that they rocket propelled grenade fired by isil hit a military headquarters in the city. three fighters also said were killed in a drone attack in northern falujjah. at least three more people have been killed during political violence in the capitol. protestors in the south african nation have been on the streets now for almost two weeks. demonstrating against the decision by the president to run for a third term, which they say is illegal. al jazeera malcolm web is our correspondent in the capitol. soldiers have been out on the
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streets of the capitol since the second day of protests against the president pierre bid for a third term. the army says it is supporting the police but it's soldiers have not juneed in the violence, and the protestor like them. >> the soldiers are always protecting them when the policeman shoot at us. >> we thank the soldiers and their commander, we should deploy more soldiers on the street. >> that protest was then broken up. police fired tear gas and guns this time nobody was injured. the protectors say a lot of people in police uniforms are not policeman but members of the ruling party youth wing, and the protestors say that a much more likely to shoot them with guns but they say as long as the soldiers are out from the streets too then they are safe, and muchless likely to get shot.
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it is not normal to hear police singing songs on the athlete, but police and the ruling party deny that they are involved. many people sea the army as being politically neutral the peace deal the 12 year civil war in 2005 states the military should be ethnically balanced and inclusive of all former rebel groups some say this has not fully happened in practice, but it is trusted and known to be professional nonetheless. the soldiers have been trained by some too they serve in peace keeping missions. in spite of fears of political and ethnic violence escalating the army spokesman told us it can keep the population safe. they foe what to do, they know how to cooperate and they are doing their jobs. they have to wait. >> but some of the activist whose call for the protests
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don't want the army to wait, they say they want it to take control professor studies the conflicts for years he thinks it could happen soon if the violence continues. in that situation, i can even see a coup-de-ta happening so that stability and normality can be restored throughout the country. >> it is hard to see how the situation will be resolved neither the president nor the the protestors show any sign of backing down. malcolm web, al jazeera in canada. to release the detainee on bail. >> for a decade the youngest
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inmate at guantanamo bay after pleading guilty to war crimes before a u.s. military commission in 2010 omar was transferred to serve his sentence in canada. his lawyers wanted him free on bail, as they appeal that u.s. conviction. and they were successful. >> do i imagine he will be trying to understand is this really true. and he will not really believe it, until. -- a journey that began thousands of kilometers away, and the afghan border has ended here in a courthouse in edmonton. for now omar is a freeman. >> dennise spent ten years fighting for the legal rights in courts in canada, the u.s. and guantanamo bay itself. >> when i went to go talk mow for the first time, i saw a tragically unhappy injured young boy who looked like a little broken sparrow to me.
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chained to a floor. and i walked in there as i say, as a lawyer, and i came out as a very sad father. >> as well, a father figure to a controversial young man denounced. even today by his own canadian government as a hardened criminal, whose family allegedly had link or sympathies with groups like al quaida. human rights said he was a child when arrests and should have been treated leniently. >> i look forward on omar's behalf to the most ordinary life you can imagine. i look forward to the day that we can cheer at his graduation.
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when we can dance at a wedding, and if he is really fortunate some day celebrate children. hard to imagine how it feels to exchange tough incarceration, at guantanamo bay and other prisons for a quiet home in canada. that's what omar is experiencing right now. for the first time in almost 13 years. daniel al jazeera edmonton. >> just a few hours now an out of control russian spacecraft should plummet back to earth the three-ton unmanned cargo ship failed to reach a proper orbiting height. as they will tell us. >> it was the 150th launch of a russian progress spacecraft, and initially everything appears normal. but within minutes mission control had problems contacting the craft, and when it did get images.
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instead the trackage f the slow decent became the focus of the mission. >> on average, one tracked object reenters the atmosphere each day. and in spacecraft or piece of rocket typically falls back to earth once a week, this may sound alarming but most of these are so small they burn up. in this case, that's what is likely to happen, because the russian progress craft weighs just three-tons that's a lot later than other big spacecraft that have crashed to earth sky land, for example, it weighed 77en toes it scattered large chunks of debris over a town southeast of australia. nobody was hurt, but nasa was fined $400 for littering. or one of the largest to come down russia's mia space station, it weighed over 135 tons. because of it's size it was ditched into the south
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pacific ocean, in 2001. russia's space agency -- hoping to understand what exactly caused the $15 million mission to go wrong. al jazeera. >> and in cyber space >> . >> times to round up the major headlines for you here on al jazeera an exit poll which following the closing of booths the election it says the conservatives are in the lead projecting a 316 seat for them. ten short of a majority. hardcore nerds. dr. shay soma are. a, a mechanical engineer. facial recognition technology. it can fight crime by spotting a face in a crowd, but can it keep you out of the club? >> my picture is in the gallery.