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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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of your world. >> ali velshi on target only on al jazeera america
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329 places and that's a absolute majority. the labor party has 24 seats and that is don boy 25. and, they're projected had to end up with 233 seats. and the scottish national party have taken 56-59 possible seats. eight seats down by 46, and now the latest. it's now almost certain that david cameron will remain as prime minister, the results so far, show that he will have no seats and a slim overall majority. i want my party, and i hope, a government i would like it
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lead to reclaim a mantle that we should never have lost, the mantle of one nation, one united kingdom, that's how i will govern if i am for nat enough to forge a government in the coming days. the labor leader has failed to mat impact he hoped his leader sip has been called into question. this has been a very disappoint and difficult night for the labor party. we haven't made the gains we wanted. and whales. and in scott land, we have seen a surge of nationallism, other welch our party. the liberal demo accurates seemed to have been punished. and his party is predicted to get just 10 seats down from 2010. hemented he may row sign his leadership. i will be seeking to make
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further remarks about the implications of this election. both to the country and for the party and my position in the liberal democrats when i marie marks to my colleagues later this morning. the immediate triumph of the night went to nicholas' scottish national lists a clone sweep of scotland at the expense of labor. a 20-year-old candidate unseating the national campaign manager. it's been one of the most crucial votes for decades and the most closely fault. it could decide the future of britain, in europe. the conservatives have considered a in-out on remembership terms and there's more voting ahead and there may have to be negotiations about
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how to form a stable union. some were quick to celebrate the success and others weren't so sure. the anti-immigration party is expected to get two seats but he himself may fail to get elected, prompting a leadership contest. it's been a night of surprises and shocks, not least the possibility of demands for another referendum on scottish independent deps. lawrence lee is outside the house of parliament, and so, what happened this? this is not the scenario were telling us that we would be facing this morning. no, in the for a single second and, you know, in the normal run of things, the way politics has worked. if the result of the election laws would win by a majority of
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one, you would think it was unconvincing result. but this hasn't been like any sort of normal collection and all opinion for weeks every single opinion poll said that neither the conservatives nor the labor party would not get a majority and britain is heading into the then known. it could not possibly have been more wrong. it makes you wonder what was wrong with all those opinion polls. and what was it that changed people's minds and convince he them that the conservative message was better. was it, they were the only party that could stop the scottish national lists or was it the much more simple message that they were drumming into people's head. day off-day through this entire campaign that they are the only people, who can look after the
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economy. a little earlier, i spoke to the foreign secretary, and he suggested it was that, that swayed the views. i think the clear message was if you want us to carry on with the economic plan and get the best sit down and copy creating more jobs, and more skills, if you want to see briton's growth in the forefront of the developed countries you have to stick with the conservatives. but it didn't shift pence. a lot of people have taken the approach of voting for what they know. they're not talking about what people are promising for the future, but what when have done. they're saying, you know, think they're doing the right thing, they're on the right track. so, a triumph for the conservative party and david cameron, and his chancellor,
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will say they have a clear mandate to carry on. there a triumph for them and the scottish national party and the number of votes that they got, and utterly disastrous for liberal party and they will have to start over. and the biggest losers have been the labor party of working people how could they have lost so heavily the chancellor lost his seat, and the leader will have to go. there's a list of people, it doesn't look like there's any new thinking from any of those candidates that could break away from any of the ideas that they came up with, in the last decade that will orr a proper and very distinct alternative. yes. thanks so much.
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as you mentioned the labor party has been defeated by the scottish national party and support, has been gaining momentum since the referendum, and joinses us now says that scott tish national lists were expected to do well. this is where they could count on the seats. for decade after decade, and the conservatives, left with one seat, and the liberals, left with one seat, try and make sense of all of this. and let's talk to my guest.
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daniel. he gave his speech a few hours ago he spoke about an up surge of nationallism, in scotland as the reason for this terrible night for labor. is this an up surge? well, it is, a up surge in voting for the nationalist party, and but what's been happening in scotland, the nationals have been gaining credibility and ground and, they have their own parliament, and they have been in government since 2007. and scottish voters have come to see them as a competent party and government. that doesn't necessarily mean that they are all in favor of especially dependence. but they are prepared to len their vet to them and make scott land's voice heard. lay for established
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themselves on the left, they are the party of social justice and they were losers. we got good surveys that suggest that is the perception. and, it is that labor have desserted that background, the proddy years where the party in london pursued a more market based approach. and also, not helping labor with last year's referendum here. the labor party joined forces with the conservatives against an independence vote and, that didn't help them in the eyes of the scottish voters. that's the bigger issue. is there a real risk for david cameron, even in this morning of try university that he will be the last prime minister of u.k.
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there is a risk. i think they have played a very dangerous game, in the long-term. in the short term it may have worked out of them. they played on the fear. but it looks as though, that's been successful, but what it may do is spoke up scottish nationallism and english and he could slope walk into a situation, where it is pulled apart. so lots to watch here, in scottish and british politics. a very interesting time and astonishing results. thank you. well still ahead. fears, syria's war could spill over into lebanon.
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and the iran's nuclear program
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it was a discras trust night for the labor party as well as the liberal democrat, both both of
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them lost key seats. they held on to their seats and the chancellor lost his seat. the national party had a good night robbedly defeating the labor party and also sending the youngest member. yes, ma'am minute's northern side has been hit by the heaviest airstrikes, and, it is on the boarder and coalition plains, and the coalition says, they also targeted a command center west. the u.s. defense secretary says the americans have started
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training a small group. ash carter says it will be a few months before the first group will be deployed. these trainees are recruited they're vetted, and only then are they put into training. so they've been in the program for quite awhile. and then the training takes some time and they would be inserted into operations, and the tran niece behind them, and when hope this to be a ever expanding program, once it proves itself. battles are intensifying in the mountains between syria and lebanon, they are fighting the forces, and many people are worry that their core tri will be drawn into the conflict. hezbollah bowl will a is calling it a strategic victory.
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funerals held were televiced and this is more than ever a propaganda war with each fax claiming gains, it is hard to get a clear picture. what is clear, as it deep punts many worry a spillover will draw lebanon further into the civil war. the lebanese army, is for now, observing. and for the time being, they are refusing to get endangled into this fight. and they are waiting, and the top commanders, already declared that they will not be engaged in a fight outside of the boarders, and just protect the lebanese
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side. that's important. the mountain range, is a strategic location, for hezbollah, they use this to get weapons, nude and out of syria in the past hour, we have seen weapons going from lebanon into syria. for its part, hezbollah is promising to clear the area of all opposition fighters to ensure their supply route. the u.s. secretary general is concerned about israel's plan to build more selling men's on the land. they have already approved the construction of the 900 homes. it was formed late on thursday. it includes the far right jewish
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home party which backs the homes. now, more from west jerusalem. there's been intense criticism, and politicians say that the government is narrow, and one rooted in self interest, and the palosten indians have described it as extreme right wing and they have no interest in seeking a two state solution. yet they may take comfort, that the government may not last long, it is self-destructive, and a number of members of the coalition were brought in with a promise of increased government expendisure, and other partners is headed by a man tapped to be the finance minister, who has insisted he will cut government spending. and there has been speculation
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that benjamin netanyahu invite the leader to join the coalition, making it go a stronger government, and he has made clear that he has no interest in joining a coalition headed by benjamin netanyahu and less likely to join. the u.s. senate has passed a bill that would allow to review and reject any nuclear plan. they will ease economic sanctions in exchange for a scaling back. the bill as amended is passed. overwhelming support, now on the way to becoming law. legislation, that would make sure that congress has the ability to review any agreement
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with iran. and a nation that we cannot trust. if passed into law the legislation would allow the congress 30 days to review any agreement that the the u.s.ners into will. certify, to the president and certify every 90 days that they are in compliance. some, but not all u.s. sanctions, could be removed. first it must be passed in the house of representatives, and there, the president has received renewed support. namely boy members of his own political party. on thursday, more than 120 mostly democrats sent a letter to the white house supporting dip mo makey and pledging at
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the ready to act and insure that iran would not get a weapon. but, it is unlikely it hurt negotiations set to resume, between iran, the united states and five other world powers, according to this analyst he says iran doesn't care about american sanctions. iran has learned to live with them what they are hurting about, is the international sanctions that, took thempy surprise, and they try to get themselves free from them. but that hasn't stopped u.s. lawmakers, to see it as the single greatest threat, not only to regional peace but world peace. they are determined to stop it. once the youngest prisoner in guantanano bay has been
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freed. he was only 15 when he was arrested. speak are for the first time since being released. he said he'll show that he's a good person. i would like to thank the canadian public for trusting me, and giving me a chance. it might be some time, but i will prove to them, that, i am more than what they thought of me i'm a good person. thank you very much. at left four people have been injured in fighting between protestors and police in the capital. demonstrators are calling for changes for upcoming elections. and the opposition wants local elections to be held before the presidential election. ,000 sages of african migrants are risking their lives
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to reach europe, in search of a better life. many are from poor communities and don't always find what they are looking for. cad they are run explains. this is the women who have just returned from the middle east they're in the safe house for might go. might go grations. on my journey back, i met someone who helped me find this makes, i'm glad i'm home, but i don't know what the future holds. when stave stable enough, they'll be enrolled in government programs, and goodbyes idea, and given space
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and, loans to grow their trade. they need to know, that there are a number of options. this creates opportunity. they live in the country side. they are preparing for the planting season in june. the government says, it gives them seeds and but the population is growing fast. we don't have enough land. i have rented space. and i have to save. now many are abandoning agriculture and headed to crowded centers in the in the north. many leave their home to try and make a living. but those here told us that they
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hardly get enough money to support their families. on a good day, he makes $5 by getting people around time, he has tried everything, including going to saudi arabia. i went to different coun tries and they don't see a future here. they just want to leave. u.s. justice department will investigate whether the baltimore police department have engaged in a practice of excessive force. baltimore's mayor requested the probe after charges were filed against six officers involved,
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in freddie grays art. he suffered a fatal neck injury and his death set off nationwide protest over the police treatment of african americans. musicians in the philippines are supporting a new law, that will help protect them from foreign music. here we go. these dj's host one of the most popular radio shows like other mainstream programs, it's in english and features foreign pop music. if they don't play them. p our job is to play what people want to hear. right now it's pretty hard to fill. there isn't much local
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music, that sells to the local public. a remaining notion, if it is foreign, it must be better, and website the music is played so much that only a quarter of royalties go to local composers. and it doesn't mean that they aren't out there they lack support. some of them want to see stronger government measures to protect the homegrown music. and they are looking for government help. but legislation can't guarantee them an audience. it's not something that you can dictate. you can try to influence them, but, in the end, we can try but the final decision is with the public.
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these are songs for putting country first and, they hope the country will learn to favor them, ahead of others ♪ ♪ if you want to follow that story lives. the science of fighting a wildfire. we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight techknow investigates gold at any cost. we travel deep into the rainforests of peru. these illegal mining operations extend for miles