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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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♪ defying odds david cameron expected to declare out right victory in the uk's general election. ♪ you're watching al jazeera, i'm sammy, also coming up saudi-led air strike target houthi commanders after they shell a border town in the kingdom. we meet ethiopians who left the middle east in search of a better life and found hardship instead and remembering ve day so many mark the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii in europe. ♪
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let's begin with the uk elections and it's almost certain david cameron will win a second term in government and final results almost all in and cameron expected to announce victory soon and conservative party has taken 325 seats so far. that is just one seat away from an overall majority. the labor party currently has 229 seats, that's down by 26. it's projected to end up with 233 seats in parliament. that is largely because the scottish national party have all but wiped out labor in scotland and have taken 56 out of 59 possible seats. liberal democrats had a disaster night and down by 46 retaining 8 seats. david cameron is expected to meet the queen soon to discuss
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forming a government. >> this is clearly a very strong night for the conservative party. i think we have had a positive response to a positive campaign about safeguarding our economy, about creating jobs about a record the government over the last five years but above all a plan for the next five years, based on clear values. >> reporter: expecting to hear from the labor party leader ed soon he hasn't yet made a decision about the future of his leadership but nick of the liberal democrats has and this is what the prime minister had to say a short time ago. >> clearly results have been more crushing and unkind than i ever could have feared. that of course i must take responsibility and therefore i announce that i will be resigning as leader of the liberal democrats. >> reporter: nick an of course loser there but a big winner is nicholas scottish national party
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and she took 56 out of a possible 59 seats in scotland. >> labor has been losing the trust of the people of scotland for many years and repeated and what we are seeing today is scotland putting trust in smp to stand up for scotland at westminster and have the voice heard and be a voice of politics and that is what we intend to do. >> reporter: let's go live now to lawrence lee who is at westminster in london lawrence as i mentioned there the latest count, the conservatives just one seat away from an overall majority. this wasn't at all the picture that the polls were telling us would be prevalent at this point today today. >> no, not at all and, in fact even though they have not got an actual majority they will do it in a minute and majority of 3-6 and effect a majority anyway because members of parliament from northern ireland do not take the seats up it has been
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an extraordinarily unexpected and successful night to the conservative party could conceivably imagined as you say no polling at all the campaign predicted this what we were told was going to happen is a messy new politicians with the different parties and as i said earlier on the whole thing was over by the time effectively by the time people were going to work this morning and almost on every level things have worked out perfectly for david cameron and not only does he have majority to continue their economic program as they want to every siningle of his opponent parties in england have basically fallen apart. we think ed is going to resign in a minute and nick from the liberal democrats has resigned and ukip leader lost his seat and he is gone too. so they just have this absolutely open road in front of them except for the issue with
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the scottish nationalists and there is already talk of them trying to neutralize that as well by offering scotland full fiscal autonomy to try to stop the surge of power coming back to scotland. so amazingly an unexpectedly successful night for the conservative party. and as you say in a half an hour from now david cameron will meet the queen and marks more or less the end of the election. >> takes us through what comes next lawrence, now a trip to the queen and victory speech and what political direction does the united kingdom take? >> well you know, whatever you think of the conservative party and clearly they got 36% of the vote so but by extension 64% of people didn't vote for them what you think of them they have been true to their word and stuck to the core messages since the points in time when david cameron was elected and from the
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start they wanted the disaster and banking crash and financial collapse into an opportunity to try to reshape the economy and british politics and said from the start it would be a two-term job that would change things properly and what they have done by that basically has been probusiness, bailed the banks out, a lot of opponents say shifted the tax burden on power and austerity and food banks and it will continue with budget after budget and years after year and austerity will go on to get the deficit down and to some extent they blamed people who were out of work for not wanting to get a job and as well as that of course the mild european and anti-immigration and new rules said will be if europe says you come here for six months and you can't get a job then you have to leave the country, these sorts of things are playing very well into right wing sentiment,
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whether or not it effects conservatives or frankly former labor party voters, a lot of them moved to ukip as well. on all these issues their arguments basically have won. >> lawrence lee there inside westminster for us. and in other news saudi-led coalition droving leaflets telling civilians to leave follows a new series of air strikes against houthi rebels in the area and we have the latest. >> reporter: hours after offering a five-day humanitarian ceasefire in yemen the saudi-led coalition has launched more air strikes against the houthis. saudi army officers say the decision was in response to houthi shelling of saudi villages. >> translator: now the equation has changed. we will target those who carried out attacks against our people their bases, the city where houthi commanders are operating.
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military operation will be longer and harsher and it will go after all the houthi commanders. >> reporter: these are some of the areas that were hit in sada the power base of houthis in northern yemen and saudi-led coalition said it destroy ded command centers and telecommunication centers and fighting is continuing across the country. here on the streets of aiden in the south, forces loyal to president abd rabbuh mansur hadi have been fighting for weeks to push the rebels out. but the houthis backed by soldiers who support former president saleh insist they still have the upper hand. tribesmen loyal to president hadi are now in control of the international airport along yemen's eastern coast but the
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rest has fallen to al-qaeda recently recently. six weeks of fighting have left yemen in tatters, hundreds have been killed and thousands of families have been displaced or had to flee the country. yemen's humanitarian situation gets worse everyday. near the capitol sanaa people spent hours cueing for drink and water. the city which is controlled by the houthis is rationing water, fuel and food items with the rising shortage in supplies. >> translator: we face a huge crisis. there is no cooking and no electricity and transportation is not existing. >> reporter: calling for a ceasefire across the country so that aid can reach millions of people. but delivering it may not be
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possible. i'm with al jazeera. hezbollah say three fighters killed on the syria/lebanon border and video of the syrian rebel group and hezbollah and they support assad and fighting various rebel groups in the border area for months. u.s. defense secretary says american troops have started training a small group of syrian fighters to combat islamic state of iraq and levante and ash carter says it will be a few months before the first group of 90 fighters there be deployed. >> these trainees are recruited, they are vetted and only then are they put into training so they have been in the program for quite a while. and then the training takes some time and than they would be inserted into operations and the trainees behind them and get back to the previous question we
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hope this to be an ever-expanding program once it proves itself which i think it will. >> reporter: and we have the director of the institute for middle eastern gulf analysis and is live from beirut and do you think the u.s. has a new broad strategy forcier -- for syria or is the training of 95 fighters a little too late? >> no this is a new strategy. this is a plan that some of the regional countries like arab and turkey have been advocating for quite a while and now the u.s. seems to have adopted this policy with allotment of half a billion dollars for the training and equipment and equipping of
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units from the free syrian army and ab and objective is to create a force for a vacuum that would be made by the hoped defeat of i.s.i.s. as well as the anticipated collapse of the regime. >> you mentioned there the initiative by countries like saudi arabia and turkey and developing sort of their own plan for supporting elements of the syrian opposition. is that though being coordinated with the u.s. or is this regional country taking the initiative and losing faith in american action? >> now i think from my understanding talking to officials in the u.s. and region and now there is a place, there is a plan that has the u.s. and turkey and saudi arabia and car
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qatar and jordan for equipping the force and there are hoped by mid next year a year from today, it would reach up to 15,000 15,000. the challenge here is the selection process of getting recruits who are affiliated with the radical islam groups and it has been delaying this process plus in the meantime there are requirements to keep the opposition on their feet so we have have we see some new effective weaponry reaching these forces. we also see the opposition forces closing ranks, becoming more unified and there is more synergy in their operations which reflect the growing understanding between the various regional players and
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supporting the opposition and unified plan aimed at defeating the regime now we have a joint understanding between the u.s. and its allies in the region and it's a necessity of defeating the regime in order to be able to defeat i.s.i.s. so now both the fates of i.s.i.s. and the regime are linked together within this overall strategy adopted by the u.s. and its allies in the region. >> all right thanks for that. let's take you now live to the british capitol where ed the leader of the labor party is speaking, let's listen in to see if he is resigning as expected. >> [cheering] britain needs a strong labor
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party. britain needs a labor party that can rebuild after this defeat so we can have a government that stands up for working people again and now it's time for someone else to take forward the leadership of this party so i am tendering resignation taking effect this afternoon after the ve celebration and want to do straight away after the debate of the right way forward without constraint. let me say he is the best deputy leader anyone can hope for and i worked for her more than 20 years ago and proud though have had her as my deputy for my term. [applause]
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she will take over until a new leader is elected. for me i'm looking forward to reaquinting myself with justice, daniel and sam but before i do i want to say a few things. first of all thank you to the british people. thank you to the people who met me on train stations and colleges and workplaces and schools. thank you for sharing your stories with me. i've learned so much from you. there has been an enormous privilege. thank you for the selfies, thank you for the support, and thank you for the most unlikely cult of the 21st century. [clear [cheers and applause] tendering resignation as he addresses supporters and the nation saying his party needs an honest debate as he put it about the way forward without constraint and explained why he
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felt it was necessary for him to step down after what is termed as a surprising defeat for the labor party in the elections. still ahead on al jazeera we visit the cape flat communities of south africa dubbed the suburbs where children are growing up in a battleground. ♪
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♪ welcome back let's recap the headlines on al jazeera, david cameron conservative party on course to win majority in britain parliament and party has taken 325 seats, just one away
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from victory the labor party suffered a landslide defeat in scotland. and in the last few moments the labor leader ed has resigned after his party suffered a large defeat and leaders of the liberal democrats nick and the leader of uk independence party nigel have also stepped down. saudi-led forces dropped leaflets on yemen northern side of the region asking civilians to leave and follows the heaviest air strikes in the area since the saudi bombing of country began. italian navy held a news conference about the wreckage of a vessel that sank off the coast of libya in april and the prosecutor in charge of investigation says there appears to be hundreds of bodies in the ship and only 28 people survived the cap sizing and we are live
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in sicily and what details of discovery of the ship is bringing to light about what happened? >> reporter: that's right and they sent out a robot around 370 meters under the water and they say that the images they saw were of hundreds of dead bodies still in that ship and he did make a plea to the media and said please do not chase these pictures and are not releasing them to respect the dignity and the investigation at the moment is to try and establish whether some of the doors had been closed and survivors that came here have been telling investigators that some of the doors were locked and would have prevented anyone from leaving and this is important to establish responsibility of two men in custody is part of the 28 survivors and one tunisia and one syrian and asking how responsible they were for the tragedy because this single incident was the deadliest there had been here since the second world war in the waters and are hugely concerning and he said
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they hoped they could establish that without having to pull the boat out of the water. they do not want to touch it because of course the tragic images they have seen down there. >> reporter: all right, we will leave you there and thanks so much for that. thousands of african migrants risking lives to reach europe in search of a better life and some ethiopian are trying to search for a better life. >> reporter: ethiopian women have recently returned from the middle east and they are in a safe house founded by the international organization for migration and they are traumatized. according to iom estimates in the last two years more than 160,000 migrants have been forced back home. >> translator: and used a bogus employment agency to reach lebanon and small lers to smugglers to get to other places
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in the middle east. >> translator: on the journey back i found someone who helped me find this and told him i was mistreated abroad and i'm home but i don't know what the future holds. >> reporter: when they are stable enough they will be enrolled in government-funded programs like this one, ethiopians with good business ideas are given space in state buildings and loans to grow their trade. >> every citizen here needs to know there are a number of options, as you know one of the fastest growing countries. this grows with an opportunity for them. >> reporter: the business programs are in urban areas and ethiopians are poor farmer whose live in the countryside. preparing for the planting season in june. the government says it gives them seeds, fertilizers but the population is growing fast. >> translator: we don't have enough land. i have rented this space from another farmer. and i had to sell my ox to
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afford it. >> reporter: now many are abandoning agriculture and heading to crowded centers in the north where life is equally tough. many young people leave their homes and come to places like this to try and make a living but those we talk to here told us they hardly get enough money to support their families. on a good day he makes $5 getting people around town. he has tried everything else including going to saudi arabia. >> translator: people go to other countries for different reasons and mostly because they do not see a future here and few succeed in those countries. >> reporter: back at the safe house they continue to deal with abuse they suffered abroad but the experience it seems is no deterrent for thousands of others who just want to leave, al jazeera, northern ethiopia.
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at least four people have been injured in fighting between protests and police in the capitol and demonstrators are calling for changes to the timetable for upcoming elections and opposition wants local elections be held before presidential vote due in october. the murder rate in south africa has slowed down everywhere apart from cape town. that is mostly down to drug gangs fighting over territory in the cities and cape flats communities. in an exclusive interview we talk to a gang leader who blames the government for turning his neighborhood into a ghetto. >> reporter: 11:00 at night here and smoking crystal meth in a portable toilet. these are members of one of the gangs running the drug trade-in the cape flats area of cape town. roland is a gang leader and believes taking and selling drugs is the only life possible
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here. >> young boys are dreaming and the dream is to be a drug dealer and they don't have school fees and don't have money to go to college, they don't have a boyfriend in prison and no food at home and take the drugs for the escape goat. >> reporter: there is a price to this drug-fueled world and he was hit by a stray bullet in a gun fight between the gangs. these children are growing up in a battleground. >> we use drug dealers and shootings and all the kids here can get shot any times especially when you see someone's baby shot. >> you get killed for just witnessing it? >> yes. >> reporter: gang leader believes the government doesn't care about the mixed race or colored communities as they call themselves and have allowed
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their neighborhood to become a ghetto. >> when the party was young and the government and this is a different day because the role models and took the gangs for role models and i call this place the maximum security prison and i see everyone in power and if they can put a roof over it then it is a prison. >> reporter: this is the suburbs and drugs trade is everywhere here and it's the main employer and can put food on the table when no one else will and according to a resent report the police are as complicit in this drug's economy as the gangs themselves. >> it is through corruption that criminal networks are able to corrupt public officials including law enforcement
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agencies to either turn a blind eye or to be complicit and criminals are able to avoid law enforcement making sure it disappears or witnesses interfered with or in rare cases even eliminated. >> reporter: he says the way to stop the spiral is to stop them seeing the street gangs as surrogate families by strengthening the family unit and empowering the mothers and the gang leader agrees. >> i want to make the choice to change people's lives and i hope wherever you are you will listen. >> reporter: the murder rates across the rest of south africa is decreasing in the cape flats it's rising as these young men fight over territory and drug profits and many have never left the flats, many won't make it.
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sue with al jazeera, in the cape flats area of cape town. new app has been launched in china to help people identify and monitor the country's worst polluters. the blue map compiles emissions supplied from factories allowing users to see which companies exceed official standards. users can share figures on social media and the app has been downloaded more than 3 million times. friday marks 70th and anniversary and germany surrendered a close of six years of war and celebrations across the continent and paris u.s. secretary of state john kerry joined the ceremony and french president laid a wreath and
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angela merkel held a special session and moscow chinese president ping and other heads of state have been arriving for saturday's victory parade there and most west enleaders are not attending the event and protesting russia's role in the fighting in the eastt of ukraine. >> british foreign ministeter david cameron defies expectations and leads his party to a victory. >> pakistan's military scrambles to the side of a deadly helicopter crash where two foreign ambassadors were killed. >> the justice department set to open an investigation into baltimore's