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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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saudi armed forces and the border forces are now doing their job in protecting the saudi citizens and preventing the houthi militias from expanding their operations. they have tried to infiltrate in to the borders, but we have attacked them and they have -- houthis have a strong desire to -- relief centers and to pave the way for the yemeni to get some assistance as the houthis have no political target. they have military targets. we know now we're about to have a ceasefire, humanitarian relief works will be there, but we want to abort all of the efforts of the international community, and
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what we know the atrocities committed by the houthis inside of yemen. the houthis are trying to escalate the military situation, but we are telling them no way. the situation is different. their response will be punishing during the coming days. maritime, the coalition command are doing their job in inspecting and watching and monitoring in order to prevent any support to the houthis militias in yellmen and to facilitate the relief operations in the yemeni borders. i just wanted to let you know and to let your audience and everyone about the situation and it's the right time for any questions if you have any.
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[ inaudible ] from al jazeera newspaper. the saudi al jazeera newspaper. the armed forces and the national guard forces have entered into the yemeni territories. is that right? some reports have said that. and why aden is not still -- until now is not free at all from the houthi militias? regarding the saudi forces into the yemeni territories, no. this is not true at all. the orders is to prevent the houthis from getting closer to our borders. we work and operate on the borders, and we work in depth of the country. the border operations need to prevent the houthis from getting closer to our borders, and in depth means to attack their locations there. the ground forcing, the national guard, and the coast guard
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is -- or are to attack and to prevent these houthis from getting into our cities through the rockets or whatever in order to prevent them from doing the same that has been done. until now we don't have military operation, ground operation inside yemen. this matter is not a way from our thinking but we will think about that in case we need to go into the yemeni territories. regarding aden i have said before that the popular committees are only working inside aden. the cooperation between the two parties is not because of attack or armed vehicle can do a lot in -- if compared with the
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weapons the military -- the popular committees have. we need some time -- we spoke about 40 days or less than 40 days since these committees have started their work. they have managed to stop the militias from occupying aden. this is a good job. there is thing being done now to train and to offer weapons to the popular committees. we need some time and we need to be patient in order to prepare the yemeni the pro-legit maty army and those committees to do the job needed. thank you. mohammed [ inaudible ]. please why did you warn about attacking sa'dah? don't you think this will help them to move from sa'dah and move their equipment from there?
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yes, this is a right question you have the right to ask, but i need to remind you my brother and sister there is an ethical commitment not to attack the civilance that have nothing to do with the houthi militia. even if he is committed to houthis, as long as he is not carrying weapons, then we need to protect him. and the yemeni people in sa'dah could now be kidnapped by the houthi militias. we are quite keen to make everyone aware that there will be attacks, and we ask those yemeni people to be away from these cities from these areas. we also ask the yemeni citizens to be away from the houthis
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places and we also urge the tribes and the yemeni not to host any houthi militias or to help them to restore their weapons in the farms or the houses. now we have concern, information that these houthi militias are now having their command centers in the hospitals, in the schools, so it's the time now for punishment. everyone who attacked the saudi citizens will be punished. that's why we ask the yemeni citizens to be away from these killers, from these houthis, and we will attack them by the armed forces and the air forces. >> well there have been very few times when brigadier general has shown emotion speaking on behalf of the saudi-lead coalition involved in the
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bombing campaign or the attacks on yemen, but responding there to a question from a journalist about the increase in the intensity of the attacks in the northern province of sa'dah he became particularly animated saying the houthi fighters were now using schools, hospitals as command centers, because they could then hide themselves among the civilian population and the coalition having said earlier that it would be dropping leaflets on to the area to warn people in this northern province and it is a heavily populated area sa'dah. here is a number of very large towns there. they have said that they would drop leaflets telling the people in that area that they had until approximately 1:10 ago to get out of the area because the campaign was going to be intensifying.
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so on the one hand you have that set of circumstances, where the military is saying these people are -- are hiding in houses that the civilian population should leave, that the attacks are going to increase in intensity at least. on the other hand right about 40, 50 minutes ago, we have saudi arabia saying that a five-day ceasefire, a ceasefire in yemen will start in five days. that is on tuesday, may the 12th conditional, 11:00 pm may 12th conditional if the houthi fighters agree to lay down their weapons. here is the saudi foreign minister saying he hoped houthi might -- fighters in yemen would come to their senses and lay down their weapons. >> the ceasefire will begin this tuesday, may 12th, at 11:00 pm and will last for five days and is subject to renewal if it
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works out. the requirements are first and foremost that there's a commitment by the houthis and their allyies to abide by the ceasefire. >> providing that the houthi agree that there will be no bombing, no shooting no movement of their troops or maneuvering to reposition for military advantage, no movement of military weapons or others that the ceasefire is conditioned on the houthis agreeing to live by these commitments, and it is a renewable commitment. in other words if they live by it it opens the door for the possibility of extension and the possibility of a longer period of time for the political process to help resolve these differences. >> so there we have the saudi
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foreign minister standing alongside john kerry. the saudi foreign minister saying ceasefire 11:00 pm on the 12th of may, and as we go to mohamed vall my colleague in the saudi capitol riyadh who was listening to that and also the press conference being given by the saudi coalition spokesman, do you notice a major change in different directions one on the ceasefire, and another in terms of the intensity of the bombardment? >> reporter: yeah, quite so yeah. i noticed. at the same time in paris we listened to the two foreign ministers of the u.s. and saudi arabia reiterating that this is this window of opportunity, there is this ceasefire coming up on may 12th. there is a lot of ifs. the word if has been used several times there. and also on the other hand the
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brigadier general spokesman of the coalition has used very strong words that caught my attention during his presser. he said we are about to have a ceasefire, but the houthis should know the punishment will be tough in the next two days. so there will be a ceasefire, but between then and now, we're going to show the houthis we can be stronger tougher, and strike harder. probably that's something they want to use a lesson there. we also used the word lesson we're going to give them a lesson. and we used the word punishment in their attacking the saudis and saudi territory are going to give them a lesson. so the saudis are going to show the houthis what they can do if they don't comply with the ceasefire opportunity in the next two days. >> mohamed vall there for us live in riyadh.
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i'm just going to pick out some of the main points or the other bits that john kerry happened to mention during his press conference saying that the ceasefire was going to be just a couple of days ahead of a meeting in washington, d.c. at the white house and then at camp david when the highest levels of the obama administration including the president himself and some of the leaders of the gulf cooperation council, and they would be tackling a wide range of issues that included the lifting of sanctions against iran. john kerry trying to say, listen on the one hand we have this problem with the gulf countries. on the other hand we have this problem directly with yemen trying to get all of the gulf countries together and reacting in exactly the same way on that. so let's take a step back. in that is what has happened in the last few hours. as i said it's around about 1:12
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since the coalition said that people should have gotten out of the province of sa'dah. what led up to that point. one of the correspondent who spent a lot of time in yemen for us is hashem ahelbarra. here is his account of some of the events before the press conferences we have just been listening to. >> reporter: hours after offering a five-day humanitarian ceasefire in yemen, the saudi-lead coalition has launched more air strikes against the houthis. army officers say the decision was in response to houthi shelling of saudi villages. >> translator: now the equation has changed. we will target those who carried out the attacks against our people their bases, the cities where houthi commanders are operating. our military operation will be longer and harsher. it will go after all of the houthi commanders.
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>> reporter: these are some of the areas that were hit in sa'dah the power base of the houthis in northern yemen. the saudi-lead coalition said it destroyed command and telecommunication centers. the coalition dropped leaf lets urging people to stay away from sa'dah's old city. fighting is continuing across the country. here on the streets of aden in the south, forces loyal to president hadi have been fighting for weeks to push the rebels out. but the houthis, backed by solders who support former president saleh insist they still have the upper hand. but in the central province of mare-ib, the violence continues. these fighters are denying
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houthis access to vital oil and gas installations. tribesmen loyal to president hadi are now in control of the international airport along yemen's eastern coast. but the rest of the area has fallen to al-qaeda recently. six weeks of fighting have left yemen in tatters. hundreds have been killed and thousands of families have been displaced or had to flee the country. yemen's humanitarian situation -- rationing water, fuel, and food items with rising shortage in supplies. >> translator: we face a huge crisis there's no cooking gas. there's no electricity.
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transportation in sana'a is almost non-exist important. >> reporter: the international community is calling for a ceasefire across the country so aid can reach millions of people but delivering it may not be possible. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. do stay with us if you can here on al jazeera, we have this coming up the morning after, david cameron defies the polls to win a second term as prime minister. his main rivals stepped down. and victory in europe today. countries across the continent marking the 70th anniversary of defeating nazi germany in world war ii. stay with us if you can. ♪
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okay. time to go through the top stories here on al jazeera. saudi arabia's foreign minister has said he is willing to bring in a five-day humanitarian ceasefire in yemen on tuesday. this is only as long as the houthis cooperate. he made the announcement during talks with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry in paris. despite the offer of a truce, the saudi-lead coalition launched a new round of air strikes on houthi targets across yemen. they say it's this retaliation for attacks on saudi villages. the u.k. election now the general election where david cameron has defied opinion pollsters and won a second term as the country's prime minister
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in fact he strengthened his position actually winning an effective majority. he has got a majority whether it's effective or not, we'll wait and see. the leaders of all five of the parties have quit today. 331 sees for the conservative party. 99 difference. 232 for the labor party, and they were saying how close it was going to be. it certainly wasn't. that number largely because the scottish national party all but wiped out the labor party in scotland taking 56 seats. and only 8 seats, that is down by 46, so let's get a round up now from lawrence lee. ♪
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>> reporter: david cameron still in downing street and still prime minister his conservative party confounded every single one of the polls, and won a small majority. that allowed him to tell the queen he can form a government. an election that was supposed to involve weeked of negotiations ended up over by lunchtime. >> we will govern as a party of one nation that means ensuring this recovery eaches all parts of our country from north to south, from east to west. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was primarily a laster for the labor opposition and its leader failure to gain english seats and a near wipeout in scotland. the labor party seeks a new leader now. >> britain needs a labor party that can rebuild after this
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defeat so we can have a government that stands up for working people again. and now it's time for someone else to take forward the leadership of this party. >> reporter: the liberal democrats were also wounded. its leader kept his seat, but he too resigned as leader. nor did the anti-immigration u.k. independent party keep its leader. >> i know that you in the media are used to party leaders making endless promises that they don't actually keep. but i'm a man of my word. i don't break my word so i a shall be writing to the u.k. national executive in a few minutes saying i am standing down as leader of ukip. >> reporter: nobody could have imagined things could turn out this well for the conservative
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party. they have a mandate which allows them free reign and they have effectively neutralized all of their political threats in england. in that means months if not years of regrouping and for the u.k. independence party, well they only have one mp and most people in the streets wouldn't even recognize him. the only thing polls got right, was the scottish election. all of the talk in westminster is the prize will be full control over their finances as the conservatives try to stop another push for independence from the u.k. so the british political map has new fault ones. david cameron says he wants to forge one nation but with england supporting right-wing politics, and scotland the opposite, it appears to be a
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most disunited united kingdom. >> barbara sarah is outside of the house of parliament. british politician medium sized democracy, keeps his job. you would think nothing has changed. but nothing could be further from the truth, could it? >> reporter: well on the face of it he is still the prime minister. in a way even a lot of the confirmation of the cabinet roles stay the same. so even when it comes to the cabinet nothing really seems different. but even though mr. cameron now has a majority government and he can form a government without a coalition, he doesn't have as
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big of majority as he did five years ago when he was in coalition with the liberal democrats. it's a handful of votes really dependent on the fact that he is going to have to keep all of his back benchers on side so that is one difference. the other great difference of course as lawrence lee was mentioning in his report is the great surge that we have seen of the smp. now 56 seats here in westminster, and all but three seats in the whole of scotland so mr. cameron has been quick to say he is the prime minister for the whole of the u.k. but people are already predicting there are going to be tensioned over this issue in the next few years. >> let's talk about the changing relationship and the deals he might have to do with members of his own party. it was in the manifesto, and that is an in-out referendum on britain's place in the european
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union. he can do not get away from it now. and there are those people in his party who might find it a lot easier to twist his arm now on the way it is all run and worded than before. >> exactly. and i think if we could get out of it he probably would. he had made it clear that he wants the u.k. to remain in the e.u. he wants to renegotiate some of the duties of the u.k. and some of the rules it has bound be immigration being one of them. but certainly he doesn'ting want the u.k. out of the e.u. but the key political point here in the u.k. and of course remember that in the u.k. even though they only have one seat in parliament ukip managed to get 4 million votes, and their whole manifesto was about exiting the e.u. and that sentiment is echoed by quite a
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few people in the u.k. certainly in the conservative government as well so it is going to be tricky for him, he is going to have to walk that fine line trying to make sure the whole party is on side of the message, and still be able to keep the support of the back benchers that he is going to need if he is going to keep his majority. >> barbara thank you very much indeed. a number of foreign ambassadors are among those who died in a helicopter crash in pakistan. hezbollah says three of its fight verse been killed in clashes along the syrian lebanon border. pictures have emerged of the fighting. hezbollah has been supporting the syrian president, bashar
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al-assad, and has been fighting a number of rebel group theres the border area for several months. there have been ceremonies across europe celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. the german parliament held a special decision to mark the day. dominic kane reports. >> reporter: 70 years after nazi germany capitulated, democratic germany's leaders gathered in the capitol to mark the anniversary. the speaker of the parliament reminded members of the horrors that adolph hitler and his troops inflicted on the european continent during nearly six years of war. >> translator: today we remember the millions of victims of an unprecedented campaign of destruction of other nations and
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peoples against slaviansks and european jews. it was not a day of german self liberation. >> reporter: that job was left to the big four wartime allies the ussr britain, the u.s. and france. on friday in paris, u.s. secretary of state john kerry joined his french counterpart in laying a wreath to remember those from their countries who died to free europe. the president hollande said the defeat of nazi germany was always about the fight for freedom. there were similar scenes in london where fresh from the general election britain's political leaders stood in solidarity. the only one of the four not to mark the 8th of may is russia.
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[ no audio ] the pentagon is raising the threat level at all military installations here in the united states. the worries over a potential isil attack. -- unemployment falls to its lowest level since he recession as more than 120,000 new jobs