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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> that the cease-fire is conditioned to the houthis agreeing to live by these commitments. it is a renewable commitment.
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>> if it opens the door to solving the differences. >> mohammed vall in the capitol capital of riyadh. how are they going to get the houthis to participate in this cease-fire? >> as we have just heard the two ministers have reiterated. there is an offer on the table. they have decided the dates. but it is still conditioned by the the houthi approval. the saudis effected by the
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houthi's intensified attacks on the northern parts of sadaa. we've seen them drop leaflets on civilians ordering them to leave the city before sunset or be responsible for what will happen to them. the saudis decided to target the headquarters of the houthis there in sadaa. the leaders of the sadaa are under target, and for the first time they ask civilians to leave some areas. and today there were a number of airstrikes there. and we have this--we have on houthi tv announcing that they have refused the order by the saudis saying that they'll defy it and stay in their homes. and instead of fleeing they're going to march and fight the saudis on their own soil.
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these are indications that the houthis are far from being near any favorable response to the saudi offer of a truce. >> mohammed, you say that many yemenis in sadaa say they're going to defy the order to evacuate. the reality is many who would like to evacuate simply won't be able to, will they? >> can you repeat the question? >> yes, i was saying that you were saying how many yemenis in sadaa say they will not leave sadaa despite what the saudi coalition is saying. but there will be other civilians in sadaa who would like to leave but simply can't leave in time. >> yes under one hand we don't know if this is true because it is mentioned only on tv controlled by the houthis. we don't know if it's facts or
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propaganda. but also we have reports on the other hand suggesting that the houthis have prevented civilians from fleeing blocked roads and didn't let civilians leave. it is fact. if it did happen that would mean more suffering for civilian there is. we know that civilians across yemen have had enough suffering in this war and in sadaa one the city's most effected besides aden, of course, mostly destroyed by the war the civilians are in dire situation because of the lack of humanitarian relief. roads are blocked already. destruction of the infrastructure sadaa even before the war was one of the least--one of the least provided in terms of access to anything
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in yemen. and now the situation has worsened. so it's really a major--a major concern there for humanitarian organizations and countries who are interested this, and are concerned about the relief inside yemen. >> mohammed va ll live for us in riyadh, thank you. meanwhile, thousands have taken to the streets of tehran to protest against the saudi-led airstrikes in yemen. they chanted slogans and waveed placards to show solidarity with the yemeni people. iran is seen as supporters of the houthi rebels in yemen and have repeatedly called for the halt of saudi-led airstrikes. all right to, the u.k. election now where david cameron has deified all the opinion polls to win a second term as
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the country's prime minister. he has strengthened his position by winning a slim majority. and the leaders of three rifle parties have now quit. cameron's conservative party has taken 331 seats. the labour party won 232 seats. that's down by 26. that is largely because of the scottish national party have all but wiped out labor in scotland. the snp taking 56 out of 59 possible seats. the conservative coalition partner over the last five years also had a disastrous night winning just 8 seats but 46 fewer than in 2010. lawrence lee reports. . >> david cameron still and downing street and still prime minister. his conservative party confounding every one of the polls and won a small majority,
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that allowed him to tell the queen he can now form the government. an election that was supposed to involve weeks of coalition negotiations ended over lunchtime. >> as i said in the small hours of the morning we'll governor as a party of one nation, one united kingdom. that means insuring this recovery reaches all parts of our country from north to south to east to west. [applause] >> it was primarily a disaster for the main labor opposition and it's leader, failure to gain english seats and the near wipe out in scotland. the labour party now faces another search for a new identify and a new leader soon. >> britain needs a strong labour party. britain needs a labour party that can rebuild after this defeat so they can have a government that stands for working people again. now it's time for someone else to take over the party.
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>> nor did the independent party break through. he failed to get elected so he has the third party leader to go. is. >> to say that i'm standing down as leader of u.k. >> in the wildest team they could not have possibly imagined that things would turn out quite as well for them. not only do they have the mandate, they have effectively neutralize the all all the political threats.
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for the u.k. indians party they only have one mp. and most people in the streets would not even recognize him. the polling stations got right was the elections in scotland. ripping the heart out ever labor's traditional stronghold. all the talk at westminster is full control over finances as the conservatives tried to stop another push for independence from the u.k. so the british political map has new fault lines new political forces replaces old ones. david cameron says he wants to forge one nation. but with england supporting right wing politics it appears the most united kingdom. laurence lee london. >> let's take to you barbara serra, she's outside of the houses of parliament. barbara, david cameron no longer
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has to govern can a coalition partner. that should make it easier for him. but how tough is the road ahead for mr. cameron and his conservative matter? >> you know, fill lessty. the irony he actually had a stronger majority when he was in coalition government, then he had quite a solid majority. now if you look at the numbers he needed 326 seats or 323 because there are some seats that are not occupied in the house of commons but he only has 330. he literally has a majority of a handful of people. which might make it difficult if he has to pass controversial legislation. it willing interesting to see how he does manage to govern over the next few years. in the past we've seen enormous majorities. when tony blair came to power he had an majority of 179.
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and then 167. the fact that david cameron has five members of the majority is a worry, a reason why it looks good news for conservatives because it was such a different result to what had been expected for weeks because of the opinion polls. >> and of course, a conservative majority means that the u.k. is heading for a referendum on whether it should be part of the european union. >> absolutely. it was one of the promises that david cameron had made. bear in mind that there was a huge controversy, huge debate in this country over the past few months years really because of the ukyd. their main effect was to get the u.k. out of the e.u. because of british electorate laws they only got one seat in the house of commons but they did get 4 million votes in the u.k. there is a lot of think for
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ukip. among the electorate and house of commons and conservative party as well. that oh could be a head for mr. cameron. he has made it clear that he does not want the u.k. to leave europe. what he wants is to renegotiate certain issues with brussels regarding u.k. membership. that referendum going forward and when we think about this it -- >> the first footage of the mediterranean shipwreck where hundreds of migrants drowned. and how the nepal nepalese are left to fend for themselves as hundreds of millions of
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earthquake aid is not delivered on time.
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>> hello again. a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. the saudi foreign minister said that they're willing to implement a truce in yemen until tuesday so long as the houthis cooperate. they made announcements with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry in paris. the colins launched a new round of airstrikes across yemen. all the officers say it's in retaliation on saudis.
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and david cameron has won the election for prime minister. during his victory speech he promised to hold a referendum on the u.k.'s continued membership in the european union. it was an incident which finally made the world sit up and take notice. up to 800 people lost their lives as they try to cross the mediterranean from north africa to europe last month. now the italian navy found the vessel from which they perished. steviestephanie dekker reports. >> reporter: you can't see the bloated drowned bodies of hundreds of people trapped inside. the italian navy has released these images. they won't release the footage of the many dead, but the investigation into what happened on april 18th. >> we found many bodies.
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it's impossible to say how many of the majority are in the bottom part of the boat, but it doesn't up to what the survivor have told us, that there were around 800 people on the boat. >> only 28 people have survived the accident. the boat collided with the merchant ship coming to their rescue. and in panic the boat capsized. the a robot has been gathering vital information around the deck that lies beneath the surface. some of the navy ships involved in that search are now return to go port. investigators will be scrutinizing the footage of that wreck. one of the key questions is whether some of the migrants interest were locked inside giving them no chance of surviving once the ship started going out. >> the italian prime minister
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matteo renzi said that try will do everything they can to help those who. >> the security guards made discovery when they put a suit case through the scanner and found found eight eight-year-old inside. the boy is now in the care of officials. the international response to help victims of nepal's devastating earthquake has been for a slow. it says that the only received 5% of its $415 million appeal. and with the monsoon season only weeks away it is coming ever more urgent for nepal. >> reporter: more helicopters more food supplies after a slow
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motion start some demands are gradually being answered. the aid effort still is not keeping pace with need. and the annual monsoon could mean more districts like this one, and the area could be cut off in weeks. in the east where aid convoys are able to drive through parts of the district, plane destroyed villages are dependent on small deliveries of food. an extraordinary effort is being made by groups of students giving out food packs. >> we are getting real hyped. >> many issues lurk in this gloom. the help sign relates mainly to shelter. this man shows me what is left of his home.
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he managed to build a temporary shelter for his family in the rubble but it's inadequate. >> we haven't been able to clean up. the tremors continue so it's difficult to do anything. >> yet 15 kilometers away in the main town where 10 days ago there was hardly any help. a humanitarian village has sprung up. all aid organizations are moving in. nearby drinking water supplies are reaching the people here but no one is getting any materials for shelter. it's more than a week since we visited the area, and the situation for shelter has hardly improved at all. everywhere you go people are crying out for tin roofs plastic sheeting or tents. >> there is a long way to go. i think its starting to get some momentum now. unfortunately with the rains it gives us a very limited amount of time. >> back in the village they are still living in living in the
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rubble with no sanitation, their calls for help with shelter are still unanswered. as the aid convoys rumble past. andrew simmons. al jazeera nepal. >> four ambassadors killed in the helicopter crash in northern pakistan. ambassadors were norway and the philippines. the pirates all died. >> the motor aid in south arts of south africa is slowing down except for cape town. that's because of battles of drug gangs in just one area. the notorious cape flats community. we've been to cape flats to speak to the leader of one of those drugs gangs. >> 11 at night in lavender hill.
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smoking credit crystal meth in a portable toilet. these are members of the drug gang. rowland believes in taking and selling drugs is the only life possible here. >> they don't have money for school fees. they don't have money for college. there is no food at home. now they take drugs to escape. >> but there is a price to this drug-fueled world. nicole was hit by a stray bullet. these children are growing up in a battleground.
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>> you get killed just for witnessing? >> yes you get killed by just witnessing something. >> the gang leader believes the government doesn't care about the mixed race or colored communities as they call themselves. and have allowed their neighborhood to become a ghetto. >> for us, for us colored, it's a different thing. there are no role models that took the gangsters for their role models. they call the place maximum security. if they can put a roof over it. >> the cape flats have been dubbed the na r rco suburbs. the drug trade is everywhere here. it will put food on the table
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when no one else. and according to reports the police are as complicit as the gangs themselves. >> the criminal networks law enforcement will turn a blind eye and avoid law enforcement to make sure that witnesses interviewed with interfered with or even eliminated. >> he said the way to stop this spiral is to stop sees the street gangs as surrogate families by strengthening family units and empowering their mothers. >> i want to make the choice that changes people's lives. wherever you are tried to help me when i need help.
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when i see everything. >> the murder rate across the rest of south africa is decreasing. in the cape flats it's rising as these young men fight over territory and drug profits. many have never left the flats. many won't make it to adulthood. al jazeera in the cape flats area of cape town. >> the u.s. department of justice has launched a civil rights whether the police in baltimore are routinely racist. the death of a black man in custody led to six officers being charged in connection with his death. it came at a heightened time of tensions and sparked protests across the city that left several police officers injured. >> this is meant to insure that officers are provided the tools they need including training policy guidance and equipment to be more effective. to partner with civilians and
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strengthen public safety. >> ceremonies are being held across europe to mark the 70th anniversary of the v.e. day when nazi germany officially surrendered to the wartime allies. in london and paris they would lay wreaths and commemorate those who died to liberate europe. there would an special session to mark the day. >> 70 years after nazi germany capitulateed democratic leaders gathered in the capitol to mark the anniversary. the speaker reminded members that adolf hitler and members inflicted during six years of war. >> today we remember the millions of victims of a destruction of people against european jews. may 8th is a day of liberation
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for the entire continent but it was not a day of german liberation. >> that was left to the four war-time allies. on friday in paris the u.s. secretary of state john kerry joined his french counterpart in laying a wreath to remember those from their countries who died to free europe. the president, françois hollande said that the defeat of nazi game was all about the fight for freedom. there were similar scenes in london where fresh from the general election britain's political leaders stood in solidarity. the only one of the big time allies is russia. this memorial is a reminder of the enormous losses traditionally russian celebrate victory day in what they call
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their great patriotic war on the ninth of may in moscow. dominick kane, al jazeera, berlin. >> and as ever you can find much more over on our website. the address to kick on to is hi, i am lisa flesher and you are in the stream. nonprofit hospitals are supposed to take care of people regardless of their ability to pay. why then are some suing patients for millions. and the is i.r.s. doing enough to stop it? could this be the beginning of the end for the cable television industry, a new internet t.v. services are capturing consumers.