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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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tonight". we have made aid decision that the sees fire will begin this tuesday, may 12th. saudi arabia starts on tuesday and continues to stop the strongholds in the north. live be from the headquarters i'm elizabeth. and also ahead yes, we will deliver that referendum on our future in europe.
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he'll go ahead with the referendum, with the membership, during his second term as the prime minister. first pick sures released of the sung kin trip, containing bodies up to 800 might go grants. after the devastating earthquake shuts it down, any pal holds an uncertain future. after weeks of bolling saudi arabia says it will hold the cease-fire, it will last five days and, on the condition that hewitt rebels also agree to stop fighting many it has warned a sail vence to leave before a new bombing campaign begins. and but aid organizations say bombing the target says a violation of international human take terry inlaw.
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shows what it says, targeted by the saudi coalition,. they contain the founder and, several government billions, in the northern stronghold and these buildings are used by houthis as a command these thises today latest the situation, and that's why guarantee the safety of saudis and, hours after saudi arabia orred a 5-day sees fire, on friday, saudi arabiady, and foreign ministers announce the date. it will begin this tuesday may 12 at 11 p.m. and it will
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last and the requirements are first and foremost and there's a commitment by the hoot and their allies and those forces that are loyal to hum to abide by the sees fire. provided that the houthi agree, that there will be no bombing and no shooting, and no movement of their troops or maneuvering to reposition, no movement of heavy weapons or others, that the sees fire is conditioned on the houthis agreeing to live by these commitments. and it is as renewable commitment, in other words, if they live by it, and if this holds, it opens the door to the possibility of extension and the possibility of a longer period of time for the political classes to henry solve these differences.
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the period before the truce is an opportunity for the houthis to get their fit erstad to put do you the weapons and also, in the words of a spokesman, in the coming day you'll seay talk's the houthis. q.the coalition has announced that all of the province is a military target, and to leave the area before sunset on friday. but according to the houthis they have refused to know, the report suggests the houthis prevent them from leaving. on the humanitarian level six weeks of fighting have left it in tatters. thousands of famil hads have been displaced. yes men's human that terry ensituation gets worse everyday. twelve news now david cameron says he'll press ahead with the membership of the e.u.
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he said to start the second term after the opinion poll got a slim majority. they have resigned as party leaders, and now the report. david cameron still in downing street, and still prime minister his conservative party confound he would every one of the polls. and won a small majority, and allowed him to tell the queen he can now form a government. it was supposed to involve weeks of negotiations and it it was over by lunchtime. as i said, we will govern as a party of one nation one united kingdom that means insuring that it reaches all parts of our country. it was a disaster for main labor opposition, and failure to
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gain english seats. the labor party now faces another search for a new identity and a new leader, britain needs a long labor party, that can rebuild after this defeat, so we can have a government that stands up for working people again and the now it's time for someone else to take the leadership of it. all right? liberal democrats were also decimated. and its leader, kept his seat, but he resigned as leader, and no wonder, the independent party, only one seat. its leader failed to get elect and he he became the third party leader to go. who in their wild defendanttremes, could have imagined that things would turn out like this. this allows them to continue
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their economic program, they have neutralized all that political threats in england. for the labor party and liberal party that means months if not years and, for the independence party, most people in the streets wouldn't recognize him. scotland and they swept all of them, winning all but three seats ripping the heart out of labor. and all the talk is that the prize will be full control over their finances as the conservatives try to stop another push for indopunt dense. so it has new lines, and new political forces. david cameron section he wants to forge one nation, and with england supporting right wing and, scotland the opposite, this appears to be most disunighted.
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barbara looks at the impact of the outcome. on the face of it, it would seem that its business as usual here in the u.k., david cameron is back as prime minister, and he's reappointed many of the men centers, that served in his previous cabinet and he has that majority and none of the opinion polls goesd that he would get. he had a much bigger majority when he was in coalition government, right now he needed 326 members of parla minute and, he has 330. not that big a majority, when you compare it to the majority that tony blair player had, when he won. that was more than 170 seats and more than 160, when he won in 2001, and challenging time, and there are many challenges, ahead, the referendum that he
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promised for membership of the e.u. something of course, which was a key part of the manifested, the party and only got one seat in parla then in and got 4 million votes and many taken from the conserve i was. so that will ab challenge, for the prime prime minister and quite a worry for them, and, the key roll that it plays. so that and many other challenges ahey, will be interesting to see how he manages to keep his party united and much of things, that he needs if he is going to keep his majority in parliament. two war bombs have occurred in toward turn iraq, killing 17 worshippers, the ministry is blaming islamic fitters. and the police commander was among them.
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now, spain has ordered the detention of a man who tried to smuggle his son in a suitcase, they scanned the suitcase and saw the 8-year-old inside. and it occurred, in a spanish enclave, in north africa. boy is now in the care of officials. now, tragedy of asylum seekers am 800 lost their lives when their boat cap sized, in the deadly tragedy and living memory she they were trying to get a new life and now maybe they will hundreds of meters under water. you can still make out part he of the ship despite the mercury water and you can't see the ploated drowned bodies of hundreds of people trapped
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inside the navy has released these images, and they won't release the images of all those dead and into what happen. we found bodies, and the majority of inside the bottom part of the boat but it adds up to what survivors told us, 800 on the boat. only 28 people survive the accident two are in custody a man is alleged to have been the captain, and the syrian. it collided with an emerchan ship and it capsized will a row boat has been gathering vital information around the wreck -- some of the enough have i ships that have been involved, are now returning to port and they will be vut niasing the footage of that wreck and one of the key questions is, whether some were locked inside and
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giving them no chance of survival. the prosecutor says he would rather complete the investigation without having to lift the boat out of the water and the prime minister has issued a statement that italy will do everything to row cover the bodies of these who died the freedom. still to come,. ♪ ♪ in new york city, more thanked one of their own the 25-year-old killed in the line of duty, and we're live in russia, where the country is getting ready to celebrate its victory against the nazis with a a massive parade.
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these are the top stories a seize fire will come into effect on tuesday, it will last for five days and, depends on the houthi rebels also agreeing to init the fighting. david cameron, has won a narrow majority. the victory has led to the resignation of 3 rifle party leaders, and the italian navy has found a ship, which killed 800 people. it was in the most deadly might go grant tragedy, they were trying to cross from africa to europe. thousands of new york police
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officers have gathered to pay their final respects to a 25 year old officer. police are under scrutiny, of a nationwide protests against misconduct. a final sal lut to brian moore. the 25-year-old killed in the line of duty was the only son after retired n.y.p.d. officer. he was like, out like that. for what? for nothing. and what when do. prosecutors say this man blackwell, shot him in the face and, after the officer in plain clothes approached hitch for questioning. last year has been tough. we have not had a death for four years and we had two that were assassinated and then, officer moore was killed, in the line of duty. his death comes after months of dem mnstration, at a time when police and their po have i
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don't remember she are being anna lived closely. go back to 9/11 and especially in new york, every cop was a hero, this has completely changed. and after ferguson, and chicago and, baltimore and everywhere, across the country and it has become apparent, that, there's been a lot of bad stuff that's gone on. the change in public standing is not lost police officers present and past. it's terrible, why would you want to be a cop in this day. still, at the precinct, neighborhood residents brought flowers, expressing their sadness, and the tough job that they have. when anything is wrong or hurting or you need assistance, they're the first won his you think about calling and their the first won his there. and co-workers recall the
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dedicated young officer. he always helped poom. always. with less than five years on the force, he had already received awards for distinguished service. his dad says this is a risk, and just how hard heroes can fall. two journal lives are back in court for the hearing of their retrial, they are accused of supporting the muslim brotherhood and, they deny them, and, they were sentenced to life in prison as a crackdown continues. they have become symbols of the growing challenges, and dangers faced by journalists. first they were in e expwript and their colleague for more than 400 days.
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and then earlier this year, he was deported to australia. a judge dismissed charges and ordered them to stand trial den. on world press freedom day the executive director, said, a global campaign, is important. but it is only a start. the real issue here, involves national governments not meeting their commitments to up hold justice and ensure that journalists can work freely. they have a second opportunity to fight the charges against them. the prosecution says, it has videos proving that the stories harmed the national security, and aided the muslim procedure hood. but testimony from the prosecution witnesses has helped their defense. members after committee who issued a report proving the men were guilty testified they
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didn't see the video submitted as evidence, write the report or remember what they wrote. and, billionaire owner has testified on their behalf. may have gotten one step closer to being deported to canada. they have issued him a temporary passport, but as the court drags on, poatd men say they might be free on bail they can't for move with their live. i want to be a produc tough person and, it is damaging my life. and i didn't do anything wrong. they hope this time around, a court will agree. the death toll, from the earthquake has risen to more than 7,200. the community was already trying to come to turn to more than a dozen, last year, and that
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avalanche saw the mountain closed and climbing closed. it's not what he is used to carrying on his back, and getting family supplies is just as important for the moment. he should be guiding mountaineers and treck kers across the peaks, and the earthquake had ended the climbing season. money is tight and his wife, want to cook, and have meals. not very much and, to live, is very expensive and financially it is very, very bad. he lives with his daughter and, worried about his family, some are alive but cut off. no help has come yet. his cousin died in the earthquake and he wants to go,
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and the journey is up safe, and roads are blocked. and it's a worry not just for him but many others. the community is still recovering from the deaths a dozen a year ago killed in avalanche. that tourist season came to an abrupt end. and now this year's earthquake has brought more hardship. this is a funeral for someone killed in the quake they gather to pay their respects. it's hard to bear, for any community. nepal has come to a standstill and now this. we are trying to help as much as we can. we need the government to help, too. the disaster over the past
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twelve months, have affected the decent living and now, it is to help in rescue and recovery, and that earthquake, it is imperative for search teams. with the infratruck sure destroyed, it is hard to believe that it will be up and running in twelve months. tourists know the importance of having a guide with them. oh yeah. sometimes, you can't find the way and he will be able to get it. shepherds hope to earn $1,000 in a regular season. usually enough to see them through the year and, praying for help is all they can do right now. putin is hosting the victory day parade to commemorate 70 years sense the end of world war
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ii. they surrendered, in 1945, about 9 million russians were killed of a hitler enstrated the soviet union. and it will be a military parade and mostly, won't be attending the celebrations because of the russian's involvement in ukraine. and, let's go live, from moscow, so the 70th anniversary, what does it mean now? well it's almost impossible to overstate the importance of a victory day because, pretty much every other anniversary the revolution, the first world war, the collapse of the solve viet union, they are tainted. but, defeating the nazis that's something that russians can feel good about. and add on top of that, the
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losses, that the u.s. -- ussr suffered during the great war and, it becomes not just about victory and about sacrifice as well and, that's a posted ten tool to be able to build domestic unity where russia is feeling threatened by the west. given how much it means to rsh shans as you mentioned does it matter to them, that so many your low pea enleaders are choosing to stay away from the celebration. it does matter, but russia has long been arguing for a shift, to a multi polo world where the u.s. is not the dominant think in world affairs. so russia can say well, western leaders may be staying away, but we have the chinese leader, and
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the egyptian president and africa and asia, and some european leaders and, we have many other partners and, it is a chance for russia, when the tanks start coming past me, to display, its modernizing military might and we'll have the new t.14, and missile launchers. so that's a profound message as well to the west. you may not like it but don't try and pick a fight. thank you very much for that. thank you. now, briton's queen elizabeth has attended a anniversaare commemorating the 70th ann navestry, and, at the
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top of the long list, and accompanied by her husband and a series filled across, and overseestery tow. now, the government says, it is worried that not enough can speak their own language properly. spending millions of dollars to project a strong state with a rich language and culture, for them robin has this report. ♪ have you ever tried learning a language, songs can help. this is also keeping alive a ancient tradition linkquists, in the pink dress worries that the language is in trouble. we are very much concerned by the quality of language
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that's being learned. there is right now a mission, a strength in not just the language but the culture casting is underway, for a lavish per drama marking 550 years, a order says the director. there's no doubt that this project, is as vital as the air we preetd, we have to look back, to remember our history. he's been given lots money and less than a year to shoot a ten-part series. it's all about authenticity, and that's what this series is. 40 million project, and the first episode will be product cast in december, so why the urgency? the led dr ship wants a
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forge a common national identity. and it is anxious about its own sovereignty. many don't speak it at all even here, at the studios russian or a hybrid of the two. it might not be the solution to the problem but i showed them the popular music video. they would never throw their hair back like that ♪ she's impressed with the lyrics. the songwriter is attracting a colt following. and that tells me, having then expected benefits. a lot of people said, they want to understand, what i am second about and learn language and, i'm delighted boy this. so it is talk down won't
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bring the people together, pop culture might. robin. al jazera. and a reminder that you can keep up-to-date with all the news, on our head loin, on our website. many are preparing for nest-eggs, and we will explain,. well high drama over low air pressure, nfl has been caught between a rock and a hard place, between some football and, one of the game's