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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> hard earned pride. hard earned respect. hard earned future. a real look at the american dream. "hard earned". tomorrow, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. this is al jazeera. hello there. i am felicity barr. this is the newshour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes: united nations urges all sides in yemen to abide by international law and to stop indisriminate bombing of civilian areas. he script's former president hosni mubarak gets three years for corruption. he is allowed time for what is already served. after decades of harsh rerestrictions indonesia's
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president offers concessions. russia sends a message to the world as it marks the end of the second world war with a spectacular display. >> all of the sport, with the tables turned on lewis hamilton to claim position in barcelona at the spanish grand prix. >> hello. the united nations has called on all parties in yemen to avoid harming civilians. in a statement, the u.n.'s humanitarian coordinator for yemen says he is deeply concerned about the impact on civilians of airstrikes on the northern city of saada. the audi-led coalition has led and called on civilians to leave saada. saudia arabia offered a 5-day
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cease-fire so long as the houthis agree to take participated. so far there has been no response from the houthis and the fighting in yemen continues. simon mcgregor-wood reports. >> reporter: this cockpit video released on saturday shows airstrikes launched against houthi positions in the northern province of sada and elsewhere in yemen including the airport in sanaa. the saudi-led coalition announces it is a military target and urged civilians to leave the area. >> yesterday, the coalition forces and saudi fors conducted more than 130 airstrikes which targeted more than 130 areas inland. it targeted the leadership centers and the offices of the houthis targeting more than 17 leaders. >> the saudis have offered a 5-day humanitarian truce starting tuesday but only if houthi fighters stop shelling across the border.
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international aid workers say the latest fighting has made delivering vital humanitarian aid even harder. >> the main lifeline remaining in yemen so that we can have aid but humanitarian workers coming in. it was targeted a week ago. it was targeted again today, and we need at some point to leave some opening in this country. we cannot suffocate an entire country. something needs to come in. >> needs to be humanitarian workers, humanitarian aid food but, also fuel. >> fighting has escalated across yemen. tribesmen say they have repulsed a houthi attack. this is a crucial region rich in yemen's oil and gas. >> translator: this is the front line. this area was under the control of the houthis and now we have captured it. the rebels are regrouping and planning a counter offensive. >> reporter: in the city of taiz pro-government groups
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backed by malitias captured the strategic taba mountain which over looks the city, itself. these weapons and equipment were taken from soldiers supporting the deposed president, ali ali abdula sala. if the houthis lose control of taiz, they will lose a vital supply line in aden. al jazeera. al jazeera mohammed vall has followed the latest from the saudi capital. >> reporter: the saudis look at this as a war of wills between them and the houthis and they have given them two choices. they have either to choose war or peace. if they accept a truce, they will see a deescalation and probably talks can begin. but if they refuse the truce until next tuesday, then they will sees a new classification for the sow sows. the houthis will pay a higher price choosing war than choosing peace. however, on the other hand for the houthis, this has become a
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war of attrition. they think that time is on their side. they see the sawedees are, as time goes by change the conditions for a cease-fire and for talks at the beginning of the saudises said, there is going to be no end of this until the houthis withdraw from adden and many other cities in yemen. now, they are no longer talking about that. so, the houthis are looking at this as an opportunity and they think the saudis are losing patience and might, by any means, end the war and they also bet that as the number of civilians killed in the fighting rises in yemen, international pressure on the saudis will grow until they accept to end the war without any conditions and without the houthis accepting any kind of cease-fire. e bab ham kitabi is a spokesman for change which supports democratic change in yemen. he joins us live from new york. thanks for being with us on the
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program. i am wondering how significant -- >> thank you for having me -- >> the statement that has just been put out by the united states's humanitarian coordinator warning both sides to avoid the indisriminate bombing of civilians areas and saying that people who do that who do indiscriminant bombing of civilian areas are breaching international law. how significant is that statement from the u.n.? >> i think the statement is not new. the u.s. council has learned that in the past in the u.n. and almost the whole international community. what have we seen in yemen so far is crimes against humanity since the uprising they have been being massacred -- they have been massacring yemenis across the country. they do it every day. the statement n my opinion, is maybe a nude thing that the u.n. just woke up but what's happening in yemen for the past months is that there are crimes against humanity in adden.
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adden is not a military base. it's a city that has almosten. aden is not a military base. it's a city that has almost a million civilians. houthi and militia did going inside the cities and massacring people until taiz and all across yemen. so these are war crimes. i don't know any other definition of war crimes other than yemenis being killed by malitias or even by bombing from the sky. this is not new. >> calling on both sides not just the yemenis but also the saudis but both sides to avoid the indisriminate bombing of civilian areas. >> it's true. this is part of the problem from day one. i think what we need right now is accountability. i think to put an end to the -- an end to the humanitarian disaster in yemen and to put an end to the massacres that are being committed against yemenis. we need accountability. the u.s. and the international community has an obligation to basically carry out investigations against the
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crimes that are being committed against yemenis and hold those people who commit it accountable. we see saada was given inmmunity and he used that as a license to kill more yemenis. i don't think we just need to deal with the outcome of what's happening today. we need to deal with the cause, which is basically, you know, war lords and corrupt officials and criminals are being given immunity and now at large, committing massacres against yemenis and we are just talking about the humanitarian issue in yemen. i think what we need right now like i said is an investigations into the international community needs to intervene and basically hold sadaa accountable. there is a lot of evidence and documents -- >> the houthis are not only controlled by the former president. they are not only controlled by the former president. >> look. they come from the same -- >> i just wanted to put do you see -- >> it's true.
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go ahead. >> one thing that you think the houthis will actually agree to this proposed cease-fire by the houthis. do you think that's something that the houthis are going to agree to? and if they do why would they do so? >> look let's be realistic. houthi is a militia. they don't believe in the law. they don't believe in the international law. they don't believe in anything. they never honored any agreement, even the agreements they signed in the past. they signed agreements between the yemeni governments and the yemeni people that they have to withdraw from the cities and they would have to withdraw from the government institutions and they never did. the international community, there are about three or four u.n. resolutions asking the houthis to basically withdraw from government institution to stop their violence against yes ma'amin ma'amenis >> the last u.n. resolution which is about a month ago, asking the houthis to stop, you know using basically committing crimes against yes, menis and to withdraw from the government institutions and to release other people who they have been
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kidnapped from the streets. they never did. they never comply and i don't think they are going to do. the houthi is a militia. they only expand. they only expand when they see -- when they see chaotic situations, when they see disastrous situations. that's the way any malissue al function. there is no odor no peace and it's the way houthis are being expanded. >> okay. >> i don't think they are going to comply. i don't think the saudis are going to stop their strikes against the houthis and yemen. i think that the situation will continue. i think the u.n. need to intervene. i think they need to basically stop. it looks like -- establish safe zones for people and civilians to go there and seek refugees and also provide them with food and water and fuel. >> it is effectively a war zone though. isn't it? >> it is very difficult, but i think they could send peace troops. they could send -- they could come in and try to find ways and support people who are actually
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resisting the malitias against -- recysting the malitias committing crimes against yemenis. the international community have an obligation to basically protect civilians and they have to do so. one of the ways like i said in the past is that they need to basically hold those officials and war lords accountable for the crimes they have been committing against the yemenis and they do every day and across the country. so that's one way to do it. another way is to send peace, keep troops to basically create a safe zones for yemenis to find homes. a lot of people their homes are being destroyed, whether from the sky by the saudis or by the malitias on the ground. you see in aden and in taiz and across the country and on saada, itself. it is a stronghold of the houthis, they agree with the houthis. >> all right. >> oppress like the rest of yemeni. the bottom line here. >> i am so sorry.
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we are out of time. i am going to have to stop you there, but we appreciate your thoughts, and thanks so much for joining us. thank you. now a judge in cairo has upheld hosni mubarak's three-year prison sentence but he is allowing him to go home because he has already served time in detention and in a military hospital. the judge also reduced the sentences of the former president's two sons. they have now been given three years instead of four. the judge is allowing them to go free since they too, have already served the full term in detention. since mubarak was ousted the former ruler has faced a string of trials. most serious was known as the trial of the century. he was charged with ordering the killing of protesters during the revolution. initially, he was sentenced to 25 years in jail but he was acquitted in a retrial. >> acquittal is the subject of an appeal and a final decision will be made early next month.
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the second case was one of corruption. he was accused of squadering public funds on renovating his private residences. in his retrial on saturday the court found him guilty sentencing him to three years in jail. as we said he has already served that time so he can walk free. mubarak was charged in two other corruption cases. he was cleared in one, and the other never made it to court. an egyptian journalist in exile says all charges against mubarak and his sons were selected tratstrategically. >> reporter: >> anybody could see clearly that the charges had been carefully picked and, also that seeds of acquittals were plantedn indictments. of course, it was not surprising that they were all convicted at the first stage of the trial, and i believe that the objective of such convictions were to appease the rising feelings of
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the revolutionaries and the public. but they knew very well that in the next stage of the trials they were going to be acquitted. in my view it aims primarily and basically to kill any chances for future chances for mubarak's son to run in any upcoming presidential elections. >> the sirto syria where international inspectors discovered traces of sari gas used by the regime. the chemical weapons were found after activists reported a series of chlorine attacks in idlib. fighters have been battling for control of the strategic al al kalamoon area near dac am damascus. if it holds, the area will be cut off from the capitol. an anti-government groups in syria have increasingly gained the upper hand in the last few weeks with the capture of key towns from the north in idlib
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prove incident. more from the turkish syrian border. >> the area is deserted. they talk an alliance of anti-government groups just three days to take the city from government forces after a stand-off of three years. almost all of idlib prove incident in northwestern syria is now under the control of this alliance that calls itself the conquest army. it includes the powerful al nusra front and al ra al sham. >> in the last few months we tried hard to take the area but we weren't coordinated or prepared. now, after all the group is united, we took the town. >> most of the residents have fled or are leaving, it's the strategic significance of this city that really matters. >> controlling the airlines we can cut the government supply
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roads from lataki on the west coast and from here we can launch assaults toward the coastal areas. those coastal areas are the hard land of the minority allowhite community to which thepresident bashaar belongs. they include latakia and along with damascus is one of the most important government-held areas in the country. >> one former free syrian army commander tells us that the groups are united under the umbrella of the army wouldn't have done so without foreign support. as the new alliance prepares to move toward latakia on the other side of those mountains, it seems better equipped and coordinated. bernard smith, al jazeera, on the turkey/syria border. still ahead on the newshour why two leading aid agencies have evacuated a town in south
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sudan and more from the u.k.'s general election. >> the scottish party have won a crushing victory. we ask whether that means independence is now inevitable. >> action from the semi final did in madrid where a spaniard is hoping for success on home soil. liberia has officially marked the end of the ebola epidemic. it has been 4 two days since the last case in the country. >> that's twice the maximum incubation period. experts are warning against complacency because there are kayes in nearby sierra leone and new guinea. two aid agencies evacuated international staff from a rebel-held town in south sudan due to fears of an imminent attack by government forces.
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tens of thousands of people have fled the town of leer in the oil rich unity state. now, doctors without borders and the red cross have withdrawn from that town. fighting broke out in south sudan in december 2013 when president salvakir accused his former deputy of attempting to stage a coup. earlier, the deputy operations director for doctors without borders, pete booth, told al jazeera that medical services are already suffering. >> i think it's reported close to where we have a hospital for the positioning in the region. we had to evacuate our staff as a preindication and, therefore, sees the medical services. we estimate that the population benefitting from the services in the hospital is around 200,000. this year alone, we have carried out more than 25,000 consultations. at the time of the evacuation
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we had more than 30 patients in the hospital. we have treated more than two and a half thousand children for malnutrition this year alone. so, the medical needs in the area are great and this hospital is the only secondary healthcare facility that they can access. >> the u.n. says tens of thousands of people have died and two million have been displaced in 18 months of fighting in south sudan. south sudan became an independent state in 2011 with salva kir as president and his rival as vice president. but two years later he dismissed the shah and accused him of plotting a coup attempt. civil war broke out tweens supporters of the two men, william several towns being seized. hundreds of homes were burned down and residents forced out of lir when forces attacked last year. kir and bashar agreed to join
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forces in a transitional government but it was broken almost immediately. more on this most recent outbreak of violence in south sudan, i am joined from washington by david shin the former deputy chief at the u.s. embassy in sudan. thank you for being with us here on the newshour on al jazeera. i am wondering: could you explain for, first of all, why it is that the government is preparing right now to carry out this big military operation in lir? what has forced this right now? >> i am not sure that there is any particular reason that accounts for this date. the fact that the cease-fire has broken down is no great surprise. there will have been previous cease-fires. they have been previously broken by both sides with no apparent reason on every occasion. so i don't think there is anything that particularly indicates why now. it may be a lot to do with the we think, however. >> piece talks as we know have been held on and off in ethiopia
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as they tried to bridge the divide and bring about some sort of piece negotiation. all of those peace negotiations appear to have failed. don't they? are those talks simply a waste of time? >> well talks are always a waste of time when they fail. and you are quite right. all of the talks so far have failed. >> does not mean that at some point in the future talks might succeed. but the players involved in this case sawakir, the president of south sudan and mushard, the head of the rebel group seem more interested in achieving pour in their own right and less interested in doing what is right for the sudanese people. it's hard to be optimistic in this particular scenario. >> what is it going to take to actually break the deadlock here? how is this going to be resolved in the future? and is it likely to be resolved in coming months? or are we talking years and years of fighting until one side
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or the other becomes weaker? >> it may very well take a long period of time many years, before it finally, changes. the only thing that might conceivably change the current range of forces is much stronger sanctions against both sides by a wide variety of outsiders. the outsiders being not just the united states and the european union but countries like china that have a lot of influence in south sudan because of their oil interests and particularly the neighboring countries to south sudan. uganda ethiopia kenya, sudan, itself. if they were to come together and put stringent sanctions on, it might have an impact. the problem is it has more impact on the government than it has on a rebel group. there are relatively few sanctionsuous, useful sanctions you can impose on a rebel group.
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>> david chin shanks to get your thoughts. thanks for joining us from washington. >> you are welcome. >> south africa's main opposition party, the democratic alliance will for the first time in its history have a black leader. observers view the move as an attempt to shake the party's image of being dominated by white liberals. harry mutasa reports. >> reporter: south africans know politically things are changing. for the first time, the opposition party the democratic alliance will have a black leader. and how do voters feel about that? >> we are scared of being led by a white person. but i don't think it would actually even make a difference. >> the out going leader has been praised for about bringing more black people into thedranttic alliance and for diversifying the leadership of the main opposition. the departure ushers in a new era of black leaders. >> in his early 30s, a favorite
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going unagainst anti-apartide activist and seasoned veteran but some aren't convinced the democratic alliance is truly transforming. but is it really that simple that that having a black pesh as head of the main opposition means more black south africans will vote in many disagree. they say it has to change the perception that it's a party that still represents white interests. you know to put the black people in front, knowing that oftentimes they will be maneuvered by these white people behind thatfrom my point of view. i am not sure. that's how i feel. i really wouldn't hope too much. >> yeah. not now. not in this lifetime. >> not in the next coming lifetime. hey? >> suspicions abide. some political analysts say it's a good move strategically for the drastic alliance. >> to really become a
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significant factor in south african politics, a potential winner of government. they are going to need a black candidate to front their campaign for that significant proportion of south africa. >> some say the political terrain in south africa is getting more interesting, but analysts say it could be many years before any opposition party removes the ruling african national congress. it's all very popular with a black majority from power. hara matasa port elizabeth. macedonia's enter ministry says five police officers have been killed in fighting with an armed group. more than 30 other officers were wounded in the operation. members. armed group are believed to have bear indicated themselves inside a house in the northern town. it's unclear who they are or what they want. the violence is heightening fears of instability in the former yugoslav republic following months of crisis.
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tim friend has more details. >> reporter: the police action began in the early morning in the suburb of kumonovo about 40 kilometers north of the capital. it's an area that saw fighting during an ethnic al banian insurgency in 2001. gunfire was heard throughout the morning as well as at least one explosion. the government said that the attackers entered from an unnamed neighboring country. >> this morning, forces started the action of finding and eliminating the armed terrorist group which, according to our intelligence, is aiming to organize attacks on government institutions. police set up road blocks in the area and sealed off the suburb. the events will deeper concern over stability en massedonia where the government is facing opposition allegations of wiretapping and abuse of. >> the most important thing now
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is to help the population and to provide and guarantee their security. this dark scenario will not succeed. there have been street protests demanding the resignation of prime minister nickla gureski. the fear is that political leaders on either side will stoke ethnic tensions as leverage. it's estimated that 30% of macedonia's two million people are ethnic albanians. they won greater rights after a peace deal brokered by the west but implementation has been slow and tensions sometimes flare. tim friend al jazeera. >> still to come on the newshour one of airbus's newest military planes crashes in spain. celebrations in guatemala city after the resignation of the vice president. why this wimbledon champion has fallen in love with tennis all over again.
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welcome back to the news hour. a reminder of the top stories. the u.n. called on all parties in yemen to avoid harming civilians. in a statement, the u.n. humanitarian coordinator for yemen said he is deeply concerned about the impact on civilians of airstrikes on the northern city of sadar. a judge has upheld hosni mubarak's three-year sentence for corruption. he has served three years so he will not have to serve out the sentence. on hezbollah and syria has been battling for the strategic of the al kalam off the un area. if they took the area it would make damascus more vulnerto attack. russia's annual victory day celebrations are a huge source of national pride as they marked the anniversary of the end of world war ii known in russia as the great patriotic war. no country suffered more casualties than russia military and civilian in the fight to defeat nazi germany. this year's events in moscow
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were bigger than ever before to mark 70 years since victory in europe. they culminated in a spectacular fire work display. they are a barom ter of russia's current military and political position. >> russia's biggest ever victory day parade to mark 70 years since the nazi surrender. 16,000 servicemen, nearly 200 units of hardware 140 helicopters and planes. this from a leader who speaks against the rehabilitation of mitt tarrism. in saturday's red square address, putin praised the millions of soviet citizens who perished in the war and criticized modern powers presumably the u.s. for trying to dominate global affairs.
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>> translator: in past decades, basic principles of international cooperation, principles hard won by mankind in the trials of war have been neglected more and more often. we have we have seen attempts to create a unipole world. ten years ago, putin sat next to george w. bush for this event. german and french leaders attended too, but a decade on, western leaders were noticeable here only by their absence. crain ukraine's crisis has so badly soured relations plenty of other leaders did come to shake hands with russia's president. the chinese leader russia is displaying new relationships intended to mitigate damage to older ones. also being shown off was high-tech new weaponry like the armada t-14, the first tank since before the soviet union fell. russia is modernizing its armed
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forces as fast as it isable trying to build a more professional military. other departments and ministries are suffering severe budget cuts. defense spending here in russia has increased significantly. >> watching the parade were some of the few remaining people who fought against the nazis in what russia calls the great patriotic war, perhaps the last major anniversary where this will be possible. >> i feel pride for our motherland which we served during our time in war. now, i am amazed by the modern technology. so, i feel so proud. >> i am satisfied that there are people who can defend the land that we once defended. >> victory day has multiple functions. it displays military might. it shows off global friendships but perhaps most useful it unites russians in the politically pot event themes of sacrifice and victory.
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rory challands, al jazeera, moscow. >> hundreds of anti-all of theerity protest orders have been protesting close to the prime minister's residence. they gathered outside the headquarters before marching on downing street. the conservative's victory on thursday four people have been arrested. aside from the conservative victory, the other major headline from thursday's election was the huge gains made by the scottish national party. the prattist party bounced back from losing last september's index referendum by winning 56 out of the 59 seats available in scotland. the best they have ever managed before was just 11. as barnaby phillips reports from fulkirk, not everybody in scotland is happy with the party's meet orric rise. teoric rise. >> many still amazed by the scale of their victory. scottish national party mps
5:36 pm
gather for a photo before traveling down to westminster. they are the new force in british politics. their success doesn't tell the whole story of the election in scotland. ♪ >> the town of fulkirk, it's parade day. this town voted no to independence in last year's referendum but like almost everywhere else in scotland it has just elected a nationalist mp. >> the s & p won a crushing election victory here in scotland but the scale of their support is disorder by the british voting system. they won 95% of scottish seats with only 50% of the votes. and that leaves the other half of the scottish electorate with very little representation. >> we found some of them on fulkirk's high street like this pensioner who voted conservative. >> i am very much for a united kingdom rather than appear separatist. there are a lot of people here i
5:37 pm
think there is a lot of people here saying if we just wave the flag everything will be all right. i don't think that's the right thing to do. >> then the sherlock homes enthusiast crist bell voted for the nationalists for the first time in his life but he doesn't want independence. >> i voted for s & p which was a snap position but i believe that we should actually have more of a say. that was the reason i voted for it but it came down to another referendum. this is the fulkirk wheel, a triumph of modern engineering which connecticuts two great canals. the industrial past is now only a tourist attraction. the nationalists believe that the tide of history is now turning in their direction. even dennis canovin wants the labor mp now supports the s & p and would welcome another vote on independence. >> i guess it is that it will come within possibly within the
5:38 pm
in connection five years, certainly within the next 10 years on my bet is that it will be a resounding, yes, victory in that second referendum. >> scottish politics have changed so fast that anything seems possible. the election results don't mean that the u.n. is doomed. they do suggest that any british government will have to be very skillful to save it. barnaby phillips rashingsz, fulkirk. >> germany and the u.k. have suspended their use of the new airbus a 400 military transport plane after one crashed in spain. the aircraft came down just north of seville air force after 10 people were on board. it's not yet clear how many survived. the plane was undergoing flight trials before being delivered to spain's military. airbus say they are sending a technical team to help invest gators. >> media in turkey is reporting one of the country's most controversial figures has died at the age of 97.
5:39 pm
he was a general who led the 1980 military coup and in years of fighting in turkey. the coup was followed by a wave of arrests, tortures and extra judicial killings. he was sentenced to life in prison for his role in those events. indonesia's president ordered the release of five political prisoners after spending 12 years in jail. activists say the president is trying to repair his image after ordering the execution of eight drug smugglers including seven foreign nationals. from abupura, a report. >> reporter: a symbolic step towards reconciliation with papua, five political prisoners con visited of stealing weapons -- convicted of stealing weapons were granted clemency. they were freed after 12 years. a small arms movement has been fighting for independence since papua became part of indonesia
5:40 pm
in the 1960s. for decades, indonesia has ruled the territory rich in national resources with an iron fist. resident joe dodo wants change. >> translator: we have to open a new page, all of us. we want to free all political prisoners and ask them to help build papua. >> he denies it is a pr stunt after being criticized for executing drug trafficers a 40night ago. now, we have prepared this since december and we talked to all of the relevant parties since then but it takes time and it needs to be done in phases. the prisoners are unhappy. instead of a pardon they wanted amnesty which would clear them of all wrongdoing. amnesty can only be granted by parliament. >> i really regret this. i only know now that i have been
5:41 pm
given clemency. nobody told me before. >> humanrights organizations estimate that more than 90 political prisoners are still behind bars. most prominent is phillip karma who has been secretlyly filmed in prison. he is jailed for 15 years for raising the independence flag. he refuses a presidential pardon and wants amnesty. >> if he is a real democrat he will honor freedom of opinion. difference of opinion is no problem in a democratic country. he should free all political prisoners and i want to be the last one to be free after all of my friends are released first. >> there are hopes the president will bring change and release all political prisoners as soon as possible. the gesture is seen as an important first step. hopes are damp ended. most are still behind bars. >> the president did announce
5:42 pm
one important change: after decades of severely restricted access for foreign media, the president says all journalists can report freely from papua. something papuans have demanded for a long time. >> from tomorrow we will open papua for foreign journalists. there is no more problem. i have told this to all of the relevant parties in papua, in the ministries to the police chief to the military chief. all of them. >> however, it's not the president but the nilt which has ruled papua for a long time. dodo has yet to approve he has the power bring the changes he is promising. al jazeera, abapura, papua. the pakistani military has released video of the aftermath of the helicopter crash which killed seven people it on friday. the aircraft was carrying 11 foreigners and six-pack establishes when it came down. the wives of the indonesian and
5:43 pm
malaysian ambassadors were killed. the pakistani air force says a technical failure caused the crash. the ambassadors who have survived described a chaotic scene. >> got into a spin and so i think i brayed a little for impact. i think the most afterwards, i was actually opening my eyes seeing smoke and heard some explosions. so i was extremely lucky. everything went well except for the last few minutes, the helicopter went spiral around and around and around and around. and then it hit the ground. i saw the pilot was killed and some others died instantly, and i was in the middle. the united states is calling on north korea to stop raising tensions in the region after
5:44 pm
pyon pyong yang reported al successful launch of a missing from an underwater sub marie. there is a individual 0 of kim jung un watching but it's not clear where it took place. such a launch would be against united states sanctions banning north korea from using ballistic missile technology. the u.s. presidential election is a year and a half away but heavy hitters are staking their claim for what's often called the most powerful job on early. patti colhane takes a first look at the contenders' chances. ♪ >> it's more than a year and a half away but candidates are already on the trail. >> we have come to take our country back. >> being nice to children. >> thanks for saying hello. >> shaking hands and asking for votes. all touting their past experience. so far, there is a senator, this senator, and this one and of
5:45 pm
course, the senate turned secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> but it seems likely there will be more than a few governors that will jump into the rates as well. who has the edge? historically, there isn't one clear path to get to the presidency. there have been 44 president did so far. seventeen have been governors of states like thomas jefferson, bill clinton george w. bush but 16 were u.s. senators first like james monroe harry truman and john f. kennedy. >> having senate experience can be a negative. >> do you want me just to talk? >> trying to explain complex votes. remember this from then candidate john kerry? >> i actually did vote for the $87,000,000,000 before i voted against it. >> but governors have their challenges as well. they can say they have the experience of running a mini version of the u.s. their own state but then they have clear records. those can be hard to explain. >> i wake up every morning knowing how to fight for the people in my state.
5:46 pm
>> for example, potssible contender chris christie will have to state why state's grade has been downgraded 9times under his leadership. it matters less what a candidate has done than who they are? >> in this day and age of such massive media, you need to be a charismatic figure. the power of presidential personality. people want to think that you are on their side that you touch their lives in some direct way. >> the clock has started. the candidates making sure this time they have enough time to try to accomplish that goal. patti colhane, al jazeera, washington. >> the cuban capitol, havana has hosted the country's gay pride parade led by raul castro's daughter. it has culminated in a mass symbolic wedding ceremony. same-sex marriage remain illegal
5:47 pm
in the majority roman catholic company. the public attitudes are changing changing. authorities in gau guatemala are expecting further protests calling for the resignation of melina. the country's vice president has already resigned after one of her top aides was linked to a multi-million dollar corruption scandal. david messer reports. >> reporter: thousands of guatemalans have been celebrating the vice president's resignation in the capitol, guatemala city. it was the culmination of weeks of protests. anger and frustration that had been directed towards roxana baldetti and the ruling party was replaced by chants cheers and fire crackers. the protesters called it a victory for the people. but the resignation was announced by molina. he said it was a brave decision. >> the vice president after talks in which we analyzed what was taking place in the country, i reiterate, craneourageously made
5:48 pm
the decision toe present her resignation resignation. everything has its time. there are processes here which i insist should be followed. they are processes established by law and processes that all guatemalaans should respect. >> baldetti's former private secretary is alleged to have been the ringleader of a corruption scam in which officials took bribes to lower customs duties. investigators issued an arrest warrant for his arrest while he was on a trip to south korea with the vice president when she flew back home she held a media conference to deny any wrong doing. but two days ago, guatemala's supreme court called on congress to remove baldetti's immunity from prosecution. other senior officials have been i am brink indicated in the bribery ring including the head of guatemala's tax authority. otto perez molino was elected in
5:49 pm
2011 on the promise of fighting crime with an iron fist. this corruption scandal, the most significant in recent history, suggests he has had limited success. >> molina isn't standing for office this time but with just four months before presidential elections, some fear the damage to guatemala's ruling party has been done. the presidential candidate has withdrawn from the race and some protesters are call for president molina to resign, too. david mertzer, al jazeera, guatemala. >> all right. still ahead, find out who is in pole position for sunday's formula one grand prix. we will have all in sport.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
♪ hello again. welcome back. sport now with zoe. thanks felicity. barts loan a are 4 points clear -- barcelona is four points clear. real madrid managed a draw. barca converted their chances. pedro rodriguez, the final two remain in doubt because over the dispute of t.v. rights. barca may have to wait to conclude their campaign. real mad dritd failed to keep pace. they had been 2-nil down. but they fall back to get a 2-all draw. desperate for the point and they hope to avoid relegation but they are currently 1-nil down. it looks good for barcelona now. 4-point lead even with that late
5:52 pm
equalizer. if barca win their next match against athletico, the catalans will be grand champions. burnler has been relegated from the premier league despite winning on saturday. danny aims scored the only goal. he has fallen into the drop zone with two games remaining. burnler are 7 points behind 17th placed newscastel. >> i have taken great pride. when you constantly run off every week every game, enough and after 10, of course, it's like you've got no chance, you know so the players have to be focused and go around the country and take games on everywhere they are proud of that. >> manchester united needed three points more now to security champions league fwautd football. united on their way to the penalty and jason punch, an
5:53 pm
equalized but it was won with a header 12 minutes from time. >> football is crazy because you may see how we have played against chelsea, everton and others and you compare it with today, this was not our best match. but you win. and that's also the beauty of football. and what i have seen today, it's a fighting spirit. >> sundayerland won to move out of the relegation zone. 2 for stoke and aston villa. an incredible turnaround as they beat south hampton 2-nil to move three points. newscastel 17th after drawing at home with westbro brom. >> rosberg will start in poll position for sunday's spanish grand prix. it's his first poll of the
5:54 pm
season. second in the over all titles standing behind the teammate and defending lewis hamilton. hamilton was second quickest despite some problems there. rebate missing out on the 5th straight poll. seb after theial battles and qualified in third. mercedes celebrating another 1-2. >> of course i needed sooner rather than later. that's for sure because one system in the right direction to writtening the rates hear this weekend and, yeah, it was a good day in the office for sure. >> i don't think i was on the backfoot at any other stage. yes have the pace today. he did a great job and generally i don't know if i had the balance but i did my best with it. i think tomorrow is still a lot to play for. >> confirmation the top places ahead of sunday's race on the second row. the spanish will be hosting the
5:55 pm
podium place. 5th fastest on saturday fernando alonzo qualified 13th more maclare. rafael nadal remains on course to claim his third. a tight first set against thomas birdish. this was a great point which nadal won. comfortably closed oat 6-1 to fill his place in the final. >> the last couple of days i have been playing better and better every day. that's always a very good news. and that's it. i mean final before that. >> nadal will face andy maurai after he beat s haiku ri 6-3, 6-4. a back to back title on sunday.
5:56 pm
>> a lot of hard work on my game. made a few changes, tried to get that to play the way that i was playing when i was my most successful. i think today, i was pretty aggressive. i tried to dictate a lot of the points especially when he was serving. and it worked well. >> women's tour a victory, kunetsa was no match for the czech. she was the first player to built serena williams this year on the route to the final. dropping just three games. a 6-1, 6-2 win. it rekindles her love for the game. she was exhausted. >> it means a lot for me for sure. yes expect this from the beginning when i played tough
5:57 pm
matches from the first two rounds and three sets. so, you know it's an amazing week for me for sure. the world number 1 yesterday and it's a great play on the clay today. so it was special and i am ready glad today. i was able to win it. >> england sacked after andrew strauss made new national director of cricket. he was releefdz of his duties following a dismissal world cup with the west indies. >> a 10th consecutive wind on the super rugby standings, the win in the top club competition didn't come easy. south african side with sharks leading a long periods. this is from jeremiah. it put them ahead in two late penalties at this, a 32-24 win. >> that's sport. >> thank you so much for that. >> that's it from this particular newshour from me
5:58 pm
felicity barr thanks for watching. bye-bye. ♪ ♪
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>> this week on "talk to al jazeera" one of the most recognizable singers of a generation - kate pierson of the b-52s. >> (singing the song "love shack"). >> the greatest thing i think a band can do is give people this joy and make them happy and make them dance or sing or just, you know, just kind of give them a joy. >> the group was once given the title "america's favorite party band" by rolling stone, but pierson said beneath the bee-hives, there was a message. >> we felt


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