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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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more than 11, 000 people died since it began, a year-and-a-half ago and almost 5,000 were in lie bird ria alone. bodies littered the streets and hospitals were shut town and, leaving the sick helpless and the healthy if posed today
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a different story, there are still concerns concerns in the neighboring countries, they are still getting nine new cases a week. but in liberia, it is zero. take a look at the timing that it turned into an an epidemic. it was reported in 2013 and, may of forte there were 0 cases and just three months later, it was out of control. it spread through west africa to see aer era will he own and at times there were 1,000 new cases every week. with a massive surge in the capital. by then the world community had joined the fight against the virus and here's a look at new cases reported from january to may of this year, and you can see it's down in liberia no new cases in 7 weeks. now, the story.
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these students are the picture of health as they are declared ebola free, and it has not been seen for 42 days. i lost my father to this virus and now i see my country getting back to normal. i'm so happy that i will get to see my frequents and play and things i have not been able to do for six months. the people, in guinea, and see era leon are still dealing with it. both reported nine new cases in the last week. that's the lowe west but it means it is still spreading. new cases also puts liberia at risk. also, in geneny it, has
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killed 11,000 people, people with ebola get fevers, and often bleed. the virus spreads through bodily now now width and kills about half that it effected. a vaccine has been developed and it is safe and, it is now being used to protect front loin workers. like with many fatal diseases that are contagious, we rely on the vaccine, trying to avoid catching the disease. the world health organization has been criticized for being slow it respond. that's despite warnings from medical aid groups like doctors without borders. there is still lessons to be learned. but doctors in liberia are feeling confident. if it happens that we have
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cases coming, that would be a new outbreak. which we don't wish for. but it should happen, from a case management, and we are very well prepared. 4,700 people have died from ebola in liberia it has now got he be rid of the disease there's still a threat, people are hopeful they have seen the end of ebola. the white house released a statement congratulating the people of liberia and causing them to remain vig land, it is important, the world must not forget that the ebola outbreak still persists in the neighboring countries and we must not let down our guard until the entire region is at
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zero. joining me now is doctor, an assisttant professor right here in new york. thank you so much for joining us. so while we do realize maybe we shouldn't have gotten to the point where it po exam an epidemic, what is the most tactic was to get to this good news in liberia. ebola required two things, it required excellent public health and care, and contact and to get to where we are excellent finding and, all those three things, we have to have the human resources and only 51 doctors, and complete lack of public health, and no access to water and things that we tee pend on, that's visit tal. we needed this in terms of the actual investment in public health and the investment in
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hue resources to all of those at the front line to get the job done. you keep those resources going in order to make sure, you keep the country ebola free snsm we have to, that's very clear we know that, outbreaks are inevitable. epidemics are optional. and what we are seeing now is a result of the failure to invest in public health and, that's what we need. i'm a critical care and i believe in public health. it protects all of us. sierra leon and, new guinea are still battling it. ending the outbreak, will be extremely difficult. one of the things they say, is that liberia, it took two months, down to zero, which looks it will be a long road
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ahead still. why is it that that final stretch is so difficult? it's always that hard. look how hard it was with smallpox. and it was everyone had a rash and over their face and, it wasn't like ebola which presents with fever and symptoms and a bit of things, and, diarrhea, nobody guess into an e r. with ebola on their forehead and very hard to diagnose and we know that with history. polio. and still can't get to 1%. right and meanwhile it seems to continue to surprise the medical community. i mean we're just looking at a couple of things we learned this week. the woman who contracted the virus, by having sex with her partner five months, after he was released, and the american
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doctor, who was virus free, and they found it in his eye. do we know enough about the virus to be even using the term ebola free. we have never add outbreak like this before,. six countries and we had 26,000 or so affected. and 11,000 dead and 15,000 survivors, and i think we're in for a lot of surprises. and we november it was transmit he and yes we need to be vigilant and, there is a fantastic pause for celebration. but we have to show an ongoing commitment to this area, because otherwise, there are all sort he was ways where it could keep on being cured and spread. the other great thing is, that at least we can pay attention to
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those other things, the family healthcare and child health and, vaccinations and millar ria, and too dangerous. and yet these cures and so, we know how to treat this, and today, it shows that we can do it and we do it well, when we collaborate. you're also talking about bringing it back to the basics, and just basic public health. and being -- the hospitals. and clinics, that are being there, and the human is as long as, in the front line. all right, thank you so much. thank you for joining us. well there was a mass prison escape in eastern iraq including some prisonners convicted terrorism charges. they used a riot to slip past guards and killed in the prison,
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around 30 inmates and twelve policemen. it's located 50 miles north of baghdad. the u.s. and its gulf allies continue to bombard isis fighters. coalition force vest carred out 28 airstrikes and 15 were in syria and 13 in iraq. it destroyed several fighting positions and heavy machine guns and a vehicle. well saudi led strikes are breaking international law that according to the u.n. in yemen many civilians are trapped as the coalition continues its bombing campaign and, this comes that they announced that it would begin tuesday. now here's more. the saudis look as the war of wills between them and the houthis and they have either to
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choose war or peace, if they accept a truce and then ever then they will see talks can begin. but if they refuse, until next tuesday, then, they will see see probably more fight. and they will pay a much higher price. choosing war. however, on the other hand, for the houthis this has become a war of attrition they think that, it is on their side and they see that the saudis are as time goes by change the conditions for a seize fire, and talks and there's going to be no end of this, until the houthis withdraw and yemen. and now they are no longer tackling about that. and they are looking at this as a opportunity for them and they think that they are losing patience and might do it, as the number of civilians killed
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in the fighting, rises in yemen and, international pressure will grow until they accept to end the war without any conditions, and without the houthis accepting any kind of seize fire. north korea says it has test fired a missile from a a submarine. it showed it rising from the ocean and kim smiling from a distance. he says his military now has a weapon striking and wiping out forces infringing upon north korea ria and, south korea alleges that they fired three anti ship cruise missiles into the sea. for russians, world war ii was the great war the annual victory day parade is a massive source of national pride. and the russian capital it's also a bar roomer of the current military and political position.
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russia's biggest ever victory day parade to mark 70 years, 16,000 servicemen, nearly 200 units of hardware, and 140 helicopters, and plains. this from a leader who speaks against the rehabilitation of military, and in saturday's address, putin praised the millions who perished in the war and, criticized modern powers, the u.s. for trying to dominate global affairs. in past decades basic principals hard won by mankind in the trials of war have been neglected. and we have seen attempts to create a world and, we see military block thinking gaining momentum many. ten years ago he sat next
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to george w. bush, german and frequent leaders but a decade on western leaders were noticeable only by their absence, and the ukraine crisis has soured the relations and plenty did come to shake hands with the president the chinese leader russia is displaying new relationships intended to mitt take gate damage. also being shown off with high-tech, like the one, the first newly designed battle tanks before it fell. russia is modernizing its armed forces as far as it is able trying to build a better equipped military and while other departments of the military are suffering severe budget cuts, defense spending has increased. watching the parade were some of the few remaining people
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who fought. perhaps, it's the last major anniversary where this willing possible. we served during our time in war and now i'm amazed by the modern technology. i feel proud. i'm satisfied that there are people that can defend the land. it has multiple functions it shows off global friends and perhaps the most, it units russian in the themes of sacrifice, and victory. when al jazera returns, we head down south where several gop presidential candidates and several other likely candidates all gathered for so-called freedom summit and also, hurricane season has yet to start, but tropical storm anna is making its way towards the
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carolinas. spanish police, make an unexpected discovery at a border crossing. stay with us.
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bush told graduating seniors that the have a school that religious freedom should be protected. and he acued president barak obama of trying to impose progressive dog make, and, it is known for hosting republican presidents and candidates as speakers. other republicans with white house ambitions showed up
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at south carolina's freedom summit and several gathered to hear speeches, and most of them focused on healthcare, national debt, and the failed policy he of president barak obama. the most unamerican idea you can imagine, i think the central issue in 2016, is going to be how do we re-ignite the program miss of america? we watched our country descend into record debt, we have experienced six years of the slowest economic growth in the recovery, that we have ever seen. i also think it's time that we have a president who doesn't apiece and play word games, in defining our enemy, it is very cheer and honest with the american public, about the multiple threat that's confront this country from china and
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radical islam. [applause] all right michael is a correspondence dent, and michael, thanks so much for joining us. so today's luncheon was hosted by the tea party, how much after force is that going to be in the race? interesting you say, wing, because they hosted the luncheon today, it was sponsored by chick-fil-a, so, in fact, as co sponsors there and chick-fil-a has become the darling of the republican party. they're trying to be a part of wooing the voter in south carolina, and the conservative voter without pushing forward their own candidate. they were there and hosting the luncheon and chick-fil-a plays into what they want, since 2012, when their co-founder, the son, made his remarks against
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gay marriage and so, the tea party has been part of what's going on. but their candidates have not fared as well and they're trying to influence what's going on without push forward candidates themselves. let's talk about south carolina, it will hold the third primary, how are they different from iowa and new hampshire? it is different in the kind of voter that's in south carolina. it's a little more diverse and you don't have the issues with immigration, and they don't make an impact, in iowa, and in new hampshire, as they do in south carolina and you have a racial component that isn't there. but, you also have a very conservative church going that you have in south carolina that's different. and the kind of people, that run in south carolina and do well, generally are southern. so the candidates that might
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farewell, might not do as well in south carolina. so, we know there were some people who were not there. rand paul, chris christie, and jeb bush. skipping summit, he spoke at liberty university. well, there are two different people who also weren't there mike huckabee, and lindsay graham. you asked about jeb bush, you know, going to liberty university and making a speech, is both an excuse and an opportunity. it excuses him from going to south carolina, where his ideas are not popular with the republican party and it gets him in front of conservatives. so i think it was a win. mike huckabee, took a loss and rick rick rick santorum was there, and mike is trying to take things
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away. all right do a lot of the candidates focused on pretty much bashing president barak obama? he's not running. so why report they going after hillary? carlie was the only one who came out and talked about hillary and that's surprising because you think they will have they're running against hillary, not president barak obama, and they're running against his policies and but having carlie there and having a woman, who can speak against hillary clinton does wonders. i don't think there are very many people that she is going to be the next president. it runs a little bit of interference and the party is happy. but it is curious. and maybe this is just the first time through. i think the debates will hear her name more. michael, thank you so much. well, the official start of the hurricane season is still weeks away but the carolinas are
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bracing for early storm, they say tropical storm anna will hit sunday with sustained winds of 60-miles-per-hour, and dangerous surf and rains and flooding. so, let's bring in kevin, here with the weather. what do you think? well its early for this time of year. we could see a storm out in the atlanta, but we don't see a tropical storm hit the united states this early in the season. there's a lot of factors one being water temperature normally it isn't warm enough. and we are already seeing the showers here and, south carolina and north carolina and some being heavy and, you see those bands. so this is what we have, 60-miles-per-hour winds and moving slowly to the north northwest at 3 miles-per-hour. we do think it will hit on the border between north and south
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carolina. by tomorrow morning and this is the track that we're going to be seeing. we don't think it will get any higher. just below hurricane strength, and that's where it will stop right there and then drop down to a dressing and bring a lot of rain. take a look at the forecast, especially here, in north carolina 6-8 inches of rain. now, from the east coast to the central plains today is another severe weather day, we're talking colorado, and oklahoma and kansas and texas. and, what's happening right now the two most active areas are colorado as well as northern texas. and we have seen tornadoes with these storms coming through, the region and we'll be watching it very carefully because we're not done yet. we do have a lot of watches and warnings and, you can see those lighter reds and those are the
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torn warnings, and they're imminent or just about to start and we're seeing here in texas as well as this new one here, just on the north side of the border. and, flooding. we're looking at some major rain and, oklahoma has seen almost 15 inches of rain in the last 70 hours or more. thank you. well, prime minister david cameron and his party, i may have easily won the election but the road ahead will be anything but. the latest. the newly formed israeli government could be creating deeper tensions with palastin dwrens and miami beach is running out of sand, and neighbors do in the want to share
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welcome back, the world
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health organization has declared liberia, ebola free. almost 5,000 people died there during the epidemic. saudi led strikes in yemen are breaking international law. this comes after the saudi foreign minister announced that a 5-day seize fire would begin. many of the official, and potential presidential candidates gathered in south carolina today, they were appearing at the freedom summit, and spoke on topics, including healthcare foreign policy and national debt, in egypt ousted president mo barrack has been sentenced to 3 years in prison she they were convicted of embezzlement, and the former leader may walk free. he used money that was used to rent if he rate is the
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presidential palace. one after listening line of legal battles since being ousted in 2011. it charged my barrack of ordering the death of 900 protestors. he was acquitted in a retrial but that was appeal and a decision is expected next month today's sentence was part of a separate trial and my barrack and his sons were ordered to pay 16 million fine. as we mentioned, he has served time and may walk free. he was also charged in two other cases and he was cleared in one, and the other never made it to court. also, the retrial of two al jazera have been postponed. egypt accuses them of promoting outlawed muslim brotherhood
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they reject the charges. they have been free on bail, the committee to protect journal lists say they are holding twelve media professionals in prison. now to the u.k. elections david cameron, and the conservative party were the winners and scottish party took 56-59 seats available. but not everyone is happy with the rapid rise to the top. here they are, more than 50 of them, many still amazed by the scale of their victory, they gather for a team photo before traveling down to westminster. they are the new force in british politics and their success doesn't tell the whole story. in the town, it's par raid
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day, they voted no to independence and like almost everywhere else, it has just elected the nationalist sp, they won a crushing victory here, but the scale of their support is distorted by the british voting system. they won 95% and only 0% of the votes and that leaves the other half, with very little represent tasting. we found some of them, on high street. i'm very much for the united kingdom. and i think, there's a lot of people there, i may be wrong and there's a lot of people, if we wave the flag everything will be all right. i don't think that's the right thing to do. and then there's sherlock holmes chris he voted for the nationalists for the first time in his life, and he wanted
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independence. i wanted snp which was a snap decision, and i believe that we should have more after say and that's the reason. and another referendum. this is the full cut wheel a try mum of modern engineering and the industrial part is now only a tourist attraction and the nationalists believe that the tide of his tri is turning in their direction. even dennis now supports the snp, and would welcome another vote. i guess it will come within the -- within the next five years and and my bet is that it will be a resounding yes. scottish politics have changed so fast that anything seems possible, the election results don't mean that the
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union is doomed but any british government will have to be very skillful to save it. palestinian leaders have ruled out any possibility with resuming peace talks. the coalition formed by benjamin netanyahu which has rejected a two state solution, it wants to expand settlements. mike reports. political science class underway 61 seats out of 120 form the israeli government and if any party left, the government would collapse and how the palosten indian authority will deal with them. we are going to continue as is. among the students, opinions are divided about whether they can have a say. there is no chance for peace
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because it is an extreme right wing government, there's nothing that we can do. newly it and go to the u.n. and, go to the criminal court. we have no option but to unite ourselves because divided we can't stand up for them. a student council elections demonstrated the extent to which they remain divided. those that supported hamas, are a majority. it's not clerk to what extent the opinion of students are reflected but the vote sends a sharp message to the plo and, the authority that support they say there's been a large security crackdown in the wake of the vote. an unknown number of hamas
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figures have been detained. and once again putting in jeopardy reconciliation attempts if you want to do it, a strategy we don't have a strategy. what are we looking for? for what for? notion? we're not going to have negotiations, under the the circumstances, and the question on campus whether the palestinian authority has any role to play at all. cuban gay right activists led by the daughter of castro, head a mass gay wedding. it was part of a parade, and it is illegal. and, hey been an advocate for
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the lgbt community. mothers from across the united states gathered in washington to protest police brutality. some of the group are parents whose children were killed by police, they marched from capitol hill to the justice department demanding justice and, racial quality. the million moms march was sponsored by mothers united. south florida is known for its beautiful beaches and now it has to be replaced, in miami source of san, it has run out. how are you doing? rain or shine, he runs eight miles up-and-down miami beach everyday. get it going. something he has done for past 40 years,. so how do the beaches compare now?
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well, we got bigger but sand is not as nice. it's been decades since it is in trouble. i hear that it is running out of sand. it has run out of sand. just lick those beach buddies, the beaches need constant work. for years, the solution was to pump in sand from the bottom of the ocean. and two years ago the county ran out. there's no longer any viable sources off-shore, and we ran out of sand. beaches aren't static, the sand comes and goes with currents, and storms. miami-dade county needs 18 million cubic yards of it, until to fill the dolphins stadium 7 times. so now county leaders are turning to the neighbors in the north. where in the waters,
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engineers say there's plenty of sand. how much sand is out there? there's an abundance. but they might as we will be lined with gold, when it comes to sharing some politicians aren't willing. so the idea, of taking sand here and, shipping it to miami -- not a fan. no. i have been known to say -- a lot of people are going to say, that sounds selfish. well it isn't what we're having to protect and what i'm fighting. she and others worry a major storm could get rid of beaches. and leaders aren't convince heed that they have enough sand. we will help but we need to protect our own first. crews can't just use any
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san, it must be the right color and, size and texture and making it a precious and it helps attract 14 million people every year, jep rating 22 billion. just getting the sand, does it make the most sense to you? when you need sand, you have to get it from somewhere and we are looking at all areas,. so it has to be frustrating and you need sand, and you're running into resistance many. we understand their concerns and their issues. and we're trying to work with them to allay those fears. they are considering shipping in sand from other countries like the bahamas, one county was so desperate for sand it considered using recycled glass and that was just too expensive. also, the federal government is studying options that could please everyone. as they look to the future --
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some like robert kraft can't help but remember the past before they started pumping in sand when back in the early 1970s, it looked nothing like it was today. i used to have to run through pool decks and, you cons get by. no beach at all. so you remember a time when there was no beach on miami beach. pretty much. few expect that to happen again. he will keep running. his routine hasn't changed. another shortage of affordable housing is the subject of tonight's deeper look and now with a review. well the economic recovery is leaving a lot of americans in a tough spot, while there are more jobs, wages haven't been keeping up with the cost of housing, and each having a job doesn't mean someone can afford
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their home. the way the city is structured, there's a lot of jobs that don't pay enough money for you to be able to live here. coming up, we're going to take a look at how we got into the situation, and some possible solutions to the problem. all right we'll see you at 8:00. up next, another day another boat load of migrants making the dangerous trip, to italy, what happens when they make it to europe, we'll talk to sheila, compass, who traveled to the shores of italy to find >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" - where technology meets humanity.
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a father was arrested, and paid
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add woman to carry the human cargo, and authorities say she looked nervous so they ran the luggage, and that's when they found the boy, by the father and the 19-year-old woman are in jail, charged with putting a child's life at risk. ireland and france are offering their help in an effort to save migrants trying to reach europe by crossing the mediterranean. they arrive and mote were from syria and somalia. two german ships and a british vessel are helping. some 50,000 people have reached europe by sea risking their leaves to escape wars. nearly 30,000 of them end up in italy, for her new show, she travels to southern italy, what happens to them once they milan?
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i remember the first time i got there and each across the sea, they know her as the voice of the mediterranean. her phone number, in her pockets and, their lifeline to the italian coast guard. 26-year-old dedicates her life to helping the thousands of syrians, who cross each year. it is not he's six many times i don't sleep for days, and my life, compared to thousands of people it is nothing. it is something that i have to keep doing. i cannot stop.
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she's there to greet them when they arrive. intercepting refugees before they are prayed upon again by human traffickers. each one of these refugees has paid thousand he of dollars just to make this far. the going rate is $2,000, regardless of allege and, there are smugglers lurking here now looking for more money. the syrians, i been including so many small children were rescued the same day as the deadliest ship date to date. hundreds of migrants drowned.
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what they're trig to do is help them and give them the health, all you need is your hands and feet and a big heart. what she is doing is pushing the boundaries of the law she has been gated by the police, accused of aiding and abetting illegal immigration charges dismissed. human rights not human trafficking. for would be asylum seekers it is just with u one stage of their journey for those that make the journey, there's no question that cross the mediterranean is the most perilous part of their trip but
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by no means is that the end. for many of those what they want is to to get out of italy and get to northern europe and, in order to do that, they have to leave italy undocumented, and without having their finger prints taken, and that sets off a game of cat and mouse. joining us now is the host of compass.
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>> cl it's a debate continuing to raise questions about informed consent, jenda identity and patient rites well there is worldwide excitement over the upcoming star wars movie. case in point.
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more than 6,000 took part in the run this week. you have stormtroopers, chew backer and darth vader there. that does it for me, the news continues with del walters. >> today's top stories - a clean bill of health. violation of humanitarian laws as civilian death toll rises. severe weather affects part of the country. one person is dead after a tornado touches down in texas. in "deeper look", a plight of americans who can't afford to stay in their homes any


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