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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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you'll find... the inside story. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights, 11:30 eastern. on al jazeera america. a top you will n. official says airstrikes in yell men are breaking international humanitarian law. hello, world news. also ahead gunfire and police officers are killed, by groups set to be planning attacks. columbia suspends the use of a herb what side, linked to cancer. and the traditional african
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fabrics made in china are u how they are hitting the textile makers. hello, we begin in yemen where the house of the perform mer president has been targeted we the saudi led coalition three explosions were heard the former president is said to be hiding away from the capital the militia have been fighting, on the side of the houthis and they are accused of breaking international law in another part of yemen, they say there's bombing, in in the city where civilians are trapped, and across yemen it has taken its toll, and the u.n. says 646 civilians have been killed sense the airstrikes began.
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and more than 1,364 others have been injured and, more than 300,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. video released by saudi video, shows airstrikes, against the hewittty, it includes saudi and nine other arab countries. thethe u.n. says, most civilians are trapped and unable to get out passed a fuel shortage and the bombing of populated areas is a violation of international law, and that issuing warnings is not enough. the could what leagues has urged civilians to leave but they say houthis stopping them. they are pro vepting them from evacuating the city, by using check points. and they are prevepght them from
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escaping and, they are using civilians as human shields or as a guaranteed method to prevent the locations being hit. the saudis offered a 5-day seize fire and it has also targeted other strongholds like the airport, and the late i have the fighting has made delivering aid harder. airports were the main relief aid area, and, it was targeted a week ago, it was targeted again today. and we need at some point to heave some opening. we cannot do that. something needs to come in and it needs to be workers and aids and also, fuel. fighting is escalating across mem yes ma'am men and
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tribes men say they have repulsed the attack, and this is crucial, in the oil and gas. this is the frontline. this area was under the control of the houthis and now we captured it. pro-government troops captured the mountain which gino looks the city itself. these weapons were taken by soldiers supporting the president. if the houthis lose control they will lose a visit tal supply line. a senior houthi official says they welcome the seize fire but the saudi co coalition says it will call it off if they couldn't fighting. and, now here's more. the saudis look at this as a war of wills and they have given them two choices, they have
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either to choose war or peace if they accept it, then they will see talks beginning. but if refuse, until next tuesday, then they will see something else and they will be much higher price choosing war than choosing peace. on the other hand for the houthis this has become a a war of attrition. and they feel that the saudis are as time goes by, change the conditions for the seize see fire and there's going to be no end of this, if the houthis drop and then, yemen, and now they are no longer talking about that. and they are looking at this, and, they are losing patience, and, by any means and also, number of civilians killed in
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the fighting, and rising in yemen and, they will grow until they accept it, without any conditions, and, now, the houthis, will not accept it. , it is free he had 200 prisoners in a jail break. the group said it used explosives, and twelve policemen are said to have been killed in the operation and nothing official 50 printners died and they were killed by make militia. in syria, open me signatures fighters have killed 15 soldiers. they booby trapped a building that was being used. and also, opposition fighters have been battling for control. if it falls to the opposition,
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the president will be cut off from the capital. there have been reports that arab countries may provide air power cover to provide air forces in southern syria jordan worries it could threaten their own security. now, the border with syria. the relationship between jordan and rebels is, anything but clear cut and comfortable. the government has been silently training and arming secular rebels. in exchange for protectings border and keeping extremists away from it. the rebels most recent gain, as border crossing. but jordan was alarmed to find out the moderate rebels had joined forces with the rebels. and non-starter for the king
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tom,. former foreign minister says the threat of terrorism is around the border, and it may take action inside. today's friends -- so, you know, we are trying but it is a difficult situation, you cannot be all things, that everybody is walking the line as you would like them to do. rebels have scored major battlefield gains. there have been reports that arab countries want them to weaken the president and government. that is behind the jordan border. that's because it is only 100 kilometers away from the power in damascus. any major gains by rebels,
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would concontake stitute a real threat to the syrian government. there have been talks about arab countries providing things to the rebels and this would have to be led from jordan. for the rebels, a no by that zone has been a long standing demand and, not something that they have been promised. we promised that the regem will not survive more than a month if there is a no now zone, and we are providing them, with missiles, and these are no more than media reports. observers agree that an arab intervention in syria is a remote possibility. the taliban have carry he on an attack near canada hard, a truck bomb exploded near the
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entrance and would gunmen tried to enter the base. three guards were killed and all three fighters. in the philippines, that you sands have been evacuated before the typhoon. it is expected to reach land later on sunday and, it will hit northern parts of the main island. two aid agencies have e wait waited in a rebel held town, in sudan because of fears by an attack of forces. q.tens of thousands haved in, and doctors without borders and, red cross have withdrawn from the town. the president accused his former deputy of attempting to stage a coun. the deputy chief of mission in sudan, and he says stronger
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sanctions against the warring leaders are essential to stop the fighting. the only thing that might change the current range of force says much stronger sanctions, against both sides by a wide variety of outsiders the outsiders being not just the united states and the e.u. but countries like china that have a lot of influwins because of their oil interest, and particularly the neighboring countries. and uganda, and, e they on the part pea a and sudan itself, if they could put sanction's them it might have an impact. columbia's president has ordered an end to the fume make investigation of coco plants with a herb what side, that's the product used to make cocaine. and the herb what side might cause cancer.
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the president says his government will look at other methods. as part of a war on drugs in south america. in guatemala legislatures have vetoed accept the resignation of the vice-president, he quit over a multi-million-dollar corruption expap del. ,000 sappeds have been celebrating, the resignation
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. it was as brave decision. the vice-president after talks in which we analyzed what was taking talks i reiterate made the decision to give her resignation. i ensift it should be followed and, they should respect. while that is former private secretary is alleged to have been the ringleader, in which they took bribes bribes. investigators issued a arrest warrant for his arrest while he was on a trip with the vice-president. when she through back home she held a media conference to deny any wrongdoing and the supreme court called on congress to remove the immunity, paving the way for possible legal action against her.
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other senior officials have also been implemented especially including the head of guatemala tax authority. was elected, on fighting crime with an iron fifth and this is the most significant in recent history. isn't standing for office this time, but with just four months before elections some fear the damage to the ruling party has been done. its presidential candidate has withdrawn from the race and some protestors are calling for the president to to resign, too. still ahead, ushering in a new era can elect a black lead. black leader transform south africa. they won a crushing victory in scotland, does that mean independent dence is inevitable?
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>> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned".
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hello again, this is al jazera, i want to tell you about some breaking news, yemen's rebels have accepted a 5-day seize fire announced by the foreign minister. let's get the latest from, ham mad, who joins us from the saudi capital? what more do you know about this? yeah, there are several websites that have quoted, that
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most definitely, action of the army that is loyal to the houthis, is really, he has on a couple occasions talked about the preliminary -- of the pro-pass a, in one of his statements he mentioned a russian road in trying to accept the houthi to accept, we agree with the exception that the bar go will be ended and commercial ships will be allowed and also the humana tar rethen smois can be channeled in and any
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violation of this, by al-qaeda -- remember they always describe the houthi campaign as part of the al-qaeda. they lump them, in one area, and against indian mem. and so any violation that is a violation. also a spokesman of the houthis foreign affairs was quoted on his official, on his own facebook, saying, that the houthis accepts this and is it going to be real and serious? and we'll wait for more confirmation from the houthi side and this is for now signs, coming from the other sides, best side, for the
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saudis, and they might be thinking of accepting the two. thank you. updating us there from the saudi capital. just to recap this breaking news story that the rebel allied have accepted a 5-day seize fire announced by the foreign minister, to start on tuesday and the houthis foreign affairs secretary says he welcomes it on the condition that it is real and serious. now, five police officers have been killed and, more than 30 injured in a gun battle, with an armed group it happened in a norpd think city, near the border and some violence, that heightened forms, and after months of political crisis,
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erika wood has more. this section began in the early morning. about 40 kilometers north of the capital. it saw fighting in 2001, and gunfire could be heard and at least one explosion. the mainly a ben knee enneighborhood was sealed off and, residents were evacuated. you can see it's terrible, terrible. the government says, it is from an unknown neighboring country, some police were killed and several more were wounded and it's unclear, how many casualties there were. this morning the forces started the action of finding and eliminating the armed tear rift group, which is aimed to organize attacks on
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governments. the event held concern and the government is facing opposition allegations of wiretapping and abuse of office. the most important thing now is to help the population and to provide and guarantee their security. this will not succeed. there have been street protests de happening the resignation of the leader. and the leader, will either heighten ethnic tension. and 30% of the people are ethnic albanian and they want grairlt rights and frustrations happen because im make minute tasting has been slow. the uk and germany have suspended the use after airport plane after one crash in spain the a 1400, is came down, and
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four crew members were killed. celebrations have been taking place across russia, to mark 70 years since the end of world war ii. fireworks lighting up the sky, were watched by pute tip and, chinese. many western leaders skipped the event because of the involvement in ukraine. polls have opened, and the president, who is aligned with the right party is expected to be the frontrunner. his closest opponent is a conservative politician. if no candidate winds 50% there
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will be a runoff in may. hundreds of anti austerity protests have confronted the policeth, they gathered outside of the headquarters on saturday, before marching on to 10 do youny street, they're up happy about touring victory. thursday's election saw huge gains for the scottish national party, and it lost, last september, won 56-59. the best they have ever managed before was 11. and not everyone is happy with the parties rise. here they are, more than 50 of them and many still amazed by the scale of their victory,. n.p. gather for a team
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photo. they are the new force in british politics, and their success doesn't tell the whole story in the election of school land. it's parade day they voted no to independence last year and, like almost everywhere else it has just elected the snp, and won the victory in scotland, but the scale of that support is distorted by the british voting system. they won 95 human being of the seats and 50% of the vote. and that leaves the other half with very little repreensign tasting. he voted conservative. i'm very much for a united kingdom. i think there's a lot or
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just say it will be all right. i don't do that. and then there's sherlock holmes he voted for the natural list for the first time in his life and doesn't want independence. i voted and, it was a snub. i believe that, you should have reason to see it. another referendum. this is the full cut wheel a triumph of modern engineering and the industrial past is now only a tour rifl attraction. and the nationalists believe that the tide of his tri is now turning in their direction. eastern dennis, now supports the snp, and i would welcome another vote on independence. i guess, it will come with it. and possibly within the next
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five years and ten years, i might beg will it be a victory. scottish politics have change he so far she the election rupts don't mean that the union is doomed, but they do suggest that any british government will have to be skillful to save it. turkeys reporting with of the most controversial figures the president has died, at the age of 97. ended years of fighting in last year he was sentenced to life for those roles in the events. textile industry is on the bridge of collapse because of cheap fake in ports and they are encouraging people to buy local
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products. when you shop the fabric, it is the beginning after creative journey, and tradition, is find a toil lore or seem stress make an outfit,. we can give our genuine. and, they say the industry is suffering from a flood of impulses imitation products. the textile has been so badly affected. and just a few amounts compared it five years ago sphwhvment we don't mind them coming into ghana, and but we object very strongly when people are copiesing, and took it and i'm going to say nadine go, and those, you know, the designs which goes to the good week. many people like to sharp in the market because i think they can get a good bargain.
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but you have to know what to look for. it's impossible to tell the truth. this is the difference on the fake hat. can you check whether the number, matches what is on the lake bell? it doesn't. the government wants shoppers to support local fabric industries and introduce culture. and they are encouraged to pump the work into more music. i think that we should wear it and wear on friday wear the wes. known waves the african way. the type of cloth is supposed to show how a person is feeling, they have individual names and for many people, there's a spiritual attachment. but all of this is disappearing,
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and it is up to individuals to hold onto it, and support local centuries. much more as always, over a decade later it's legal in 36 states, and the district of columbia, and public opinion changed swiftly. but the political and legal shoving matches over redefines marriage are far from offer. whatever way the supreme court decides, there are big complications ahead. that's tonight's "inside story".


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