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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> peace in the european union this is a responsibility that we all share. >> the eu's are foreign policy chief asks help to stop migrants to europe. thousands more are stranded at sea. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. yemen's houthi rebels and saudi arabia battle along their border, one day before a ceasefire is due to begin. after months of fighting, rival groups in central african
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republic. and a race to restore heritage sites after nepal's devastating earthquake. hello, we begin with the growing problem of people-smuggling and trafficking, which is becoming increasingly traffic. we'll look at the muslims rescued off the coast of indonesia and asia. first the european union has gone to the u.n. seeking a mandate to find and destroy smuggler boats to stop migration to europe. almost 10,000 have reached the shores of europe in 2015. kristin saloomey, live in new
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york. what is the eu trying to get out of the u.n? >> well, frederica mogherini laid out thelaid out the plan to save more lives and addressing the root causes for which people are fleeing their countries and stopping smugglers. she needs help from the u.n. specifically, to stop the smugglers. what she is looking for and what the eu is looking for a resolution a chapter 7 resolution which would authorize the use of force to stop these smugglers transporting people across the mediterranean. needs to be worked out very tricky legal questions that have to be answered. but she said that this would be part of a comprehensive approach for eu. listen to what she had to say. >> we will as you know, the day after tomorrow in brussels, adopt in the commission a new
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agenda for migration. but will suggest proposals to solve some of the short term and long term issues related to migration, in all its aspects including suggestions to share responsibilities within european union in a more effective way. next monday and exactly one week from now i would suggest that we propose to the foreign and defense ministers of the european union to the european union proposal to dismantle traffickers at sea. >> will they get what they want out of the u.n? >> negotiations are just beginning. we know there are a lot of issues that need to be worked out. first, will the libyan government have to go along with it and will they? trying to form a unity
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government in libya and ms. mogherini says the european union just can't wait. the other issue is what will they do with the migrants that they take from these boats? where will they be put where will they be sent? under international law they can't be sent back to a country they are fleeing from for reasons of persecution. she ensured that the people would not be sent back to their home lands but what will be done with them? what happens to the boats? will they be destroyed or something else? the russians have raised objections to destroying these boats if they are seized off libyan waters. many things have to be worked out. many human rights groups have stress they'd use using a humanitarian approach, is not acceptable. including accepting more migrants into eu countries and
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spending more money tripling the funding for rest accuse at sea to ensure the international community that this is a multi-pronged approach and the military component is just one component. >> okay, kristin saloomey thank you very much indeed. a quota scheme, the plan eu member states will be required to share responsibility for taking in refugees. the plan is supported by germany but dismissby the u.k. eu letters set to discuss leaders set to discuss the matter later on this month. many migrants from myanmar sick and starving, rescued in overcrowded boats off indonesia. several thousand more are stranded at see it is thought without much food or water. in the past they used to escape
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by crossing overland through thailand. but since thailand began a crack down, they say the rohinga has been trafficked to indonesia and asia. >> amina saved more than $2,000 to save her children's lives after her ethnic relatives were killed by soldiers. she never imagined the traffickers would starve and beat her family, holding them for ransom until their mother paid for their release. her eight-year-old son died before they could escape. >> translator: my son was fine in the boat but fell sick when we were in the jungle due to starvation. he vomited and had diarrhea. we drank sea water because there was no drinking water in the boat. >> she and her children arrived in kuala lumpur two weeks ago
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fleeing violence and poverty in myanmar. this last week about 2,000 more were rescued off the indonesian coast. frightened after their ordeal. advocates for prying rants. >> let us now come together, the country has to be open, and you must start having good governance and most of all i think this can only be sought if we cut corruption once and for all. >> thailand is tightening security to try and stop the trade. the plairch malasian government is cracking down on transporters themselves. without an end to the ethnic
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tensions human rights advocates say more of them are going to risk their lives in search of a better life. karisishma val, al jazeera, kuala lumpur. morocco has lost a fighter jet helping the alliance over yemen. not known if the pilot ejected. morocco joined the saudi-led coalition in the early days contributing six fighter jets. meanwhile the houthis and saudi arabia have been battling each other. last week eight people were killed by shells. latest tensions have flared less than a day from when a saudi led
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ceasefire is set to begin. capital sanaa arms depot was targeted, house of yemen's former president, ali abdullah saleh was also hit by air strikes for a second day. mohamed val is in the saudi capital riyadh. mohamed, seems like an slaition here. escalation here. >> reporter: quite so lauren. striking overnight utmost escalation in the war. they have killed two people during these several hours of shelling. and also, wounded eight. the two people including an ex pate rolt andpatriot and a saudi citizen on the southwestern border between
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saudi arabia and yemen. saudi arabia has sent new reenforcements to the border and also intensified its strikes once again striking on sanaa, on jabal asan and others areas. position he of troops loyal to ali abdullah saleh the former president. and we have seen that the saudis can't tolerate as they say any attack on their border. this has been repeated several times and we know now this is happening and almost continuing. hours before the beginning of their truce there are now new doubts whether the truce will happen or not. >> doubts as to whether it would actually go ahead and if it does how likely is it to hold? >> reporter: once again there are doubts if it will hold, if it does, there is no mechanism no observation no monitoring of the truce if it happens.
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yemen is a difficult terrain very mountainous. houthis have control over many of the areas in yemen aden to saada in the north. houthis have said that any violation any minor violation inside the country even by al qaeda, or by the resistance loyal to the troops, and resistance loyal to president abd rabbu mansour hadi, they will consider it a violation. let's remind you that the houthis have not said that they accepted the truce offered by saudi arabia. they said we will cooperate and we will welcome any effort that might lessen the plight of civilians but they did not mention saudi arabia. they did not say "we agree on this truce" by name. we do not see any other country that is stepping in here to
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monitor this and to coordinate between the two sides and make sure each side is not going to violate the truce if it begins at all. >> okay, mohamed val thank you very much indeed. from riyadh. u.s. president had invited king salman for talks to allay fears over the iran nuclear program. the saudi crown prince will attend instead. coincide with a humanitarian ceasefire proposed to yemen and the king of bahrain has also refused the invitation. grease tries to convince its european neighbors to increase the loan and chile's new
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president announces a new cabinet.
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>> hello been, reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. eu's security chief has hemmed asked the u.n. for help. around 2,000 migrants from bangladesh and myanmar have arrived in marianna in the last 24 hours. taking part in the saudi led air
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strike lost an f-16, unclear whether it crashed or was shot down. rival groups in central african republic have signed a peace deal ending fighting between muslims and christians. >> the scars on children is a lasting legacy on the conflict. they are half the population. fighting made orphans of these children and turned thousands more into soldiers. some of the rebels as well as politician he and religious leaders have agreed to draw a line under the violence on paper. in reality, it will be impossible for some to forget brutality of the last two years. on the face of it, the cries in the central african republic
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pits muslims against christians but root causes were poverty and government mismanagement and religion was a convenient excuse. selica rubles whoca reckless who installed a muslim president aren't all muslim. soldiers are not all christian. now trying to encourage muslims and christians to interact peacefully again. organizing interfaith prayers football matches and other events. yet animosity remains remains rife. international peace keepers are trying keep rival militias apart. the u.n. is pushing or the elections this summer. it's a tall order for a country
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barrel holdingbarely holding itself together. >> third them of burundi's president nkurunziza. patricia yah daly believes the elections will be postponed. >> the conditions on the ground do not suggest that i think the situation is quite grave opposition parties are having difficulty campaigning there's considerable intimidation of opposition and critics of the
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government and of the president stands to run for a third term. well i hope it will not escalate into violence. that would be tragic for the people of burundi who have long yearned for peace. they went through 12 years of civil war and ten years of democracy, without what we could call the absence of violence. in the last ten years they have suffered enormously. living conditions have not improved so it tramgic if the tragic if the people of burundi would suffer from another period of civil war. >> chilen president bachelet. daniel schwindler reports.
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>> president michelle bachelet, five ministers out four changing posts new bosses in nine departments including the interior defense and employment ministry. the president herself says the government needs greater transparency. >> she came into office knowing that trust in politicians were very low but she has high personal trust. now the scandal that affects her son, that reflects on her and it's difficult for her to recovery. >> president bachelet gave herself 74 hours to reform the cabinet, to restore the trust in the team. when she herself became of embroiled in the property scandal that her sob and his
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wife are embroiled in. >> no no no way we don't have confidence in the government officials. >> translator: we need a new system in which there are no politician he because chile today is very corrupt. >> reporter: there's a whole restaurant in santiago dedicated to mocking chile's politicians. that's perhaps no surprise with the latest opinion polls showing only 3% of the population has faith in political parties and just 29% support the government. politician in chile however is a serious business. there have been tense negotiations going on here at the palace and these other government buildings but with this government in particular and politics and politicians, a shift in government ministers are not going to be enough. >> it's going to be like an
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aspirin. economic growth growing as less than 2% a year, there is not new employment creation and there are chilens with aspirations. >> they demand high standards of their politicians and expect results. chilen leadership is under intense pressure to deliver. daniel southwind schwindler, reporting. . >> another 29 infants have fallen ill. live to mexico city and speak to al jazeera's adam rainey. >> reporter: lauren, we're outside a clinic run by mexico's social security, we find people
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still getting their vaccines, but they've suspended get handing out that batch. two have died, 29 are hospitalized, what they're saying is they are going to investigate that batch to see if it's the hepatitis b vaccine in particular that's the culprit for these illnesses and deaths. that's what they're telling us unofficially. officially they can't confirm it, they're putting out press information that says they believe it is help tights b vaccine that's causing the illnesses. >> how can that feabl that affect health care across mexico? >> the push to get children vaccinated millions of students
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children infants are going to be vaccinated at that time. if they don't resolve this problem, they may see a lack of public faith in this program that would be a big big problem here because this country has a lot of problems with public health many people suffer from chronic diarrhea and other problems in children. that's why the roda virus is so important. if people give up the program because of worries of illness and death mexico may have to invest in another campaign to help people in the upcoming week of vaccinations. >> adam rainey, live update from mexico city. francois hollande paid the first ever visit of a french president to cuba. president hollande was accompanied by a number of representatives from the food
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and drink industry, keen to capitalize on the thaw in cuba-u.s. relations. in the past few minutes, euro zone ministers meeting in brussels say progress has been made with greece, greece has to give the imf $840 billion on tuesday, a payment they feel it cannot make. before they release delayed bailout zone representing $8 billion to greece, including reducing pension funds. it's unclear how long it can go and risk a $267 billion bailout that expires in june. john siropolous reports. >> partial agreement this month with its main creditors the
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european union and the international monetary fund. the consensus among many is that greece is going through its last cash reserves. series questionsserious questions remain, if the talks in brussels do not go well then creditors will not give the greek government government $8 billion in financial aid but it still needs money 50 end of the month to pay nawments installments on its debt. greece has not received any financial aid from its creditors for the last nine months. local government pension funds and public trusts is been ordered to lend the government their bank deposits in order to prevent a default. >> in the philippines two people have been killed after typhoon
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noul hit the coast. forced into shelters because of the bad weather the force 5 storm has damaged many houses. buildings destroyed concern that ancient traditions can be lost in nepal as well. andrew simmons visits a fifth century temple. >> there is a different tempo to the relief operations two weeks after the earthquake. attempting to save lives this painstaking work is about trying to rescue ancient tradition. this temple dates back to the 5th century. modern media is spreading stories of wrongdoing. another part of this country's rich heritage lies destroyed. along with other icons there are
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myths associated with it. not only that, the jewelry associated with the deity is missing. a priceless jewel encrusted vest is said to be stolen along with other items but that's firmly denied by local officials who say it all eventually will be recovered. the earthquake struck at the start of an important festival. this cart pulled long by volunteers as part of an ancient ritual symbolizing snakes dragged back to the valley ending a drought. giving credit to the rain god. the deity is at the temple. tragically a nearby building that collapsed as the quake struck belongs to him. his father and aunt were killed. still is he unphased having to stay in the chariot. >> you can call it a bad owe
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men. earthquakes happen in other countries. it is a natural disaster. >> reporter: back at the tell bl others aren't assured by his words. >> we are cursed, there is a hard time for us. >> it has to be a bad owe men maybe the gods are angry. this shouldn't have happened. >> a lot of people are spooked a lot of people are scared. >> this conservationist. >> we have to come up and start rolling again. >> no sooner than he has spoken than rain comes. despite tradition it doesn't signal a restart of the festival. no one is sure when that will happen. andrew simmons, al jazeera nepor. >> wild boor climbed a boar climbed a ladder,
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as it jumped to the floor there it is. knocking over mannequins and signs. a 25 kilogram animal was tranquilized and take taken taken to an animal shelter. plenty more, the address is >> destruction in the south, severe storms leaving at least five dead, several more missing. the threat of bad weather is not over yet. cracking down on human smuggling, the eu proposing using its military to stop boats before they cross the mediterranean sea. under pressure, greece tries to cut a new deal a day