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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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climbed a ladder, as it jumped to the floor there it is. knocking over mannequins and signs. a 25 kilogram animal was tranquilized and take taken taken to an animal shelter. plenty more, the address is >> destruction in the south, severe storms leaving at least five dead, several more missing. the threat of bad weather is not over yet. cracking down on human smuggling, the eu proposing using its military to stop boats before they cross the mediterranean sea. under pressure, greece tries to cut a new deal a day before
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it is due to repay odebt. and a downed moroccan fighter jet. >> this is al jazeera america live in new york city i'm del walters. the death toll is rising from sunday's devastating storms that hit the south and midwest. officials in texas say three people died there at least eight are missing. all of this happening east of dallas in the town of van. this is where the pictures are from. about a third of the town was severely damaged some homes completely flat end. >> it's a terrible thing the city to come out like this but great the way the people responded. we are here all night and still here, a bunch of them still are. we lost a lot of good properties but it's just something that you never expect. >> another two people dying in arkansas and the threat of severe weather not over yet.
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nicole mitchell has our details. >> well, fortunately we're not look tag repeat of yesterday which had a significant severe impact. about 20% of our reports were tornadic. we have that threat still today. one in the northern plains in fact even snow open the back side it was such a dwax system, rapid city got about a foot. and then oklahoma and texas you can see some of that building up. as we get to the current outlook, rain from indiana to gulf coast that will continue through the course of the day but much spottier, through tomorrow. what happened with the front is it does linger over texas for the next feud few days. this is part of the setup not only the gulf moisture but temperatures in the 80s and 90s ahead of the front places like atlanta that warm weather and then all of that going on
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really everywhere from the gulf coast to atlanta i would say the best chance for anything tornadic would be by the great lakes like ohio, very slim chance. linger ring over places like texas over the next two or three days widespread areas seeing three to five inches. back to you. >> nicole, thank you very much. europe is said to be looking at a number of options to stop migrants crossing the mediterranean sea. meeting behind closed doors talking about solutions. >> let me say that the european union is finally ready to take its own responsibilities. saifg lives welcomingsaving lives welcoming immigrants. >> that is frederica mogherini. she says one key part of the
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solution is to destroy their vessels. kristin saloomey is live at the u.n. kristin are they likely to get the permission to use force? >> it is something the international community needs to address. the devil is in the details we heard from one ambassador, the ambassador from angola going into the meeting africa very important in the debate since a lot of the migrants are coming from africa, they don't think a military solution is the way to solve the problem. it is essentially a humanitarian issue, you need to address the root causes, poverty conflict and so on in order to stop the people from fleeing from their country. humanitarian organization he like amnesty international and the international red cross have
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raised similar concerns that there needs to be a legal route for migrants to go to the eu as well as addressing those root issues. but we heard the eu foreign policy chief lay out what she described a very comprehensive approach acknowledging that these other steps need to be made. we'll wait and see if she's able to convince some of the skeptics to go along with the military part of the plan. >> christiankristin do we know when the security council will work on the matter? >> the resolution would have to be what's called a chapter 7 resolution authorizing force. there has to be -- it has to be in line with humanitarian law and so on. so we don't expect this to happen right away but there does seem to be an effort to fast-track its. the europeans who are working on the resolution say they hope to have it introduced and circulated in the next couple of
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days. >> kristin saloomey, thank you very much. malaysia deepg dealing with itsdealing with itsown migrant issue. rohenia aren migrants who have been persecuted in myanmar. >> reporter: about a thousand migrants came ashore last night. many of them were women and children and they were extremely hungry thirsty and in need of medical attention. the home ministry here have not confirmed any of these details yet but news agency is reporting the boat these migrants were traveling on appears to be abandoned by the people smig people smugglers perhaps because of the
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cracking down of the slave traders, on the thai side of the border where mass graves were discovered. this is not just a problem for malaysia. across the waters in indonesia authorities say they rescued around 400 people migrants that were trying to make their way off the coast of ache province. the concern is that they are going to see an increasing number in the next couple of days. has not reacted to the latest news of migrant arrivals. there is no evidence of mass graves here. but they also believe that these migrants are not victims. they say that they have been cooperating with people smugglers to flee myanmar and they do not consider the
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migrants to be victims of people-smugglers. >> krishmamama villas reporting. jonah hull has more from brussels. >> prospect of no conclusive deal although both sides of course very keenly aware that crunch time is getting ever-closer for greece. the greeks accuse the euro group, the euro group are scrutinizing the plan.
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>> we had a good meetings and there's going to be a communique that establishes the progress we have pen making. this will be a paving stone towards the final conclusion. >> what is the red line sir? >> the red line's by necessity are inflexible. the red lines of them and ours, common ground. >> you can't get more vague than that. who knows what kind of a resolution they'll ent up getting. the urgency is there though. greece simply has to have the money released, the $8 million tranche. enormous loan repayments on tuesday morning. the first big one this week to the imf about $840 million it owes there. now grease is trying to convince the ministerrers here, that it doesn't have a further economic
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plan. the new government promised the electorate that there would be no more as you austerity. one eu sources battling to say okay he said for a country with no financial difficulties but of course greece is a country with immense financial difficulties and they do seem rather quickly now to be coming to a head. >> that is jonah hull reporting from brussels. fighting in yemen ongoing one day before the ceasefire supposed to take effect. saudi tv say saudi tanks are gathering near the border. mohamed val is live in the saudi capital of riyadh. mohamed, it seems like neither side is taking steps towards planned ceasefire tomorrow. what have you been hearing from
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saudi officials? >> reporter: yeah, it's quite the contrary, according to all indications. the saudi officials have not actually said much about this today. there will be no press by the military spokesman of the coalition, that is a bit strange because he has been giving briefings every single day for last week. things happening on the ground the saudis as you just mentioned are sending more troops more heavy artillery more tanks to the border today. they have enough that officially even though they have been sending too much of that during the last few weeks. but the attacks are renewed by the houthis across the border yesterday night. they managed to kill one person and wound 4 in negran, also on the province of jizan to the southwest of the border with yemen. killing one person and wounding four others. for saudi arabia this is always they call it red line, another
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red line. the houthis have not only refused the ceasefire in the past and not only escalated in aden and other parts of yemen but repeatedly attack saudi arabia. this is very harmful to the yemenis. increased air strikes in the north, the province of saada the stronghold of the houthis. they are now attacking the houthis and the loyalists of ali abdullah saleh. and attacking the house of ali abdullah saleh himself. they are fighting in aden and many parts of the current country. they are saying they are behind the shooting down of this moroccan f-16 fighter jet which is part of the aircraft of the
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coalition operating over yemen. if the truce comes closer they are not weaker than before, not because they are defeated but probably because they want to give a chance to the relief for civilians in yemen. but all these indications are adding to the complexities just hours before the beginning of this truce and there are now doubts whether the truce will happen at all. >> and mohamed the saudi king skipping that key meeting in washington between president obama and other gulf leaders. is there any reason known why he decided not to show? >> well, officially the saudis are saying the king has been unable to go because he is willing to focus ton truce that's upcoming and also he's willing to focus on the humanitarian relief for yemen. he's going to inaugurate a
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special inner to yemen in the few days. officially here, talking about the fact that the saudis wanted to send their best people to the negotiation in washington and maryland and that's because the crown prince is much more capable to conduct those talks than king himself in terms of viewing the expertise of the conference, he denies ill himself he has good ties with americans, knows how to talk to them. we know the king is of bahrain is not attending and the relationship between the two sides, the americans and the gulf countries being soured by this agreement between united states and iran. >> mohamed val thank you very much. both sides resting in the penalty phase of the boston
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marathon penalty trial. sister helen prejon is an advocate against death penalty insisting he be sentenced to life in prison rather than the death penalty. riots began yesterday leading to fires at least two other prisoners and two guards were hurt. coming up on al jazeera america after two years of war peace is finally coming to the central african republic, now people are trying to bring their lives together. and north korean missile that can wipe out in any waters.
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>> rival armed groups in the central african republic
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agreeing to a peace deal there. amiki amolu reports. >> at the height of the crisis large numbers of people were so desperate to leave they crammed into container trucks and headed for neighboring countries. the exact number of people killed in the fighting is unclear. half of the population of the central african republic are children. many, like this group have been orphaned. human rights groups like amnesty says the scars are deep. >> the problem is there never has been any kind of justice or accountability over the years for all the different crimes that have happened in the country. if the country is to be given a serious chance to move forward there has to be investigation into what has happened. >> sunday's peace deal by rebels politicians and religious leaders may be one step towards that end. they've agreed not to grant an
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amnesty to the worst perpetrators and to draw a red line under the violence. it may be impossible to forget the brutality, what started as a religious conflict didn't start out as one. the united nations says the root causes were poverty and government mismanagements and religion was a convenient excuse used by some in the fighting. celica fighters installed a muslim president aren't all muslim. antiballica rebels who fought celica aren't all christian. the transition government is trying to encourage muslims and christians to interact peacefully again. organizing assemble faith prayers football maches and the matches
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and the like. international peace keepers are trying to keep rival factions apart. it's a tall order for a country barely holding itself together. imuko molu, al jazeera. won't attend the latest talks with president bashar al-assad's government in geneva. trying twice to get syrian national coalition to the negotiation table. those negotiations failing. the war in syria now in its fifth year, close to 300,000 have died in the fighting. putting pressure on hospitals and rehab centers in turkey. many say they are short staffed and unable to help patients needing special treatment. bernard smith reports. >> evidence of the brutality of war is packed into every room.
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shrapnel and bullet wounds are the most common. this young fighter has spinal cord injuries and is paralyzed from the waist down. >> to be honest, we are under a lot of pressure, since the fighting came closer to the border here. we're getting more patients up to 60 per day. >> syria's conflict now in its fifth year has resulted in around a million wounded people. reminders of how many have been physically disabled. shrapnel cut into mohamed's spine, his legs are paralyzed. >> when i got injured first i felt so depressed. it was hard to think i might never walk again. and spend all my life like this. then i began to accept what had happened and feel i'm improving. i have great hopes to recover and go back to join the fight.
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>> fighters and civilians share the facilities here but the indiscriminate nature hits home. jonah says he was playing football when the violence came to many the area. he reached up to get the ball and that's when a sniper's bullet hit him in the neck. >> translator: i'm not able to walk i'm receiving physical therapy. >> can't easily transfer money initial. they are affected by international restrictions intended to block arms groups in syria, when aid is never been in greater demand. bernard smith, al jazeera.
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>> violating the espionage act the jury convicting sterling of revealing a secret mission over iran's nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry heading to russia where he will meet with vladimir putin tomorrow. marking the first cabinet visit by a u.s. official since the ukrainian crisis last year. worries in south korea over a north korean missile test. pyongyang firing a ballistic missile from a submarine. comoojkim jong-un says they have the capacity now. harry fawcett has more. >> state media acalled it the equivalent of having a time bomb strapped to the enemy's back.
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in seoul on monday there was a flurry of high level meetings. the defense ministry calling the development a very serious and concerning matter. >> translator: we urge north korea to immediately stop developing this technology which hen dershinders the stability of this area. >> in the past north korea's group of submarines, attacked a warship in 2010, killing 46 south korean soldiers. but this would present a threat of an entirely different order.the defense ministry says the test would have lopped the missile a short distance over the surface of the water nonetheless, a rethink of strategy. still under development it comprise is of a kill chain and
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a shield of interceptor missiles known as the korean air missile defense. >> it is underwater, the system cannot detect that threat so seeing had a the navy will have to find the suband kill sub and kill the sub before it runs any missiles. >> strategy is still effective in that there are still plenty of unknowns whether north korea has subs of sufficient size and range to be a credible threat, whether it really has managed to miniaturize a nuclear sub. harry fawcett, al jazeera seoul. >> former president jimmy carter blames his shortened trip to
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geneguyana on a cold.
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>> perhaps the most expensive painting ever hitting the auction blocks tonight. it's one of 15 version he of as of a picasso masterpiece. john terret is there. >> the big galleries in new york are combining all these art genres together. here at christie tonight there is a big sale. this could go for over $20 million. this here, andy warhol painting
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of elizabeth tailor, estimated between 20 and 30 million. this is a picasso the star of the show, he painted it in 1925. if it goes at the full sale price, $140 million, it will be the single most expensive painting ever sold at auction. >> most of these young painters who have become billionaires are not collectors in the traditional sense. collectors if the traditional sense would spend a lot of their working hours looking at art. these collectors tend to be more impulse-shopping. >> christies tells me if all these sell for their recommended price they would bring in about half a billion dollars. but who is buying this stuff and what does it mean for the health of the economy? join us this evening to find out the answers to those questions.
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>> that is john terret. join us later when we'll be live from london. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello i'm lauren taylor, this is the newshour live from london. coming up. >> we believe in the european union that this is a responsibility that we all share. >> the eu's security chief asks the u.n. for help, stopping the smuggling of people to europe. thousands are found stranded at sea. the saudi led coalition steps up air strikes on