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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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google+ and more. an earthquake near mt. heaviest is so powerful it rocks kathmandu and reporters are on the scene. hello, i'm in doha also ahead. >> we hope that a ceasefire would hold. >> iran backs calls for a truce in yemen which could help billions of desperate people. the top diplomate in russia since falling out of ukraine and syria. no refuge indonesia's name
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intercepts migrants from myanmar and points them to malaysia. ♪ hello, nepal has been shaken by a big earthquake two weeks after a devastating quake killed more than 8,000 people, the epicenter was by a popular stop for climbers on the track to mt. everest. the quake sent people in the capitol running from buildings and was felled in india, after afghanistan and indonesia and andrew is live for us in kathmandu and andrew tell us what you know right now. >> reporter: i'm actually on the grounds of a hotel that was evacuated when the quake struck. i was actually on the third floor, the whole building was shaking, swinging and it felt like jelly, extraordinary frightening experience. when i came out here there were
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people running from all directions and a lot of buildings were evacuated. we are just hearing now there are people trapped in rubble from collapsed buildings, certainly at least two parts of kathmandu valley and the areas had a lot of damage done in the first quake and a lot of people were rescued from the area in early states and late on there were survivors but we hear there are people trapped and furthermore we are hearing from the police there are at least 200 casualties in the kathmandu valley alone. so basically it would appear that this was another shallow quake which was emanating from mountain area not far from mt. everest. you mentioned one district, and another district effected very badly called sindu and this is
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quite a large area that was absolutely devastated in the quake two weeks ago and buildings collapsed, villages whole villages decimated. we are hearing at least there are four dead in sindu in the town area. the international office of migration say the position is quite bad there. red cross also telling al jazeera that there is a devastating situation and they are getting more information now and the just to clarify that the kathmandu valley that the 200 casualties are in fact injuries we don't know of any deaths yet. this is very early days. one thing that does strike you when you go through an experience like this is how slow motion communications are, all of the gsm phone signals went down, power went down the water is off and even a satellite
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telephone isn't working because it's absolutely engaged virtually nonstop, presumably because of ngo and emergency services getting out help where it's needed but that is more or less where we are at right now with information. we have several teams out trying to find out the exact picture in kathmandu and other areas and we will bring you that information to you as soon as we possibly can. >> all right for the moment andrew simmons updating us there on the latest new earthquake out of nepal. now iran says it backs a truce in yemen significant because the saudis have asked for a ceasefire to begin this evening in yemen around 20 gmt. the iran foreign minister called for the downing of arms and resumption of talks between pro-government forces and houthi rebels. >> translator: any ceasefire and any halt on military operations is supported by the
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victims of the war which are innocent children and women. the ceasefire must turn into a permanent ceasefire and talks to form an inclusive government should be immediately resumed. >> reporter: meanwhile iran ship on its way to yemen packed with humanitarian aid workers and journalists part of a humanitarian mission being carried out by the red crescent society and iran. 1400 people have died in yemen since the saudi-led strikes began in march, thousands of others are suffering because of a shortage of food water and fuel and u.n. is urging all sides to stick to the proposed ceasefire to allow desperately needed aid in and erica wood has more. ♪ much needed supplies being distributed to this place and families at a camp in central yemen. they abandoned their homes and left everything they own behind to seek safety from the
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fighting. >> translator: leaders committee started distributing this to displaced families and when we manage to get to all families we will complete the campaign and distribute even more aid. >> reporter: in the handouts are oil and bags of wheat, tea and sugar. >> translator: before we arrived here we were engaged with fierce battles with houthi fighters and had to take families and take shelter in tents here and families are afraid of houthis and we left everything behind but now we suffer from water and basic necessities. >> reporter: further south in the port city of aiden people beg for help as they line up for their daily ration and drinking water. >> translator: people of good faith and people of the world we are living under siege, surrounded by these houthis, no water, no electricity, the sewage is overflowing and our children's bellies are swollen
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and we have no medicine. >> translator: we hope they rush to aid our citizens what we lack is aid and relief. >> reporter: the constant bombardment of the capitol sanaa has left many homeless. mohamed saleh and family has been living in a sewer drain since their home was destroyed two weeks ago. >> translator: it's under ground and the environment is bad but it's safer to stay here than on the ground during the air strikes. >> reporter: yemen was already one of the world's most emmoverished nations and after weeks of fighting people are desperate and proposing the ceasefire due to state late on tuesday will hold long enough to get them the help they badly need erica wood al jazeera. the latest on the fighting now, saudi arabia has moved tanks and armored vehicles to the front close to the city and those reenforcements were sent after the houthis attacked with
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artillery shells on rockets fired from yemen and it's reported two people were killed. air strikes are continuing across yemen in the capitol sanaa and maintenance and military manufacturing depos were targeted. now fighters in mali have killed nine soldiers just days before a peace deal was due to be signed and mali defense ministry said a convow by timbuktu was ambushed and 14 wounded in attack and rebels active in the north despite french and u.n. troops. to burundi where heavy gunfire has been reported at a protest in the capitol and witnesses say police were firing tear gas at demonstrators who were throwing stones and it's unclear who fired the shots and there have been weeks of violent protests in burundi for the business to run for a third term and his decision to run again violates
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the peace deal that ended burundi's civil war in 2005. the international organization for migration has called on southeast asian governments to find and rescue migrants believes to be stranded at sea and at risk of death. indonesia navy has redirected a packed boat full of migrants to malaysia coast after providing it with food and water. on monday malaysia detained 1,000 migrants from myanmar and bangladesh including dozens of children and we have more from malaysia. >> reporter: i'm standing outside the shooting range and this is where the thousand odd migrants as well as bangladeshis are being kept and we are not allowed further beyond this point but we spoke to the police chief here a short time earlier and he said some 1158 people are being held here that the vast
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majority of them are bangladeshi, around 672. there are migrants from myanmar and 486 of them and among them are women and children over 100 women and 60 children and in a very poor state when they arrived on the showers here. they were suffering from dehydration as well as hunger and we have been told they have been given access to medical aid as well as food and water. now, the police say they are investigating currently the circumstances of how these people arrived. what they can tell us is that they believe the captain of the three boats that the migrants were on as well as the other traffickers had managed to escape on another vessel and had left the migrants to their own devices to make it to shore. the police say that they have handed over responsibility for these people to the immigration department and they have not
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been able to confirm for us what they plan to do with them. u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in russia to meet putin in the resort city of sochi and it's the first visit there since the start of the ukraine crisis and let's go to rory challenge who is live for us in sochi and rory kerry is there and what is on the schedule for the rest of the day? >> reporter: yeah he touched down here in sochi just over an hour ago. first on the schedule is going to lay a wreath at the war memorial here in sochi and he will be doing that with sergei fedorov his russian counterpart and barack obama chose to stay away from the victory day celebrations over the weekend, this is a chance for the americans to come and pay respects i guess to russia's war and dead.
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following that sergei fedorov and kerry will disappear in a two-hour meeting involving a bit of lunch and after that meeting is finished we get the big one kerry and putin sitting down together and has been confirmed by the kremlin and taking place in putin's sochi residence which is now in the trees on the slopes behind me to the shores of the black sea, a lot for these two men to talk about. >> indeed and a lot of friction between two countries in the last two months what is kerry exposed to discuss with putin? >> well there are three big issues that he has come with documents and issues to be discussed. two of them russia and the united states definitely don't see eye to eye on one of them there is a lot more cooperation and perhaps the one bright spot at the moment in u.s./russian relations and that is iran so
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the united states wants to get that nuclear deal with iran locked into place by the end of june. and it needs russia's help to do that. of course the united states is concerned about various things that russia has been doing, particularly the sale of antimissile air defense systems to tehran and going in the things where russia and the united states do not see eye to eye on there is syria. the united states thinks assad is weaker than he has been for many years and there might be some flexibility in moscow in russia with russia's backing of assad. that's what kerry has come here to discuss on that issue and finally we get to ukraine. another area where the united states and are such shadow not see eye to eye on. both sides of this are upholding the minsk ceasefire but both sides accusing their allies of pro-russian separatists for moscow and ukrainian government
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for the united states both sides accusing their allies of breaking that ceasefire. so for the americans this is a chance for them to keep the channels of negotiation open to see what amount of flexibility there is here in russia not necessarily to reach any firm resolution on any of these issues. it's just a chance to talk to the man at the top who is making russia's foreign policy decisions. >> indeed a lot to talk about and rory challenge reporting from sochi. ahead europe seeks u.n. approval to strike human traffickers in libya and concerns over greece as it continues and athens admits it will run out of cash in two weeks. ♪
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story".
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only on al jazeera america. ♪ again you are watching al jazeera and reminder of headlines nepal has been shaken by another big earthquake two weeks after a devastating quake killed more than 8,000 people at least four people have been killed so far. the quake sent people in the capitol running from buildings and was felt in india, afghanistan and indonesia. iran says it is backing a truce in yemen after saudi arabia called for a ceasefire to begin in a few hours time. iran is calling for immediate resumption of talks between pro-government forces and houthi rebels. u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in russia where he is due to meet putin in the resort city of sochi and the first visit there since the
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start of the ukraine crisis. now a secular blogger in bang la bangladesh ann that has been hacked to death and the third such attack this year and wrote for a number of websites moderated by another who was killed in february and let's get more on this story in daca and what more do we know about what happened here. >> we don't know if this happened local time in the city about 300 kilometers away and as you mentioned this comes just three months after not even three months, two months after two other bloggers were killed most notely ananta bijoy das was the american blogger and he was worldwide publicized and the government came under criticism for not being able to arrest
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anybody yet and some groups and splinter group of al-qaeda salvation branch claimed they were behind this but most of the intelligence agencies say they cannot independently verify such claims. the other blogger who was killed was two people were apprehended and involved with some religious school but nothing substantial came out of that yet. in 2013 another blogger was killed and a few people were arrested and they have not been tried yet but his case went to a speedy trial court but the government is increasingly coming under pressure because most of the bloggers are independent and secular and highly critical of extremism or rise of extremism in bangladesh and having said that some other analysts saying that some of the things this blogger writes are highly provocative in nature and highly critical of islam and profet mohamed and asking danger by writing this stuff but
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regardless of what is going on the government has to come up with some answer and apprehend some culprit behind the killing of the bloggers. >> for the moment tan in chad updating us there on that attack in daka. >> thank you. the european union appealed to the u.n. for help to deal with people smuggling. it is looking for a mandate allowing military action to destroy smugglers' boats in libya waters and tens of thousands crossed from libya to europe this year addressing the u.n. security chief admitted europe has been slow to act. 2015 looks even worse than the previous year and conceded in 2014 3300 migrants died trying to enter the european union by sea and means three out of four people perished crossing the border and died in the mediterranean sea, three out of four. this tells us that our first
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priority is to save lives and prevent further loss of life at sea and we believe in the european union that this is the responsibility that we all share, not only as europeans but also globally. >> reporter: of course we have more on that request by the eu to the united nations from new york. outlined the plan to address the migrant crisis with legal pathways into europe by migrants and dealing with poverty and conflict that are driving people away from their homelands but the main issue that she has before the u.n. security council is winning support for a military component to the eu's plan and that is being able to search stop and destroy boats that are coming from libya and this could include working in libya's territorial waters and also on the coastline of libya,
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something that libya says it is not on board with. now, the foreign policy chief made her case knowing that she had to have a comprehensive plan in order to win the support of the security council. russia has said for example that destroying vessels in libya may be a step too far. there are many issues that still need to be worked out but the consensus does seem to be that something has to be done on the part of the international community to address this crisis and they are working on a resolution that they hope to circulate in the coming days. the white house has rejected new claims that park stand was sheltering former al-qaeda leader bin laden and advance about the way to kill him and american journalist said pakistani intelligence service captured him and used him as leverage against al-qaeda. u.s. says saudi arabia's king has expressed regret for not being able to attend a
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high-profile summit of gulf leaders hosted by the u.s. and the crown prince will be attending instead and the king of bahrain declined an invitation to the meeting at camp david which starts on thursday. the white house has dismissed suggestions king salman's absence from a summit is a diplomatic snub. >> there has been no concern raised by our saudi partners either before the change in travel plans or after related to the agenda at camp david and i know there has been some speculation that change in travel plans was sent as a message to the united states, if so that message was not received because all the feedback that we received from the saudis has been positive. >> reporter: this is pretty unusual. the white house never announces that people are going to be attending a summit or meeting with the president unless they are fairly confident they will
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actually show up. the white house is saying king salman of saudi arabia agreed to and that is why they announced on friday not only would he be at the summit and have one on one time with the president at the white house this coming wednesday and what changed, the king decided to stay in saudi arabia because it will happen during the humanitarian paws in yemen and behind the scene analysts are saying this is a snub the white house press secretary said he was asked so many questions about it that snub is the word of the day at the white house. white house tried to down play which seems to be a serious diplomatic spat and says the right people will be at the table when they announce initiatives with defense security. france is going to help cuba drill for oil, exploration deal announced by the french president francois hollande and the first western european leader to visit in 29 years and called on the united states to lift the trade embargo which
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crippled cuba economy and we have more. >> reporter: untying the eyed logical knot 12 years after they froze political and cultural ties with communist cuba in response to arrest of 77 people and french president francois hollande is here to declare let by gones be by gones. >> translator: taking place in a context which at last it's possible for cuba to have all the necessary conditions to interact with the rest of the world. as you know france has been in favor of lifting the u.s. embargo that hinders cuba. >> reporter: speaking at the university of havana it's clear he wants to take a leadership role in a renewed cuba eu dialog and has mad latin american one of the foreign policy priorities but it's not just political, both france and holland are teamed to position themselves economically ahead of when the united states lifts its embargo against cuba to make
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trade and tourism flourish. american investment lawyer pedro says it's all about capturing american business. >> where are the americans going to go to know? i know the forbidden paradise and cuba will open up, americans there be there, i want a dutch hotel taking care of the americans, that is what you're seeing. >> reporter: he is accompanied by executives by top french firms including the liquor giant and handles sales of havana club rum and hopefully soon now to the u.s. the french president has not alluded publically to the thorny issues of human rights that led to the eu freeze. instead he offers to make france a quote faithful ally of cuba. this time apparently without any conditions. i'm with al jazeera, havana.
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greece repaid $800 million loan to imf on monday narrowly avoiding a default but doesn't mean athens is clear of debt troubles yet and greece could face a cash crisis in two weeks if it cannot reach a deal with international lenders and we report. >> reporter: it promises to be a long tense summer in greece protests are small now but could grow bigger if the new left wing government is forced by its international lenders to compromise on austerity in return for much needed bail out funds. in brussels talks with the other euro bank are progressing to unlock billions in aid for greece but there is evident skepticism about a new economic plan offered by athens. >> some important issues have now been discussed in depth but more time is needed to bridge the remaining gaps.
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we have a joint interest with greek authorities to get that agreement as quickly as possible. there are some time constraints. there are liquidity constraints and hope we reach agreement between time or money runs out. >> reporter: so greece must wait a little longer and try a little harder to get its hand on $8 billion slice of aid but there isn't much time because bail out program expires the end of june and a few other sources of revenue and the governor in athens must pay loan repairments and other payments due over the course of the next few months and greece is under immense pressure to reach a deal here. >> by necessity and red lines are such there is common ground. >> what is the timeframe now? >> the next few days i think. >> reporter: the government insists it will stick to its red lines on labor reforms and
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pensions and more cuts and no plan b. that's the promise made to tell -- to the electorate but it could cost the government and greece a price bankruptcy and exit from the euro brussels. we want to go back briefly to a story we told you about just a moment ago the visit of french president francois hollande to cuba and president raul castro and these are pictures of fidel castro meeting with the french president and gave up power in 2008 to his younger brother because of failing health the latest pictures there of francois hollande meeting with the former cuban president. now a painting by pablo-picasso sold for a new world record price of $179 million. it went under the hammer at
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christie's in new york to unknown buyer with deep pockets and the price paid from 1995 smashed the previous auction house of $142 million. much more on our website as always, al and back with more. in the british elections nothing the pollsters predicted happened. the conservatives, led by david cameron, have a majority in the new parliament. the labor party lost not by a whisker, but by 100 seats. the u.k. independence party got a lot of votes, but one seat, and the scots got a landslide to a party that wants