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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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>> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... ♪ a new earthquake hits nepal near mt. everest and rocks the capitol kathmandu and 16 people have been killed. ♪ hello, i'm in doha also ahead [gunfire] gunfire in burundi as protests against the president's reelection plans enter a third week. no refuge and indonesia will send back every boat caring rwanda migrants. >> we hope a ceasefire will hold. >> reporter: iran backs a truce in yemen as the new u.n. envoy
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arrives in the capitol sanaa. ♪ hello, nepal has been shaken by another big earthquake and at least 16 people have been killed. police say another 600 injured people are in hospital. the epicenter of the magnitude 7.3 tremor was near a popular stop for climbers on the track to mt. everest and sent people running from buildings and felt as far away as indonesia and two weeks since nepal was devastated by another quake which killed 8,000 people and injured 17,000. andrew simmons is live for us in kathmandu and andrew where are you right now and where were you when the earthquake hit, describe to us what happened? >> reporter: well it was really extraordinary. if anybody wanted to know how it
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must feel for the people of nepal going through that first earthquake which was larger than this all had a telling experience here because the building behind me is a hotel. it's a solid foundation for this hotel but it was literally like some sort of jelly, it was just going from side to side and the experience on the third story was awful. it was shocking. i was trying to workout whether to jump out of the window if the building started to collapse because i was convinced it was going to collapse and to try and run, some of my colleagues ran from the building down the stairs and i stayed put along with some others and got under a table, in fact. i heard some people had been survived the original earthquake from getting under betz and things like that so that is what i did. we eventually got out, i ran down the staircase and lasted no more than 35-40 seconds but it felt like at least 15 minutes for the sheer magnitude of the
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thing. then of course outside everyone was evacuated and there was an aftershock of 6.3 magnitude and, in fact, half a dozen aftershocks and panic everywhere and at least 19 buildings we are told collapsed within kathmandu and you can see here some phone footage from one of my colleagues just something like three, four minutes after the quake and people just trying to use their phones and the pandemoniam of phones being used to commute and communicate with friends and relatives to them they are alived and it crashed because emergency services were using them and just hearing that the home ministry has told al jazeera that the death toll now stands at 29 it jumped up to 29 as a whole and there are 1,000 at least injured. so this is climbing.
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it's nothing like the scale of the last earthquake but seriously rising so many buildings have collapsed and search operations going on as i speak. >> all right andrew simmons reporting to us there live from kathmandu on the latest earthquake to hit nepal. there has been heavy gunfire in burundi during another protest against the president there. [gunfire] fighting between police and demonstrators opposing pierre nkurunziza's bid to run for a third term and u.n. saying at least 20 people have been killed since the protest began last month, malcolm web is there on the outskirts of the capitol. >> reporter: so far today there has been reportings of more police shooting at protesters, one unconfirmed report from local media that another person has been killed the eu says more than 20 people have been killed since the protests started and seems there is a limit to how much violence the security forces can unleash
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because when ever the soldiers are around they manage to urge the police to use restraints. the soldier and army is seen as being neutral as long as they are deployed protesters say they are relatively safe. what happens in the coming days depends if protesters are able to keep their numbers up and keep the pressure up if the army does keep them safe obviously that means they can increase pressure on the government but if they are met with force then of course there is no way that protesters with sticks and stones is stay there in the face of tear gas and gunfire. >> the international organization for migration has called on southeast asian governments to find and rescue hundreds of migrants believes to be stranded at sea and at risk of death indonesia navy redirected a boat of migrants to may malaysia coast and not accept more boats and on monday they detained migrants including dozens of children and 2000 people reached indonesia and
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malaysia and we will have the latest in a moment but first we have more from the malaysia island. >> reporter: this is one of three vessels that transported more than a thousand migrants from myanmar and bangladesh to the shores of malaysia this week many of them were bangladeshi and officials tell us there were more than 400 rohinga muslims and many of them women and children and conditions on these boats must have been terrible. you can see clothes still stren on the deck with cooking and baby items, there is room clearly beneath the deck as well as on top of the deck to house the passengers and the muslims we spoke to told us food and water were extremely scarce and they were often beaten as well. now police say they are stepping up and monitoring of the maritime borders because there are reports that thousands more migrants are still out at sea.
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>> we are stepping up on activity in the sea to make sure there are no illegal encroachment. >> reporter: the migrants are now being protest by the immigration department and what they are aiming to achieve is refugee status in malaysia and for that to happen the u.n. has to recognize them as refugees and has to issue them with identity cards. >> the indonesia military confirmed no boats with migrants are welcome here in indonesia and actually have pushed back one boat yesterday on monday out of indonesia waters and given directions to malaysia. what happened is indonesia military saw the boat and said there was a lot of people on the boat and around a thousand they describe it and said there were screams coming from the boat and a bad smell and bad situation and they gave the people some water, some food and medication and some fuel and then pushed
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them back. earlier on sunday two boats were actually accepted on indonesia land because these people already managed to make it ashore and this new policy the military is describing is different than the past because since 2009 indonesia has been accepted boats with migrants in different parts in indonesia and a few thousand arrived in indonesia and all accepted and handed over to their u.n. hir or the international organization for migration so this is a different policy right now. >> new u.n. envoy to yemen arrived in the capitol sanaa hours before a ceasefire proposed by allsaudis is due to take effect and the foreign minister called for resumption of talks between pro-government forces and houthi rebels. >> translator: any ceasefire and any halt on military operations is supported to help
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victims of this war which are innocent children and women. this ceasefire mastust turn into permanent ceasefire and talks immediately resumed. >> reporter: to the latest on the fighting, saudi arabia moved tanks and armored vehicles to the border city those reenforcements were sent after the houthis attacked the city with artillery shells and rockets from yemen and two were killed there. saudi-led arstrikes continuing in the capitol sanaa and manufacturing depos controlled by the houthis have been targeted. more than 1400 people died in yemen since the saudi-led air strikes began in march, thousands of others are suffering because of a shortage of food water and fuel. the u.n. is urging all sides to stick to proposed ceasefire to allow desperately needed aid in and erica wood has more. >> reporter: much needed
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supplies being distributed to this place at a camp in central yemen. they abandoned their homes and left behind everything they own to seek safety from the fighting. >> translator: we in the leaders committee started distributing relief aid to displaced family and managed to get it to all the families we will complete the campaign and distribute even more aid. >> reporter: in the handouts are oil and bags of wheat tea and sugar. >> translator: before we arrived here we were engaged in fierce battles with houthi fighters and took our families and took shelter in the tents here and families are afraid of houthis and we left everything behind but now is suffering from water short and lack of basic necessities. >> reporter: further south in the port city of aiden people beg for help as they line up for the daily ration of drinking
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water. >> translator: people of faith and world we are living under siege surrounded by these houthis, no water, no electricity and sewage is overflowing and children's bellies swollen and we have nothing. >> translator: we hope our brothers in charge of relief rush to aid citizens and we lack aid and relief. >> reporter: the constant bombardment of the capitol sanaa has left many homeless. mohamed saleh and family have been living in a sewer drain since their home was destroyed two weeks ago. >> translator: it's under ground, the environment is bad but it's safer to stay here than on the ground during the air strikes. >> reporter: yemen was already one of the world's most em povmover issued issue -- impoverished and they hope on tuesday it will hold long enough
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to get them the help they badly need erica wood al jazeera. still ahead on al jazeera the french president's meeting with former cuba leader fidel castro in havana. ♪ ♪
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♪ hello again and you are watching al jazeera and reminder of our top store i haves nepal shaken by another big earthquake and 29 killed and more than a thousand others injured. nepal was devastated by a major quake two weeks ago which killed more than 8,000 people.
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[gunfire] heavy gunfire in burundi during a protest against the president, demonstrations against pierre nkurunziza to run for a third term entered a third week. indonesia navy commanders warning boats carrying migrants will be sent back 2000 refugees have landed in indonesia and malaysia in the past 48 hours. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has arrived in russia where he is meeting with putin in the resort city of soshi and his first visit there since the start of the ukraine crisis and kerry also expected to discuss iran and syria. allies of murdered opposition leader have unveiled a report which they say proves russian army presence in ukraine. let's get more on this from rory who is live for us in soshi, pretty damning report rory if
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it's true what more do we know? >> well the report was started by of course the murdered opposition politician boris killed in february and that report was finished by his colleagues and investigators and economists as well. it looks into a number of different areas of russia's involvement in ukraine but the primary areas of investigation were russia's military involvement and russia's financial cost what it has incurred to the economy and the actual cost of the war itself. now, the allegations in the report are that paratroopers were persuaded by their commanders to quit from the army and go and fight in ukraine as volunteers, taking equipment with them. now, the report says that these
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paratroopers were told that they would be compensated if they were injured fighting in ukraine and their families would be compensated if they died. one of the main planks of this investigation is none of that compensation has happened but it does say that some 220 russian servicemen have died in ukraine over the course of the last year. now, the other area of investigation is how much this has hurt russia financially so it is talking about figures like $39 billion lost from russians salaries, $14 billion lost from their savings because of the sanctions, the conflicts in ukraine has incurred russia and then also $1 billion for the actual fighting itself, the cost of the actual war, volunteers and equipment provided to the conflict. >> reporting to us there from
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soshi. chad's president says the war against boko haram has not been totally won because the armies of chad and nigeria are working separately and lack of synergy said the boko haram leader is illusive and we have more from the capitol abuja. >> came to nigeria to congratulate goodluck jonathan for having a free fair and peaceful election at the end of march and it was during this meeting with president jonathan that discussions were held about how the fight against boko haram is going on. now, president debbie made comments saying that it was regrettably there had not been greater coordination and synergy between chad soldiers and nigerian soldiers in the fight against the group and if they had been could be better resolved. but the picture given by nigeria is quite different and say there has been good coordination between the two countries, not
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just chad but other countries who have been helping them fight boko haram like niger and cameroon and it's evident in the fact the group has been severely diminished and very few attacks in the northeast over the last few months and in the last few weeks we seen the rescue of hundreds of women and girls in the region in the forest specifically where it's believed that that is boko haram's last remaining strongest stronghold in the country. and there is a sense, there is a feeling that boko haram is soon to be over so it's not very clear, the basis on which debbie is talking. he did not give specific examples about specific military operations where there was a lack of coordination and a lack of a united front which he described in these comments. >> fighters in mali killed nine soldiers days before a peace deal was due to be sign and defense ministry saying an army
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re resupply convow on timbuktu was ambushed and rebels active in the north despite the presence of french and u.n. troops. a secular blogger in bangladesh ananta bijoy das has been hacked to death by a mass gang with machetes and the third such killing this year and wrote for a number of websites including one moderated by another writer who was killed in february. and more than 30,000 migrants have arrived in italy since the beginning of the year from ports in libya, some don't intend to stay in italy but what happens to those who do? stephanie decker followed the journey of one teenager from gambia trying to build a life in the sicily town. >> reporter: time seems to be standing still. and he was 17 years old when he arrived ten months ago from libya and taken to a center for minors and his dreams have been
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put on hold. >> i go to school maybe three times i go to school and the schools and after that we are just sitting in the community without doing anything. so all that has been wasting time. wasting time because some people before they move from their country their talents and they have knowledge. >> reporter: he applied for asuea asylum but it's a long process and system to deal with tens of thousands of applications leaving many in a legal limbo. around 70 young people are housed here and many supposed to stay here for a short time but there is no where else for them to go and they wait for the lengthy legal process to play out for an extremely long time. these young men complain about the conditions here. four or six to a room and often don't get the weekly pocket money they are promised but the people who run the center say
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the money drips in sporadically stuck in an over stretched and unorganized bureaucratic system. >> translator: the lack of money means i can only offer an insufficient service, not to say even a cheap one. i can't buy clothes very often and their weekly pocket money i can only deliver every two months, that is why some of the boys are not happy. >> reporter: they will have their dreams and this long wait means they are getting incredibly frustrated young men usually full of energy, their future weighs heavily. >> we need food and medication and good life because in the future i will be a father. i want to take care of my family and stand for my family you know. >> reporter: someone described those saved at sea as the invisible ones. >> translator: efforts and it is right is to take care of the people who risk their life at sea but then once they arrive at the port we forget about them. they get stuck in the system and
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they can't fulfill their hopes, this is the forgotten tragedy. >> reporter: ♪ there is beauty and hope against all odds and with patience they say they will wait to get the opportunities they have risked everything for. stephanie decker al jazeera, sicily. greece has repaid a loan of more than $800 million to the international monetary fund and the threat of bankruptcy remains. the greek finance minister says the cash crisis is critical after failing to find a breakthrough at a meeting of euro zone ministers in brussels and from there we report. >> reporter: it promises to be a long tense summer in greece, the protest are small now but could grow bigger if the new left wing government is forced by international lenders to compromise on austerity in return for much needed bail out
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funds and brussels and talks with the counties and bank and imf are progressing to unlock billions in aid for grease but there is skepticism about a new economic plan offered by athens. >> some important issues have now been discussed in depth but more time is needed to bridge the remaining gaps. >> we have a joint interest with greek authorities to get that agreement as quickly as possible. there are some time constraints and liquitity constraints. >> reporter: and must try harder to get a $8 billion slice of aid but there isn't much time the existing bailout program expires at the end of june and in the meantime the few other sources of revenue available the government in athens must pay sector salaries and pensions and billions in
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loan repayments that fall due over the course of the next few months. greece is under immense pressure to reach a deal here. >> by necessity and flexible and red lines are such there is common ground. >> what is the timeframe now? >> the next few days i think. >> reporter: the government insists it will stick to its red lines on labor reforms and pensions, no more cuts and no plan b. that's the promise they made to elaborate in february but the problem is keeping that promise could cost the government and greece the ultimate price, bankruptcy and an exit from the euro i'm with al jazeera brussels. french president francois hollande is wrapping up his tour in hatety and made a historic trip to cuba and the first to visit since 1986 and met the father of the cuban revolution
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castro and asked them to lift the trade embargo and we have more from havana. >> reporter: untying the knot after they froze political and cultural ties with communist cuba in response to arrest of 77 people francois hollande is here to declare by gones be by gones. >> translator: this visit is taking place in a context in which at least it is possible for cuba to have all the necessary conditions to enter with the rest of the world, as you know france has always been in favor of lifting u.s. embargo that hinders cuba. >> reporter: speaking at the university of havana made it clear france wants to take a leadership role in a new cuba eu dialog. and francois hollande made latin america and caribbean a priority but it's not just political, both france and francois
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hollande are key to position themselves economically when united states lifts embargo against cuba to make it flourish. it's about capturing american business. >> where do americans go to now i know the forbidden paradise and cuba will open up the americans will be there, i want to have a dutch hotel taking care of the americans, that is what you're seeing. ♪ and accompanied by executives from top french firms including liquor giant which handles sales of cuba's havana club rum and opening soon hopefully to the u.s. the french president has not alluded publically to the thorny rights that led to eu freeze instead he offers to make france a quote faithful ally of cuba this time apparently without any
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conditions. ♪ i'm with al jazeera, havana. and a bit of sport for you now, one of the most successful quarterbacks in the u.s. national football league tom brady says he will appeal against a four-game ban for cheating and new england star punished for his alleged involvement in using under inflated balls in a playoff game and rob reynolds reports. >> reporter: in january officials noticed there was something odd about the balls used during the patriots victory over the colts in the semi final game on the road to the super ball. the balls were under inflated which may have made them easier for patriots quarterback tom brady to handle and throw accurately. sports fans suspected skulduggery and a month long investigation said staff members deliberately let the air out of the balls and that brady
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probably knew all about it much of the evidence stemmed from text messages which the employees openly discussed altering the balls before games. on monday the national football league announced that brady who has denied any knowledge his balls were tampered with would be suspended without pay for the first four games of the season saying that he was guilty of conduct detrimental to the league and brady's three year contract is worth $27 million and patriots fined $1 million and forfeit two draft picks and league noted that patriot coaches have been caught cheating in the past and brady had been uncooperative and refusing to hand over his text and e-mails to investigators. brady's agent called the quarterback's punishment ridiculous and said he would appeal suspension and patriots went on to win the superbowl in february, there are no plans to take the championship away from
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them. rob reynolds al jazeera. just about does it for now but tell you there is lots more on our website as always, al and get the latest stories and good-bye to the u.s. on al jazeera america, your morning news is up next. >> a 7.3 earthquake hits they. a. hundreds hurt in its wake, with that number expected to rise. >> a five day ceasefire to begin in yemen. are both sides ready to follow it? >> greece making an early payment on its loan but raising questions whether the country will be left entirely broke.