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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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the saudi-lead coalition targets a houthis arms depot in yemen, a day before the start of a proposed ceasefire. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up a new earthquake hits nepal and rocks the capitol. dozens have been killed. no refuge indonesia says it will send back every boat carrying rohingya migrants. and the top u.s. diplomat
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visits russia for the first time since the falling out over ukraine and syria. ♪ hello the saudi-lead coalition has targeted a rebel-held munitions depot east of yemen's capitol. these are the latest pictures east of the capitol sana'a. this air strike took place on monday night a day before a saudi-proposed ceasefire is due to take effect. the new u.n. envoy as arrived in the capitol a few hours before the ceasefire begins. iran says it is backing a truce. it's foreign minister has called for an immediate resumption of talks. >> translator: any ceasefire and any halt on the military operations is supported by iran
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to help the victims of this war, which are innocent children and women. this ceasefire must turn into a permanent ceasefire and talks to form an inclusive government should be immediately resumed. meanwhile iranian warships will accompany a cargo ship bound for the port held by the houthis. it is packed with aid workers and journalists. it's part of a humanitarian mission being carried out. hashem ahelbarra joins us life from saudi arabia to talk about a lot of issues, but first of all we were just showing that video of a saudi-lead air strikes targeting a weapons depot east of sana'a what do you know about that? >> reporter: basically the saudi-lead coalition said it targeted the mountain other
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looking sana'a. rockets and missiles were sent in that particular location. however, the southern news agency, which is a state news agency under the control of the houthis said that dozens of civilians were killed in the attack because of the time of the explosions many people living in the area were targeted. >> hashem this is all happening just a couple of hours before that saudi proposal for a ceasefire is meant to take effect. how much confidence is there that it is going to stick if it does start? >> reporter: there is some real concern about whether this ceasefire will hold for some reasons. we have seen some intensifying air strikes against the houthis over the last 48 hours. the saudi-lead coalition is
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targeting houthi commanders and the saudis also maintain if the ceasefire comes into effect they will ensure that the houthis won't take advantage of the situation to redeploy or move troops from one area to another. the first hours will be extremely crucial and tell us whether both armies the -- the saudi-lead coalition and forces loyal to the houthis and saleh will observe the ceasefire. >> hashem thank you. nepal has been shaken by a large after shock and at least 59 people have been killed. more than a thousand others have been injured. the epicenter was near a popular stop for climbers on the trek to mount everest. the after shock sent people running from buildings, and was
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felt as far away as indonesia. it was just over two weeks since nepal was devastated by an earthquake. our correspondent sent this report just after the quake. >> reporter: a building that survived the earthquake from two weeks ago has come down in a spectacular way. as you can see people are trying to clear the mess around here. there are suspicions that a taxi and a motorbike might have been buried under this rubble and it's impossible to tell right now. >> so unfortunately the [ inaudible ] was open and someone [ inaudible ] so that's why [ inaudible ] over here. >> reporter: right. >> [ inaudible ] stuck in the road here. >> reporter: yes. >> [ inaudible ]. >> yeah. >> that's why we have all of the equipment that has been
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deployed. [ inaudible ] within one hour maximum. >> reporter: officials over here are still afraid of what might happen with the rest of the building. there are other buildings which look very dangerous, massive cracks and those could go down if there are other after shocks. >> the after shock didn't just affect nepal. at least 17 people have been killed in neighboring india. this is where most of the fatalities occurred. houses were also damaged in the northern state and tremors were felt as far away as knew deli. helen clark joins us now. thanks for being with us. your thoughts on this latest earthquake that took place. >> very very frightening for
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people after the massive quake of 25 april. i'm a new zealander and my country had a massive earthquake in 2011. and then people were traumatized with after shocks. my heart goes out to everybody who has lost family members and had homes destroyed as the result of these latest shocks. it was a 7.3 and i understand one just under 6 just in the recent hours. >> the latest we have is at least 59 people have been killed so far. what is the up doing to reduce the risk of future disaster in nepal. >> well i think you put your finger on it. right now the relief operation is the thing. getting people somehow established in temporary
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accomodation trying to get that relief through. but we lead for the u.n. together with the world bank and other partners supporting the government with the post disaster needs assessment. and our hope is for the nepalese government that huge priority will be given to properly assessing the risk in nepal, and managing that risk and building the future of nepal fully aware of the risks. >> but in april you wrote in an article that the undp has engaged with nepal for many years on disaster risk and response initiatives. in hindsight is there anything that the undp should have done differently after the mayor earthquake that struck in april? >> not in the aftermath, no we have done everything we can as
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an early recovery organization supporting the nation. but yes, we and other partners have worked on these issues in nepal for quite a long time. but nepal is a least development country, it has come out of a lot of turmoil, it hasn't elected local councils for many years, so even though it has some good measures like a building code which would protect people in the event of an earthquake it hasn't had the capacity to enforce that code. i really hope that in the aftermath of the catastrophe from 25 april on that political parties, the people of nepal will unite around what is really important which is development in which disaster risk protection plays a huge part. >> helen clark, thank you very much for speaking to us.
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>> thank you. the international organization for migration has called on southeast asian governments to find and rescue hundreds of migrants believed to be stranded at sea and in risk of death. the indonesia nay have has redirected a group of boats towards the coast and it says it will not accept any more boats carrying migrants. around 2,000 people reached malaysia and indonesia in the past two days. steph will have the latest from jakarta in just a moment. but first we have this report from the malaysian island. >> reporter: this is one of three vessels that transported more than a thousand migrants to the shores of malaysia this week. many were bangladeshi, but there were more than 400 rohingya
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muslims, many women and children. you can see clothes still strew across the deck. there are cooking items, baby items. there's room clearly beneath the deck as well as on top to house the passengers. the rohingya muslims we spoke to told us that food and water were extremely scarce and they were beaten as well. police say they are stepping up the monitoring of the maritime borders, because there were reports that thousands are still out at sea. >> we are stepping up actively to make sure that they are not illegal encroachment. >> reporter: the migrants are now being processed by the immigration department and what they are really aiming to achieve is refugee status in malaysia, and for that to happen the unhcr has to recognize them as refugees and issue them identity cards.
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>> the indonesian military has confirmed that no boats coming from myanmar are welcome here in indonesia. they actually have pushed back one boat yesterday on monday back out of indonesian waters and given directions to malaysia what happened is that the indonesian military saw the boat and said there was a lot of people on the boat around a thousand they described it and there were even screams coming from the boat. it was a bad smell. and they gave the people some water, some food some medication and some fuel and then pushed them back. earlier on sunday two boats were actually accepted on indonesian land because they managed to make it ashore. and the new policy the military is describing is different than in the past because since 2009, indonesia has been accepting boats are rohingya in different parts of indonesia and many have arrived, a few thousand have
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rived in indonesia, and they were all accepted and handed over to the international organization for migration. so this is a different policy right now. here is what is coming up on al jazeera. [ gunfire ] >> gunfire in burundi as president's plan for reelection enters a third week. plus the meeting with the former cuban leader in havana. ♪
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. ♪ hello again the headlines on
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al jazeera. the saudi-lead coalition has targeted a rebel-held weapons and munitions depot east of yemen's capitol. meanwhile the new envoy to yemen has rived in sana'a hours before a ceasefire proposed by saudi arabia is due to start. indonesian navy commanders are warning any boats carrying rohingya migrants will be sent back. around 2,000 refugees have landed in indonesia and malaysia in the past 48 hours. nepal has been shaken by a large after shock and at least 59 people have been killed. 17 people in india has also lost their lives. and while dozens were killed, more than 1,000 -- hundred others were injured.
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the hospitals were already overcapacity. >> reporter: these are just a few of the nearly 100 patients that have come here. doctors say several have more serious wounds with a few requiring major surgeries. they were already at capacity when the earthquake hit. the people here are from the new arrivals but they are also the previous patients that have come out since the earthquake struck. many fled when the building started shaking. some were able to run out on their own. all of this is just the capitol city and surrounding area. there are several remote districts that were only getting aid by air drops, because the areas leading to them were inaccessible. the fear now is the people in these areas are in an even more desperate situation.
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john kerry is on his way to russia where he is meeting vladimir putin. it is his first visit there since the start of the ukraine crisis. they are expected to discuss the unrest in ukraine, iran and syria. to burundi now where police have fired at protesters in the capitol. demonstrations against president pierre nkurunziza bid to one for a third term have been going on since last month. the u.n. says at least 20 people have been killed since the protests began. >> translator: here we want good leadership because the people are suffering as you can see here today. we do not want his third term. his third term is what we do not want. police are killing civilians. my friend is injured and currently in the ambulance. >> malcolm webb is in the capitol. >> reporter: the activists organizing these protests say
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today and tomorrow they are pushing for extra surge of protesters. they really want to get their message across. because tomorrow heads of state, presidents from all around the region kenya, tanzania and other states are going to meet with the president here, and protesters are hoping that they will try to pressure him away from running for a third term. now there is a small crowd of protesters heading past and singing. groups like this all over the city today. clashing with police in some places and other suburbs there's no police visible at all. the police have moved away. behind me this is the office of the ruling party in this neighborhood, which crowds of protesters destroyed earlier. the ruling party have offices like this in every suburb of the city and throughout the count tryside andville ages as well.
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people are protesting against the president running for the third term smashed a hole in the building and looted the contents. chad's president says the war against boko haram have not totally been won because the armies are working separately. and the lack of synergy has aloud the one boko haram leader to remain elusive. >> reporter: the president of chad came here to congratulate goodluck jonathan for having a peaceful election. the president made comments saying it was regrettable that there hadn't been greater coordination and synergy between the solders in the fight against the group, and if there had been there could be better results,
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but the picture given think nigerian military bosses is quite -- different. they say there has been coordination, and it is evident in the fact that the group has been severely diminished there have been very few attacks in the last few months and we have seen the rescue of hundreds of women and girls in the region in the forest specifically where it is believed that is boko haram's last remaining strongest strong hold in the country, and there is a sense, there is a feeling that boko haram is soon to be over so it's not very clear the basis on which the president is talking. he didn't give specific examples of where there was a lack of coordination and a lock of a united front, which he described in these comments. >> a british-based forensics
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firm has authenticated recordings of egypt's president and his inner circle of army generals. sisi and his aids are heard talking about hiding billions of dollars in secret military accounts. they were also heard making comments about the wealth of some of the gulf countries that provide financial supported to egypt. audio experts have sent three reports to british police and they conclude there's no indication the recordings of the president which were broadcast on al jazeera were fabricated. >> translator: listen tell them we need ten to get deposited into the army's count. so what did i say? >> translator: ten in the account. >> translator: we will also need another ten from the united arab emirates and another ten from queue
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kuwait. we need the account settled until 2014. >> translator: why are you laughing? >> translator: they will faint. >> translator: their money is like rice. a secular blogger in bangladesh has been hacked to death by a mass gang wielding machetes. it's the third such killing this year. he wrote for a number of websites including one moderated by another writer who was killed in february. the french president is wrapping up a trip to haiti. he was the first western european leader to visit since 1986. he met the father of the cuban revolution fidel castro. lucia newman has more from havana. >> reporter: untying the
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idealogical knot. 12 years after the european union froze ties with communist cuba in response to the arrest of 77 disindependents, the french president is here to declare bygones be bygones. >> translator: this visit a is taking place in a context in which at least it's possible for cuba to have all of conditions necessary to interact with the rest of the world. france has always been in favor of lifting the u.s. embargo that hinders cuba. hollande has made latin america and the caribbean one of his foreign policy priorities. but it's not just political, both france and holland are keen to position themselves economically ahead of when the united states lifts its embargo against cuba.
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american investment lawyer says it's all about capturing american business. >> where are the americans going to go to now? i know the forbidden paradise. cuba is going to open up the americans are going to be there. i want a dutch hotel taking care of the americans. that's what you are seeing. >> reporter: hollande is accompanied by executives including the liquor giant. hopefully soon also it will handle sales to the u.s. the french president has not all lewded publicly to the thorn any issues of human rights that lead to the e.u. freeze. instead he offers to make france a quote, faithful ally of cuba this time apparently without any conditions. ♪ >> reporter: lucia newman al jazeera, havana. at least five people are dead and dozens injured in the
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u.s. after a series of tornados. the states of texas, arkansas and south dakota were the worst effected. many homes have been completely destroyed. about two does intornados were reported since sunday. and the weather pattern known as el nino is underway in the south pacific for the first time in five years. australia's bureau of meteorology is predicting the year to be extreme. >> el niño is just a warming of the pacific ocean waters. the weather systems which sit overthis area send to get displaced and alters. the same thing goes for cooler waters off of the coast of south america. so areas such as ecuador and peru become significantly
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wetter. where on the northeast it becomes dryer. southern stateses of the united states, could be significantly wetter. this researcher emerged in australia, where they are more prone to wildfires. bought is also expected across parts of southeast asia. take india for instance the whole region will become warmer. there is are always some impacts of el niño, no matter where you are. this is just a start. in the next 12 months, the el nino will be in full swing. one of the biggest stars ever in american football says he will appeal against a four-game ban for cheating. the team has also been fined a
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million dollars over deflate- deflate-gate. it's all about letting air out of footballs so they are easier to throw. >> reporter: following months of investigation, the nfl has now punished the new england patriots for allegedly using underinflated balls. the super bowl champions have been fined $1 million and stripped two draft picks. while their star quarterback, tom brady has been banned for four games without pay. ever since the incident brady has denied the accusations. >> i would never do anything to break the rules. and i believe in fair play and respect the league and everything they are doing to try to create a very competitive playing field for all of the nfl teams. >> reporter: the investigation concluded the patriot staff has likely tampered with the balls to help brady handle and throw more accurately, and that he knew about it.
10:29 am
the four time super bowl champion will appeal his punishment. >> tom brady is more likely than not to have had at least some knowledge that the balls were deflated. but there's no suggestion he knew they would be deflated below the legal limit. so i think that's the position he'll take. >> reporter: his contract is worth $27 million. and doesn't have much sympathy for one quarterback. >> you have to follow the rules and if someone's breaking rules, i understand you know, you -- you are going to get punished for it. >> reporter: this is the late nest a long list of scandals the nfl has had to deal with including cases of domestic violence and concern over concussions. >> the punishment is worse than some of the serious scandals they have had.
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they need an independent procedure for taking care of these scandals both on and off the field. >> reporter: the patriots went on to win the super bowl in february. there are no plans to take the championship away from them. more on those stars as well as the day's other stories on dozens killed hundreds hurt in nepal after a new earthquake hits an already devastated area. secretary of state john kerry visits russia sitting down with president vladimir putin for the first time since fighting began in ukraine. and police open their own investigation decades after newborns were allegedly stolen from a st. louis hospital. ♪