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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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the hope that recall parties will follow the agreements regarding chemical weapons and will refrain from using chemical weapons as a tool of political pressure. that's about it. question for mr. kerry. you mentions that the minsk agreement is the best way forward. but we can hear militant statements from kiev.
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statements that crimea should be returned what sort of influence washington has on kiev. >> and how can the united states use that influence to resolve this conflict. >> i have not had a chance -- i have not read the speech. i haven't seen any context i have simply heard about it in the course of today. but if indeed the president is advocating an engangment
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in a force. effort at this time, we would strongly urge him to think twice not to engang in that kind of activity. that that would put minsk in serious jeopardy and we would be very very concerned about what the consequences of that kind of action at this time may be. now, it may be he was talking about in the long term, he may have been talking about the context of the final resolution, or settlement, i don't know the answer to that. resort to portion would be extremely destructive, the working groups have met, and they have an ability to try to provide a path forward on all of those issues that many ofs have been concerninged about over the course of the last months.
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my strongest urging would be for everybody to gliff the worming groups their effort. to stay invested in the minsk agreement, to continue to push for the political resolution, and to hold back anybody from enganging in self-help through force. would like to confirm is that the minsk agreement should be up implemented? fully? and the wrights in russia in full agreement that the party should make. that minsk formula will work.
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various countries have contracts with both the ukrainian authorities in kiev, and donetsk and we will work together that to all parties will adhere to a minsk agreement. the message would be different. we will use all the mechanisms to implement it. you have been watching a news conference with u.s. secretary of state john query and the russian upon minister.
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after what was the highest level visit to russia since the ukraine crisis began in 2013. so we have had the russian side saying that the cease fire in ukraine is still violated and that kerry also pointed out that was happening kerry said that all sides must prevent any breeches of the ukraine cease fire. but they were very positive about the level of cooperation between the two sides and said it had been useful to have frank discussions about various subjects including he had thanked talks about syria and iran, the russian president as well as those talks long talks he had with the russian foreign minister. let's bring in roz jordan, it seems what has come out of this it is good to talk, and useful to have a meeting buts theren't much that is concrete, is there.
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>> no, and that was not the expectation, this was very much a meeting to maintain the open and direct lines of communication, as the acting deputy spokesperson told reporters earlier on tuesday. this was also a chance for john kerry to basically touch base with the russian leadership on other issues where the two do share common concern, and that is the situation in syria in yemen and the on going nuclear talks with iran under the p five plus one this was a chance to basically lay out where both countries stand on these issues. and as we have heard during a briefing that was marked by some technical problems there are still a lot of disagreements on the status of ukraine, and what kiev and moscow are doing or not doing to stabilize the situation in that country.
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>> and b they even met the russian foreign minister says the attempt to sanction -- is it your impression that anything would have changed. >> well, it doesn't appear that the u.s. is going to roll back any sanctions or that the e.u. will do so any time soon. they both have been alleged that there are still military build ups. heavy artillery along the worder with ukraine. as well as on going fighting in various communities in the eastern part of that country. certainly though as we heard the secretary of state say the u.s. and e.u. are prepared to roll back those sanctions depending on how closely the russians and those in eastern ukraine comply with the terms of the minsk agreements. there are two of them, the
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most recent one was achieved in february, but there has not been 100% compliance, and so that karat was tangled out there, but as of right now unless the u.s. says concrete action on the ground, it's not going to change it's position okay, thank you indeed. let's bring in rory who is in sochi for us, so russian foreign minister, said the meeting helped to understand each other better, in practical terms where does that leave us. >> well, as all of the participants here, sergei lavrov and john kerry were saying it is basically good to talk. i don't think kerry said this was an important visit at an important time, he didn't come here expecting any break through, he came here basically just for the purposes of dialog. and of course they had quite a lot of ground to cover
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therm talking about ukraine and iran, they were talking about syria but then they also had time to throw in a bit of libya and yemen as well, so many many areas thorny issues that they have to discuss. now, when it comes to ukraine, one of the things that sit out from what john kerry was saying there is he made a pledge that everybody who has any control over anybody in the conflict should use it to fully implement minsk. this word we have heard again and again going back to when the first meeting happened the end of summer, of last year. it is still what everyone has any kind of guest in the ukraine conflict is relying on to try to pull the country out of the civil war, and yet it seems so illusive, and as john kerry has been saying,
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the sanctions against russia will not be limited according to john kerry until minsk is fully implemented. kerry agreed that it should be fully implemented the problem clearly is how to get the actual arables contained in those protocols to be properly followed by everyone. when the cease fire is violated on a routine bases. >> any thoughts on if they couldism prove relations than some of those other big issues would fall into place? like syria or libya? well yes, they are obviously trying to find some sort of common ground on all these problems. on syria ukraine, they have common ground on iran. so everyone is holding that up as a good illustration on what can be achieved when the united states and russia foreign policy objectives
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fall into line then you can have a fairly large achievement. it hasn't been properly finalized. both lavrov and kerry are quite proud of this nuclear agreement, that has been reached. but at the basic level here, we have a serious difference in opinion on how the world should be organized. the united states is quite happy with it's position as a world leader. russia is clearly not happy with the united states position as a world leader. so when vladimir putin has spoked whenever people like sergei lavrov has spoken they have argued for a multipolar world. they have articlinged for a demotion of the united states as the global head. what russia wants is a system where individual countries are nonaligned they can
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operate independently, make their own foreign policy decisions, and operate without the united states essentially telling them what to do. that's what russia wants of course, that is very different from what the united states wants. thank you very much indeed for putting the news in context there for that meeting. well the united nations is hearing from a moment the criminal court, she is briefing the council about libya and the struggle to bring gaddafi era officials to justice. >> and will not hesitate to take such action as needed. or to contribute to such action or oriel haven't pros queue story they ares. madame president. although the libyan
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prosecutor office in particular has enganged in fruitful cooperation with my office, i must reiterate that there are specific areas in which the government of libya, is a noncompliance with the courts orders. in particular, i recall that on the 10th of desks 2014, the chamber found that libya has failed to comply with the chambers request to surrender gaddafi to the court to return to his defense the documents seized by the libyan authorities from the former defense council. of gaddafi and to destroy any copies. the chamber decided to refer the matter of the noncompliance to the council in accordance with regulation, 109, fourth of the regulations of the court the office notes that the
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council refers to this decision, in united nations security council to enter 213 of 2015. the office continued to press libyan authorities to comply and to consult with the court in order to resolve any problems that may impede execution of the request and this council is also encouraged to do the same. the statute provides for consultation, and in light of the continual cooperation my office received from the prosecutor general's office the importance of constructive consultations to address problems, which may impede or prevent the execution of this request is even greater. my office will do whatever it can to encouraging and facilitate these consultations with the goal of ensuring libya's full cooperation with the the
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court. in relation to the -- >> the security council is hearing there from the prosecute iranian of the international criminal court as she is being briefing the council about libya and the struggle to bring gaddafi officials to justice for kyles committed before the 2011 revolution, let's bring in al jazeera gabriel who has been listening to that briefing. in the past, they have been tasking why aren't they talking about things since 2011, will that be part of senate. >> absolutely. mention there in the little bit of the briefing that you listened to mentions gaddafi and that is a real sticking point between the libyan government right now a lot of tension because the i.c.c. they want to have the living government extradite to the hague for trial however, so far he has not
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been extradited and that's been a real point of convention, but you also mentioned here, directly that just yesterday human rights watch, for example put out a report, and they were encouraging her to open up her investigation broodier, into what they say are current war crimes taking place in the lick yeah right now, so far resisted that, she says she is focusing mostly narrowly on the crimes from 2011 yob heard her mention gaddafi there she says that because of the bad security situation in libya and lack of resources she is unable to get in there and open up a broodier investigation, but human rights watch says that's not necessarily an excuse. they are enganged couraging her to do that, so far though, a lot of what she is
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saying just in the first few minutes or so, is very skim to what she said last november, which is that the situation is very bad on the ground, and it is preventing her teams from really being able to expand any sort of inquiry into crimes happening in libya. >> we mentioned the bad security situation, do we expect her to bring up the situation with the migrants which is also in part linked to that? it is, i don't know if she will print up the migrants issue specifically, bethe whole security and uncertainty right now certainly plays into that. the latest numbers we have, on april 19th, more than 700 migrants drowned off the coast of libya on their way trying to get to europe, through the mediterranean and the u.n. security council in april, u.n. security council members expressed grave concern the proliferation of smuggling of
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migrants off the coast. so while she might not mention that exactly it all plays into the fact of her office, the hague, trying to increase the investigation -- the capacity within the country, and clearly libya is dealing with crisis on multiple levels. and the migrant issue just being one of them, and then a u.n. report, of course, in february, came out and said that approximately 400,000 people are internally displaced in libya right now. so a lot of issues on many levels and we will have to see more -- if she is mentioned any of that. >> okay, thank you very much indeed. alive at the u.n. for us. >> the u.s. has warned iran against staging what it has called stunts which can threaten the cease fire in yemen. 25 day humanitarian crews is
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said to take place in less than an hour, iranian warships are expected to accompany a cargo ship, which is controlled by the houthis rebels. it is said to be packed with aid supplies and workers from the society. all supplies need redirected to a hub. >> just hours be ever the truce was supposed to take effect, they are reported to -- killing ten people and injurying another 60. air strikes have also targeted a castle which has been used as a base by the houthis. the saudi led coalition also attack as rebel held east of saleh. they say dozens of people consider killed in the attack on monday night. live in the capitol so not long before the start of the proposed cease fire, how likely is it to go ahead?
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well basically what we have on the ground, is an escalation of violence fighting in places like brail la and adan, and the saudi led coalition, launching air strikes against houthis positions and also in the northern province of -- exactly why we have some concern about whether there is a cease fire. if it comes into effect, if it will hold the an nosty the tension, which has been mounding in the country you have two different factions that says it is defending for what it considers to be a legitimate goal, and on the other hand, you have forces loyal saying they would like to repel the houthis. >> and there isn't in this
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case any kind of on the ground observer force in other conflicts you have an international force or some sort of monitoring to check whether they are being held, how will we know what is going on on the ground? it will be very difficult to have forces on the ground to ensure that the cease fire. i think one of the tasks of the envoy so to pin down some of those details with the houthis to the first president. the u.n. own violent extremism was hearing -- met where the president hadi and with saudi officials and i think one of the things he was discussing is to ensure that the cease fire holds for five days to be able -- so that the international aid agencies can move freely
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across the one to deliver aid to thousand of people who have been effected by the violence. who are now stranded. >> all right, thank you very much. a seven point three magnitude after shock hat his nepal. the epicenter was in the east, 45 people have been killed and more than 1,100 injured in the latest tremor. the shock brown down many buildings that were weakened by the april 25th earthquake creating panic. reliving a nightmare just when people had begun to believe they could return to something near to normality. crush injury, fractures some of the medical staff are in shock as well. this quake may not have been as big as the last, but cat man do's hospitals are overwhelmed again. no onen't yeahs to be in a building with the after shocks.
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i tries to jump out of the building and my children were crying. this is one of the landslides an area that is only recent by been cleared after previous landslides remarkably no ones with hurt. parliament was in session after the quake struck. after a few seconds of disbelief, deputies starting runed from the chamber outside there is panic with people trying to get through on cell phones to relatives and friends to tell them they are alive. >> it was shaking like this, and everyone thought of running everyone left and went to an open area, this place is dangerous we have to leave. people have become scared in their minds they don't know how they will live, eat and work, going into a building you don't know what will happen.
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>> search teams found themselves trying to find lives again. dozens of collapsed buildings. many more in the rural areas. near the epicenter. as if one major earthquake wasn't enough, this one a family home. an american search team is now deploying and this was a 19 story apartment block. now, totally destroyed. there is a high level of fear, in some cases sheer terror that exists now. many people are threing the capitol, but they will find little comfort out of the city. al jazeera. katmandu. >> the u.n. development program says that nepal must work to improve it's infrastructure. it is crucial that building rules are properly enforced. right now the relief operations is the key thing getting people somehow established and temporary accommodation. trying to get that relief through.
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but u.n.d.p. leads together with the world bank and other partners sup effort powerful earthquaking the government with the post disaster needs assessment, and our hope very much is for the government and for the development partners that huge priority will be given to properly arecessing the risk and to managing that risk and building the infrastructure and future of nepal fully cognizant of the rink, so that the catastrophe like this doesn't wipe people's hopes and prospects lives out in this way again. that 358 has come out of a period of a lot of turmoil even though it does have some measures like a building code, it hasn't had the capacity to enforce that code, so a lot of circumstances have compared against that pan being able to reduce the disaster risk, and i hope in the aftermath
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of the catastrophe from 25 of april on, that political parties the people of nepal will unite around what is really important which is development in which disaster risk protection play add huge part. has called on governments to find and rescue hundreds of migrants believe to be stranded at sea, and at risk of death. two navy has redirected a boat full of migrants towards the malaysia coast and says it will not accept any more boats. malaysia detained thousands of people, including dozens of children. in a moment we will hear from our correspondent the this report in malaysia. >> woe are on patrol with the malaysia off the coast. and the job of this agency is to monitor and protect the waters around malaysia. so they patrol looking for
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illegal fisherman people smuggling goods as well as people smuggling humans. now, their job is become incredibly important after the arrival of more than 1,000 migrants this week. this is first admiral tan sir, you in your experience, you have been with the agency for ten years. you are seeing more and more people coming here via sea are you concerned about this. >> yes very concerns. especially the monsoon season. we also monitor the situation in yeah mar. the tendency there is more people coming. >> sovereign we are getting reports that the authorities over there have said that if they see any more boats of muslims coming into their waters they will give them food and fuel, and send them in malaysia's direction, what is your response to this.
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>> we also -- we have to consider if they come to our waters we cannot allow them to enter we will give them food and provision and send them on their way. >> so the maritime agency here is on alert. for more arrivals they have alsos for reinforcements and they will be afternooning up the patrol in the waters around malaysia. the military has confirmed that no boats coming are welcome here in indonesian, they have pushed back one boat yesterday. on monday, back out of indonesian waters and give them directions to malaysia, what happened is the military saw the boat, and they said there was a lot of people on that boat, around 1,000 they described it and they said they were coming even screams coming from the boat, it was a bad smell, it was a very bad situation, is they gave
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the people some water and food medication, and some fuel. and then pushed them back earlier on sunday two boats were accepted on land. because these people already managed to make it ashore. and this new policy the military is describing is different than in the past because since 2009, indonesian has been accepting boats in different parts in indonesian, and many have arrive add few thousand have arrived in indonesian, and they were all accepted and handed over to the u. n.h. are or the international organization for migration so this is a different policy right now. >> bangladesh progresser has been hacked to death by a masked gang. it is the third killing in the last three months. 33-year-old contributed to several websites including one that was moderated bay u.s. writer who is murdered in bangladesh in february.
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he was attacked near his home in the city in north eastern bangladesh. plenty more stories the ever you any time the address of that is you can also watch us live by clicking on the watch noway con on >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. >> tonight, saving the macaw. >> i'm in the peruvian amazon and we're on the search for endangered macaws. >> now techknow is on a one of a kind mission. >> look at those wings. >> the macaw; graceful, elegant,