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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> after weeks of protest in burundi thousand celebrate as a general says he has deposed the president. it's good to have you along. you're watching al jazeera live from london. gunmen storm against in the afghan capital. iraq says isil's deputy leader has been killed by a coalition airstrikes.
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yemen's cease-fire appears to be largely holding. and there was an amtrak train that crashed in philadelphia, killing seven. >> well, the army has taken control in burundi's capital announcing that it has deposed the president after weeks of demonstrations. word of the coup first came in a radio prod cast where it announced that the president had violated the constitution by trying for a third term in office and it's mandate was now over. something that was denied on the president's twitter ago. he was in tanzania for a peace conference but said he was flying home now news of the
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president's overthrow was greeted by celebrations on the streets of the capital. balance come web sent us this update. >> dozens and dozens of soldiers on foot came in the city center with many clearing protesters. they say they have taken control of the country. here the last couple of hours there have been hundreds of hours of cheering protesters every time they see military vehicles. they're seen as a benevolent force in their goal of preventing the president of running for a third term a benevolent force in reinstating
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the constitution that ended burundi's civil war. >> that was malcolm web. here now more from the day's events in the background of the army's apparent seizure of power. >> people in burundi's capital is celebrating. they have heard that the army has removed its president. they have heard from an army general who says he's taking control of the country. >> the president has been relieved of his dudeys. we demand all regional commanders of the military, regional commissioner and governor's work hand in hand with us to reinforce the citizens of burundi.
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>> more than a dozen people have been killed and hundreds have been injured. people have been angry at the president, who was running for a third term in office. his opponents say that another term for him is unconstitutional but his party insists that because he was chosen ned instead of through a vote in his first term that his candidacy is legal.
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many are wary. >> i think if you go to the countryside of people who are supportive, that they may not be this excited about the possibility of a cue. i think observers are quite cautious about such a move. we need to remember that a coup is not a democratic way to replace a president. >> the some say the cue could mean fewer protests on the streets, but a military takeover does not body well in a country still recovering from civil war. >> boko haram fighters are reportedly launched an attack in northern nigerian. people who live in maiduguri say
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that there has been heavy shelling maiduguri is the burst placethe birthplace of boko haram. >> it looks like the stand off continues. police and special forces are at the scene home to a number of international guesthouses and hotels and jennifer glasse my colleague in kabul join us on the phone. i think you're close by, jennifer, tell us what is happening. >> government officials tell us that forces are in the guesthouse and they're clearing the guesthouses room by room. gunmen had moved into this hotel that is used by afghans and
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foreigners about three hours ago. 20 people this official has been told has been evacuated. we've heard four volleys of gunfire inside the building right next to an united nations compound. right now this street is full of afghan police and security forces, special forces, and the afghan they use a trillionth response team. they did deal with it very quickly, an after the gun fair wasgunfire was going on. >> thank you very much, jennifer glasse in kabul. at least 35 people have been killed near the iraqi city of
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fallujah. a suicide-bomber detonated the device northeast of the city. the place has been ambushed by fighters from isil who managed to seize military tanks and equipment. the department leader of isil has been killed by the u.s. coalition. he was killed west of mosul in the north of iraq. he was said to be holding a meeting inside a mosque with other isil leaders at the time of the strike. we have this from baghdad. >> this is definitely a blow to the islamic state of iraq and levan. what we understand was that he was only recently appointed second in command in the group. the reason why he was appointed according to reports and officials who have managed to speak to defectors is that the head of isil has been wounded he's immobile and unable to run
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the day-to-day affairs. we understand that the second in command, the stand-in leader is how many people are calling him. what we understand also is that he is a physics teacher. he's from mosul he has a long history with al-qaeda, a high he was a high-ranking member. so, whether or not this is confirmed, we still do not know. but we do know that there are other successors in line. there were a few nominees that the isil council was going to vote on, but he's believed to be a very case mat tick leader and a very significant individual in
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the isil. >> prompting the u.n. security calm to call on general secretarysecretary general ban ki-moon. these are our reports. >> blaring horns instead of gunfire. people shopping and walking instead of fighters in the streets. life appears to return to normal on the first day of the cease-fire. but not everyone is optimistic. >> the yemeni people will never agree. they have used force because they can be stopped with force. >> theit is an attempt to help
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the suffering of yemenis after yet conflicts. it is hoped that it will allow aid agencies to deliver food and medicine. iran has sent a naval ship carrying supplies but the iranian military has said it won't allow the saudi-led forces to inspect the ship. coalition forces insist vessels entering yemen's territorial waters will be inspect: the saudis accuse iran of arming the houthis. witnesses in several cities say that the houthis are continue to shell residents. >> many of the houthies would like to accept the cease-fire and move long, but then there is another group who is not necessarily happy with the terms of the cease-fire. >> the special envoy to yemen
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arrived in the country on tuesday night. he says that the cease-fire must be unconditional and safe passage must be given so aid can reach yemenis. >> we came convinced that there is no political sugars but a political wan. we need to have all besides to involved 37 the international community hopes that the cease-fire holds long enough for aid to reach the millions of people who need it, and for all sides to stop start political talks and put an end to the fighting. >> yemen is likely to be on the agenda as leaders from gulf nations gather in the united states for summit on regional
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security. u.s. pratt barack obama welcomed saudi leaders at the white house ahead that have meeting. the saudi crowned prince and the deputy crowned prince saying the two nations are building on a strong relationship during a challenging time. one of his national security advisers told us what he meant by that. >> we do believe that the fundamental basis is the common interests that we share. we have an interest in counter terrorism and stability in the area we have a shared interest in stabilizing iranian nuclear capabilities we're learning along side the gcc counter isil campaigns. what can they develop in maritime security, ballistic defenses cyber defenses so they're better able to meet from
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the threats emanating from the region today. it's going to be a set of defense capabilities and strategies that we can work on together. >> still to come, the europe piano union to push out a quota plan of sharing refugees from different countries. as the cannes film festival kicks off we look at themes and motive features in the next two weeks.
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comcast business. built for business. >> time to run through the global headlines. thousands of people have been celebrating in the africa nation
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of burundi's capital after the army announced that the president has been dismissed. the president said he's returning to burundi after talks in tanzania, but the germ said that he won't be allowed back in. a five-day truce in seems to be holding in yemen. there are been reports of violations in some areas. the iraqi government said it has killed the leader of isil in an airstrike. we go to our correspondent in washington, d.c. they say that the man has been killed, but the u.s. is saying, look, we don't think this guy has been killed, and we never hit a mosque. >> well, that's what the u.s.
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military is telling me at this hour. i just got off the phone that said yes there was a coalition airstrike under kay way but the spokesperson stressed that they never hit a mosque, and they don't know whether or not al alfry was injured in that airstrikes. that's been the message pretty much from across the u.s. government on wednesday. now it's not really clear whether or not this airstrike was targeting any specific meeting, usually there is a reading after each night's airstrikes on what it is that they were going after but it does not at peer that this point if there was a meeting that they were going after that they struck it. >> al baghdadi is the leader of isil. we've been reporting, as others have, it's reported that he's been badly wounded and this man
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may be the one to take over as well as others as well. but the united states is not really even acknowledging the importance of a man that we're talking about now. >> that's right. one of the things that the u.s. and coalition party injuries has been trying to do they're trying to underscore how degraded isil or daesh as they call it, since the coalition launched these airstrikes to stop isil from its movement across syria and into iraq. they certainly don't want to ascribe too much importance to any one leader, not even to al baghdadi because they feel it's a way of underscoring what they say is an organization situation that others former showed be in support of. there has been one question of
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whether isil may be gathering strength they said they didn't have much international that's understanding because aside from a few airstrikes, the u.s. is not in syria. but they would like to down lay the over all the group's able to launch attacks and they would like to say that the coalition against isil is winning. we'll have to find any truth to these reports of isil gaining more strength in that part of syria. >> roslyn, very good to see you. thank you very much indeed. updating us from the u.s. state department.
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the european union will declareing equal distribution of migrants arriving. >> the e.u.'s response, a multi pronged strategy aimed at every level of the problem from the root causes of poverty and conflict in home countries to enhanced rescue efforts at sea and possible military action against smugglers in transit countries like libya. there is a plan to impose a quota system on e.u. countries taking asylum seek necessary. >> what will make the situation worse is not facing steps forward. >> we're facing an exceptionally
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dramatic situation that requires unprecedented action. >> despite bolt talk of sol layerty there is division in the ranks. the over all strategy will be presented european unions in a summit at the end of june but not all member states are happy with all aspects of it. the hungarian prime minister has described the plan as mad. and writing in the times newspapers on wednesday britain's home secretary wrote that it would encourage more people to make the perilous journey. economic migrants should be sent back. >> we need to deal with this trade in human beings. those who are profiting from moving people from africa to
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europe. we need to ensure people can be returned back to africa. >> they say that measures will insure some are repatriated but the emif citizen is helping countries cope. there has not been an unanimous response in support from their northern neighbors. jonah hull, al jazeera, brussels. >> italian police have arrested five who are accused of kidnapping people and exhorting money from their relatives. >> thousands of migrants from myanmar and bangladesh are still being held in desentencing centers after arriving on
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crowded boats earlier this week. from the northwest an, we have reports. >> frightened and exhausted many fled violence in myanmar only to be trapped at see by ruthless traffickers who beat them and provided little food and water. >> people were on the boat for three months, two months. they were collecting more and more people on the boat. 300, 500, 600 people. >> authorities are moving them to existing detention centers but human rights activists say that the government needs to find a more permanent solution. >> the government should think of a way to stop human trafficking and take more serious action. this they don't, trafficking
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will go on and get out of control. >> al jazeera has been told that crowded votes boats will not be allowed to enter waters unless they're sinking. a humanitarian crisis is unfolding with possibly thousands of desperate peep still drifting in the ocean. >> you many are asking them not to return migrants at sea and say it's equivalent to a death sentence. welding embers came in contact with chemicals started a
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fire in the philippines factory. gunmen kill 43 in can karachi. >> twisted metal, science signs of chaos and trauma. several killed and hundreds sent to the hospital after an amtrak train from washington, d.c. to new york inexplicably derailed. it was the worse train crash in decades. >> we've suffered a tragedy here in our city. seven people have decide as a
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result of a train derailment, which is a very unusual event. i don't believe anyone sitting here standing here today has any memory of a derailment of this kind in 50 years. >> the cause of the trash won't be known for days or perhaps even weeks. but like other accidents before it it will again raise calls for funding for crumbling infrastructure and safety. >> any train derailment, one of the things that they're going to be looking very closely at is the infrastructure. this is a high volume area where you see a lot of passenger trains. not just passenger cities but commuter trains. they will want to know when it was inspected and if repairs were made. many in the president obama's
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party say that more investment is needed to keep up. >> well, we have a problem in the sense that we're under investing, and the money we are spend something not necessarily being spent on the most cost effective projects. it's a dual problem of not enough money out there and it not being spent effectively as it could be. >> they say now is not the time to talk politician. politics. >> i'm blessed that i was able to go home to my wife and kids.
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i'm blessed. >> this route sees thousands of trains back and forth every year. and most of them reach their destination with no major incident. but that does not console those who were on the doomed tray and will spark more outcries if this was an isolated incident or a sign of larger problems on america's train tracks. >> okay, off to the south of france to the cannes film festival. >> well, the big difference this year is for the first time in almost 30 years the festival is opening with a film directed by a woman there there has been present of criticism that cannes has not been honoring films made by women in the industry. it seems that they've taken some of that criticism on board and the stars that have filtered
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behind me into the auditorium are watching a gritty french drama about a troubled boy with a big departure from the usual films that open this festival. 17 billion dollars a year and growing.