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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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brokers. >> got a call from the fbi saying we have your husband's remains. >> an america tonight exclusive investigation. tuesday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> gun fire in burundi's capital capital. after it has overthrown its president. good morning you're watching al jazeera, i'm jane dutton. fire breaks out in a shoe factory homing to boost biggest trading partner.
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lights camera, action cannes film effectively. festival. we begin in burundi where we are getting word of gun fire. fighting those loyal to the coup leader near the state media complex. in the last hour about the head of the burundi army said the coup had failed. first, a report. >> reporter: the process against pierre nkurunziza had been growing. they struggled to contain them.
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and then on wednesday afternoon while nkurunziza was out of the country, the senior army officer announced he was taking over. >> translator: president pee aird nkurunzizapierre nkurunziza has been released of hisrelieved of his duties. >> soldiers had been on the streets during the demonstration but have not joined in the violence. hundreds of jubilant protesters came running into the center. >> translator: whether he wants to go or not he has to go. >> reporter: soldiers
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overpowered them. on this corner, people said this man was part of the ruling power. a short while later the army arrived in place de la penda pendanse. now a crowd ever protestors are gathering and cheering. made his announcement that he was taking over at least here we are told lock the door with a padlock and ran away. then protesters smashed it open and the radio came back on air almost instantly. outside the radio building where they broadcast a celebration is going on. new military leaders say they
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will restore democracy. nkurunziza says he wants to come back. people still don't know where or when this will lead to free and fair elections. >> what's the situation right there malcolm waist wass happening there? >> we heard a little bit of gun fire. we understand there has been fighting between factions of the army those who are loyal to the president and those who are loyal to the coup or the attempted coup. we heard rocket fire, and those loyal to the president attacked some of the independent media stations. we are told a gren grenade was thrown
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and we have heard that they have been attacked as well, we're not sure who is in control of which parts of the city but we understand there is fights going on still hear fit of gun fire. >> the president can't get back into the country. there's a regional meeting about the situation there. what sort of outcome are they pushing for? >> reporter: well, we understand that the heads of state for east architecture, kenya tanzania uganda and rwanda, that's where they were meeting, there's no sign that president pierre nkurunziza did
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attend although we understand he was in tans nee tanzania. that peace deal signed in 2005 that ended burundi's civil war they said they would meet again in two weeks. but two weeks are a long time here in bujumbura. borders of course it is going to be very difficult for president pierre nkurunziza to come back. >> it is indeed. thanks olot for that malcolm. at least ten people have been killed in a shoe fire, in the philippines 13 still missing. jamilla lindigant has more.
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>> reporter: we are right outside the factory. it took over seven hours to be put out. 60 people were trapped in there but the total number of workers is undetermined, because the owner can't give a total tally as to how many were working there. it took more than ten hours before recovery operations were started. there were concerns over security and safety of the building for rescuers here. what is very clear is there is a very strong smell already of rotten flesh. family has been coming forward waiting for news of their loved ones. news, everybody in there perished in the fire. this is the staircase that leads to the second floor. that is where most of the bodies are trapped and the concentration of the fire also. local government says they admit that this process of identifying the bodies, of handing over the
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bodies will take some time. the president has already demand he that a thorough investigation start as soon as possible. to make those who are responsible accountable. >> police in the iraqi capital baghdad have accused shia militia of setting fire to asunni community center. the fire happened in a province of adamea. let's go straight to zeina khodr in baghdad. why the community center in particular? >> well, there was overnight violence like you mentioned and sectarian in nature. a lot of amateur video has emerged but we managed to confirm that with police forces. shia forces apparently heard
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rumors that there was a suicide bomber, so they atactd and burned an office that is run by sunni religious figure. this is an attack sectarian in nature. we note that a number of homes were burned in in addition. haider al-abadi, say that the police have it under control and militia have been deployed in the area. it is too early to see but we have seen a spike in car bombings, the sunni in the area
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are worried because they feel they will be blamed for these car bombings and apparently this is what has happened. >> and day a lot of checkpoints and we understand that thousands and thousands of troops have been deployed. like you mentioned thousands and thousands ever shia walk for miles for days to reach the shrine of imam kazim here in the capital. car bombings, security forces are unable to stop these attacks. at the end of the day, there is no political rest in this country and political groups want to ignite civil strife.
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these communities don't trust each other they blame each other and even though the government is waging a war against i.s.i.l making all the communities feel they are a part of the country and have a real future in the country of iraq. >> thank you zeina. barrel holding, saudi arabia says houthi rebels have violated the ceasefire 12 times since tuesday. also carried out one air strike and shelled rebels by the sea. but the kingdom says it remains
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committed to the truce. yemen's government says residents have been hurt in the shelling. in senegal the government has banned a planned protest by the opposition against the deployment ofsen gallies soldiers to saudi arabia. it is against the military operations in yemen. >> reporter: just hours before the protests, organizers received a call from authorities. the march banned because it would apparently demoralize senegalese troops getting ready for deployment to saudi arabia. it is a clear attempt by the government to muzzle those who oppose the move. >> translator: this is all an excuse. the reality is this decision is unpopular.
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>> reporter: public opinion is divided over sending 1200 troops to the saudi border with yemen. the government did seek support from the influential local religious leaders. the announcement was made just weeks before the deployment to saudi arabia. the $21 billion plan to turn the government into a middle income economy. argument of deployment of troops is ambitious preliminary and economic plan. senegal is the first one to offer troops on the ground. the government says it's responding to requests for help from a fellow muslim country in the time of need. but saudi arabia pledging for hundreds of millions of dollars
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in fund for agriculture and infrastructure products. despite repeated requests for an interview he would not answer our questions or comment. no dates yet to when the deployment will take place but this has ignited an unprecedented public debate. despite the plan he has more protests in the future. still to come. a victory for help or drug scams? >> the deadly u.s. railroad crash appears to point to technical failures.
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♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight >> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story".
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only on al jazeera america. >> the top stories on al jazeera. heavy fighting has erupted in burundi's capital bujumbura. tighting those loyal to the coupe leader. shia fighters have set fire in a community area in iraq. violated a ceasefire well times since it began on tuesday night. saudi fighters have carried out at least one air strike.
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defense ministry says abdul rahmanan. has been killed. >> coalition air is strikes over talafar, what did not happen is that fighter jets did not strike and hit a mosque the that community. the spokesperson also says it's not clear whether or not if i people on the ground were injured or killed. it's not clear whether or not the number 2 man in i.s.i.l. al afri was killed in the attack. the ongoing air strikes are meant to degrade i.s.i.l.'s ability to attack ton ground.
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but using a lot of intelligence and working very closely with the iraqi military to make certain that civilians and places of worship are not targeted during these nightly air raids. even sow it is so it is once again raising questions about operations in a part of the country where it has been at war for nine years. >> train was traveling at twice the speed limit when it came off the traction. a system called positive train control could have prevented it from derailings, gabriel elizondo reports. >> signs of chaos and trauma. after an amtrak train from washington d.c. to new york city derailed just minutes after pulling out of a station in
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philadelphia. the worst train disaster in decades. they saw the train traveling at twice the speed limit and the train was not equipped with the latest safety technology designed to prevent high speed train derailments. >> it's on our most wanted list. congress has mandated that it be installed by the end of this week so we are very keen on positive train control. based on what we know right now we feel that had such a system been installed in this section of track this accident would not have occurred. >> the cause of the crash however remains under investigation. but like crashes before it, it has raised calls for urgent funding to improve crumbling infrastructure and safety. amtrak is america's largest train system subsidized by the
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government. bill making its way through congress passed its first hurdle and could heavily slash amtrak funding if it becomes law. >> we are underfunded particularly in transportation and the money we are spending is not necessarily being spent on the most cost effective projects. >> former congressman patrick murphy was on the train and narrowly escaped death and says it is not time to talk politics. >> i'm blessed i was able to go home that my wife and kids were able to kiss me this morning i'm blessed man. >> accidents such as this are fairly rare in the u.s. this route between new york city and washington d.c. sees
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thousands of trains back and forth every year and most of them reach their destination with no major incidents. but that doesn't console the people who were on the doomed 188, will spark more outcries if this was just one more occurrence or will sound a warning on the rails of america. gabriel elizondo, al jazeera. >> the mine in caldas province is flooded. more than half its miners are unregulated. one of the key strategies of the u.s. backed war on drugs may be on the way out the national drugs agency is said to ban a controversial herbicide used to ban coca fields.
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>> since the 1990s it's been spraying the coca fields. to curb the production of cocaine. but colombia seems ready for an about-face. >> translator: new studies show clearly there's a health risk dependence it so i'm asking for a ban against it. >> skin rashes and other diseases which the research confirms. >> translator: we have found that there are a huge connection between the use of these chemicals and skin diseases. >> translator: if coca is cut
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down and cut in three months it regrows. >> farmers have tried the alternative. as part of a government funded substitution program they switch to peppers and cocoa but it wasn't enough. carlos ortega is one of them. he says making the switch was difficult and expensive but it paid. until last october when his field was sprayed again. hundreds of farmers who have stopped growing coca have seen their legal crops destroyed again by the indiscriminate use of aerial fumigation. >> translator: why did we get hit? how can you blame somebody going back to growing coca?
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>> if fumigation is scrapped, the government says it will force eradication and interdiction of coca rings. ending fumigation is a fundamental first step but unless the government develops real alternatives, many farmers will use coca as their crop. blocking a highway in the city of viacha, the building of a road to connect viacha has been delayed. stop traffic for a second there. the farmers say they won't give up control of the road until demands are met. india's prime minister has arrived on the first leg of a three-nation visit.
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it's narendra modi's first visit to china visited the terra cotta fields. benjamin huskovitz says despite their economic differences the border dispute. >> over the next few days between xi jinping and narendra modi is going to be a bit of a jekyll and hyde event. chinese communist party term, they share interest here but when it comes to the strategic political side of things it's very much a matter of clark interests. india needs massive amounts of
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investment in infrastructure. they need in excess of $130 billion u.s. in remodeling its transportation infrastructure. japan and philippines has quite historically poor relation with india. this is an area in which india sees is its strategic backyard, there's a huge amount of strategic distrust despite there's a lot of economic upside. >> movies and money are mixing in the south of france.
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the cannes film festival has begun. charlie angela is there. >> flash bulbs film stars and festival magic. this is what cannes does best. as this year's jury, the khan brothers line up on the red carpet. tonight it will be a gritty french drama. directed by emanuel bercos, standing tall is the story of a troubled boy. first female to open the festival. >> the fact that i'm a woman
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the spot given to a man rather than a woman. >> the olympics of the film world. >> iforts also ourit's also our mission and duty to put films on the map of the world, films which are much more involved in terms of political content or social con10th. content. we have that too. >> this is about celebrating the big screen. but there's a crossover between cinema and internet. >> on film producers and distributors minds. netflix and move to digital and the way people are consuming content at this point. the networks are worried about that. >> all eyes are on what's
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happening here but it's what plays night its cinemas that teld us the most about what we experience today charlie angela, al jazeera. >> from the glamorous to the not so glaj glam russ, you can find all that on our website >> i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight, dangerously close. a speeding amtrak train packed with passengers crashes just yards from cars used to carry oil. how close did it become to being far far worse? long before this show i had planned tonight to expose the dangers that soaring oil by rail traffic poses to america's cities. we planned to profile one of