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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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[ gunfire ] gunfire in burundi's capital following the army's announcement that it has overthrown the president. >> hello, you're watching al jazeera, i'm jane dutton. rescuers stop searches for victims in a factory fire that killed nearly 213 in the philippines. >> i'm here in kathmandu, where after the earthquake buildings like this are a threat to those living around them
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and two popular nations live in china in a bid to produce relations. we begin in bur undy where an attempted coup has caused fighting in the capital bujumbura. heavy gunfire has been held all around the capital. independent media outlets have been targeted. the head of the army said the coupe failed and forces loyal to president pierre nkurunziza is in control. burundi's president tried to return home from tanzania, where he was attending a summit, but was not allowed to hand. let's get the latest from malcolm webb.
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. >> we heard gun fire and grenades. seems the fighting was between soldiers loyal to the coup and soldiers or fighters loyal to president pierre nkurunziza. and rejects the coup leaders attempt to take over. that fighting has been in different parts of the city, but we understand the coup leader controls the airports, and the land borders are closed. president pierre nkurunziza wants to come back, he says he's the legitimate supporters. as long as the soldiers control the airports and borders, it will be give for him to do that nine have been killed in fighting in north-east nigeria, boko haram launched app attack in maiduguri on wednesday, and the clashes broke out when nigeria troops tried to push them back. the army imposed a curfew in the area. saudi arabia says houthi rebels
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violated a ceasefire 12 times since tuesday. there are reports of fighting in tiaz. the houthis say the saudi-led coalition carried out one air strike and shelled rebels by the sea. the kingdom says it remains committed to the truce. >> in senegal the government planned a protest by the opposition against the deployment of senegalese soldiers to saudi arabia. in support of the saudi-led military operations in yemen. we have this report from dhaka. >> reporter: just hours about before the pro test organizers received a call from authorities, the march banned, because it would demoralize senegalese troops getting ready for deployment to saudi arabia. for this person it's a clear attempt by the government to muzzle those that oppose the move. >> that is all an excuse. soldiers have enough experience not to be demoralized by a
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march. reality is the government nose the decision is unpopular. public opinion is divided. over sending 1200 troops to the saudi border with yemen. it was an executive decision by the end of state. there was no debate. there was no vote in parliament. the government sought support from religious leaders. the announcement was made weeks they were there to raise funds for the 23 billion plan to turn the country into a middle income economy. critic belief it's no coincidence, arguing the deployment of troops is in exchange for the ambitious and political plan of the president. >> reporter: only a handful of countries support the intervention. senegal is the first to offer troops on the ground. the government says it's stopping to a cry for help from a fellow muslim government.
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a confidential document shows saudi arabia pledging for hundreds of millions in funds for much-needed agriculture, transport and infrastructure projects we asked the minister if there were deals on the table. despite repeated requests for an interview, he would not answer questions or comments. no date yet on when the deployment would take place. this ignited an unprecedented public debate. despite the ban, more protests are planned in days to come. eight hezbollah fighters have been killed in fighting with the syrian opposition. it happened in syria's calais moon mountain range near the border. syrian government troops started offensives against the al nusra front, and i.s.i.l. fighters in kowloon at the beginning of the front. we have more from beirut. >> there is fighting and sporadic clashes in qalamoun
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mount mains where the government announced it made gains the day before it's where sides get goods in and out. and where they are sent reinforcements. it's key to prect the capital damascus. we know that rebels are in that area. they are from a coalition of rebel groups in the area. they are now relying on hit and run tactics. the death toll for hezbollah over the last two weeks of fighting stands at 25 at least fighters killed in the fighting. now separately and in another development in the capital, beirut, a military court sentenced a former minister to 4.5 years in prison. he was caught trying to bring weapons from syria into lebanon. he was accused of trying to carry out bombings and assassinations to destabilize
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lebanon. and cooperating with the syrian intelligence. that verdict is seen by the anti-syrian camp as lenient. one political member of the biggest parliamentary bloc in lebanon, the march 14th, said the verdict was a farce. >> police in baghdad said a shia group set fire to a center and the blaze then spread to houses. it follows reports that some were targeted with gunfire. zeina khodr reports from the iraqi capital. >> reporter: the overnight violence in baghdad was sectarian in nature. it happened in a mainly sunni neighbourhood in the iraqi capital. shia pilgrims seen in the amateur video gathered outside an office run by sunni religious authorities. they set the building on fire,
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while chanting religious slogans. according to police sources, they were reacting to rumours. that a suicide bombers planned to target the worshippers. the pilgrims were in a neighbouring district to commemorate the death of a shia imam. iraqi forces say the situation is now under control. police have been deployed in the area. ch have orders to prevent violence and protect civilians. it's not clear if it's enough it allay the fears of sunnis. the prime minister blamed what he called terrorists for spreading rumours and instigating the violence. haider al-abadi visited the district and met sunni religious figures and held talks with shia ministers. the prime minister is trying to ease sectarian centers. >> we avoided the civil strife.
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there are a few people that are trying to play with the minds of the iraqi people. the iraqis are aware. they are working for the future of our country. >> over recent days, there was numerous car bombings targetting the pilgrims, gathering in baghdad. many sunnis in the capital fear they will be punished. the pilgrimage ends on thursday, the violence is not expected to end. politicians are warning that the military achievements against the islamic state of iraq and levant has not been accompanied by political reconciliation. . >> this is the onlying. even if we win the war, and get the place back, and we maintain the sectarian environment, then i am sure that things will blow up in the future.
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probably in a more ugly way than it is now. authorities are trying to portray the violence as an is isolated implement. this is a country at war, not just against i.s.i.l., but communities have not made piece with each other a taliban attack on a hotel in the afghan capital ended with 14 people killed. nine foreigners and five afghans were among the dead. but 54 people managed to escape after a 5-hour long siege. jennifer glass... can we bring a gun to enter. >> translation: there was a party at the hotel. i saw the attackers sitting at the first table. i was worried. i had not seen this guest
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before. he dragged out his gun and fired on foreign guests. there were 12 guests in the restaurant. he shot everyone we can bring in jennifer glass, live for us in kabul. sounds horrifying and a lot of unanswered questions. >> that's right, paramount among them is how the attackers got into the hotel with so many guns and ammunition. the eyewitnesss told us the one attacker they saw had a pistol and six magazines. it's heavily fortified hotel in the center of town with three gates with guards on each gate. an eyewitness thinks that there may have been somebody inside that police are looking into as well. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack saying they targeted the guest house because it was home to foreigners including americans, and they were partying there. they wanted to show that they could attack them anywhere
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there was nowhere they could hide. an audacious attack in a safe part of kabul, a block from the united nations compound, not far from a foreign-run hospital. hundreds of police and security forces were on the scene all night. >> what does it say about the status of the security forces? >> well i think it shows the kind of challenges that they are up against. this bold attack and some eyewitnesss claim it took more than two hours to go in. someone familiar with the hotel said it was because the hotel is security, a lot of force had to go carefully. a lot of questions will be asked how 14 people were kid in what was considered a safe part of the city. not only guests overnight.
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a party to conferences and a concert attended by afghan officials and civilians and foreigners. >> thank you for that still ahead - heading to where they are not wanted. rohingya asylum seekers make the dangerous journey to malaysia and indonesia.
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hello again, the top stories on al jazeera. heavy fighting erupted in burundi's map tall bujumbura --
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capital bujumbura houthis rebels says saudi-led forces carried out an air strike. saudi-led say houthis violated the ceasefire 12 times. a blaze spread to 30 houses. shi'a worshippers were passing through the neighbourhood and set fire to a sunni office. rescue workers are looking for those trapped in a factory fire. 72 are dead. 300 are inside at the time. some are missing. we go to the scene. >> reporter: this was a deadly fighters. it engulfed most of the factory.
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this man is desperate for aernings his children and grand-daughter worked in the factory. he went inside and had a look. the chance that they survived are slim. >> translation: the only thing left are burnt bones skulls - they melted aopening with the metal. see the windows. even cats will not be able to escape, what's more my children. i want to know what happened. how do i find what is left of them. >> translation: we heard a big explosions, everything went black. in a few seconds, those on the second floor, it was impossible for them to survive. >> like many other plants in the north-west of manila this factory manufactures products for the high-end market. expensive sandals by workers making less than $3 a day. most are labourers with no medical benefits or job security. families are waiting for news about the loved ones.
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the situation has never been more confusing. local government cannot confirm whether security and safety has been followed by the owner. it's been unable to confirm the number of workers. the death toll is rising. >> translation: right now, we assist the families, providing what they need. we asked for help from the manila government and the police to help identify the bodies. >> reporter: the president's orders are clear. conduct a thorough investigation and hold those responsible accountable. for those grieving they may not be able to get closure. it's too late. their loved ones paid the ultimate price. there has been a surge in
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asylum seekers from bangladesh and myanmar to indonesia and malaysia. it's followed a crackdown in thailand. a major destination for the people smuggling expert. malaysians detained more than 1,000 rohingya migrants. many children. days earlier hundreds off the coast were rescued. we are joint from an asylum we are sent this update. >> the story of the hundreds of rohingya asylum seekers stranded here are horrifying. they tell us they spent 2-3 months on a boat trying to zap, trying to go to malaysia and basically they were left at sea to die. the people here managed to get to shore, they were close to the land and helped by locals. many other boats, at least four others that they know of are out there. the u.n.h.c.r. said there's
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thousands of others at sea, and they make a strong plea for the countries here in the region - indonesia and malaysia particularly, to go there, find them and try to rescue them before it's too late and they say time is running out quickly the death toll in nepal from the aftershock rose to 110, happening three weeks an a quake killed 8,000. the disaster left buildings in kathmandu too dangerous for people to go inside. >> even after the earthquake, kathmandu looks serene. when you look closer, the cracks appear. this large apartment complex was evacuated during the earthquake. it's a threat to those lie in -- living in the shadow.
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>> very dangerous sound. sounds like irritable sounds. >> reporter: this man and his family lived here for 30 years. the building, he says, is more frightening than the earthquake. >> it swings, like tree. i am scared with this, maybe wind is fall down. >> reporter: next door the local butcher says he was too afraid to reopen for business following the earthquake. after three weeks with no income, he had no choice. >> translation: we are really worried, because the building may fall down on us. we have no choice. >> these people fear another aftershock could bring all this crashing down. up the road, chipping away at the long list of damaged buildings, municipal engineering teams carry out spot inspections. there is a lot of bad news.
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>> i recommend this is an unsafe cbuilding. >> there is good news for some. building inspectors say it's okay here. for those whose homes are safe, the risk remains. this building is not just a menacing reminder of the earthquake, it's a disaster. if it were to collapse, it could devastate the entire neighbourhood. the apartment complex has been declared off limits. neighbours say it shouldn't have been built in the first place, alleging that city officials were bribed. while corruption in the construction industry is an open secret the city's chief engineer told al jazeera, there's no proof, but the high-rise building, in ruins, represents a threat to the surrounding community, and says the government is too busy to address the problem. homes around are abandoned. this man says the stress is too much for him and his family, forcing him to leave his childhood home. for now, with uncertainty
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looming over their heads, they can do little else but move on with their lives. india's prime minister arrived in china in the first leg of a 3-nation visit. hs narendra modi's fifth visit to china, he touched down in xi jinping's home town. india and china are expected to cement economic ties by signing multibillion trade and investment deals. a former advisor to india's ministry of finance told al jazeera despite political differences there's a lot of optimism about the chances of increased economic cop race. -- cooperation. >> india needs chinese investments to kick start
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infrastructure programs. narendra modi would be talking about it invest in india. particularly to offset the huge trade deficit every year. india would be looking for chinese invests to ex port out of india, to bridge that gap. the second biggest partner is the united states, a country with whom it is in open competition all over the world. so not bad political relationships never came in the way of good... in columbia a key strategy of the u.s. war on drugs may be on the way out. the national drugs agency is set to decide whether to ban a controversial herbicide used to destroy coke ka fields. farmers complain about the effects on their crops.
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since the 1990s, crop dusters have been spraying chemicals on fields throughout columbia, it's been a centrepiece of the u.s.-funded effort to curb the country's production of cocaine. after 20 years and billions of dollars, columbia is ready for an about-face. >> we are the only country in the world using fumigation against illicit crops. studies shows there's a heath risk. i'm asking the national drug council to suspend fumigation. >> reporter: saying that it caused skin rashes and diseases which researchers confirmed. >> translation: we demonstrated that there was a strong statistical correlation between those fumigation campaigns and illnesses. >> reporter: for those trying to make a living, the chemical made a limited effect on the targets. >> if coca is sprayed you cut it down, four months later it regrows.
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legal crops instead are gone for good. fumigating is counterproductive. there's other ways to negotiate alternatives to coca here in this village farmers tried the alternative. as part of a government-funded substitution programme they switched to peppers and cocoa. it was not enough. this is one of them. he said making the switch was difficult and expensive. it paid until last october when the field was sprayed again. >> hundreds of farmers have stopped growing coca have seen their legal crops destroyed this year by the indiscriminate use of fumigation. >> translation: we feel stabbed in the back. after the sacrifices why did we get hit.
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how can you blame somebody going back to growing coca? >> if fumigation is scrapped the government will focus on alternative methods such as force manual eradication, and promises to step up cocaine trafficking rings the farmers feel that ending fumigation is a fundamental first step. unless the government provides real development in the regions, many will continue to seek cocoa as the best option . >> most people can only dream of having a garden in the sky. it's under a law improved at cutting energy. it's a new law aimed at improving air quality and cutting energy. emma haywood with more from paris. >> reporter: cecil tends to a little piece of green paradise. green space is at a premium, and this garden is on top of a shopping center on the isle
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are -- not far from the isle tower -- eiffel tower. >> translation: there's no space in paris to grow things. roofs off an interesting area. it's part of the debate in global warming. >> reporter: in some parts of paris, tarmac and tiles are replaced by soil. under a new law roofs on commercial buildings will have to be partially green. the whole idea behind this is not just to make everything look that bit nicer, it's to improve biodiversity and air quality too. pollution can be a problem in paris. the smog sometimes forces the authorities to ban half the cars from coming into the city. green roofs are sold as one fairly inexpensive solution. >> translation: green roofs are important to develop. they improve the quality of life. in paris we don't have much green space compared to other capitals.
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it's interesting for biodiversity and there's an impact on pollution. some parts capture dust and heavy metals. >> reporter: some believe the green roof law could and should have gone further. >> the fine particles are no way absorbed by a few green roofs on a few commercial buildings in industrial zones. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: as with new seeds that are sown, it may be some seasons before the full results of the new law are known auction house christie's sold a billion dollars worth of art in three days. this painting called "afternoon" by joan mitchell went for $5.8 million. andy warhol's 1963 silk screen on canvas was sold for
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$66.2 million, and selling for a whopping 179.4 million with version o of pablo picasso's painting. the price is the highest on record for a work of art sold at auction. not that much art, but a lot of news on the website. the address >> investigators focus on speed and the man at the throttle as they try to figure out what caused an amtrak train to derail in philadelphia. >> fighting for control in brandy after a failed coup to remove the president. >> president obama will have to convince middle east ally to say support his deal with iran during a meeting with gulf leaders at camp david today.