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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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barack obama reassures allies over the nuclear deal at the camp david summit. watching al jazeera, live from london. also in the next 30 minutes. gunfire and explosions in the capitol is fighting amido confusion over who is in charge. decide whether to end the u.s. backed spray of illegal crops.
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and the most eyes on the women this year, but after the right reasons we will have the latest from the industries most prestigious film festival. between gulf leaders and the substitute president, in maryland, saudi arabia, kuwait the united arab emirates are all out for camp david, even though kuwait have sent the heads of state. the white house confirmed that it has received request from it's partners from helping developing the defense capabilities. we are really looking at what we can do to expedite the provision of support and capacity building to the
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g.c.c. in areas like the missile defense, and maritime security, special operations, counter terrorism capacity, border security -- these are the types of capabilities that i think are directly relevant to the threats across the region. not just destabilizing activities but also terrorist groups like isil. >> let's go to allen fisher who is at the summit, in maryland, if one can measure any progress, any success by either side, measurements here, how would we do that. >> i think the g.c.c. have managed to get some of the things that they wanted, remember just a few days ago were saying they wanted something in writing on paper, from the americans almost a treaty that would come to the aid and that has been dismissed by the deputy national security advisor.
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what they have come one a shopping list. busiest shipping lanes in the world, anti-terror operations working with the g.c.c. countries and also border security, all of these things are important all within the gift of the white house. but there will be increased cooperation, this is to try and soothe concerns that the g.c.c. has that america is getting much closer to iran, ben roads in a briefing just more than an hour ago essentially saying look, iran is important, we need to get the nuclear deal, but that said, it is not a grand plan,
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it is just getting the nuclear program. >> in term of helping with the defense capability, we really are on your sign, and the white house saying yeah, we would consider giving our gulf allies nonmember nato status, which basically says we are watching your backs guys. >> it does open up all sorts of dip lo t maic and military. of the nations that described as nonaustralia is a non -- and get a great deal of cooperation, from the united states so this would widen
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that scope. steal has a competitive advantage against those that would seek to do it harm. and dream would consider gulf countries among those that may be possible enemies. even though ironically, the question of a deal with iran, they share many concerns that israel has as well. it was a gamble to call this summit he knew that a few people might snub it . >> the end of the summit, razoo sign that the g.c.c. is moving more towards his point of view, when it comes to
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dealing with iran. >> i think we are expecting to hear from the president in the next couple of hours and as allen was mentioning, about maritime security iranian boats have been involved in the stand off in the gulf, they reportedly fired warning shots over a singapore flag cargo in international waters there. and aided it into the port last month iran intercept add martial islands strait and forced it into iranian waters again firing shots across it's bow. >> yemen's government in saudi arabia, speaking to al jazeera yemen's foreign minister accused iran once again of backing the houthis rebels. >> we decided -- in order to have more communication with
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them. regarding the substitution between iran. >> they violated the cease fire 12 times since it started on tuesday, be uh the senior houthis leader told lebanese television that his group was committed to the humanitarian truce, from the saudi capitol. these rah the streets of yemen's capitol. there's a cease fire in place. and an opportunity for yemenis to have been confined to their homes for weeks to go out and buy food. >> thank god for the truth
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we hope all those can return and we hope they will extend the truce, and that people will move quickly to provide food and fuel aening mo other things. >> the united nations specific envoy to yemen has wrapped up his first visit to the country since he was appointed facing the delicate task of urging all sides to stop fighting. across the border here, the government has set up an agency to distribute aid across the country. but it is a government that has almost no power on the ground. he says political talks are the only chance to avoided an all out civil war. >> now that we are in a truce of sorts we hope that eventually we talk. because political discourse is what they are looking for.
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but that means that the houthis have to surrender at least their heavy arms they have to allow the government to do it's job and to refrain from taking action against humanity. >> yemen's government is led by president and vice president bahar. they were forced out of power when the houthis took over the capitol. the government is hoping to return as soon as fighting comes to an end. they say the president should face trial. >> there has been systemic crimes against humanity, committed be i the houthis. and organized armed units intentionally targeted civilians in adan, refugees threing their homes and boats, it is a crime. >> reconciliation may be a long way weeks of fighting have deepens the divide between the factions. >> yemen's main political
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factions are expected to meet here to form a new alliance, and forces loyal to former president. they hope to build new support that is likely to run the country in the near future. >> different rival factions in the central african country now fighting for control of different strategic sites around the capitol. at least one soldier has been kill sod far, we understand, all this a day after an army general said he had managed to overthrow the president. the armies divided between supporters of the president on one hand, and this man he
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was the intelligence chief and then he was fired. that was it, time up for him now the coupe followed week of protests. following the announcement that he planned to run for a third term saying that his candidacy violates the constitution, and the peace deal that ended a terrible civil war. but the u.s. says it is still considered him to be the unand's leader the sownes of gunfire, in the capitol. the streets are deserted during a lull in the fighting some residents seized the opportunity to run for safety. trying to escape the violence. similar scenes play out in other parts of the city. as rival groups of soldiers fight for control.
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weeks of protests have now turned to gun battles. he is out of the country but on thursday took to twitter urging those to remain calm in face of the circus. there's been fighting around the state media compound. the violence has drawn international concern. >> urgently called on all parties to exercise calm and restraint, he reminds all leaders of the need to preserve peace and stability in a country that has suffered so grievously. and the head of the army says the attempted overthrow has failed but it is still not clear if this attempted tune has been successful or not. malcolm web, al jazeera. >> fascinating in the light of that to see that the reuters news agency is saying that the president's return
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after an attempted return to his country, this is according to a phone message from the presidency. so perhaps his office has called reuters to say that he is back in the country we will see about that and the u.n. says it wants to see a return from the rule of law the security council briefed earlier in the day. >> the members of the security cancel. and those that seek to cease fire. they called on all parties not to resort to violence, and to prioritize peace and security. the members called for the swift return to the rule of law, and a holding of credibility elections in the spirit of the agreements. reiterated the full support to the efforts of the united nations, special envoy the african union and east
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african community. the members of the security council expressing their intent to respond to threatening peace and security. >> at least 38 people are said to have been killed more than 50 hurt in a number of attacked in iraq's an bar province. the baghdaddy town fighters mounted surprise attacks on a number of locations in the town, that is to the east of falujjah, a series of car bombs targeted the military and shia militia there. at least nine government troops were killed when the roadside bomb went off there's also been fighting in the mountain range near remember noll. here -- in beirut, in lebanon although offensive and making gains rebels are pushing to control the town. it is the last major town
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under the government's control in the province in northern syria. these men the coalition which includes a front fighters who are allied to al quaida. they took over the city over a month ago, and have made gains into the entire province. >> we need to get and target the military. >> the province is importance. securing it means the rebels have the gate way to the coast, the president's power base. but on another equally important front, the syrian army is declaring achievements in the mountains range. state television says forces and fighters havic thatten the strategic mountain top and other areas.
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hezbollah has deployed thousands of fighters to secure the mountains but despite the gains they have made so far the fight is not over. in the rugged terrain and hezbollah has already payed the heavy price. >> funeral presessions like this have become common. since it started two weeks ago. isil says it took the town in eastern, it has one of the main gas supplying stations or reservoirs and it is close to the main electric grid. government jets hit it for a second day target add number of areas in the south and the southwest of aleppo, the targeting were a marketplace and a school. activists say several people were killed many of them women and children.
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bay root. >> syria army also taken on fighters closing in on the ancient city. it's home to a world heritage site. syria's antic witties chief says if it forced isil lit be destroyed. demolition men in this case, attacking the ancient city near mosul in iraq. city to come, delay in the swearing in of israel's new government. there's a reason we will tell you.
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>> the people have been able to get out and find basic supplies as you can see after weeks of fighting.
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almost two months after winning the election, the prime minister has been presented the line-up of his ministers to parliament, some weren't happy with their portfolio. netanyahu raises a thin majority, and has just 61 seats in the 120 seat parliament, let's get and try to sort some of this out for us. it all look as bit different more ministers as i understand it, but the delay what is going on. >> welt if there is any question about how shaky the new government is, one only has to take a look at what is happening in israel's parliament.
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shouting at each other and at the prime minister. a number of lawmakers are removed from the parliament. now that delay was mentioned because some members that the own party were not happy with the portfolio. we are now at a point where the swearing in is eminent. again, as we have been saying how raucous this has been. a triumphant time, who has secured re-election has evolved into what the opposition leader has described as a circus. >> with big answers former defense minister says that doesn't want to be a part of it. likely to go what would it
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be. >> this government is the most right wing government that israel has seen in it's history. this government is made up of far right nationalist parties and far right religious parties. and that is the shape of this new government that mr. netanyahu has been able to put together, and as we have been saying he only has a wafer thin majority. which means he is going to be beholden to every faction within that coalition, in order to get any laws passed. and many political analysts here in israel really don't see this government surviving very long.
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the gold miners are missing after a flood in northwest columbia. it could take days. not sure what caused the flood, everything will be done to help the victims. the recommended ending the practice of spraying toxic chemicals over coco fields. the method was previously favored but farmers have complained that the controversial herb size is not only ruin their crops but their health. since the 1990s crop have been spraying toxics chemicals throughout columbia. the herbicide has been a center piece of the effort to curb the country's production of campaign, but after 20 years and billions of dollars columbia seems ready for an about face. >> we are the only country in
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the world that keeps using fumigation against crops new studies show clearly that there's a health risk, so i am asking them to suspend it. >> it causes skin rashes and other diseases which research has confirmed. there is a strong -- and those illnesses. for those trying to make a living the chemical has also had a limited effect on the target the coco is sprayed you cut it down and four months later it regrows legal crops instead are gone for good. fumigating is counter productive, there are other ways. >> here in the village farmers have tried the alternative. as part of a government funded substitution program they switch to peppers and coco but it wasn't enough.
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>> one of them he says making the switch was difficult and expensive. but it pays until last october, when his field was sprayed again. hundreds of farmer whose have stopped growing coco have seen their legal p cos destroyed by indiscriminate use of aerial fumigation, and feel they have been betrayed by the government. after aural of the devices why did we get hit how can you blame somebody. the government says lit focus on alternative methods such as force manual eradication and promised to step up intradiction. the field at ended fumigation is a fundamental first step, but unless the government provides real development in the ren joes many will
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continue to seek coco as their best option. have been brought ashore in sicily, the rescue vessel the british ship adopted catania those migrants were rescued on wednesday off the coast of libya. >> the 68 canes festival, have the next 12 days but the industry still dominated by men. and women who make movies. the women showcasing their film at the most prestigious festival. >> on the red carpet, it looks like they dominate this festival while they command attention, when they get question hind it they aren't so celebrated. only five of the 33 films in this festival line-up
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directed by women. about a nurse trying to precure a heart for her patient. in iran's a drama about a women going through a device. only 9% of the films in competition were filmed by females. mindle of the criticism cannes is trying to shine a light. and her daughter is here talking about the roll of women in the industry. >> it is a cultural thing so it needs to change culturally all together, all of us the hardest venue is to integrate with my professional life. >> the french new movement, and the show piece the festival is proud to open with this feature directed by a female. the first time in 28 years
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but that is not up for a prize. >> so ask why they must make their voices heard. >> after from the -- from the men, and we are doing movies with what we are so it's different. and it's better. [laughter] >> that question of female perspective also consumes alyssa silver steen, who campaigns for equality. >> why are our stories not seen as universal, where the male perspective is? we make up half the world, our experiences is just as valid, yet last year only 12 of the top 100 film had a female protagonistic. >> on the red carpet, it is all about what the women are wearing off it it is about what the women want. there are discussions about
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inequality, sekism, and the widening pay gap. at the same time, the american civil union is demanding an investigation into the practices let's hope this has a hollywood ending. you will find that all the global headlines are there for now the headline stories. now tens of thousand of rohingya are housed in primitive camps under government armed guard while others have tried to flee