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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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♪ not welcome, a boat full of migrants is strapped stranded off of the coast of thailand with no country willing to take them in. i am jane dutton. you are watching al jazeera. three generals are arrested in burundi and the president says he is back in the country after a failed coup attempt. u.s. president promises iron-clad commitment to leaders of the gulf corporation council amid concerns about a proposed iran nuclear deal. ♪ let the good times roll".
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>>ai an award winning musician bb king has died. southeast asian governments are turning away boats carrying hundreds of asylum seekers. more than 1600 migrants, both rohingya and bangladeshis have landed in malasia and indonesia since sunday. some others haven't been as lucky and are forced back into international waters. the thai navy has been dropping food parcels to intoets carrying hundreds of migrants but pushed them away from thighailand's southern coast. they have rescued 800 rohingya migrants after their boat had been turned back. those on board say at least 100 people have died while fighting for food and water. rights groups are calling for an urgent rescue of thousands of
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migrants stranded on trafficers boats in the region. with the rescued migrants in indiana he's i can't's aceh sent us this update. these people have been at sea for three months. they are exhausted and many are very, very ill-like this man over here like this man over here. a big riot has happened at sea on the boat after they were rejenthd by the indonesian navy at first and by the malaysian navy. there was a riot about food. those on the same boat for three months together. you can see they had injuries with knives and, also they are telling me hammers were being used and, also both groups the bangladeshis here and the rohingya here are telling me over 100 people very many been killed and nobody can confirm these figures, but that's what they are telling me right now
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the fishermen who managed to go rescue them are now being questioned by police because the navy said we are not going to accept these boats and the fisherman. the authorities are helping these people to get well to get treatment and the international organizations, the unhr and iun have yet to arrive here at the scene. >> the migrant crackdown started following the discovery of dozens of bodies in trafficking camps in the thai jungerle. this update from bangkok. >> in a dramatic operation conducted by the royal thai navy they dropped food parcels and fuel to help a boat full of 300 or so migrants from bangladesh and western myanmar identified on a boat drifting towards thai waters. it looked like humanitarian assistance in the sense that the
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food was being dropped off at the same time, the royal thai navy denied the boat the ability to land on it. hai territory and hauled them back out to international waters. this is a short-term solution. what the thai authorities want to do is show it is serious about cracking down on human trafficking because it wants to improve its record. it's been categorized in the bottom most tier when it comes to the trafficking in persons report that the is issued by the united states every year. what's happening to the actual people involved is that they are stuck out at sea, being pushed away not just by thailand but by malaysia and indonesia. a few people do manage to get past and land as we have heard in the proof ince here in thailand. today, about 100 people were able to land but they have no citizenship. they are stateless, and they are put in detention camps.
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once again, unable to live safe and free. >> peter sutherland is the united nations's special representative of the secretary general for international. he says overwhelming obligations is to protect lives. >> there is a legal obligation to save and protect asylum seekers. asylum seekers are people who are escaping purse cushion. in europe numerous asylum seekers, half of the people crossing the med trainian approximately are asylum seekers, not economic migrants. they are entitled under a 1951 convention as is the case in asia to be protected. those who are escaping from myanmar came also to be asylum seekers. in other words to be refugees. the argument did have been advanced in the media in many countries about migrants as if
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you are talking about one class of individuals, are illusory. they are wrong. we have to protect those who are being persecuted. above all, they are entitled to asylum. >> three generals who try to launch a coup against the president have reportedly been arrested. it happened after crew members admitted that the takeover attempt had failed. according to a presidential spokesman, the coup leader is still on the run. let's get the latest from malcolm web who joins us from the capitol. we are waiting on the president to talk. any idea when he is going to talk or when he is at the moment? >> the speech was a scheduled add few hours ago. we don't know why it's delayed. the last we heard was the in the was in his hometown which is age hour or two drive outside the capitol. we don't know if he is going to come into the studios here with
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the national radio and t.v. to give this speech or if he will send a recorded message. i imagine that will depend to some extent to the security situation here. for now, it seems the government loyalists are in control. we vent heard much shooting today at all and then in a town in the central town key locations and roads are sealed off with government soldiers loyalist soldiers. >> any idea what's going to happen to the coup leaders who have been arrested? >> we have just seen a news item on the state's owning state-run t.v., some video of people being arrested that they said were with the coup leaders. they said they arrested all three of them or three of the senior army officers involved in one place. they said that they are going to face justice. a lot of the activists and opposition politicians who is supported the coup and have been organizings protocol test against the president,'s third
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presidential term in the last three weeks, a lot of them are now in fear. a lot have gone into hiding trying to leave the country. they are expecting the worst, a ruthless crackdown from the government now but the government says it's going to pursue justice. >> all right. thank you for that malcom. iran's nuclear program's top the agenda at the submit between gulf leaders and the u.s. president at camp david in maryland. barack obama reassured gulf nations that is a nuclear deal well iran is in their security interests. our white house correspondent, patty culhane has the report. >> this is only the second time the president has rolled out camp david for world leaders in an attempt to send the message to the gcc that they mater to the united states. his goal here to convince them a potential deal well iran over a nuclear program is al good i know this and that they don't need to worry. >> i am reaffirming our iron-clad commitment to the security of our gulf partners.
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as we have declared in our joint statement, the united states is prepared to work jointly with gcc member states to deter and confront an external threat to any gcc states. >> many of the countries have made it clear, they are more worried by lifting sanctions, iran will have more anyone support the groups its believed to be helping in yemen and syria. one of the president's top aides admits it's a possibility. >> we believe what we would expect to see is a prioritization of iran's economic situation with respect to safrnlingsdz. >> doesn't mean that there won't be some revenue that is used for iran's secure purposes. >> at the end of the meeting, the
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a deal. >> they are not specifying but they do is a it will help them build a missile defense shield. >> will it be enough? analyst thomas matair? >> i think they will probably go away with continuing doubts about the nuclear agreement and continuing doubts about what he is willing to do to help them face iranian-backed malitias on the ground in the arab world. >> thank you very much everybody. >> reporter: they promised to meet again next year to make sure these are not just words but that the promises made in this serene setting having been kept in the places that are
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anything but. patty culhane, al jazeera, camp david, maryland. >> yemen, as you can imagine, was also discussed at that summit. gulf leaders say they are committed to easing the humanitarian crisis, but the u.n. is warning that critical supplies are not reaching civilians and that
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hospitals could. >> they feel abandoned by the u.n. and aid agencies and have little food and water. they have also no money to pay for the journey back to somalia. >> most of the refugees say they are eager to go back to their towns and vilingsz in southern
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somali where they fled from initially due to the civil war. it's only those who don't have anywhere to go back to who will remain in this camp. aid agencies say there are plans to build a proper refugee camp to house yemenis seeking asize lum. the crisis in yemen has affected the trade with somalia. every year thousands of livestock are exported through burbura to the gulf states. at the port of burbur, the ports are idle. >> work has stopped. all yemeni ports are closed. we have been in burbura for the last two and a half months. we will only start working after the crisis is over. >> yemen is one of the poorest countries in the middle east. that's it has great straj e-mail i can importance for neighbors. they are realizing that the hard way. mohammed adow at the port city.
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before burbu are. a. >> victims humanitarian situation. walking towards freedom, child soldiers in central african repuckblic are released by malitias. many more are still enslaved. ♪
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you are watching the al jazeera. a reminder of top stories, fishermen in indonesia have rescued about 800 migrants.
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those on board the boat say at least 100 people died many reportedly while fighting for food and water. >> the thai navy has been dropping food parcels to boats carrying my grassed but pushed them away from thailand's southern coast. in burundi three generals who were reportedly behind the coup against the president has been arrested. it happened after coup members that the takeover attempt had failed. in iraq residents of ramadi are flying because the fighting between the army and the islamic state of iraq in the levant. activists say isil fighters are searching for anyone who helped the army fight against them. the iraqi government says the violence over the past month has desperates more than 100,000 people from ramadi district. isil has released an audio message urging muss let me see around the world fojoin his group. if confirmed, it would be the
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first message from bagdadi since reports of him being injured. more from washington, d.c. official across the u.s. government say they are award reports that the leader of isil apparently has recorded released a new audiotape about his vision to try to lead muslims around the world to follow him. however, officials are not able to say whether or not, in fact that it is the voice of baghdadi on this audiotape. the u.s. government does have extensive experience in analyzing and authenticating voices on audiotapes going back to the early 2000s when osama bin laden routinely released videos and awed yes, sir call okay people to join al-qaeda. however, officials across the government from here at the u.s. state department to the pentagon all say that in spite of
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numerous reports indicating that al-baghdadi might have been injured or killed in a coalition airstrike somewhere in iraq they say they have absolutely no evidence that anything of the sort happened so that then they are assuming that he is still very much alive. >> the syrian onzition raised ba talks being held. the political leadership in exile told the u.s. envoy that his attempts to include iran and other allies of bashar al assad will not be helpful for peace. many people continue to suffer from the wars. a report. >> for many syrian children this is the only way to find something to eat. some parents help them rummage through the garbage not far from the syrian capital, damascus. >> ohalid lives in the town and her kitchen has looked like this for months. she says she stulingz every day to feed her children.
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>> what can we do? we don't have fuel neither electricity, even food. we don't have did. >> not what you see on syrian state t.v. where it looks like everything is under control. in this segment, happy children are seen preparing for exams. there is no mention of the war that has killed more than 200,000 people and continues to add to the 12 million people who desperately need humanitarian assistance. activists say the conditions resemble those. some agreed with a truce in exchange for badly needed food aid rebels say it's the only source of food and soldiers control everything. the assad government has sporadically allowed the red cross to diskilled but feed. >> we pray every single minute for god to send us food to feed our little children.
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anything. even bread. >> in geneva there is another round of talks in which the u.n. envoy is trying to bring all sides to the table. the armed groups that controlled many parts of syria are not attending and insist president bashar al-assad cannot be part of any solution. those in exile are not happy over the iran. 157 child soldiers are being freed by armed groups in central african republic part of a u.n.-backed peace deal that is hoped to bring an end to more than two years of conflict.
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caroline malone reports. >> reporter: once fighters in the central african republic these children have now been released from the so-called anti-balika militia. the anti-balika and rival leaders signed a u.n.-brokered peace deal in the capitol last week. among the child soldiers a girl who joined three years ago when she was only 13 years old. >> i want to thank the people who took us and brought us here because we don't want to stay in the army. it's too hard. >> they are survived in remote areas where food was hard to get and many of them now just want to return home. >> i will give up child soldier work, go back to my neighborhood, buying and selling things and i don't need the army. >> unicef has been part of the mission to help release these child fighters. >> in the processes such as
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these children today, they will receive medical exagminationexaminations. they will be in the hands of social workers, trained professionals with skills in working with children who have been through traumatic experiences. >> groups have been fighting each other since march 20thed 13. thousands of people are being killed more than a million are being displaced trying to escape the violence. that's a harsh reality for anyone to live in. let alone a teenager. >> nobody forced me to go into the army. it's because of the problems we had in our country. that's why we joined the army. i also wanted peace. i want peace for the central african republic. >> there are more than 6,000 other children still working as soldiers sex slaves cooks or messengers. efforts are being made to release them all but for now the freedom of these children from the horrors of war is a
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cause for celebration. caroline malone al jazeera. >> the u.s. has announced it will host cuban officials on another round of talks on reestablishing diplomatic talks. washington, d.c. being closed for 50 years. brazil's health minister has confirmed the country is facing a dengue epidemic. nearly 746,000 people have fallen ill from the moveningito-borne virus in the first four months of the year. there is no cure and severe cases can be deadly. thousands of students are protesting against the government's education policies in several cities in chile. they want education to be free for everyone. in the capital santiago police used water canon and tear gas against the students. daniel schweinler reports. >> resumes between the chilean
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police and demonstrators who have been called for fundamental change to the educational testimony. santiago has seen several similar clashes. >> what we are demanding is that education be taken from the mun is palletties and come from the national government so that funding is done in a direct way. this will means we ensure the funding at the start of the year to guarantee that public free and quality education is also a reality. >> several demonstrators were arrested and many were injured after the police opened fire with tear gas and water canon. student groups have been saying for years that the majorities of pupils receive poor quality education while the wealthy elite and theirsend their children to expensive private schools. the president admitted earlier this week that education was one of the major issues her government has not tackled adequately. she ordered add radical cabinet reshuffle replacing nine ministers. but these protest say they have been waiting long enough for
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reform to the education system. they want to see action now. daniel excuse me schweimler. the first of two oil rigs has arrived in the u.s. city of seattle. the rigs belonged to royal dutch shell. they have been parked there can. protesters tried to block the rig as it entered the bay. they said drilling there could cause an ecological disaster. the army in nepal spotted the wreckage of a missing u.s. marine helicopter. around 400 nepal ease soldiers are being agreed. in the search t the helicopter with eight people disappeared after a second major earth quake. government officials in nepal are being forced to work in tents after those two massive earthquakes damaged buildings that housed several ministries. 110 people died this week, three
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weeks after the quake which killed more than 8,000 people. faiz jamil is in kathmandu. >> these tents are home to some of nepal's government. after the major earthquake the government was scram bing to respond but was able to operate out of some of their offices. after the major aftershock on may 12th, many ministers and government workers are afraid to go inside their own buildings. >> we have to face a lot of pressure from the people. the nepali people have to feel the government still exists. we will fix the buildings as soon as possible. >> the total action tent of the damage or whether or not it's even safe is unclear as damage assessment teams are busy throughout the capitol assessing people's homes and other buildings but with the monsoon rains fast approaching and the threat of more aftershocks still looming, many in nepal's bureaucracy are still wondering where the government will operate in the near future. >> blues legend bb king has died in his home in las vegas aged
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89. the he is credited with bringing blues into the mainstream. kim van ill reports. ♪ >> reporter: with his neutering fingers and resonant soulful voice -- ♪ the thrill is gone. >> bb king's sound is unmistakable. ♪ >> reporter: he began by playing on street corners near the plantation in the u.s. state of mississippi where he was born. ♪ everybody. >> reporter: and in a career spanning half a century rose to become the king of blues. ♪ let the get times roll. >> reporter: his name is synonymous with the genre, itself. >> i like to do what i am doing and would do it for nothing if somebody would pay my bills, but they are paying me for something i like to do anyway. >> king re-wrote the book of blues. ♪ complex string bands,
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inspiring thousands. for many his music became a sound track for the soul. >> bb king. that's his legacy. he's given us his life. he has given us the songs that we cried on, the songs that we have suffered through. he's understood our problems, our plights. >> the king always gave his trademark gibson guitars the same name lucille. the name comes from one of his early shows where two men got into a fight and accidentally started a fire. bb ran inside to save his guitar and later found out the scuffle was over a woman. >> woman's name was lucille. bb king had 15 grammys to his name and was in both the blues and rock and roll hall of fame. even sew, the king remains humble. >> i have never met at king before. so, i am a bit nervous, but also
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grateful. ♪ so give me 1... >> reporter: bb king died in his sleep. age 89. >> bye-bye bb king. if you want to find out any more about any of the stories, today, you can log on to our website, >> the wreckage of a u.s. military helicopter found in nepal after going missing with six marines onboard. >> federal investigators ask why an amtrak train sped up just before a crash in philadelphia. the questions they have for the train's engineer. ♪ remembering bb king, who grew up to