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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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the s us has said it has killed a isil leader, in syria. hello, this is al jazera, and i'm aid aid egypt ousted president, president morsi is sentenced to death for a prison break that happened four-years ago. iraq sends in reenforcements to take on isil forces in the city of ramadi, growing concerns in burundi about revenge attacks after the failed coup there.
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the u.s. says that its special forces have killed a senior isil leader,. is he is said to have been killed in the oil field in syria, he was reported to be in charge of oil and gas for the group. now, live, from washington dc. what more do we know. white house giving us more insight as to how this all unfolded. president barak obama, along with ash carter did order this strike that it was carried out. and, the elite delta force, this was ordered after a lost intense consultation with the national security team add viedzing the president and we're told that
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will decision to go in was unanimous, and this operation did, in fact lead to the death of abbott, and, as well, alongside that was the wife, and, as well as one hostage and we do know, that he is now at a u.s. military detention facility and we're not told what will be happening and, we do know in the case of the other woman who was detained we believe she is a young woman who was being held as a slave and we're told that she will be reunited with her family. what is the significance that american troops have been operating on the ground inside syria, was the syrian government consulted, and are we likely to see more operations like this? i think to say, this was the fact that these troops were present, boots on the ground would be taking this a step too far.
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this was a precision type operation and, one that we have seen, the first time being when we saw u.s. troops go in to rescue james foley. so i think we need to look at it and look at the significance, he was very high, within the isil organization in charge of oil and gas revenue and military operations and this is one of the reasons that the u.s. felt, when they the intelligence to go in and they were able to do that. and the u.s.' strongly underscoring this was done in consultation with the iraqi authorities and they did help. and also the u.s. is maintaining this was done in conjunction with u.s. as well as international law. many thanks. an egyp shants court has sentenced president morsi to death, and, that was a mass jail
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break. and they will decide whether to confirm that verdict. egypt's first elected president, president morsi is found guilty of breaking out of jail and sentenced to death. muslim brotherhood politically motivated and it said, it would be murder and they should stop it. president morsi was in prison and other threw my barrack, and he became the first elected president and just a year later he was overthrown by the chief of military who is now the president. he appeared in court the court sentenced 122 people, and many were given the death penalty including the leader of the
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muslim brotherhood. several palesstin nens were sentenced as well. mass constlikses and sentencing has been common, and human-rights group says, as many as 41,000 people have been jailed, short trials, and mass sentencing violates the rights. many have been convicted in mass trials without establishing individual guilt. in just two verdicts more than 1200 people were sentenced and most given the death penalty. the mass penalty and there are many legal grounds to refute the court itself is unconstitutional, and, many, many other things like this testimony given by the former chief of staff during the trial of former president my barrack
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and, the borders and breaking free the prisoner. he's referring to an elite recording, of the staff, in the league, on friday, and denies there were any border crossing. the government under morsi has been accused of hamas. and, he is due to rule on it by june the 2nd. the court verdict was handed down, a week after president my barrack was freed. and, they have seen the man free from jail. and an elected president sentenced had to death. let's get a review on this, he's the assistant professor
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from georgetown university. what do you make of this verdict. for many of us who have been watching egypt, this is just a continued attempt to try and see men a new political reality by reestablishing the system that was there in place taking out any kind of opposition that existed. from morsi and need kin of opposition through these kinds of ruling that don't convey any sense of justice or due process or procedure. does it matter. it doesn't matter, because i think that the message is getting through loud and clear western egypt, there's no room for any political dissent and it is sending a message whether they have the right to actually protest, the removal of first and only freely democratically
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history, and whether it is carried out,. turkey's president has condemned the verdict and other than that, very little international reaction to the sentence. what are we to make of that. what we have seen, ever since the coup took place that overthrew morsi there was some kind condemnation and never seen any action taken and flow of foreign aid and, weapons deal and, an an invest conference that took place and, they have relied on tens of billions of dollars, on international aid to try to continue to note a regime that is not very popular. and continues to maintain his authori terry enways. others were sentenced and some of them, in absentia, they
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were in prison in israel. palestinian, who have been dead since 2008, who were also sentenced to death today and we have seen respected academics and school lars and this idea of having an espea aage case is a tempt to try and confront all of the political enemyies of the regime. and we see it, with this trial in particular. good to talk about. many thanks. three judges have been shot dead by unidentified gunmen and three others were wounded. theythey were travel for a court hearing. there have been a number of attacks. and it is the first time that
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the judges have been attacked. iraq's government has sent extra soldiers to the city of ramadi and isil controls 90% of ramadi, the capital and elsewhere, the group carried out three suicide attacks and join the army, base. 25 people died in the attack. and dana reports. the iraqi military says it is fighting back in ramadi, it has released this video of what it says are aerial attacks. and the government has promised a tough response and also prom missing to recapture lost territory, and but on the ground there isn't much evidence that security forces are on the offensive. many say it will not be an easy fight unless there is a clear strategy. unless they are serious to do what they have to do.
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and we know everyone, that since one month isil starts to attack everyday. and the action of the government was very weak. on friday, isil's message was one of defiance, and fighters used all kinds of weapons and suicide car bombers, to combat t. the u.s., played down the significance of isil's gains and it says, the group is inflating the importance, and says that the would he what leagues strategy is work and there are those that disagree. we need to give the weapons to the tribes. they are able to defeat it, the government should approve the plan for the national guard and they can fight with the iraqi army. earlier this month the government said that hundreds from the province, would in and
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out fight alongside the security forces. and, the tribes were not among the men. they want to fight the battle alone and, they want the army to give them weapons. it was greatest challenge to u.s. forces and they lost a lot of men and they werable able to succeed after they received the support of the local population, a military solution failed, and leaders believe it will fail again if the lackky government doesn't bring the people toes side. until then, the human suffering is only getting worse with many people trying to escape, and for years there has been no peace between the many people say that restoring confidence and trust between them, should be part of any military strategy is isil is to be defeated. q.still to come, we'll take you
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to southeastern mexico, to find on the the truth of the killing of 22 people that surrendered to police. and plus, the start of a new season and once again, it's the specter of drugs, that is casting a long shadow.
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they have killed a senior
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leader and he's known as abbott and was reported to be in charge of oil and gas. a court is sentence he, former president morsi to death for a mass jail break during the resolution that toppled my barrack and the grand will have to condition firm it. iraq has sent extra soldiers to the city of ramadi, and, they have control of it, now despite a 5-day cease fire, the violence continues, and, the truce is due to come to an end and that's when leaders will meet in saudi arabia to try to bring about an end, and the hewitt won't be
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there. pro-government fighters, recaptured, in the city of time, but the hewitt are sending in reenforcements to surround the city a crucial link along the supply route to the south. all are tired the resist gence against the hewitt, they have a lot of support and everyone is supporting them. the houthis have expanded their teatory convince people to support them, isn't easy. these are demanding that the rebels leave their city. and this is where fighting could escalate that's because the province is the main source of oil and gas. soldiers and tribes men loyal to the president, are defending the city.
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we control this area. we are tightening the noose around the rebels. they are shelling us with heavy weapons. in five days the truce expires on sunday, and that's when some of yemen's main facts begin talks to solve the dries sis,. military commanders and political leaders. and, gulf countries are worried that the have i less than, could spread to their countries. this is the envoy to yemen for the council. his job is, to convince will them to agree for a political roadmap. they will support all the decision that the political leaders agree on. the agreements will be the basis for many future sentiments or
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talks. the houthis have refused to send anyone to the meeting. they say they'll only join talks in a country that isn't part of the coalition led by saudi arabia that attacked yemen for more than six weeks. the conference is expected to give the president a significant boost his supporters plan to reach a power shaving agreement that they insist is the only way to save yemen from civil war. an explosion has killed six people at a bus station witnesses say that a female sue what you had side bomber carried edded the attack. the they have defied it, a day after the president return haded. they have youd to couldn't their opposition because he plans to run for a third term.
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he has been there and here's his report. they are undeterred by the violence, and they couldn't, against the president and smith for a third term, many of these people cheered, when it happened, and, since it announced its failure, they want to carry on, until the president withdraws his bid to run in the election. they have closed down the radios because they want to kill us without people knowing. we won't stop until he accepts that he cannot run for a third term. the president has said, the process must stop, so the election can be peaceful, and he says, those involve, in the coup attempt would stand trial, the
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outcome seem to benefit the ruling party, and the supporters of the president, and the radios and t.v.'s are all off and, a take visits are going into hiding. but, still the protestors couldn't and this song they are seconding has become a very familiar sound. and the lyrics are it's time for change, it's time for change. in germany a train has crashed into a truck at a level crossing. two people have been killed and, 20 injured and it happened, and police and emergency services are at thescone. boss take ton marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev has been sentenced to death a jury took more than 14 hours. the only other option was life in prison.
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and, dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother had placed bombs. mexico will play more than $3 million to the rel if i was of criminal suspects that were killed by soldiers. the troops shot the suspects after they surrendered now more. the town is very deep enough in the mexican country side that few had heard of it before the killings. soldiers shot 22 people, and an authority praised their victory over organized crime. acted greatly and managed to rescue throw kidnapped people, and one soldier was injured, and killed the criminals. it became obvious, that the army wayne telling the whole
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truth. this is the warehouse where it took place and these are the blood spattered bullet holes that candidate something more took place here and, they were at close range and subsequent investigations found that the army lined up, and then executed twelve to 15 people here, after they laid down their weapons and, surrendered. now, the government said it will pay com .sation of over $3 million to be shared by the victim's families. etcetera the biggest payout since they were de ployed. since then, commans of human rights abuses and torture have mount he against them. they decided that the army and navy should do the job of the police and they haven't changed the soldier's situation. respect and understand that people have rights.
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more than 2,000 pump have asked to be part of the national victims register, looking for recognition, and compensation for human rights abuses. and many more cases go unnoticed. he lives across the road from the warehouse, where the killings took place. you'll only see the big cases, but there have been other shootouts in this region and they don't appear in the press and, they're forgotten. they don't have the same power. he was the only person we found who would talk to us. others said, speaking out risking retribution or argue niased crime. in this area, many people still don't know who they can trust.
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in columbia, six bodies have been recovered from an unlicensed gold mine, three days of a 15 works kers were trapped. now, why people risk their lives to work in such mines. since there are licensed gold mines, dozens of meanners have been working day and knight with the rescue teams to find their colleagues. they are guys that we worked with, not just this one day-in-and-day-out. and god knows it can be me. for these men small scale mining is a way of living. they entered as children and, have learned to try their luck with no safety procedures. informal mining is not necessarily illegal, but either operating on the frenches of law
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and, workers are always taking major risks and they say incidents are just part of the way things are. more than 99% of the gold produced in the country have some small operations. and anna has worked in almost all the means, her husband and children are also minors, and none of them have ever add formal contract. it's a hard and dangerous job, what else can we do? there's no other work here. most workers get 0% of the value of the gold they find and the rest goes to the honor. the government has started a cam pan to formalize the mines and, emprove safety and, many are skeptical that the government is acting in good faith. every so often the police
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come and, take our mondays, and all we're doing is working. and if they want united states to change, the need to put us in the conditions to do so. rush for gold stretches back centuries and, it is still a job with few winners, and many risking their life to just scrape by. the national track and field season is underway with the diamond league. but in a year of two major drug scandals athletics finds itself behind. it presents a big challenge who are vying to become president of the sport. it is back, and even with the crowds, at the season-opener, and, the impressive lineup, that included medal winners, the sport of
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athletics, is still two of the biggest doping scandals to hit it. last december, a germ minute television accused of government of funding a doping program and factored in 1917, and earlier this year,. the boston marathon winner was found doping. some fear that the nature of both the russian and kenyan cases, could put it, in the second field. speaking to al jazera, the current double olympic champion is still positive about his sport. it has improved quite a lot in terms of what it was before, and it's great to see what we're doing, for us, we do a one-hour slot no matter where you are you have to get in.
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as long as we can apply the same rules to what we do, it is changing a lot. issue will be one of the main challenges facing the gnaw presidents of the gov inning body. he's one of the two candidates. we must continue to educate to educate, athletes, and parents and, work very, very hard and tough, and everyone should understand that it's no excuse to anyone, it will be strong, and serious, to clean it up and not accept anything. it will take place in beijing. one man with high hopes, is american sprnger and he was a big fan of the performance on frifer, 9 p.74, the six quickest
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of all time wills. he has found guilty of doping twice. there's much more real news and sports. go to our wildfire. >> this is a show about science, by scientists. let's check out our team of hard core nerds. marita davison is a biologist specializing in evolution. tonight, f


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