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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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will. commanders launch a raid inside syria killing a senior commander. hello, you're watching al jazera from london, and also coming up, a egyptian court seeks the death penalty for president morsi and 100 others. on the ground and air they step up the fight against isil in the fight in ramadi.
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plus, fish and oil spills put the only species of penguin at the risk of extic. hello, thank you for joining us, the u.s. says its special forces have killed a senior isil leader, he is stowed have died. he was in charm of oil and gas and the raid was author rhode island boot president barak obama and car -- carried out. now, inlets go first to kimberly, because the white house released a statement and give ausidea about more detail they gave us about what happened. yeah, i can give you a sense of the background, about how this came b- in terms of
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ordering this operation. it was ordered by president barak obama and a team, that was unanimous, that this should take place and, united states was watching him for sometime and in fact, we are. even switched locations causing the u.s. to regroup, in terms of the operation. when it was ordered, it was ordered by ash carter and it was the elite delta force that swooped in and may have been some hand-to-hand combat to come took place and there may have been women and children, that were present and used as human shields and it was in that back and forth that he was killed. however there were two women that were captured, and detained and, his wife, and, we believe, very prominent and by her own right and also a young
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woman that may have been kept as a slave. and, they have targeted it, and we understand that, may have been complicit in keeping that woman and, we are told that she will be reunited with her family. give ausidea about what we know about how key he was, in the isil leadership. fairly prominep, he really is a household name, and he was very prominent, in terms of the oil and gas revenues and that gives ausindication of just how high he was and overseeing fans to the other operations. so he was highly in the command structure and i can tell you that this was something that took makes not only in consul tasting with iraqi authorities who we are told contributed in
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terms of some of the logistical contributions but what we do know is that the united states condicted this without the consent of syria something that they say was deliberate, and they see syria contributing to the rise of isil will and the u.s. is defending its actions and it was done in accord den with international law. kimberly with the latest. thank and now, let's go which route. we were just hearing, that the u.s. is saying this operation happened with iraq and, not with syria, is this a new tactic that we're seeing? itit is a new tactic, sending groups on the ground, to carry
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something out quick and they tried to release the hostage last year and, the operation failed and, it is very interesting because listens of since last year that's when they led it, and they always used fighter jets and now, they have been, the aim of the operation was to capture him and his wife. so there think is a new tactic. with regards to the full concept of the iraqi government, we know according to the americans also the force used an iraqi bases and i think it's near syria. it's interesting that they say they did not notify the syrian government, notifying
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iraq almost means the same thing. thank you will. we are getting reports that turkey's military has shot down a syrian aircraft, and activists that sent these photos showing the downed aircraft, and the craft just inside syria. and, the plane was shot down. the western side of syria and it is denying the report, saying a surveillance drone was brought down instead. to egypt where a court has sentenced president morsi to dead, and he was convict evidence killing and kidnapping
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policemen, and taking part in a mass jail break during the uprising which forced his predecessor from power. and, brother hood, and cleric who now lives elsewhere. it will be p in egypt to decide on the validity of the sentence. the case could be returned to the courts. egypts first elected president, morsi hard found to have broken out of jail and sentenced to death. muslim brotherhood caused the poor decision, and it says it would be murder and they should stop it. he was inprecia with other leaders, a few days after they began the movement, that overthrew my barrack and mors
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manufactures became first elected president and just a year later, he was overthrone, by as sis see who is now the president, and he appeared in court, and the court sentenced 122 people, and many were given the death penalty. 7 palestinians were sentenced as well. sentencing has become common as soon as the military take over, and the human-rights groups says, as many as 41,000 people have been jailed, and short trials and mat sentencing violates people's rights, and many have been tried in mass trials. more than 1200 people were sentenced and most given the death penalty.
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in this specific case, there are many legal grounds to refute the judiciary itself, is unconstitutional and also, many other things like this testimony given by the former chief of staff, during the trial of president my barrack and negated all the allegations about hamas and breaking free the prepareners. he is referring to an elite recording, by the chief of staff, and then denies there was any border crossing. government under morsi has been accused of terrorism. saturday's death snps, has been lee feared to the grand must lie and the court very ticket was hand dead down.
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and freed because he had already served time. in just over a week, they have seen a man free from jail, and an elected president sentenced had to death. well, he is head of the revolutionary council and he united several groups,that are opposed to it. the sentence is il lee jit mat. i think it's a travesty of justice, what we have seen today, and through courts of egypt since 2013 is the military regime executing its power to ensure that the democratic process, is killed once and for all. but about whatever seeing is the first freely and democratically president of egypt being sentenced to death and the
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international community being silent. this silence has very serious repercussions. and, there is no rule of law in egypt and as we all know, with the cases of the journal lets that were in prison, and others, we can't speak of a judicial system that is either independent or one that can pass laws besides or judgments that are not practical. and this is another trial that has no legitimacy. the 3 jumps have been killed by gunmen. three other judges were wound we had. they were traveling for a court hearing. there have been a series of attacks sense the overthrow of morsi and this is the first time judges have ben attacked. in the past few minuteseses
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we received reports that isil forces have withdrawn. extra soldiers there as it is almost completely under isil's hold sphwhvment now, the report. many iraqi military says it is fighting back and it released this video. the government has promised a tough response, and it is also prom massachusettsing to recapture lost territory and on the ground there isn't much evidence that security forces are on the offensive and many say it will not be an easy fight unless there is as clear strategy. they are serious to do what they have too since long team, we know everyone, since one month isis starts to attack,
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and the action of the government was very weak. on friday, isil's message was one of defiance and they used weapons and car bombers new york a complex attack, to penetrate it, the u.s., which leads the co what i guess will, play he had it down. it says the armed group is inflating the importance of the successes. and says that it is working and there are those who disagree. we need to give weapons on the tribes, and the they are able to defeat isil, and create the so-called national guard and, local people joining the security forces. they can fight with the iraqi army. earlier, the government said, they would in you fight alongside the security forces. but the tribes were not among
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the men. they want to fight the battle alone and, they want the army to give them weapons. it was the greatest challenge, when they were in iraq they lost a lot men they were only able to succeed after they received the support of the local population. and leaders believe it will fail again if the iraqi government doesn't bring the people to its side. until then the human suffering is only getting worse with many people trying to escape, there has been no peace. many people say that the restoring confidence between them should be part of any military strategy if isil is to be defeated. more to come, including
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yemen's cease fire, and, the fighting goes on. and, an uner san future for hundreds of mieg grants and we report from the center, where they're being treated.
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the iraqky government has sent forces to ramadi. the group is represented to be closing in on the syrian city heavy government shelling as fighters in areas of the outskirts. activists are reporting that both sides have sent reenforcements of the area. it would open the road to damascus. dozens of people have winkled in the souththern city in yemen and both sides ignoring the cease-fire, it is due to end on sunday, and they will meet, in saudi arabia is
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try and end the crisis is, but the houthis will not be there. pro-government fighters recaptured rounds, but the houthis are sending in reenforcements to say surround the city, along the supply routes the resistance against the hoot houthis and they have expanded over of the last few weeks, convince, people to support them isn't easy. these protestors are demanding that the rebels, leave their city. and this is where fighting could escalate. and that's because the province, is the main source of oil and
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gas. soldiers and tribes men loyal to the president, are defending the city. we control this area, we are tightening the noose around the rebels. they are shelling us with heavy weapons, despite the cease-fire. the truce expires on sunday and also when some of the main factions plan to have a summit. they include tribes men military commanders and, political leaders. both countries are worried that the vi violence could spread and, the job is to convince them to agree to a political roadmap and they will support all the decisions that the political
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leaders agree on, during the conference. and the agreements will be basis for any future settlements. the houthis have refused to send anyone to the meeting. they say they'll only join in a country that isn't part of the coalition led by saudi arabia that attacked yell men for more than six weeks. the conference is expected to give the president a significant boost they plan to reach a power sharing agreement. but they insist that's the only way to save yemen from civil war they couldn't and let's take a look at the humanitarian crisis, the u.n. estimates that more than 1,500 have been killed since the saudi arabia airstrikes. and about 40,000 have been
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forced to leave their homes and the u.n. says, they have help those in need but it is slow. works with the relief organization and he says restrictions on aid deliveries remain a challenge. it will be first is that ongoing conflict, and security situations and transportation, might refuse to send their tribes due to the insecurity of fuel. and air sea bases are still restricted. except for the five days here. and access to areas which has the most horrible complex and
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aden. five generals, have been arrested for plotting a failed coup, a total of 18 suspects have been taken to the high court. and 100 protestors defy it earlier. they vow to continue their opposition to the president's plan to run for a third term. ♪ ♪ these protestors are undeterred by the violence in the last few days. they're determined to continue against the president third term, and many people cheered when it happened, and announced its failure, they want to carry on until the president withdraws his bid to run in the election. they have closed down the radios because they want to kill
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us without people knowing. they can try to kill us out but we won't stop, until he accepts that he can't run for a third term. the president said, the protests must stop, and he said those involved in the coup attempt would stand trial. the outcome of the kowch benefit the ruling party, and the forces, and the radios, and are all lost and activists are planning on going into hiding. but, still the protestors couldn't, and the song that they're spg has become a very familiar sound, and the lyrics are, it's time for change, it's time for change. well, investigators in the u.s. say the amtrak train that crashed indeed philadelphia, may have been hit by a bullet or
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rock, just before it derailed, the train was traveling at over twice the speed limit. eight people were killed and dozens injured in the wreck. meanwhile, a train has collided with a truck in germany, killing two people and injuring 20 others, and it was stuck on the traction, and the train wasn't able to stop in time. the driver of the truck wasn't hurt and police say that three of the injured train passengers are in critical condition. now, during the past two days 900 migrants have ben brought assure in italy. 3 suspected smugglers were arrested after their boat was intercepted by the german navy. more than 600 migrants, landed in sicily. and most of them were in good health, and some were suffering.
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thailand, and then doe knee sha have been turning them away. mostmost of them are muslim us. and on friday, fishermen receiptscud more than 700 people, and the center of where they are being treated. they were on the boat for 3 months and their condition is still very, very weak. and they're here at a shelter. and after they were rescue had by fishermen initially, the navies have rejected them and now, they are helping them. giving them medical assistance. great relief, and, they are able to call them, and they were very lucky that they met the
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fishermen, instead of the navy, and, the navy says they will send away every boat. they will give aid at sea. it's hard to man the ordeal that they went through, 3 months on the boat, bringing their small children on this journey, and when they were facing fighting and hunger, and thursday and and now, uncertain future. oil spills, and overfishing are threatening to kill off the only native species of penguin the number has declined by 90% and erika wood went to see what's being done to save them. this is a penguin hospital, the place where distressed, injured oregon fanned birds come to rehab tate. we had 992 punt questions. some of this facility are being
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nursed back to health, and others are per na nen residents will he'll never return to the wild he's too tame. they are training him to be an ambassador. he'll be amazing many. up to 10,000 children come through here to learn about penguins and other lessons are carried out here. we don't know yet. we're still waiting for the lab results to come back. educating young generations are important because numbers are low. there are fewer than 18,000 breeding pairs left in the wild, overfishing is one of the biggest factors. it means that the adults have to travel further and, they have to expend more energy. when the treasure sank in 2000,
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19,000 were birds were effected, and, oil spills arconstant threat. the island, is well-known as a african colony, and tourists are more likely to see thousand he of seals. it used to be home to hundreds of thousands of punt quence but overfishing and oil spills only 600 pairs left. a new facility opened up, and the closest main land point. the african penguin every bird counts. penguin research will also be carried out here, we need to pay more attention to what did heclining numbers are telling us. they are a spiese species
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and, there's something wrong. like so many, saving these punt quence is a race against time and environmental issues, and the destruction caused by humans. and more on our website >> i'm nidhi dutt in indonesia where orangutan conservationists are climbing to new heights. >> and i'm russell beard in flanders in belgium, to meet to meet the urban miners turning rubbish into raw materials.


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