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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> thank you for that. >> over 10,000 anti-government protestors are rallying demanding the prime of macedonia resign. they want an end to corruption and police brutality. the protests have been called the a a time of ethnic tensions. we have this update. >> many thousands of people gathered here in the center calling fortress i go nation of the prime minister and his government to stand down. this is the largest demonstration since his administration came to power in 2006. his administration's been rocked by scandalous phone recordings, which if true, appear to show
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abuses of power at the heart of his government. three of his ministers have been forced to resign. the opposition say that's not enough. they want him gone. at the same time fears about potential for tensions between the two ethnic communities macedonians and albanian . the opposition say the incident is suspicious with its timing, may have been trying to detract attention from the crisis facing the government. >> the burundi president made an appearance after a coupe attempt failed. he failed weeks of protest over his plans to run for a third term. opponents say this view lathes the terms of a peace deal that ended civil war. we have the latest.
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>> the president when he gave his speech was upbeat and overally, wanted to make it seem he was back in control. when he started speaking, it left some confused. he spoke about a possible threat from al shabab and what that means. he didn't talk about the protest by the opposition supporters and the fact that some people don't want him a third term in office. his critics jumped on the bandwagon quickly analyzing what he had to say and they think he was trying to deflect attention from the. >> that affect the country. right now the president's party is campaigning preparing for the june presidential election. opposition parties are still not happy, don't want the election to take place. they say he won't be credible. they plan to be on the streets monday. they will not accept the president running for a third term, even if the supporters of his party say he has every right to do so. >> still to come, staging of
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protests on the water in seattle against shell oil's plans to drill in the arctic. who you music is uniting the hearts and minds of cubans and americans.
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>> in iraq, anbar's provisional council agreed to have shia militias join the fighting
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against isil. >> yemen's political and tribal figures have been meeting in the sawed capitol to try to end the fighting. houthi rebels didn't take part. yemen's vice president supports a five day ceasefire extension. >> more than 10,000 anti-government protestors are demonstrating, calling for an end to corruption and police brutality in macedonia. >> a suicide bomb attack killed at least three people in the afghan capitol including one traveling in a european union vehicle. a convoy of cars was targeted. the taliban said its behind the attack. >> fighting in kundu displaced 10,000 families in the past month, as taliban fighters are taken positions in villages and homes. refugee camps have sprung up.
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local officials say they are not getting enough support from the government. >> the latest arrival at the camp in the city, the tents began going up a few weeks ago when the taliban started fighting in the area. this week it reached their village. >> there was fighting, houses were destroyed. i took my children and ran. >> he and his wife have 12 children. she says the taliban forced her to feet them, but the villagers were caught in the middle. the taliban occupied the whole village. the government forces were attacking them. we would have died if we stayed, so we left. >> across the camp, people tell similar stories. the summer heat keeps growing. there are no bathrooms or running water here and many people are angry. >> we've lost everything and no
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one helps us. >> we've been here six days in the sun without a piece of bread. why doesn't anyone care about us? >> people left their homes with what they could. some had time to lock up, others didn't. government announcements on t.v. urged people to leave before afghan forces engaged the taliban. >> we told them that these people should leave the area yes, the government, but it was only for one or two days, not to stay longer time. >> this camp keeps growing. in most areas, fighting continues. when it may be over, homes are damaged or destroyed. at least one village, taliban fighters tore down walls so they could move between homes without going outside. the village is destroyed. civilians are the ones who suffer most in this fighting.
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>> thousands of people in china have taken to the streets saying a high speed rail line should pass through their country. protestor posted votes appear to show fighting with police. >> malaysia prime minister will meet with counterpart from indonesia. thousands are believed to be stranded on the sea. most of them or ethnic rohingya escaping persecution in myanmar. boats have been turned back while myanmar said it is not responsible for the crisis. we have more from kuala lampur. >> the authorities here in malaysia continuing to keep a tight control on this developing situation, even on the information about migrant vessels that are arriving in
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malaysian waters and then leaving again presumably escorted by naval ships from the makes navy as the country puts in place this controversial pushback policy of not accepting any vessels if they are seaworthy and if they can continue their journey. only those vessels in danger of sinking are allowed here. people are taken ashore. of the hundreds brought ashore in the past weeks, they are kept in detention centers as they are processed presumably for repatriation back to myanmar as malaysia now takes a tough stance with these new arrivals. there is emapproximate thee here in this muslim majority country with the polite of the rohingya in the way they are percent cute and facing extreme poverty and there has been in the past here in malaysia a leniency with
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arrivals coming from myanmar but that has now changed. the government is making it very clear that this problem has to be sorted out and laying the blame at the doors of the myanmar government. >> the libyan coast guard has detained 400 migrants from somalia and ethiopia traveling by boat to italy. libya is the main departure point to enter europe. weakened by civil war it has been unable to stem the flow of migrants. >> egypt hanged six men accused of carrying out attacks on security forces last year. police say the men belonged to a group that pledge the loyalty to isil. they were sentenced to death by a military dry bunnal. it's the first momentum pell execution since the military coup. amnesty egypt research spokesman would the men didn't receive a
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fair trial. >> this is a despicable act. the me were executed after a grossly unfair trial before a military court. they should never have been tried before that court in the first place. the truth is that the security forces falsified the base of their arrest. they were never given proper access to lawyers or even to challenge their conviction fairly. this looks like cold-blooded murder and payback for the shooting yesterday of several judicial officers in the center. the international community is going to say its concerned and may even say that it condemns what we saw egypt today but that is not good enough. what we need from the international community is to oppose human rights abuses. they are treating life very, very cleanly indeed. right now the international community is busy signing lucrative trade deals and arms
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deals with the egyptian authorities, sending a very different message to the message in public statements. the truth is this, if the international community wants to do business with egypt it should wash its hands afterward because it's going to have blood on them. >> two nuns have become the first palestinians in modern times to become roman click saints. one nonetheir sainthood is seen at support for the christians in the middle east who face increased prosecution. >> she was able to counsel others and provide explanations
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with extreme clarity. she was a means of fellowship in the muslim world. >> kayaks are protesting oil exploration in the arctic. we have more on the environmental opposition in the u.s. port of seattle. >> joining in protest against the polar pioneer the first of royal dutch shells two rigs it is sending to the arctic to drill for oil. the company said the region has 13% of the world's undiscovered oil and much more of it's gas. shell has been pushing to drill for years and a week ago u.s. president barack obama gave authorization. there are smaller permits to be approved, but it is expected they will go through. obama halted oil exploration after deep horizon spilled oil
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into the gulf of mexico in 2010. the moratorium didn't last long. activists say approving the drilling goes against his policy of slowing down the exploration and use of fossil fuels to reduce global warming. drilling in the arctic has never before been possible, but because of ice melting ships and rigs now have a clearer path. >> the arctic is a very special place. it acts like an air conditioner for the world. it keeps the climate in check. it's the home to 4 million people and so many endemic species that any kind of disaster up there would be impossible to mitigate. >> she will hopes to have rigs in place by july. it's a risky operation. bad weather and rough sees meant a previous attempt in 2012 was postponed. >> this track record showed shell isn't ready or they would
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like to tell us that they have learned from their mistakes, we have seen no evidence. >> those promoting oil exploration say moving into new resource frontiers is crucial. given other countries like russia are also pursuing arctic oil. bureau of ocean energy management said strict safety procedures will be followed. until drilling starts, the rigs are likely to be the target of more protests. al jazeera. >> one of argentina's biggest football clubs are kicked out after fans attacked rival players with pepper spray. it is the biggest club competition. a round of 16 matches with fierce rivals had to be suspended after the violence. the club has also been fined $200,000 and ordered to play four home games behind closed
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doors. they will also play another four away games without its fans. the president of guatemala is resisting protestor calls for him to resign. the vice president stepped down last week after a top aide was linked to a bribery scheme. the protestors say the president must also go and demand jail time for the guilty. >> music is playing a part in the thawing of relations between cuba and the united states. the minnesota orchestra is the first from the u.s. to perform in havana in 15 years. we have more from the cuban capitol. ♪ ♪ >> in havana, music is everywhere. this weekend, music is the universal language that many hope can reunite the hearts and minds of cubans and people of the u.s., even for a brief moment.
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it's the first time an orchestra from the states has traveled to the communist island in 15 years. >> more than 100 are performing as part of the international festival. this is the group's first visit to cuba since 1930. the maestro said the ensemble is performing one of the same pieces performed 85 years ago. >> they have played during one of those visits, and that was the reason why the local organizers wanted to have this yeah, you come back to play the same symphony you did like 85 years ago. >> the trip takes on even more meaning since the recent evolution of u.s.-cuban relations. in december, president obama took steps to renew formal diplomatic ties with havana.
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diplomats from both countries do their work while tours like this help build a relationship on a person to person level. >> i want you to get more what i call core to the sound. >> u.s. musicians like tony ross are coaching and playing with music students. >> they seem to have a huge appetite for our kind of classical music, which is our cause to bring that to life. >> we talk about the relationships between nations and countries and in this particular case, this is beyond symbolic. it's very, very important. >> this is incredibly exciting to be the first major orchestra in this hopefully new era in relations and to make friends through music is the easiest way, we both love the same thing. >> it is this greatness artists here hope will help build
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momentum to bring the divide between cuba and the united states through the sound of music. >> you can keep up to date with all the day's news and sport on our website tossing on the waves of the mediterranean, thousands upon thousands of migrants fleeing wars and chaos and searching for opportunity. the single biggest group are syrians - tens of thousands of them with their children and little else - will risk this voyage. most often it leads to italy, but that is not where this journey ends of the to better understand what happens after they hit dry land, we joined


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