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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> video appears to show iraqi forces leaving ramadi where i.s.i.l. has can a claimed victory. hello, i'm mary ann namazi, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, talks without houthi rebels on yemeni war who control large parts of the country. tens of thousands of mast macedonians, converge on the capital demanding their president's resignation. also, slim pickings, only thing
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growing for these nigerian farmers are their loss he. losses. hello, fighters from the islamic state of iraq and the levant are claiming victory in the iraqi city of ramadi. al jazeera has received reports at that time command center has pen taken over and there's no government -- been taken over and there's no government presence there. prime minister haider al-abadi has ordered iraqis not abandon their positions. this amateur video purports to represent forces fleeing. watch their tank flee, only a day ago the government in baghdad sent reenforcements to help its battered forces in ramadi. meanwhile, the international migration office says 8,000 have been displaced just over the past 48 hours.
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well the u.s. led coalition has been hitting i.s.i.l. position he with air strikes in ramadi and elsewhere in iraq. but on friday i.s.i.l. fighters took control of large parts of ramadi including the government headquarters. soldiers are said to be heading back to the headquarters in baghdad which is only 100 kilometers away. zeina khodr has more. >> i.s.i.l. has managed to overrun the last government stronghold in ramadi. i.s.i.l. has been on the offensive the last couple of days the government unable to repel their advance. the provincial headquarters of anbar want these militias to join the fight. this is a decision that will not be welcome by all in anbar anbar provincial council is allied with the government and not representative of all tribes. some tribes cooperate with the
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government but many influential tribes don't one leader said a few days ago that we will consider this an iranian occupation. but regular forces are unable to win this battle. but what the sunnis are anbar has been saying to the government is give us weapons we will wage this battle alone. the government is very reluctant, not trusting them, thinking some of them sympathize with i.s.i.l. i.s.i.l. claiming a victory the governor acknowledging this was a political defeat and a tougher response, roarmts were not able reenforcements were not able to did much, undoubtedly inflame sectarian forces mainl major sunni province and shia have had conflict. one of the protest centers was
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in ramadi and those people were demanding reforms they made demands for the government to give them a real say in decision making. the government never did that. so without reconciliation this decision will likely destabilize the situation even further. >> kimberly halkett is in washington and been monitoring the air strikes on the battle for ramadi. >> it's been a tense 24 hours. using bomber attack as well as fighter aircraft hitting i.s.i.l.'s tactical as well as staging areas. in syria eight different strikes around the areas of kobani as well as asaka tactical units staging areas machine guns being taken out but the real intense activity being carried out. fallujah ram ramalla ramadi.
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since august of 2014 whether the u.s. first launched air strikes president obama always maintained it would be a belong project, that it has been, the elimination of i.s.i.l. not only in iraq or syria but the wider area now the international community. it has been a very costly effort some $2 bill has billion has been spent so far one that the coalition says has been successful pushing back the i.s.i.l. front lines it says by some 10%. >> saj jawant blames the lack of success in ramadi.
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>> the problem there is no government really to collect all these forces under its own banners and fight with them because there are different groups, different fighting groups and everyone had allegiance to some political party or maybing countries and so on. >> now over the border, syrian troops are facing, in and around the world heritage site. almost 300 people have been killed since i.s.i.l. attacked the desert city on wednesday. the attack has been foiled but i.s.i.l. forces are still nearby. elsewhere, two villages in idlib province were targeted, several people including babies were admitto hospital with breathing problems.
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the u.s. has banned the use of chlorine gas as a weapon of war. yemen's political and tribal leaders have been meeting in the saudi capital to try end the fighting. houthi rebels are not taking part and say any agreements in their absence will be irrelevant. hashem ahelbarra has more from riyadh. >> reporter: this is the biggest gathering of yemen's political factions. each has its own vision for the future of yemen. but all are united against the houthis who remain in control of much of the country. >> the riyadh conference really has brought all parties together. i think these are very strong message of today to our people in yemen that we are all united against the militia of houthis.
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>> president abd rabbu mansour hadi warns of widespread violence unless the international community intervenes. >> translator: they shell civilian buildings by heavy artillery, they use oil to humiliate our people, the actions against the militia and our allies, we feel sorry to see our people under the siege of these militias. >> the former party ever former president ali abdullah saleh were also in riyadh. >> they have switched sides which is a blow to the former president, who's been abandoned by his previous supporter saudi arabia. the united nations envoy to yemen calls for called for a ceasefire. >> indicating a chance i'm really calling for all parties to extend this ceasefire.
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>> reporter: the delegates have agreed on a political road ma'am, recognizing hadi as yemen's legitimate president giving the yemenis one more try to approve the talks. they say any agreement is irrelevant as they say they are the ones who have more control on the ground. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera riyadh. president nkurunziza has made the first appearance since the coup. warning from a armed group of al shabaab, haru mutasa reports from bujumbura. >> burundi's president wants to show he's back in control after attempting a coup. deflected attention from the political crisis.
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>> we are very preoccupied by al shabaab's attack. as you know brun burundi has sent troops to zimbabwe. face these attacks that are security risk to the citizens of burundi. >> there was no mention about the political unrest or his determination to run for a third term. which is unconstitutional. amina howard is worried. she is planning a survival strategy. >> translator: when the protests happened, everything closes. it's not always safe to be out. i'm make sure i have enough food for a few days. >> reporter: some political analysts say the presidential election in june could be delayed because of the political instability. but the ruling party seems to be
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preparing for poll. it is not just about nkurunziza wanting a third term. what is clear is that things here are unpredictable. amina hopes for the best but says she's preparing for worst just in case. haru mutasa al jazeera bujumbura. >> tens of thousands of people have been protesting in macedonia's capital demanding the stepping down of the president. corruption across all levels of state. robin forrester walker is live for us. take us through why so many have turned out to protest.
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>> are hi marian. a significant substantial number of people on the streets throughout the day very hot conditions here, thousand a hard core of them have stayed on. you can make out behind me somewhat of a party going on and tents have been erected. i can call it kind of an occupy movement where they have vowed to stay on until the prime minister leaves. now the age are really has intensified, due to those phone-tapping revelations in recent weeks which first of all showed that twri,000 macedonian sentence were under surveillance. but those same wiretappings which the opposition got hold of showed top government officials and the prime minister himself talk going all kinds of nefarious activities, if those tapes are true, genuine
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anything from corruption to all cierchth of political scandals. the priementsthe prime minister has accepted resignations from three of his official but insists these wiretappings were faked somehow and threaten to destabilize macedonia. >> given the intensity how people feel, great deal of anger on the streets what can we expect in the coming days? >> reporter: well, the prime minister has promised that his government supporters will come out on the streets tomorrow. there is the potential for some trouble if they come up against the anti-government protesters who are here now.
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and it's expected to start about 8:00 tomorrow evening which is a strange time to be holding a protest. there is obviously a worry there, international community concerned about stability particularly with regard to the fact that macedonia is in the balkans, we all are area of there history of conflict here of an inter-ethnic composition here. recently we had violent sceengs in an al boehnerian city not far from here, potential for further escalation. but at the same time, albanians and macedonians i spoke to, were very proud that both communities were represented eunted in their opposition of the prime minister and his government. there is a potential priet side to this crisis if things can be
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resolved peacefully. both the opposition leader and the prime minister can meet in strassburg, but when they are talking individually they say there is no deal that we've reached, that the prime minister has to step out or the opposition has to step out to let things proceed in usual force. >> thank you robin. thousands of people in the south demands, plus: ♪ hajj ♪ >> pope francis names palestinian saint in a sign of support, a dwindling christian communities in the middle east.
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only on al jazeera america >> part of our month long look at working in america.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. let's take you through the top stories. i.s.i.l. is claiming victory over iraqi forces in the city of ramadi about 100 kilometers from baghdad. al jazeera has received word that the command center has been taken over. a ceasefire between the two sides in the yemeni conflict is set to expire in a short time.
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pierre nkurunziza has appeared back in burundi's capital. police say men belong to a group belonging to i.s.i.l, an attack in which two army officers were killed in the area north of cairo. amnesty international said the men did not get a fair trial. sentence imposed death on former president of egypt mohamed morsi. rob matheson reports. >> egypt's first elected president mohamed morsi is found guilty of breaking out of jail and sentenced to death. the muslim brotherhood now banned by egypt calls the court's decision politically motivated. it says executing morsi would be murder and the international
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community should stop it. the response around the world is mixed but some countries say action he should be taken. >> translator: european union, western countries haven't you banned the death penalty? since you've banned the death penalty don't you have sanction he to carry out the death penalty? why do you standstill? why do you stand silent? impose sanction he on them. why don't you impose sanctions on egypt? >> reporter: morsi is imprisoned with other muslim brotherhood leaders days after a movement that overthrew hosni mubarak in 2011. then morsi becomes the first nationally elected president and then within days he begins acts which extends his own power. fighting erupts and marks the
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start of protests and marks morsi to step down. in july just a month after his inauguration, he is overthrown by abdel fattah al-sisi who is now president. the court sentences 122 people, many are given the death penalty, and saturday's mass death sentence has been referred to egypt's grand mufti who is due to rule on it. former leader hosni mubarak is sentenced but freed because he has already served time. sentenced to death another who
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was imposed upon them is now a preman. rob matheson, al jazeera. >> at least three people have been killed and 18 others wounded in a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan. the bomb attempted to target eu, in kabul the fatalities included two women the taliban says it's responsible. meanwhile about 10,000 people have now been forced from their homes by fighting in afghanistan's kundu province as jennifer glasse reports people in kunzus city are appealing. >> the latest arrival at the camp in kundu city, when the taliban started fighting in the surrounding area. this week it reached his village. >> there was heavy fighting,
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house he were destroyed i took my children and ran. >> reporter: haydr and his wife have 12 children, she says the taliban forced her to feed them that the villagers were caught in the middle. >> the taliban occupied the whole village the government forces were attacking them, what would we do? we could do nothing so we had to leave. >> the summer heat keeps growing, there are no bathrooms or running water and many people are angry. we've lost everything this man says and no one helps us. >> translator: we've been here six days in the sun without a piece of bread. why doesn't anyone care about us? >> reporter: people left their homes with what they could. some had time to lock up, others didn't. government announcements urged people to leave before afghan forces engaged the taliban.
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>> we told them these people should leave the area, but it was only for one or two days not to day longer time. we are right now encouraging them to go back. >> reporter: but this camp keeps growing. in most areas the fighting continues and where it may be over, homes are damaged or destroyed. in at least one village taliban fighters tore down walls so they wouldn't have to go outside the fighting continues like so many other parts of the conflict, civilians are the ones that suffer most. jennifer glasse, al jazeera afghanistan. up to 100 people have been reported to be injured in places in china. anger boiled over when local media reported that the government had decided to
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reroute the railway. the area has no railway motor way or airport. poor harvest in nigeria but despite protesters from the economy and the weather some farmers are hoping to break out. as mohamed idris reports. >> the tomato season is coming to an end. he should be looking forward to this moment but this year the harvest has been poor. and more bad news awaits. the market price of tomatoes has crashed. >> when it is ripe you must remove it from the farm. if you don't, it will rot. sow you have few options. -- so you have few options. you pay for labor and packaging and take the produce to the market and sell. at the end of the day you lose. and the cycle begins all over. >> reporter: the lack of capital, storage facilities and
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poor pricing are gradually killing agriculture all over, all around him farmers are harvesting their crops which means they must quickly sell off their tomatoes before they start going bad. many farmers try to cut their losses by drying tomatoes and other vegetables but in doing that they reduce the price and nutritional value of the products when they are eventually sold to customer. he spent $4,500 plantings his crop and so far has only been able to recoup half of his investment. growing tomatoes is all he knows. >> if you do not do it, you can end up maybe losing everything. but to live by doing this you can at least reduce the cost lost, because maybe, at the end
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you can sell this product to buyers at this situation. so we have no alternative. >> reporter: farmers were hopeful of change when a new tomato factory was built but after three years they are still waiting for it to open and until it does their loss he continue to mount. mohamed idris, al jazeera nigeria. two palestinian nuns are the first nuns in mod ernl times to modern times to become saints. facing persecution and war imtiaz tyab reports. >> a sound of praise in honor of maria, the palestinian nun built
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this church and founded the congregation of the sisters of the most holy rosary, during the ottoman era. she along with sister bolardie, have become the first palestinian saints in modern times. the canonization ceremony follows an announcement from the vatican that says it will form its first treaty with the state of palestine. alezani traveled of traveled from brazil to take part in prayers, in honor of these two nuns. their legacies are inspiring. >> they are incredible like the faithful what they did. have. >> reporter: the sendment shared by many here. the decision by pope francis to bestow sainthood to the two palestinian nuns is an attempt by the vatican to give hope
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after years of war and to refocus attention on their plight. sister hortense shows me where her remains are kept. she is also palestinian, she tells me all palestinians regardless of their faith should find comfort in the sainthood of these nuns. >> palestinians are frustrated on all fronts. they need someone to lift them up. >> pope francis is widely seen as sympathetic to the palestinian cause. on his first visit to the occupied west bank as pontiff he offered prayers at israeli separation wall, he called for the peace process between the two sides to be resumed. palestinian president mahmoud
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abbas attended at a canonization ceremony among 1500 palestinians belonging to the catholic church. imtiaz tyab, west jerusalem. >> remember can you get all the news at i'm "ali velshi on target". what if everything you have been told about the killing of osama bin laden was a lie. i'll have answers from the former intelligence agency. broken windows, and broken trust, how police crack down on small crime could have big consequences. america needs a smarter war on terror, and pakistan, a key ally since 9/11 is accused of playing a double game in i


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