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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> can affect and surprise us. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> "techknow", where technology meets humanity. tomorrow, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. shia militias prepare a counteroffensive to retake an iraqi city from isil forces. you're watching al jazeera live from headquarters in doha. also coming up the u.s. secretary of state calls on north korea to reign in its nuclear program a few days after it fired a ballistic missile. supporters of macedonia's prime minister -- after protesters demand his
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resignation. plus i'm in togo. i will be reporting on business in unwanted goods from europe and america here. hello. we begin in iraq. that's where shia militias are set to prepare a counteroffensive against isil who have taken a city in anbar. it means isil is one step closer to establishing supply lines between syria and iraq. >>reporter: isil is in control of rhamadi after three days of assault managing to force forces out of anbar's provincial capital. they asked for help of shia
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militias. we understand that these militias different brigades are now gearing up for a counteroffensive against isil. this is a very controversial decision and many tribal leaders are warning against it saying it will backfire inflaming sectarian tensions and many will consider it an iranian occupation. many say they've been issues warnings and appealing for weapons. they were requesting weapons to take on the fight by themselves but the iraqi government has been reluctant to give them weapons because they don't trust them. we heard john kerry play down the significance of the ramadi gains saying he's confident iraq will recapture the territory. the biggest question is what will happen next. isil has been pushed out of other provinces but people have not returned and the shia-led militias have been accused of
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humn rights abuses. so this is a very delicate fight and there has to be political reconciliation and the government has to reach out to the people of anbar in order for this fight to work. the u.s. secretary of state says north korea has not even taken steps to slow its nuclear weapons program. this in reaction to reports that north korea test fired a ballistic fire from a submarine. he was in seoul where he met the president of south korea. >>reporter: he refers to the reckless a reckless abandon that the government in north korea has
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been firing missiles. he gave a strong signal that the united states would support efforts so see north korea referred to the international criminal court unless it changed its behavior. he also held out hope for north korea. there has been some change in the language offered by washington in recent months. in january there were attempts to start talks again. rather than talking about concrete evidence of denuclearization, he's now talking about the leadership in north korea sending a signal it's willing to engage seriously on denuclearization.
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monday the state media there saying the president of south korea was a viper in response to her comments on friday that there was a reign of terror under way in the north korean capital. breaking news from turkey. there's been two explosions at the kurdish hdpd party offices in southern turkey. three people have been injured. the u.n. secretary-general has called on southeast asia's governments to help rescue thousands of migrants believed abandoned at sea. those who have made it to sea in indonesia are being held in places without basic shower
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facilities. a migrant boat has been towed back out to sea against its will. >>reporter: thailand is not pushing anyone away. human rights is the issue and we must take care of it. >> they say governments need to be doing more to get rid of smuggling networks across the region. >> certainly diplomatic efforts will continue. we're hoping there's sharing of information about ships which are at sea and even more than that if there are regional powers with ships, even global powers then it can also play a part in trying to find these ships. the smuggling network was moving 8,000 people a month on average. one month there as 13,000. there's a limit to the amount at sea and we need to help them. no longer are ships departing
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meaning we need to focus everything to save lives right now. there's nothing else that we can do. yemen's foreign minister says saudi-led air strikes against houthi rebels will avoid main air and sea podrts in order to allow humanitarian aid into the country. >>reporter: this is the biggest gathering of yemen's political factions. each has its own vision for the future of yemen. but all are united against the houthis who remain in control of much of the country. >> the conference is really bringing all parties together. i think this is a very strong message today to our people in yemen that we're all united against the militia of houthis. >>reporter: president hadi warns
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of widespread violence unless the international community intervenes. >> they seized oil to use it as a tool to humiliate our people. history will remember the actions of our people against the militias and their allies. we're sorry to see our people underthe siege of these militias. the united nations envoy to yemen called for a cease fire extension. >> all my contacts indicate there's a changes. i'm merely calling on all parties to extend the cease
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fire. >>reporter: delegates are recognized hadi has yemen's legitimate president and have also given the houthis one more chance at talks. but the houthis reject hadi's authority saying any agreement in their absence is irrelevant as they're the ones with more control on the ground. the king of jordon has accepted the resignation of his interior minister and dismissed several police officers. there was widespread criticism over police crackdowns at a pro isis rally last week. violence has broken out between israelis and palestinians during demonstrations in occupied east jerusalem. thousands of israelis were marching through the area to
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mark the 48th anniversary of its capture from jordan. protesters are vowing to remain on the streets of the capital of macedonia until the prime minister resigns over a wiretapping scandal. his government is accused of spying on 20,000 citizens. jay walker reports. >>reporter: opposition leaders say wiretap ago ings have made him a hero. but thousands came to show their contempt against the president. there is nothing else left for him to do but to leave this building. they call it the government guilted building.
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it's where the prime minister has his
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>> tuesday. >> i thought we were doing something good. >> bodies donated for science... >> how much regulation exists? >> very little. >> a shocking look inside the world of body brokers. >> got a call from the fbi saying we have your husband's remains. >> an america tonight exclusive investigation. tuesday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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u.s. secretary of state says north korea has not come close to taking steps to slow its nuclear weapons program. comments come days after -- new saudi-led air strikes will avoid main air and sea ports to allow aid into the country. a cease fire ended on sunday after political and tribal figures met to discuss the
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mountains are low and that's bad news for those at that fruit and vegetable market. >> cherries peaches, apricots tomatoes, water mel lops. >>reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency. >> we've never see things like this happen before. >>reporter: it's expected to cost farmers a billion dollar in losses this year. here in california the drought is already well into its fourth year but that may be only the beginning. a new study predicts parts of the u.s. may suffer from dry spells lasting for decades. using tree rings to compare past rainfall levels and powerful computer modeling scientists forecast droughts far worse than those of the past millennium in part due to global warming these represent events nobody in the
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history of the united states has ever had to deal with. >>reporter: in the past droughts have destroyed whole civilizations. amtrak will resume train services between philadelphia and new york on monday. last week a train derailed in philadelphia killing eight people and injuring more than 200. a special remembrance service was held in memory of those who lost their lives. nepal's prime minister has appealed for more aid following last month's earthquake. he says his country still needs more funds for infrastruck which you are and reconstruction. the magnitude 7.8 tremor hit
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nepal on april 25th followed by aftershocks last tuesday. serious political failings have been exposed in the government since the earthquake. >>reporter: the people don't trust the ground they walk on anymore. no one gauge how long it will take to recover. plus is there trust in the politicians sent running from the chamber during a devastating aftershock. many are not convinced. >> there are no political leaders or parties anywhere because they could not face the people. so that is where the voir dire qum is. >>reporter: he is a project manager who volunteer se his
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services to the government. after getting no response he helped out a small political party. it's one of several youth-based organizations that's made a big impression in relief leaf operations particularly in remote areas. >> there's a void at the local level. >>reporter: a peace deal in 2006 gave birth to a secular federal republic and brought in an unstable multiparty system. there's still no agreement on a constitution. the present prime minister's government is ill prepared for the earthquake and has been trying to make up political lost ground ever since but
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politicians and critical voices from the media camped out in temporary buildings are skeptical of political change. >> you can have resources but mobile liesing resources is always the key in disaster and i'm giving some benefit of the doubt to the political factions. >>reporter: the enthusiasm of the young people is what has helped relief efforts and those in need will remember the faces of these helpers more than those of their local politicians. two explosions in turkey have injured three people in separate offices of the kurdish - people's democratic party. the blasts were in two southern citis. the party says one explosion appeared to come from a package delivered to the office there.
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there's been growing public unrest and a failed coup attempt in kenya. we have this report from the capital of kenya. >>reporter: he wants to sew she's back in control after surviving an attempted coup. but talking about that critics say he purposely deflected attention from the political crisis. >> we're very preoccupied by al shabaab's attack. we know he has contributed to sending troops to somolia so we came here to contact friends and colleagues here in kenya and uganda. both are targets of al shabaab. >>reporter: there was no mention about the political unrest or
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his determination to run for a third term which is unconstitutional. she has heard more protests are planned so she's plannig a survival strategy. >> when the protest happened everything closes. it's not always safe to be out. i'm making sure i have i enough foo for a few days. >>reporter: some political analysts say the president shiley election in june could be delayed because of the political instability. but the ruling parties seems to be disappears from the poll. opp six leaders are not happy the party is come paining saying it's noted just about wanting a third term. but it's also saying it because of the elections. what is clear is that things here are unpredictable. she's hoping for the best and preparing for the worst just in case. the nigerian military says - it's destroed ten boko haram
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camps in the remote northeast. >> market traders are making huge profits selling unwanted clothes from the united states and europe. >>reporter: he came to togo 15 years ago from nigeria to start his shoe business. >> i would see he was okay. i asked him how and he said he's selling these shoes. from there, i said can i follow you? he said yes. >>reporter: most of the trade is in the market in the capital by those from the east of nigeria.
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they have built up a business empire in the trade of second hand items. you can find anything from clothes to shoes to bags. some of it is sold locally but most is bought in bulk for sale across west africa. >> they come from all around. we are foreigners. >>reporter: the trade has become an integral part of the economy, yet, it's dominated by outsiders. one analyst says it's because of the way the market develop >> traditionally women look for goods in the market. nobody was selling second hand
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goods. the foreigners came and found an opportunity and cornered part of the market. >>reporter: he says he came because he had to survive and as long as the customers keep coming his future is here. in barcelona, the new spanish league champion beat madrid on sunday to confirm their fifth title in six seasons. messi's lead goal in the campaign was enough for a win. they're also on court to -- during the finals of the champion's league. >> i'm satisfied with the whole season. you're looking for objectives and challenges. things that you can achieve. there have been times when it's been obvious that it's been hard
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for us but it's always going to be hard over such a long season. we've already conceded 19 goals in such a compettive league. we've scored so many goals, i think it's been more than an outstanding southbound. just a reminder you can keep up to date with all the news on >> if you got to choose how long you would get to live for how long would you want to live for? >> immortality >> why? >> i wouldn't die or anything >> what's wrong with dying >> well, i want to be with my family. i don't want to miss out on any
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