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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2015 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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inspiring. entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". tuesday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. iraqi militia get attack on isil forces. you're watching al jazera live, and also coming up, end of the cease fire, the saudi coalition plans more bombings and the u.s. secretary of state calls on south korea a few days after it fired a miss sill.
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i'll be reporting on how this market has seen business from europe and america. hello, we begin in iraq, where they are preparing a counter offensive to try to retake the city of ramadi from isil, they took control on sunday night after days of heavy fight, it makes the group stronger as it consolidates its hold on the biggest province. dana has more from baghdad. isil is in control of ramadi, after three day sophisticated assault they managed to push government forces out of the capital the provincial council asks the help
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to recapture the city and these militias are now preparing gear up for a counter offensive. this is very controversial decision, and many tribal leaders have been warning against it saying it will backfire, and some of them are saying, they will consider this a iranian occupation. they have been issuing warnings and, appealing for weapons and they were requesting weapons to, take on the fight and the government has been has been reluctant to give them weapons. we heard the secretary of state play down the significance of the gains saying that, he's confident iraq will recapture the territory and what will happen next. we have seen them being pushed out, by the makelish sha but
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people have not returned and they have been accused of human rights abuses, and this is a very delicate fight. there has to be political reconciliation and, they have to reach out to the people in order for this fight to work. dwrem men's foreign minister says the saudi bombings will allow aid into the country, the cease-fire ended after they met in the capital. iran is saying it regrets that is there hasn't been an extension of the cease fire in yemen. we need a very concern effort in yemen, and the crisis and of course, political solution is that is why we believe that yemen do i log should take place as soon as
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possible. the supporter excess the talks, in saudi arabia were of no use and they could consider attending a second round of meetings in geneva. they could assist this talk and it will depend on where to start from. because we will not accept it, and the houthi, and they will not accept the talks all over again. we have the national dialogue and, the national dialogue and and you have all parties have the outcome and, we should start from how to implement this outcome if this is going to be the case, then i'm sure that they will join this in geneva, because they do want, to start again a new
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agreement, which will have many agreements but the reason was that, the houthi and saudi arabia and they have attacked yemen, and to reach an agreement. well let's find out what's going on, on the second day of talks there. joining us from there. well, the talks now are behind closed doors and expecting the yemen factions to say agree the future and asking them for help, including the use of force, and they recognize the government of president and they will also discuss issues about reforming the political establishment and reforming the army and appointing newcome manners and, giving them larger political represen tasting
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those who are attending the meetings here, in saudi arabia, they say that the houthi only have two options, join the it, or they will be sidelined. the on the first day of the talks, there was perhaps a suggestion by the u.n. that the cease fire should be extended for another five days and that has not happened. it hasn't happened so far the talks are underway, the u.n., we know, that they are talking now to the international community, the u.n., is on his way to new york, they're talking with the saudi faction to have a cease fire because we also do understand that talks in geneva will take place and most say they are going to attend meetings and you have to have some sense of cease fire
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implemented that would give the international community a chance, and that they are ready to talk in geneva. otherwise, they're just concerned that there might be more violence in the country. thank you. the u.s. secretary of state says that north korea has not come close to taking steps to slow its nuclear weapons program, they were in reaction to the fact that they test fired a missile from a submarine, and he called for a diplomatic end. he was speaking in the capital that's where he met the president. and now more. john kerry talked about two recent events in north korea as he referred to the reckless
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abandon, he said, that the successful launch after missile mean in days ago informs violation of the u.n. and international only investigations and he said the alleged execution of one of the figures, according to the intelligence, agency by form of anti aircraft fire was latest in a series of stories of grotesque executions in public in north korea ria. and he gave a very strong signal, that the u.s. would supporterses to see it in the criminal courts and he held out some kind of hope, saying that iran provided a model with iran over its nuclear program and there has been some change in the language, in january, there were attempts to start talks again, and they were unsuccessful and, rather than having a concrete evidence,
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mr. kerry is now talking about the leadership, sending a signal that it is willing to engage on it. so that's a market shift. there has been word, on monday, the state media there saying if the president of south korea was a viper, and that's in response to her comments on friday that there was a rein of terror. nep nep's prime minister has appealed for more aid and he says his country still needs more funds for entrestructure, the tremor hit nepal and killing more than 8,000 people, and it was followed by a aftershock last tuesday and that killed 117 people and injured almost 3,000. while the earthquakes have exposed serious face in nepal
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which hasn't agreed to a constitution. and now, in katmandu, sends this report. the people of nay cal pal don't trust the ground they walk on, no one can gauge how long it will take to recover and in their trust, from the politicians, by an after shock. and many are unconvinced. the first 11 days, no political parties nowhere because they could not face the people. so that's why the vacuum is. he is a project manager who volunteered his services to the government, and, after getting no response he helped out a political party. and they made a big impression with the relief operations. providing help, this is what is
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needed and there's a void at the local level and it's political. that void is the result of a insurgency, that dates back two decades and led to political up heave very well. and, it was a peace deal by 2006, and ended the monarchy, and gave bird to a federal republic, and unstable multi party system and, no local elections and still southbound any agreement on a constitution. the present prime minister and his government is not prepared for the earthquake, and trying to make up political lost ground and, politicians are skeptical about political change. you could have resources and resources always the key. and, i'm giving some benefit of the doubt.
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whatever the political forces may be, there's one fact, the enthusiasm of young people has helped relief efforts and they remember the faces of these faces more than those of the local politicians. the verdict due in a case that triggered rioting in france, and plus, the great drought of the western united states is spreading and scientists predict worse is still to come
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>> tuesday. >> i thought we were doing something good. >> bodies donated for science... >> how much regulation exists? >> very little. >> a shocking look inside the world of body brokers. >> got a call from the fbi saying we have your husband's remains. >> an america tonight exclusive investigation. tuesday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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hello again, the top stories, iraqi militia are preparing a counter offensive to try to take the city of ramadi. isil took control of the capital, after days of heavy fight. yemen's foreign minister says new saudi strikes will allow aid into the country a 5-day cease fire ended on sunday after political and tribal figures met to discuss the conflict. the houthi did in the attend the talks. the u.s. secretary of state says north korea has not come close to taking steps to slow its nuclear weapons program, it comes of a north korea says it has test fired a might have
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i'll. more on the situation in iraq, and, ramadi, joining us, he's the secretary screj of the council, that's a group of tribal leaders. thanks for being with us. so how will the militia, who are preparing a counter offensive to retake it back, be received? we discussed this issue many times with the central government regarding this conflict and we were very sure, that they are waiting for the right moment. and as you see yesterday, the army they left, their position, and we were aware of that, that this would happen and, that's
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why we were expecting for the government to support us with weapons and to train our people which isn't meeting our needs. and we -- they are preparing for this counter offensive ones they are there, how will they be received by the people there? we say that, anytime in public, that we are, we don't need the militias to get involved and, this will be a conflict between our tribes and their tribes and we told them many times that, we have enough volunteers and they are waiting for. they are not very welcome. so what is it that you say you need? we need the support of the government also, for the coalition to support us with the
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weapons, because we have a great number of volunteers and they're waiting to participate to liberate our province, from isil and, we are willing and ready to do that. but, the fight against isil can it be won -- can this fight be won militarily? you're asking for weapons. militarily, they cannot, because you see everyone, when you look to the media you saw the kurds and, the army, they are not entering, they are leaving, they leave just before isil get in. and, we say that many times and they can't do it because they
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are in the operating from the military. they are afraid, only from the tribal fighters, and that's why we need to support them. until now we are waiting for support of the tribal fighters. it can never be resolved, it was a long time ago but there's still a position of unstable, because the local people -- why, in your opinion, have you called for these weapons why have they not been delivered? the prime minister said he had a bit short taj of weapons and, we get confirmation, from the american embassy that there is weapons and, they will send enough weapons to cover all what we need. but, we didn't receive the weapons, yet, what we receive is
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very limited and doesn't meet our requirement. let me just ask you when the u.s. led coalition started at the time, isil was controlling only two cities and now, with the fall of ramadi, it controls three cities, what do you make of that? everyone know, i am not part of the army, but everyone in the army know that -- what is your explanation of this? the air force never finish any work. the ground fighters, and the ground fighters, if they don't receive the support, of the right weapons to fight and you can never win. so the air force, doesn't work anywhere. thank you very much for joining us.
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thanks. two explosions in turkey have have injured three people, of the party the blasts were in the southern cities. the party says, the explosion appeared to come from a package delivered to the office there. the attacks come six weeks ahead of the election. the u.n. secretary general has called on southeast asia to help rescue migrants, and those who have made it had to sure, are being housed indeed shelters which lack basic showering facilities. malaysia and indonesia and are turning them away. jeff, from the international organization he says, governments need to do more to get rid of smuggling networks across the region. there's diplomatic
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approaches and we hope that there's sharing of information about our ships which are at sea, and where they are and even more than that, if there are powers, who have ships, the navies and they can also play a part and try to find these ships. the smuggling network is moving 8,000 people a month and one month there were 13,000. and we need to help them. no longer the ships there so we need to focus everything to save lives, there's nothing else that we can do. the ministers are gathering to discuss the migrant crisis, and they're expected to back a proposal for a new naval force to capture them. more than 1,000 people have been rescued, as they attempt to enter europe.
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today the main point will be taking the decision to establish the operation the e.u. operation, and seem to dismantle the smuggle people, in it. i would expect the decision to be taken today. in france, a verdict is expected in case of two police officers accused of next in the deaths of two teens, they were electrocuted as they fled, it trig girth weeks of rioting and, anger. they died ten years ago. and yets circumstances around their death revealed divisions, that are relevant today. the teens were playing football, and they ran away when the police approached, and jumped into this substation
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where they were electrocuted and died and after the deaths riots broke out in several cities and, they lasted for three weeks. thousands of cars, and suspects arrested. france declared a state of national emergency and a debate followed about policing race and the quality of life in in the high-rise suburbs. for the families of boys it's been a long wait,. she was the cousin, and today she's the deputy mayor. we remember, we never forget a few days ago, it would have been his birthday, and ted have been 25. from 1 to 25, and his life would have changed. he could have finished his studies and done the things he wanted to do. the court must decide whether the police knew the boys
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had entered the substation, and if so, why they failed to rescue them from danger. they clients did not know that they were in danger. therefore they could not take the deliberate decision not to go to the rescue, somethings have changed. these tower blocks are to be demolished and replaced by buildings. the government hopes this case will bring closure to one of the most tragic instants. but unemployment is still high, and so is suspicioustion of the police. thousands of minors have gone on strike and they're trying to pressure the government to strengthen labor laws. more than 20 mines are taking part, they're dohmanning the repeal after law which makes it easier to fire employees and peru is the third biggest copper, tin and silver producer.
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the droughts in west of the niferredz is for thing cities to cut back on water use and hurting farmers who grow most of the countries fruit and vegetables. and now mega droughts in the decades to come. normally these peaks are covered in snow, but this year, they're barely dusted with white, only 16% of normal and streams are low. and that's bad news for farmers and produce vendors at this market. where he sells his wears. cherries peaches tomatoes, watermelons. the washington governor declared a state of emergency. we saw things happen that we never saw before. it is expected to cost $1 billion in crop losts. and the state is offering them,
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something to save water. it is well into its fourth year and that may be the beginning. a new study predicts it may suffer from dry spells that last for decades. using tree rings scientists, forecast droughts far worse than those of the past in part due to no bal warming. they represent events that nobody in the history of the thirds has ever had to deal with. in the past, droughts have destroyed whole vif will a sayingses, and ex10thed dry spell, in the 13th century ended native american people. their fate is a warning from the past, for the society of today. market traders are making a
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huge profit. the business has become so popular, that people come from all over, to buy the second hand items. now, from the capital. came, 15 years ago and his family managed to raise $100 to help his start his shoe business i was here, and i and he had him, and i asked him what he is doing, and he said, selling just shoes, so, i said,ky come and he said yes,. most came, and they build up a business empire, and the trade of second hand items. unwanted goods from america show up, you can find anything and, some of it is sold locally
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and, most bought in bulk. came with nothing 9 years ago, and now he's importing goods every week. they came from nigeria and all around. we know that we are foreigners, and they want it. and you know you have it, here and there. the trade has become a part of the economy and yet it is dominated by outsiders. and one analyst said it's because of the way the market has developed. women sold goods in the market. and nobody was selling second hand goods, and the foreigners came, and found an opportunity and fund that. he came because he had to survive, and as long as the customers keep coming, his
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future is here. just a reminder, you can always keep up-to-date with all the top stories on our website. you'll find the top stories. and the top story is the humanitarian situation. the air space for u.s. navy sale helicopter to nigh in and conduct a mission unhindered. what if everything you have been told about the killing of osama bin laden was a lie. i'll have answers from the former intelligence agency. broken windows, and broken trust, how police crack down on small crime could have big consequences. america needs a smarter war on terror, and pakistan, a key ally since 9/11 is accused of


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