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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> recapturing the city from isil fighters. >> hello, also coming up here on the abraham protesters are back on the streets as the president sacks his foreign and defense ministers. e.u. officials try to stop trafficking. plus the war of courage how
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this helps people overcome their fears and realize their dreams. >> well, in iraq thousands of shia militia in an effort to retake ramadi from isil. an adviser to iran's stream scream's leader. >> according to the international coordination for migration many were forced to leave ramadi. as islamic state in iraq and the levant advanced in to their city, but those who headed to baghdad are being questioned before allowed to enter the iraqi capital. they want to make sure that no fighters of isil make it into
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the city. why aren't we allowed in baghdad. we cannot cope. it's better to have a good life. >> there is a feeling among people that they have been betrayed. >> we spent two days on the road. we were humiliated at government check points along the way. government forces just retreated from ramadi. why did they do that? >> ramadi now belongs to isil, at least for now. in video was released by the radical group. the provincial capital of anbar seems to have been abandoned in a three-day offensive that pushed forces out. 500 security personnel were killed either in the fighting while others who work for the
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government were murdered by isil. >> me operate under the government sanctions mobile gas station forces. they have been accused of human rights abuses. >> the local police were no match for isil. many left the city, and many are pa blaming the government for problems in the city. >> the group operating under the command of the minister are the shia militia coalition unfortunately, their retreat of the iraqi security forces.
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>> that decision will alienate many of the sunni tribes. that is a concern. >> this is a sunni area, and. >> it is weakening the central government. why? because it's not the army. >> ramadi was isil's first major gain after defeat for recent months. they insist they are confident that ramadi will be recaptureds. that may happen, but winning the political battle may be harder. there is little or no reconciliation between the
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shia-led government and the sunnies. >> you mentioned in your report the problems in the diyala province. the fact that it may have extended to anbar province must be a concern to sunni there is. >> undoubtedly. it is a controversial decision. there were other choices. the government should have armed the tuny tribes. they should have mobilized local forces. there was a plan to do that. but it didn't work. a few weeks ago the government said that they recruited a few hundred sunni men to join the security forces on the ground, but this project or this--it didn't really materialized. at the end of the day the regular army as well as the local police, they were no match for isil. they needed weapons. that's why sunni tribal he would elders were asking why didn't you give them webs and give them
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warning. that is going to be a mistake. we can see clashes on the ground. there is a long history of tension between baghdad and anbar. the problems are not just today. even before isil took over much territory in iraq, there were protests in anbar. people were taking to the streets. there was a sit-in. they were demanding reforms and a real say in iraq. and the government did not heed those demands. and this is where we are at today. isil managed to build on these grievances. >> so we have a situation where the shia militias are now taking on isil. presumably there are going to be more u.s.-led airstrikes. how easy is it going to be to drive isil out and reverse this takeover? >> it's not going to be an easy fight. we understand that a few hours ago they tried to advance from
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their stronghold east of the base. that's where the shia-led militias have been gathering. isil is still very much defiant. it was a message that they were not going to go away. they're not going to make this an easy fight. we have to remember that isil is deeply entrenched in anbar. it's not just ramadi. they do control a lot of area in ramadi. it opens supply lines in syria. it will not be an easy fight. we've heard the h. down play the games that isil made over recent days. but we have to remember when u.s. forces were in iraq their greatest challenge was in anbar. they lost a lot of men in the fight, and they weren't able to win militarily. they were only able to win when they got the support of the local population. >> thank you for that. in baghdad. >> now european union ministers have been holding tucks on the
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migrant crisis in the mediterranean. they're expected to back a proposal for a new naval force to intercept smugglers before their boats reach europe. more than a thousand people have been rescued f people who were heading to europe from libya. >> establishing the e.u. operation, i would expect the decision to be taken today. >> al jazeera's jacky rowland has the latest from brussels. >> e.u. ministers are looking to adopt a comprehensive package on the issue of migration. now that the military aspect to that fighting the people smugglers, but there is the longer term plans to address the migration, and also a humanitarian side to protect
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refugees. now, on the military side a lot would depend on what kind of u.n. security council resolution might be achieved that would be looking at operations within international waters in the mediterranean and also naval operations within libyan territorial waters. the e.u. has ruled out any forces on the ground in libya. in many ways it's actually the humanitarian side of the plan that is attracting most controversy within europe itself given the fact that a lot of countries there is quite a lot of hostility towards the idea of migrants. now the e.u. would ideally establish a mechanism where approximately 20,000 migrants would be given
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--while the plan might be there in principle nailing down the details could be a lot more difficult. >> now we're getting reports that burundi's president has sacked to of his government ministers. let's goharry, tell us about these failed ministers and why he has sacked them. >> this was expected. people knew there would be some kind of changes. mostthis is so another attempted coup does not take place. he's attempting another third run and maybe he's planning
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ahead. he felt there were people who stabbed him in the back and attempted to run him out of power. >> are they of the same intensity and volume in protesting as we saw before? are there people out in the streets? >> i think when people saw that he was gone, they were rejuicing. but he did come back, and he said he was not going anywhere. people are concerned about what has been put in place and the power and are they going to try to quell the protests. what we've seen today people tried to come out. some quickly dispersed.
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some did come out. the largest protest was maybe 200 people. people have come up to me and said you people were not here, the camera was not here, and at least one person is believed to have been shot by the police while he was protesting. people are concern about the way forward. at the moment people here are scared. they are notthey are afraid. >> thank you very much.
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>> in burundi thousands have fled to tanzania. they have facing a new crisis. many are concerned that there will be an outbreak of cholera in a camp of thousands of people. and they cannot keep up with the thousand of refugees arriving daily. yemen foreign minister said that aid would be allowed in the country. but strikes are going on elsewhere in the country. a five-day humanitarian aid cease-fire ended on sunday shortly before tribal leaders met to discuss the conflict. the houthies did not go. >> all in all we need a very concerted effort to deal with yemen and the humanitarian
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crisis and of course the political solution is the only solution. that is why we believe that yemen--inter-yemeni dialogue should take place. >> two rainen warships have been escorting an iranian cargo ship bound for yemen. media say it is packed with 2,000 tons of humanitarian supplies. iran has been accused of arming houthi rebels, allegation it is denies. a houthi supporter and activist and says that the talks in saudi arabia were no use but the houthies would consider standing a second round of talks in geneva. >> we will not accept and start all over again.
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we should start to implement the outcome. if this is going to be the case, then i'm sure the houthies would join the talks in geneva. we as yemeni, we don't want to start against a new agreement which we have many agreements in yemen, but the reason was hadi and saudi arabia and they have attacked yemen. >> we have more from riyadh. >> soon after the cease-fire came to an end houthies took position in sadaa and aden.
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there are talks under way between different actions and the international community where you see couples agree on a new expansion on the cease-fire. this comes against the backdrop of the riyadh conference where key yemeni factions were working on an agreement on the future of the country. they would like the stop the houthies, even if it means an use of force. but that has not been enough as the houthis were not at the talks. the international community hopes to bring all the feuding factions in yemen to agree on a political settlement to put an end to violence and instability. >> still to come on the program a camp in lebanon where one aid
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group is helping syrian refugees earn a living. no. nepal there is exposed a lack of leadership. stay with us. [baseball crowd noise] ♪
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>> well back. a reminder of the top stories. thousands of shia militia and iraq have arrived in the city of ramadi in an effort to take it from isil. the group took it over on sunday. iran said its ready to help secure the city. protesters in burundi are on the streets chanting slogans
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against its president. he has sacked two ministers after a failed coup attempt. the lebanese army said it has detained more than 50 syrian refugees, most of them for having expired papers. there are around 1.2 syrian refugees living in lebanon. most of them in informal camps and refugees are struggling to survive. we have a report on one aid group trying to make a different. >> this man is a pastry she have, you normally makes sweets, but they wanted him to make pizza. 's giving it a shot.
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>> the aid group offered to give me this job and provide all the equipment for free. i now earn a living for my family. >> a lebanese charity group runs this camp near the border with syria. it relyies on cash donations from charity organizations. 450 new cabins have been created with $500,000. but they want to create a self-sustaining community so those with a skill get a small business. mahmood is about a barber. he's now able to feed his family of five. >> it depends. some days i make $3. sometimes $8 or more. after this shop i can afford to buy my family meet. the situation in this camp, it is now very good. we've got almost everything. >> but even with the improved conditions life in this camp is
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basic. over 1,500 people live here. and there are complaints. this refugee camp is considered to be among the best in lebanon. most families here get to live in cabins like this with its own toilet and sewage system. but there is lack of water and some people told me they only get six hours of electricity every day. but most people here agree they won't find a better place. many of the refugees live in incidents under house conditions. the influx put strains on infrastructure. some lebanese feel the refugees might feel encouraged to stay. back at the aid of the aid group running this camp say they are overwhelm: they say all the help provide to the refugees is temporary. >> all refugees want to return.
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this is a temporary living. no one wants to stay away from their country and homes. if syria turns back to normality we'll take the camp back there until people settle their their homes. >> this will be a long while before the short journey back begins. al jazeera on the lebanese-syrian border. >> a french court acquitted two police officers accused of contributing to the deaths of two teenagers. they were electrocuted as they hid from the policemen in the paris suburb. it triggered weeks of rioting and highlighted the alienation that many minority groups feel in france. the families have launched a civil case seeking $2 million in compensation. macedon in a yeahs prime minister is due to hold a rally in the capital. the opposition protests have been camping outside of the parliament demanding his
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resignation he's thought to have been involved in a wiretapping scandal. >> this looks like the makings of a tent village in the center of the city outside of the government building where the prime minister has his offices. you're a youth activist. you're with the social democrats. >> yes. >> tell us what is going on here. to me it looks like things are only beginning. >> things are just beginning that's true. we're camping here until all the people of have given authority recognition. this is going to be very organized. >> what is going to happen? what is your goal here? >> why i'm here is because my friends they're abroad.
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they're working there and looking for a better further. even though they have an university degree, and here education is very well, but they were not able to find jobs and work here so, they went abroad. today i'm here and last night i was here, and i'm going to be here tonight and every day offer. >> everyone together we're fighting for a better future. >> thank you very much for talking with us. there you have it, a tent village setting up, and establishing itself in the heart of city center, and the open that they will be able to force the prime minister to lead his offices, and they say that they won't leave until he does.
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>> blasts took place in the southern city and the explosion appeared to come from a package delivered to an office there. the attacks come two weeks away of a parliamentary election. the u.s. secretary of state says north korea hasn't even come close to taking steps to slow down it's nuclear weapons program. john kerry made his comments in reaction to report that north korea had test fired a ballistic missiles from a submarine. he strongly condemned the move and called for an end to diplomatic hostileities. he was in seoul vicinitying with president hark.
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visiting with president park. >> a tremor hit nepal april 25th killing 8,200 people. it was followed by a magnitude 7.3 aftershock last tuesday. that one killed at least 117 people. and it injured 3,000 more. thousands of miners across peru have gone strike indefinitely. they're trying to pressure the government to strengthen labor laws. union workers more than 20 mines are taking part. they're demanding the rebeal of a law which makes it easier to fire employees and the use of contractors restricted. 192 people have been arrested in a shootout that killed nine people and injured 18 horse. fighting broke out in waco and spilled over in a nearby parking lot. what started as punch out ended
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up with people firing at each other. in the state of virginia there is a courage wall. >> it's nothing more than a simple blackboard transformed into what it's creator hopes to be a starting point for those wishing to change their lives but so far are unable to take that first step. it's called the courage wall using chalk passersby finish the sentence, i wish i had the courage to... with their own hopes and dreams. nancy created the wall after trying to overcome her own fears of failure. >> i realize in my own life, my own courage was lacking. i think the conversation resonates with everybody because everybody has got their fears that they hide deep. >> fears that are holding us
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back. >> i think it's to do better every day of what i'm doing particularly in thinking positively and impacting the lives of others. >> i am encouraged to be the best version of myself. preachreach my potential. >> i have learned at that time you can make amazing things happen in the world. >> she never imagined her little chalkboard would be such a big citizen. most days the board fills up in hours. to handle the overthrow she created an online version of her courage wall. #we live big. >> this is a first step. >> you don't need to write on this board to take a first step. you can do it at home. you can write on a scrap of paper and share it with your
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friends. you don't need the courage board. you have the courage inside of you. you just need to make the declaration. >> to face past years and the fear of a future not yet realized. >> there is more on our website >> the u.s.-led coalition steps up airstrikes trying to regain control of ramadi. but shia militias on the grouped may be the real key to taking the city. >> it is amazing that innocent civilians were not injured here. >> nine dead at a biker game shoot out in texas. what was behind the violence? and we speak to a former member. and president obama takes new steps to keep military equipment away from the local police.