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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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their values to succeed in their careers. thanks for joining us, i'm john henry smith. the news continues live from london. very good to have your company live from london, also coming up european ministers agree to use force to beat the people smugglers,. the u.n. calls on the people to do more and how ordinary make lairn shans are helping out. and protestors, set up camp,
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demanding the president's resignation. the conflicts in iraq is is intensisaying after they captured ramadi, a city of almost 200,000 people on sunday, it is capital of sunni ann car province and she a militia getting ready to retake ramadi, and they stepped up the airstrikes in the last 72 hours and, iran, which backs the she a militia says it will help the iraqi government if asked to do so. well isil foughters are advancing east from ramadi toward the base where the she a militia are gathering and, in you the latest from baghdad. the deployment of she a
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militia is a contre very shal decision. she a force entering of the sunny heartland, there are many who are warning that this could cause tensions, the possibility of clashes between the sunni tribes, and the militias and, at the end of the day it means that the government has to rely on this. this only shows how the militias are stronger than the state in iraq. sun any leaders are warning against this and, they are asking to be armed and they want to take this fight by themselves. in the interim, more than 9,000 people have been displaced and the human suffering is only worsening. they were caught in the crossfire and, now they have no place to go, according to the international organization for might go great lakes 8,000 people were forced to leave when fighters belonging to the state of iraq, and advanced into the
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city and, people who headed towards baghdad are being questioned before being allowed to enter the capital, they want to make sure that no fighters from isil make it into the city. why run we allowed to go to baghdad? aren't we in the same country? we can't cope. it is better to die. anger towards the she a militia runs deep and there's a feeling that they have been betray he. there's been two days on the road government checkpoints and what we can't understand is that security forces just withdrew, why did they do that? the capital of iraq belongs to isil at lease for now, this is released from the group ann car seeps to have been
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abandoned, that pushed government forces out. according to government officials up to 500 security personnel and civilians were killed, either in the fighting while others who worked for the government were murdered by isil. now, the she a militia are ready to launch a counter offensive they have operate under the government sanctioned popular forces. they were responsible for pushing isil from the prove vins and they have been accused of human rights abuses and many people have still not returned to their homes. in ramadi, the regular army, and the local police were no match for isil, many were seen escaping and many leaders are blaming the government. right now we have very few option's the ground and, the best is to train the local tribes, because the only group operating under the command the prime minister is the she a
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militia, and the reluctance in bringing the tribes on board played a factor, and the retreat of the security forces. that decision will alienate many sunni tribes and some said they would consider their involvement in occupation of their province, there is concern. it's a sunni area. there is a a ethnic dispute and it's about ten years. and, there will be a clash. definitely, between the tribes. secondly, it's more weakening the central government, why? because it's not the army who is getting in. ramadi was isil's first major gain after a series of defeats the united states which leads the coalition insists it is
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confident that it will be recaptured. that may happen but winning the political battle could be harder in recaptured territories there's little or no reckon reconciliation. these pictures posted on line appear to show supports sell breaking, and the crowds, cheering and waving flags and it's said to have been taken and to say sunday, and it cannot say that it is exactly what it is. no jer if a indication. an operation sending thousands of migrants into europe could be launched in the coming weeks they backed it,
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10,000 people have been rescued trying to get to europe from libya. we adopted the crisis management concept, and the decision to establish the operation with headquarters in rome, this is allow us to continue to start the operational blank, with the commander, and in the headquarters, and to prepare for the launch of the operation itself. hopefully, already, at the next foreign affairs council in june, we might be ready to adopt the launch of the operation, that will help as we have to follow the recommendations that's the commander will have in the coming weeks. she said she was astonished, how quickly this happened and it's not as simple as saying, this is when we're going to do it. there are other obstacles to
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come. yes, the first hurdle will be getting the material assistance from the countries and we're talking about navy vessels, to take part, in this operation and money, and she hopes that those pledges would come in by the end of june, the next major minister meeting here. and, it is of essence because the sailing season is upon us, we have seen these large number of boats that is have set sail, and they're expecting still more vessels. so they need pledges of material support, and they could start straight away with surveillance and, operation intelligence gathering operations. but, in terms of any aggressive military action, that would have to wait for the resolution again, they hope that they may be able to get that resolution by end of june.
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are you getting any idea as to how it might work. we know the name of of the admiral and, but what are they going to do? it really would be frost with difficulties, they would need to operate in lib we ann what the ters and, this is one of the reasons why the security council resolution is so important and there is no one single lib we ann authority that they could get an agreement with. it's a country that is divided into factions, and many said they would oppose need kindled of intervention again. so you have a situation where there would be the smugglers who would be trying to avoid and hamper any investigation plus a refusal to cooperate from factions on the ground.
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you can see it could be extremely difficult and dangerous operation. and also, human rights groups, and, organizations advocating for the welfare of my grants, and, it can be so difficult to identify whether a boat is going to be used for people smuggling. it may be in a fishing harbor, and the next day, they bored and the first, that they would know is when people start being brought to the ship, and they would attack the ship, and could kill a lot of the migrants, who are supposed to be aimed at protecting and a very difficult under taking. thank you. turning to another major migrant crisis, they called on southeast asia to help rescue
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thousands. those who have made it to sure, are being housed in shelters, which lack basic facilities and malaysia and thailand are turning away boat loads of migrants. malaysia has taken a lee knee end approach, and they have been changing. and he traveled there on the border. they are the lucky ones. they hold the u.n. paperwork that gives them a refuge from persecution, and the paying work that gives them a way out of poverty. he came here ten years ago. his son followed on a boat five years later. the experience of their friend, three years ago is proof of how dangerous it can be. he told us he was shot by one of
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the traffickers in a fight over food. the government should let them come in, it has the resources to help. should in the push them. there is widespread sympathy, with individuals and organizations, starting campaigns to help. fellow human beinges like you and me, with our food and money, and come in, and better life and some have really been suffering, because of genocide. a week ago the fishermen found themselves inundated with several hundred migrants. they had never seen that many arrivals before, and at first, they thought they were under attack. they wanted to help, so we collected money for food and drinks. on the beach you still find
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evidence of their desperate arrival, into malaysia, if they are to to go to miramar, it would be the only sign that they were here. these new arrivals face a different fate, detention and a likely return. the authority's have to hope their message that the newcomers are no longer welcome will be stronger, from the persecution and poverty. not guilty two french police acquitted to the death of teens a decade ago, an ina dent, in which these riots happened and they're becoming fewer in the state of virginia, where they are being encouraged to share their insecurities on the courage war.
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the center of the iraqi town ramadi a day after isil took control thousands of she a milllish sha arrived to take it from isil. and they want to disrupt the business model of people smuggling and, trafficking networks. the decision was made had a few hours ago in brussels. u.s. secretary general is calling on southeast asia shan governments to help migrants who
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have been abandoned at sea. the word from yemen, is that saudi led airstrikes will avoid the play seaport so they can get into the country. the airstrikes are presumed for a 5-day cease fire ended on sunday and sources say these pictures show a houthi checkpoint being targeted. iran says it regrets there hasn't been an extension of the fire. we need to deal with the crisis and, of course, the political solution is the only solution and, that is why we believe, that, yemen dialogue should take place as soon as possible under the u.n. the president sank three members of his cabinet for a failed coup, they fired gunshots where protests against
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the president continue. there have been calls to suspend the election. and the president is seeking a third term in office, and now the latest from the protestors frontline. they have moved in and as you can see some of the leaders, have come to try to negotiate saying, they want to move forward, and no you cannot, you cannot go beyond this point. they broke through and, the soldiers, thought it was better to let them through because they didn't want to have an incident. and they don't know where the people are going. that's why they couldn't get very far, barbed wire, so they had to make a turn, into another road and there they are up there, and some had said, let's
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go this way and right now, they still say they have a right to protest ♪ ♪ they say they don't care, about the soldiers. they say is,. the french court has cleared two police officers of charges relating to the death ofs two teens. the two were accused of not helping the boys despite knowing they were in danger, approaching the path. and now in court. suspense in the courtroom before the verdict. the families of the two hoping their long ordeal would end with the conviction of two police
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officers. the father had traveled, to be here. he was 17 when he died, and the other was 15. chased by police, they jumped into an electricity substation, where they were electrocuted. their deaths led to rioting. and, thousands of cars were lit and the government declared a state of emergency. we were not allowed to film the verdict. the judge ruled that there was no clear evidence, that the police officers, knew they were in danger. the two police officers were acquitted. there was anguish and despair from the friends and family, this woman shouts we waited ten years but the police are above the law,. this has highlighted some of
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the deeper social wounds and many young people feel alienated. and these problems are as rel a will a vant in 2015 as they were in 2005. but the lawyer for police officer was addaley mant, the case was always weak, and unconvincing he said. from the first day, i have always said, this trial should never have come to court. it was like something out of russia. no new evidence, came out what sorry. so, the police will feel vindicated and there is a danger that this verdict may polarize the society rather than heal it. the prime minister is going to hold a rally, in in the next few hours, as protests against him continue. they have been camping out demanding his resignation.
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he's accused of involvement in the corruption, and wiretapping. and he is there. it has begun this looks like the making after 10th village in the center of the city, outside the government building, where the prime minister has his offices. are you with the social democrats? yes. tell us what's going here. things are just beginning. yes. that's true. we are camping here, until all the people from the area, and they give resignations. we're going to make the full thing just like a small village. what do you want to happen? my goal here, why i am here, is because half of my friends
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are abroad, and they're working there, and they are looking for a better future, and even though they have a degree, and here they are educated very well, and they weren't able to find jobs and work here. so they went abroad. that's why today i'm here, and last night i was here, and i'm going to be here tonight and everyday after until he resigns. ♪ everyone whatever, nationality, together we're fighting for our future. thanks very much. so there you have it, a tent village setting up establishing itself in the heart of the city. and the hope is that they will be able to cause the prime minister to leave his offices and they say, that they believe
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they won't leave until he does. three members of the group have been arrested, at a demonstration, in northern spain. police add clear a human chain to arrest them, who are part of being a group. briton's nuclear weapons program is a disaster, waiting to happen, according to a whistle-blower, the royal navy, has run off to publishing a series of allegations about lapses, and safety and security. now, this report. failing dispeurty leading submarines with fire risks, and a lack of rules for sea men for either a nuclear accident or a terrorist incident. not the sort of think is a fitting description of it's nuclear capability. but it is painted by this man, who is termed
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whistle-blower and went to the run, his passport details and navy i.d. card, he describes how they weren't served, and there were leaks inside the subs, and close to electrical equipments and he and others, managed to climb inside a nuclear missile and this was given the terrorist a perfect opportunity to send war heads crashing down. all this comes in a sensitive time. the scottish national party which is anti nuclear, has just won 56-59 seats in westminster and this is a gift. it's important to remember those are just allegations but they are very serious and they have to be looked at, immediately, and, i think the minister of defense has to have an inchoirry into what has been
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alleged because they are serious feelings, and if half of that is true is worrying. the navy takes security, safety extremely seriously and is now investigating it. the protestors who camp outside won't be reassured that they are sea worthy and safe. some argue this makes the case for a replacement all the more urgent, and it makes the defense capability, look unconvincing. lawrence lee. the north korea hasn't come close to taking steps to slow its nuclear weapons program john kerry made his comments, on reports that they test fired a missile, and he condemned the move and called for an end to it. and this was when he was in the
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capital, and meeting the president there. we don't have him. dozens of people are being killed in a landslide in columbia heavy rains caused the river to burst its banks and brought a landslide down and 39 people died and the search is underway for those people who are missing as result. thousands of minors, have gone on an indefinite strike and strengthen the labor laws, and, taking part, demanding the repeal of a law which makes it easier to fire employees and they want the use of contractors restricted. and they are the third producer of silver, and copper. there are some who believe that writing down insecurities may encourage people to overcome
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their greatest fears, in the project, in west virginia, they are invited to do that, it's called the courage war. it's nothing more than a simple blackboard, transformed into what its creator hopes will be a starting point and those wishing to change their lives and, so far, unable to take that first step. it's called the courage wall, using chalk they finish the sentence, i wish i had the courage to -- with their own secret hope and dreams. nancy, created the wall after struggling to overcome her own fears of fail your. i realize that in my own life and, my own courage, it was lacking, and it resonates with everybody, because they have their fears. fears that are holds us back. they get better everyday,
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and impacting it, and of others, and less fortunate. i wish i had courage to be the best person of myself. i have learned that, it's bold, and if you take risks, you can make amazing things happen in the world. she never imagined her little chalkboard would be such a big success. most days, it fills up within hours, so to handle the overflow she created a online version-every courage walk, we live big. we live big, and then, a facebook and instagram account. so this board is the first step. it's one one way to take the first step, and, to take a first step and, you can do it at home and you can write on a scrap of paper and, put it on your fridge, and share it. and you don't need a courage board, you have the courage inside of you. to erase past fears in
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favor after future, not yet real live. now, you take a trip down to our website that's . fallout from ferguson. the white house is taking new steps to keep military-grade weapons away from local police departments. shutting down the port of seattle. activists are doing everything they can to stop an oil rig from heading north to the arctic. ramadi falls into isil hands. now the u.s.-led coalition steps up air strikes trying to regain control.