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tv   News  ALJAZAM  May 19, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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out of china, where the manager it is not because of his reputation as a dope cheat. a protest they are insisting that he drop his bid for a third term, have been confronted by police, in the capital e.u. says its offices have come under fire and it wants extra security from the government. shots are being fired to break up the crowded and some are beaten, and there were a number of arrests. the protestors say, he wants to
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stay on the president and it violates the constitution and we will hear from him on the television. and we'll report on that. and one of the renaigrade generals staged a coup. let's go to our correspondence dent live, and you'll tell me whether there's a certain tension ahead of the t.v. announcement and, he's been out and about, and, the situation on the streets very fragile. yes, on tuesday there were more protestors than there were on monday, and they tried to march, in the central district, and, that seems to be their plan and, the first and they turned and don't worry we're coming back and, they did. and they had more people and they pushed through that barricade and, they went up to the edge before you enter, and
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that's when the police said, that's too far and started taking and, told them to go back and, some were arrested and police grabbed some of them, and, forced them and, it was quite tense and it it was disbursed and they said this is not the end because they're saying they don't feel that conditions are right and they don't want the president to run for a third term. they've been saying this for sometime now we're expecting to hear from the president addressing the country, i am wondering whether any of those people, think that it's likely that he's going to say enough is enough, and i'll step down. or whether he is going to brazen it out. a lot of people expect a long drawn out battle and some people don't think he will step down and what they think could
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happen, it could be postponed and, buy him more time and after the protests were discharged, it was calm and quiet, and then, rumors started going around the city, that some people are not happy with the appointment that the president made and he sacked some ministers and some people, and some of the army are not happy. so some say, they want to close their shops and hurry back to go home, because there would be something happening either late in the day or the evening. and it's been quiet, and it shows how one simple rumor and one simple announcement, just causes people to panic and shutdown things and, people are tense, and many are saying, they don't think this is over. thank you.
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they feel attacks and most of them have gone across the boarder to tanzania. this tiny fishing village wasn't prepared for its population to double in just two weeks. life, has changed dramatically, because of the flow of people. there are now more refugees than locals. most of us are cowing, and most are full, and it was blocked. too many refugees, and diseases. further along the banks lake, the problem is the same, too many new arrivals, and not enough clean water. they're drinking out of the lake and unclean water and
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that's a recipe for disaster. diseases like cholera from contaminated water or food can kill within hours and there have been several deaths. family members are dying in front of our eyes, and we have heard that some people will bring in medication, it won't be enough because there is so many people here. many more are on their way and, tanzania soldiers check young and old as they wait for buses to a nearby camp and the adults know that peace have been fragile and anyone over 20 lived through civil war. unresolved ethnic rifle rides are a factor in the current crisis. 300,000 people died, when the ethnic groups funned against each other.
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there is somehow -- university students, says he and many others have run away because they're scared it could happen again. rebels, in south sudan say they captured a refenry. and it is operating and they were told to shutdown and, get their stuff out of the area. the rebels who are loyal to the former deputy president have been fighting government troops around there for months, they do control key oil install lacings as a way to force him to step down. and south sudan information man, says there are no refineries in the area. he said he believes they won't be able to bring the country to a standstill.
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[inaudible] only refindry that we have was military and, it was closed before it could be opened and they claimed that they captured it, it is not correct. we have no. they have no refindry over there. they believe that, is only, they are demanding that and revenge and they come up with their own objective and can they achieve that? i don't believe that they can bring anything. they will not make it. they have to accept what the government is. well that's the story about the economic and the oil and what about the children's organization groups in south sudan have been abducted, and raping and killing children as young as 7. the increased risks. villages burned and people
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killed, and women and girls raped, and thousanded displaced and, since south sudan began fighting with rebels, 17 months ago, these scenes have been common many in the last two weeks, children have been the targets of armed groups. some of the victims. [inaudible] when the attackers came, they took them into the fire. they tried to take them away from me, and i said they had to kill me first. that teen mo and baby survived and they join the 1.9 million south sudan niece who have been displaced and half are children, and in recent weeks, dozens of children have been killed and at least a dozen raped and offers kip
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kidnapped and violated. [inaudible] low side and impacting many more children and, they have been horrifying and very, very dark time, the way things are going. and the attacks against children co one side with the military operation against rebels, in unity states. since december, 2013, the president has been batting a rebellion by his former vice-president, the elections were supposed to be held next month. but in march parliament extended for another three years. the international committee of the red cross says, as the fighting continues civilians will be at greater risk, south sudan has a high rate of nall nourish men as more leave their homes, they will suffer.
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well there's been a big jump in the new ebola cases in the last week, guinea, and sierra leon, have more cases and it shows that the virus, will not go quietly. now, the worst offensive country, was declared, ebola free, ten-days ago. coming up for you yemen's government calling for the creation of safe zones, as it looks to resume its zones. 11 police are jailed for standing by as an afghan woman was lynched and burned. the escape, the scale of the biggest accident, in practice for indy 5 then
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iraq security forces have been sen back to ramadi, to retake the city from isil. the military, and police will be helped by she a make lib sha groups and move the united states groups back. they are preparing for pa war and, some 30 kilometers east, and they plan to push deep, into the sun any heart land to recapture favor tore. we're announcing that the forces are getting ready to take back anbar the people have asked for our help, and, they
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were reluctant. the anbar did request such assistance, when ramadi city fell to isil, and the council is not representative of all sunni tribes and many don't want she she a make litsch sha on their land,. they are insisting that these mighters are no longer militias and operate under the government. they are trying to calm fearersion and the u.s. has concerns and now it says, it backs the government's decision, there are those who don't agree they say that the paramilitary troops are stronger than the states and for the time being they are the only force capable of fighting isil, and regular forces are still weak, and they weren't able to hold ground, in the stays of isil's offensive. they are stepping up
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airstrikes and, help the iraqi government. but isil is still on the offensive, and people, in the town are on the move, the armed group targeted security forces in the town, east of ramadi the fighting over recent days has displaced thousands and make ship camps are being set up, still under the control of the government and its local allies and not all sunni tribes support the government and dissent is growing. we are here to help our people who have been abandoned by officials they aren't doing anything. reaching out to the people of anbar is needed to win the war, and government has done little. what have our children done to deserve this? we haven't eaten for two days. battle for anbar has not gun, and already, there are fears of its consequences, sunni leaders have demanded that they
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secure it, and de peteing isil is just the first challenge. she a milisha could mean another war. 28 soldiers have been rescued from ramadi, a day after isil stormed the city, pictures here released show the search and rescue operation taking place on monday. lifting out soldiers, from the rapid reaction force. joining us from washington dc a retired bringing deer general from the iraqi army. general, when you see rescue efforts like that, and know that the military had to be such a hayesty retreat and they're getting ready to go back in again, what sort of chances dos they have? well, thank you for having me. first of all, let me tell you, that, iraqi armed forces,
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which have been drawn from ramadi, has been engaged constantly, in resistant fighting against isis for the past 18 months without any break, to rest, and refill, recompensate the casualtyies and their capabilities that they have lost. so, it sounds like you don't think they have much of a chance. sorry. it appears you don't think they have much of a chance, they're tired and, they have lost men. this is the situation and of course, we need to justify and, we need to explain why this situation has taken place. why the government, why the security forces, were not able to secure ramadi, any more, two
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days ago. so, the first reason, that i have, is that iraqi security forces was unable to secure the city, any more. the second, reason, which is really elaborated the political dispute that iraqi government, is experiencing, with their partners -- may i -- with their international partners. sorry if i have to jump in. i want to talk about the position on the ground, rather than the problems believe seen. let's talk about the shia militia, are they now more powerful than the iraqi military? does that not pose a danger?
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this is the main problem one month ago iraqi government decided to take all anbar from isis but because of the things takenflation on a dispute of shia militia and forces or units, parse and the fight against isis, anbar council was disputing with the government, but, those who disputed with the government, did not present any feasible alternative for the iraqi government. i think the situation is dire. and the priority for the government, international partners is how to defeat isis.
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now the hospital is where they are. terrified, and continues around the hospital, and, in the province the government, have parachuted in reinforcements, to the local hospital, where the army, and 250 are under seize. they haven't reached the hospital yet but three have been killed. in the village another chlorine copy mikal weapon attack was reported. it's the third one this week, and also, the largest military base has been abandoned and al-qaeda say it's in their hands
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now. the state media say they retreated and the units moving to reinforce troops. and they have been battling for key positions. and, it is important as is the province because it is the gateway to damascus. now, to coverage of yemen political factions have ben meeting in saudi arabia, and these are figures from the u.n., 1,820 people now thought to have been killed since it all began and, 54,000, in have been displaced and aid groups say that the 5-day cease fire, did allow some aid groups to get supplies into some of the 25 million people of yemen but the saudi led coalition, have been
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carrying out heavy airstrikes. and they hit weapon depos and the capital was felt, and well, they have been talking for three days in saudi arabia, and talks involving the government, and that's all finished now and political and tribal leaders are asking for a joint arab force to securities and more military support for anti houthi forces on the grounded. let's wrap it up. surrender or face war the president, who is in exile called for arab joint troops to protect civilians, the only chance to return to yemen, is
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the defeat of the houthi fighters. this will pave the way for all the conference, and the houthis have misread the concept of the truce. but the government has little control on the ground, it says talks with houthi can only happen if they pull out from areas, besieged. they must understand that they will not be a solution, without the whole thing expecting the resolution of the security council, they have to withdraw, they have to understand, that what they are doing, is bringing dissensions and probably splintering the country. this is the leader one of the most powerful parties in
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yemen, he played, a significant role, in the uprising that toppled the former president. the houthis are the ones who declared war on the people, we have to resist them. but if they seem united against the the houthi, they're far less unighted about the future the succession knit invite south are determined to break away from the north. people of the south are looking for a partnership, of the north and they were two states and any future agreement is that yemen is two separate states. coalition war planes, bomb houthi positions. there are heavy clashes in the cities. millions of yemen niece fear
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the violence will only aggravate the country's humanitarian situation, the international community seems unwilling to get involved in yemen. its main goal for now is to bring together all the feuding factions to negotiate a deal and, give diplomacy a chance. in columbia the word is now that 62 people died in a terrible landslide, they are still looking for people, who are missing. those people were asleep and when the landslide hit the municipality, and taking away homes and, bridges and, as we drew in alexandra we ask if anything exworsen? now there's flooding.
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most of the people are trying to help find their loved ones, that are still missing. many of them are trying to clean the rubble and rescue operators are looking for people, all along the river and even far away from villages like this one, or the central municipality, down into the valley because they are afraid more bodies may have been carried away by the water. watsoner, and the land slippage itself is was this just one community or were there other communities in the line of fire that managed to escape? well, the town itself, it's pretty much, still inn one piece, except for the smaller houses that were built, along the ravine, and the fact is,
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that here, it's a very rugged place, and very seismic as well activity. and also the fact that, there are many houses, that are quite precarious in the way they are built. so this makes it like a perfect cocktail for this kind of disaster. and we've seen many of them in columbia in past years. this village has been hit the hardest and offers are safe, and i think this shows that the government needs to take a closer look to the places, at risk and, try to prevent the disasters. well, we'll leave you for that. u.s. regulators say the japanese are declaring vehicles defective. it's believed to be the largest
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auto recall, in history honda and, they have brought it, and after tests show that airbags made by them were liable to explode with too much force resulting in them shooting out slammal, and six deaths have been connected with that. the news-hour a win in the war, against human trafficking and, they got a kingpin who handed himself in. these are the teachers, in france rallying against school reforms, and the school's education system, one of the most equal in the world. this is sports news here, arrested in a football match fixing investigation. and we'll have more and the rest of the sports a little bit later
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top stories now protestors demanding, that the president drop his bid for a third term in
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office and clash with police in the streets. the u.n. says armed groups have been raping, and killing children, in south sudan and many, in the last two weeks. iraq security forces have been sent back to ramadi, to retake the city, from thes the will. now, state backed sexual, in e just has gone up, since the military took over, in 2013. and human rights. it accuses security forces of subjecting detainees to gang rape and virgin naty tests and men, women and children are being abused to eliminate public protest. they found that those who did this are rarely being held
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to account. and talk to the assistant professor, and a member of the rule of law and out of new york, were you surprised when you heard of this? was it something that you have known about for sometime? we were not surprised to hear it, and they silence it, by using sexual violence, it began under mubarak, and those who took to the streets could have saved it, and, the state targeted the top-three female journalists by stripping them of the clothes in the streets and the signals is they can't protect its top-three
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journalists by the state, this is a way to silence the voices and it has continued on. during the initial phases, the first images we saw were women clashing with state, and then, president mubarak saying these were unchased daughters and how can the revolution be carried by such girls, and then we saw the reports of virgin naty tests and now, the extreme violation against women. i wonder, if those people, who make these allegations what way you have a find out if it is accurate? well, according to the standards of amnesty international, they have to tren pel verify reports before they publish it and there are mo egregious crimes that are committed, but they can't be published and we have seen
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u-tube footage and testimony that this is happening. but if you really look at what the you the ultimate cost is, when society becomes so afraid of sending, allowing their sons to protest because of what could happen to their sisters and mothers, and allowing their daughters to go and voice opposition, because of what could happen to them, and rounded up and sexually exploited, what you're seeing is the return after moment in history that happened in the past where social control comes from instilling fears in society that the unknown punishment is so severe, it's best to be silent. thank you. 11 afghanistan police
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officers have been found guilty and, four men have been sentenced to death for murdering the woman and some are questioning the fairness of warmth on in the courtroom. the judge said police failed to help her, and the mob beat her in broad-daylight and that and their fair your to carry out police duties 11 to a year in jail and nine others were set free. investigating this case, and now, it is in keeping with the constitution and police law. they know their rights. this was the second-round of verdicts in the first four men got the death penalty and eight others 16 years in prison. 18 others were free for lack of evidence, and all can
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appeal. the court case is unique, for its openness, and televised live and, it's the first time police have been publicly prosecuted and also some irregularities. not all had defense lawyers and instead each was given a chance to speak for himself. some of of the most prominent have haven't been caught. those in court to watch the case say they are digs appoint he. it was a political case, it was designed, how to calm people's mind, she was killed, and they are going to give death penalty and that would be the perfect answer, to them. the murder shocked afghanistan, and many hoped it would spark a change in the justice system and the sentences have been too light and not all the killers have been brought to justice.
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there's a shrine on the spot, and this stleet has been named in her memory and now there's no certainty that it will change the attitude of women and violence against women. got off killing five, near the justice minis thing. this is after the explosion by the suicide bomber and, just as they were finishing work and, getting on buses. a former has plead not guilty and, she was mocked boy supporters leaving court on bail accused of failing to prevent cour ruption, due to arise scheme. and the charges have been made up some say to damage her.
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the promises to return in thigh land, the general elections might be delayed by 6 months. thailand's military leader to allow a new constitution, and stop the family winning back power. u.n.'s refugee agency now offering to help malaysia, and a crisis that sees thousands. and, 2,000 including women and children are facing starvation, after more than 40 days trapped on boats. malaysia, thigh land and indonesia are refusing to allege september them. thigh land police say, the suspected kingpin has turned himself in. let's hear from scott, who is in
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the south of thailand . police say they have evidence that an army general was involved and, a million tail denied this. in some cases fishermen have helped out and the thigh land's nay have i have assets to deploy, and they have been looking for them and they haven't seen any sign of them. for the first time, there will
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be high-level meetings between thailand indonesia and malaysia, and on wednesday they will sit down with a meeting and, many are hoping there will be decisions about the fate of those thousands still adrift ut at sea many who are struggling just to survive. now, we turn our attention to a u.s. biker gang, members of such gangs are reporting to be heading to waco texas after the shootout, between two priel gangs, and the police have asked them to stay off the roads and they say they, the police, have snipers on the rooftops, in case of attacks and 170 members have been charged with engaging in organized crime. the u.n. is saying that unprecedented progress is being made, in education in the last 15 years,.
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leaders, of 156 countries setting it out for the next 15 imleers, and the u.n. wants them to be free and quality primary and secondary education . the teachers on strike, about proposed to give schools more freedom to handle their own affairs. a recent indexes is it is one of the most equal in the world, and, they want out to
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meet the teachers. education reform, raised its head every five years or so, and the ames are the same, regardless of the government that's in power namely to restore a perceived golden age of the school system and secondly to arrest the decline of the french schools when compared to international standards. now, this time, it is the french president and his young 37-year-old education minister -- what they have done, perhaps uniquely is to unite everybody against them- we have a problem with foreign languages, and we're not good and english is worse and we are not good and we're going to be worse. we don't know, if it is worse and we don't have an idea how it will work. and so, it's all very messy and we don't like the medicalsy. we have reason not to -- the decision is that, 1200 post
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will. [inaudible] he described it as empty headed and scandalous and madam, retorted, her opponents were pseudo intellectuals and you can see the bitterness by all sides. traditionalists are critical of phasing out latin and greek and, teaching of history and the reform would make voluntary a option. it's also got international/political implications as well, there was a presentation by the german emphyy just last month giving their concerns about the proposed reforms saying that the downgrading, of the german language would have important business implications between france and germany affecting
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airbus board and to see if they pitch against left leaning teachers, and, the reality is, both sides agree on the problem and, that is to try to remove the elites such as the media and, politics where they disagree on. russia says it wants access to two of its citizens held by the ukraine. now, he reports. they wasted no time in showing men off and fighting, in eastern ukraine and both men admit they're members of russia's special forces and both were wearing russian uniforms and, carrying their weapons and mosco is supporting them. and with equipment and regular soldiers on the ground.
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on tuesday the russian foreign minis thing demanded the right to see them and denied, they currently serve in the russian army. on may 16th, two russian army officers were captured,. they're from the third unit of a special mission. russian backed septists have been fighting for over a year, and the 6,100 have been killed. the officials have long claimed, regular russian troops have been fighting ukraine and months co says, any rich shans that may be there are volunteers and, they signed a peace deal, in february, which was meant to see a separation of forces and nerd side has fulfilled its obligations. in the capital and nato, they claim rich sha's active
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involve, is undermining the peace. we speak the same language, and, the agreement and we are saying this with the same firmness because this is the condition for peace. the capture of what appears to be two regular soldiers engaged in fighting has strengthened the hand and gives a hollow ring to moscow. scotland yards says it has arrested nine men and three pensioners in the jewelry heist. they have recovered a significant amount of high value property, during raids in london and kent the easter weekend burglary members sawed through the walls to get in. still ahead, sport a new
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home for one of spain's modern football los angeles gens and the ten authors four africans, awaiting the international prize
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justin gather land said he was kicked out, in beijing with no explanation, he had two bans
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for doping. and, after he expressed concerns about his fitness, he says the organizers asked him to leave. no official response, about why he won't be competing and his manager has denied reason is because of his past doping. and he had 9.74 seconds, the fastest in the world, this year. they will appeal the one million fine and loss of two draft choices. kraft said he was putting the league before his franchise because at no time should the agenda of one team override the good of the 39, and the quarterback is, not affect had by this, and that's already been filed. the girlfriend of indy car-race ser says he's awake and communicating after his crash on
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monday in practice, at the endy 500 race, and they said he was lucky to be alive. he had to be cut out of his car after being speared by the leg and, suffered major blood loss, and, won't race again this season and he was the fourth serious crash leading to major concerns over safety. they are playing for their first game, 20/20 international on friday. and they touchdown, in the early hours, it became the first nation to enter pack cast stand for two years. they were suspended after the government attacked them, and the same city will host all five games two 2020 matches and, 4,000 security are deployed to protect the party, in a major
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security operation. despite that cricket's governing body has begun it own umpires, as it does, for matches, and two umpires will be used and now more from outside the stadium which is in lockdown. welcome to the stadium, in the city, which is going to be the venue for match between simp back bay and pack cast stand, it has taken 6 long years, to convince a team to come here and play, there is unprecedented security, to ensure that the games go smoothly the military has launched a major offensive against the taliban and that has created a conducive environment, restoring law and order and although the threat still remains, the team has done a brave thing to come here and
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though show the people that they are serious about described kit and they want to send a message to the people, that they are there to play a leading role. a country where people are passionate about the game. we are very happy to see a international team after six long years and, we hope that more teams will come to pack cast stand as the security situation is far better than before. almost all the tickets are sold-out and the match isn't until friday and people are very excited after such a long time as the people are cricket lovers. it also means that pack cast stand will come out of the isolation, its own team has had to play in the u.e., and this will indeed be good cricket and give an opportunity for the pakistani team to show that they can still play the game.
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another match facing scandal interrupted, a game and, 0 people arrested. sweep is connected to an investigation into the suspected rigging of dozens of games in the third and fourth divisions of italian football. over 70 people have been place under surveillance, players coaches, and officials from for than 30 clubs and one police officer. the match in barcelona will head to qatar who his father said that it, his son would sign there, after a career spent there. and he is most decorated player, and won a world cup for the national side and spanish media are reporting the move will be made official on thursday.
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what aplayer he is. yes. a chance to win him back. thank you very much. now in the next couple of hours, the winner will be announced, and the african writer prominent and now some of those who could take it. it's one of the most coveted awardeds in lit sure. the international prize is given to those that tran send borders. many of this year's finalists are unknown outside their own countries and not any more. twist her spine. for the first time, four out of tone are from africa, with themes of colonial limit and conflict and migration and
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prize is awarded every two years, to writers publishing, fiction and they include the author and, one of the price has drawn, the u.k. and commonwealth, and its hope will hope promote foreign writers it's a difficult challenge. it is hard enough to sell audauthorities nationally, within big mces like the uk, how do you sell international in markets like that. it's difficult. evening to get translated into english, to get published in the u.k., is already hard. to then get taken notice of is another game entirely. and that's where they become very important. %lish shers rely upon it, to help the market, and readers
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see, short listed, winner of the prize, and a sure sign, that they're about to embark on something special and for winners of the international award, they go to the global stage. he has been writing fiction in hungary for 30 years. people with sympathy are the same all over the world. and with sympathy, the readers can. can read my books actually in the same way. an increasely globalized world, for a author to be great they're expected to reach an international audience. and the world market is eager for new talent. i'm david and for me and all of the news, thanks for watching. see you next time.
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>> it's not looking pretty. i gotta pay my bills. >> you gotta do somethin', you know? try to keep your head above water. >> sunday... $38. thursday... $36. for this kind of money i really don't give a s**t. >> a real look at the american dream. only on al jazeera america. >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned".
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people protest against burundi with tear gas and beating demonstrator demonstrators. ♪ hello there i'm christie and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up iraqi troops sent back to ramadi to fight with shia malitia against i.s.i.l. fighters. an entire neighborhood swept away rescuers search for survivors after a landslide in columbia. and the