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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> on the defensive iraqi forces battle isil fighters as they make major gains in iraq and syria. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. malaysia's prime minister orders his navy to search for desperate migrants. an estimated 4,000 are still atranscript. preventing protests police backing the president clamp down on demonstrators on the streets of the capitol.
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and a state of emergency in california, as almost half a million lit litters spill from a pipeline. hello, the momentum from fighters from zimbabwe. laic state appears to have accelerated. that's in stark contrast to the group was in retreat. what is thought to be the last government held border crossing between iraq and syria. that's a day after fighters enter the word heritage site in syria. emma hayward reports. >> everybody appears to have fled, no eking that isil has been edging closer day by day. with their own camera rolling isil fighters are relentless, in their destruction of any symbol of the syrian regime. past, and present.
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palmyra is in the hands of these fighters just a few weeks ago isil was said to be oen the run now it is struck at the heart of syria's ancient past, and it's modern infrastructure including the national hospital and security head quarters. the fall has caused alarm for the thousands of civilians who are thought to be trapped inside. many have come here seeking sanctuary from other parts of syria. again in a video release local people it is unclear whether this emotion is genuine. >> isil has used fear and terror to control the fall. with no clear strategy to strike back, isil's momentum has taken many by surprise. there will be much soul searching in syria and beyond. about how to stop this group from taking more territory. emma hayward, al jazeera.
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in other developments at least 22 people have been killed in fighting between libyan soldiers. fit people were injured during the bat until the eastern city. rival groups have been fighting for control for more than a year now and in recent months this has included members of isil. the conflict so far has killed hundred of people and displaced thousands. meanwhile, isil is also making gains inside iraq, where heavy fighting is underway. from baghdad. there is a new front line, in province. in the east of ramadi there is a fierce fight. isil has taken some towns in the district. forces loyal to the government are trying to prevent the arm ad group from getting closer to a main base a few kilometers away. the zimbabwe.
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laic state hasn't lost it's momentum, just days after seizing the provincial capitol. there are those that belief the armed group may not just want to grab territory, it wants to drain the resources of the opponents. >> does isil want to settle or be a mover. this is the idea of being a moving combat, or a moving group, is that you are always threatening so many fronts, especially when the defensive military forces are not equipped and not ready. >> shia militia commanders are moving some of their troops from the front lines this is part of on going preparations for the counter offensive. >> these men are known as the popular mobilization force, and they will lead the fight in the sunni province.
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they were called in after the regular forces and anbar's local police were not able to hold off the assault. there are a shortage of government soldiers in anbar and authorities are now asking before volunteers to join the prime minister, also says that they will speed up the training of the local police, and arm and recruit sunni tribesman, it is not the first time they make such a promise, to integrate sunnies into the security forces. many are skeptical that this plan will work, especially because there has been a long time opposition from shia politician. only the front line, militia men are seen fighting alongside the local police and fighters. two government has been trying to show that this fight is being waged by iraqis and is not a shia war against anbar sunnies. there is a need to create a
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nonsectarian army in iraq, attempts in the past have failed but the country is at a dangerous cross roads and with multiple front lines iraqis need to unite now more than ever. al jazeera, baghdad. malaysia's prime minister has ordered the navy to search for thousands of lost at sea. more than 3,000 have been rescued or come ashore in indonesian in the past month in addition to the search, malaysia says lit allow 7,000 migrants in, but only temporary shelter playerly many of the migrants who have come ashore are in poor health, some spent months at sea before they were rescues. where they are being cared
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for. nigh all the thought they were going to die, when they were finally rescued they simply couldn't believe it. doctor whose have examined them, say their condition is very very bad. most of them are dehydrated mall nourishes they have infections and all kinds of skin diseases and authorities here, are struggling to take care of them. we thought we had died already, and would meet got almighty soon. we were so cared. >> many of them were still at sea. that the navy said that they are not actively rescuing anyone who is still stranded in their boats until they get a direct order. to change the policy to send away everyone who is illegally entering the territory. >> this mean the time is running out, and looking at
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the condition of those who have just arrived one day ago, is clear. that there's no time to lose. where two people have been shot dead and on going demonstrations. women try to protest in the capitol. the police seem determined to stop them, and did. the women are against president's for a third term. >> we don't want people to die because of the selfishness of our leaders. >> the police eventually leave. defeated the women are too distraught to protest. >> the police have shown they mean business. the capitols han't been
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peaceful for weeks. on thursday, police and member of the presidential guard disburse people trying to march to parliament, where the president was swearing in new ministers. at least one person was killed. people here say they are tired of the violence and death, they are begging the international community to intervene. >> this person has just been killed in front of us, the president obama and the rest of the world needs to rise up and be seen, they need to stop this there is a heavy security presence, many people say they don't feel safe. >> a man was shot and killed in this neighborhood, after that happened protestors got scared and they ran away. they say it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to come on to the streets. nearbily 200 people have been arrests since the protests began nearly a month ago. many have also been injuries or killed. despite this they say they won't stop until the president give as plan to
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hang on to power. al jazeera. a mass i clean up operation is entering a third day. >> close toe the town on the southern california coast. here at the beach is the center of the clean up effort which has really only just begun. they are manually going across the surface and trying to pick up as much as possible. this is the great ireny is that this is sort of california at it's most beautiful. this is in fact the birthplace of the environmental movement in the middle of the last century and so the idea that oil spilled here has
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californians feeling particularly tragic about these circumstances. it's of course, also led governor brown the governor of california to declare a state of emergency, and create a unified command. there are boats out in the water there's the crews hereby onshore, trying to deal with this situation the company, plains pipeline which created the pipeline that spilled says that over 2,000 barrels of oil were lost inland, and at least a quarter of that reached the ocean, it is now spreading across an area, at least nine miles maybe more as it spreads in all directions. and this is the migratory season of many. blue whales gray whales, porpoises, the sea lions they are all moving to their feeding areas right now. and so we are seeing terrible scenes of those animals swimming right through this spilling. this is of course one of the most toxic things that man has ever created and so the idea these products are now
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in the water being injected touching these anle mas all of that deepening the tragedy that everyone is responding to here. >> still ahead for you. violence on the streets as chili's president tries to convince the nation that she is the right person for the job. plus. >> i am lawrence lee in the skies other lithuania as nato increases the rhetoric over the russian threat, so the baltic states.
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to the east of the city. >> in the an bar. >> in other news, in chili at least one student has been seriously injured during an antigovernment protest. the demonstrations came as she delivered her annual state of the nation speech. al jazeera latin american editor has more.
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riot police and protestors have been playing cat and mouse for hours now. even as the president was delivering her state of the nation address. a mixture of students trade union leaders and representatives are just about every organization that's dissatisfied with the way the government is handling things came out to protest. riot police in far gear far outnumbers the demonstrators who refused to back down, clearly in the mood for a fight. >> violent clashes during an annual address have become almost a tradition. but this year, the atmosphere is even more charged. exactly one weeing ago, there was a protest here, and as demonstrators were scribbleling graffiti, the man living in the apartment above began firing on the crowd. killing two students right where i am standing. as police held back, the president focuses on what she called the government's
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accomplish comments. chili is going through one of it's most important transportation processes in history, what we have before sus the opportunity to build among everyone a better country. but no one here was listening. this is a protest by the social movement, that do not feel represented by what she is saying. >> the president recognizes she has a serious credibility problem, she made a number of proposals hoping to win back confidence in her government, but as one of the signs held by the people we see here read we don't believe in her any more, which means she will have to do a lot more than make proposals. >> a u.s. jury has recommended that. >> thats against all six officers involved in the death of freddie gray should be judge held. they were previously charged and now indicted. he dies after suffering a
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serious spinal injury in april. his death sparked days of protests and riots in baltimore. his a stark joins us lye now and what does this mean now how important is it that you have the grand jury indictment? well, it is a critical and important step forward to move this case to the next level the state's attorney has issued charges against the officers back on may 1st and in fact all six were in court and then freed on bail. this means the grand jury is agreed with the prosecutor the state's attorney and is in fact moving forward. and the case will go forward. >> now why was some of the. >> thats enhanced. >> as the state attorney as they presented testified the
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grand jury, charges can change. and there were some changes. most of the charges were exactly what lad been announce add few weeks ago. some were dropped but now all of the us aers are charged with reckless endangerment, they were not charged with that before. and the most serious charge remains against the driver, of that van that was transporting freddie gray, he is charged with second degree depraved murder. and this essentially means that he was taking actions that he knew would be harmful and he didn't care, so he faces the most serious charges but really, these are serious charges against all six of the officers, three of whom are african-american, three of whom are white. lisa stark, thank you. >> that was one of the key issues when britain went to thele popular mobilizations called to curb immigration still high on the political agenda in figures show the
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net migration has gone up to 318,000. it is the heightest rate for a decade. the british prime minister is u.p.s. proking to bring it down to the enthes of thousands. simon mcgregor wood. >> british police on a riding looing for illegal immigrants in london p it was a good photo opportunity, for a prime minister, trying again to get tough on immigration. the latest numbers are an embarrassment to david cameron who keeps prompting targets he can't keep. >> immigration was an issue in the recent election, and he now claim as mandate for toughish action. >> so while a strong country isn't one that pulled up the drawbridge, it is one that properly controlled immigration. >> next week he is new majority government will introduce a new law promising to make the u.k. less attractive to migrants. >> one dealing with those who shouldn't be here.
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by righting out legal migrants two retomorrowing our immigration and labor market rules so we reduce the demand for skilled migrant labor and crack down on the exploitation of low skilled workers. and three addressing the speak in e.u. migration, by renegotiations in europe. david cameron paid homage to the long traditions and positive benefits but his argument, and it is one he thinks will connect with many british voters is that now the numbers are simply too high. and they are putting pressure on public services and forcing down local wages. making life harder for immigrants won't help. according to some. >> they have gone beyond tightening the boarders, they have gone before tightening these controls now it is about letting any migrants who want to try the adventure of living and working in britain for a period of time, to know they will have a very very tough time. half of last year's
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immigrants were from the european union under the cherished principle of free movement. david cameron says he is determined to get concessions unless he does, he won't get the numbers down, arguing for this country's continuing membership of europe, is promised referendum, will be much harder. al jazeera london. >> ethiopians will head to the polls in regional elections, the people's revolution democratic front is widely expected to retain power, they have won all four previous elections since the third of the regime in 1991. why they are so popular. >> airport from the occasional truck with messages and patic songs there's little else to show this is an election weak
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opposition have met these this is the fifth election, in their history. >> this is a fledgling democracy. and democracy cannot be viewed within a few years of time. but we believe we are on the right track. >> in up the port of the parties agree that the ruling party is likely to retain it's overwhelming dominance. it will mr. the 5th consecutive term, it is also widely accepted that water engineer train willing remain in power. he assumed office in 2012 after the death of former prime minister whoa rules for 21 years. we had a prime minister, now we have a prime minister office.
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that makes the decision, collectively. but it is very different from how they think because he single handedly alters most of the policies. >> the prime minister, argued that ruling is at the heart of this party isogloss fighter. >> we feel that it is a party policy that's being implemented. i am here to implement whatever policy is there. i have a cabinet. and i cannot -- without endorsing i bring proposals. >> analysts say they expect to see a more powerful, and -- when he beginning his new term in october. only then will he and ethiopia be able to get out of the shadow, who remains the most talked about ethiopian leader. al jazeera. ethiopia. >> the european leaders have
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been holding late night talks to solve greece's debt crisis. france's president is meeting the german chancellor and the greek prime minister on the sidelines of the e.u. summit. the meeting comes a day after warned they won't be able to make a payment to the i.n.s. >> now sweden says it has scrambled fighter jets to intercept two russian planes flying near it's air space. it comes as nato considers a request for thousands of troops to protect them against a possible russian invasion. s the a drill but the intention is real enough. the pilots have 15 minutes from the alarm sounding to take to the skies. thorpe scrambled for real, 150 times last year, to shadow russian aircrafts over the border.
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the current lead nation in the nato mission is norway, backed up in lithuania by the italians this they say is all about reassuring the tiny baltic states that they won't let the russians do to them, what they did to ukraine. we show them our presence, by being up there, and show they want we are nearby, and that we are on alert we are air born within 15 minutes and there's basically a show of force, do show them we are here. >> lithuania looks at ease, but the government is bringing back it's army. the military here has been war gaming scenarios about a ground invasion, as well as an air war. should they fight the russians on the streets or in the country side to protect the capitol. as well as having russia to the east is the enokay to the west, the trains carrying
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oil and russian troops past straight through. lithuania, feels surrounded. so as well as calling on nato to defend it's skies this one with lithuania stone yeah and latvia has requested a standing army of 3,000. that's a real test of the stated commitment to protecting these countries. the process will continue on the ground, the scene it will be good. >> of course the russians say this is hysterical scare among gehring we asked for but were refused an interview, one of the diplomates said to me, some people say we have our hand in everything. in propaganda terms that's no match for the open door policy to journalists. >> nato admits there has never been a single
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significant incident of a russian war plane deliberately breeching the air space of any of the baltic states. yet for all that, these pilots practice this stuff over and over again. just in case they say they very to do it for real. privately some officials say it looks strain to intend so much effort on preventing. but set against the western narrative of an unpredictable leader that prefer not to take any chances. lawrence lee al jazeera. >> the word's oldest tools have been discovered in kenya, opening up an intriguing question about man's ancestors the tools are 3.3 million years old. which means they predate the emergence of modern human beings. the discovery is forcing anthropologists into a rethink as has been thought huen mas only started making
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tools around 700,000 years later. a paleontologist and part of the team that discovered the tools. the tools we knew, were about 2.6 million years old so the question has always been where does this culture come from. there must have been something before, but we were never able to find anything that would be a good candidate, now it's been found, and it's very exciting because it is a major lead back in type from 2.6 to 3.3 and it give as lot better of an idea of how early human ancestors started to produce stone tools in a very basic way, of course and in that sense it is really is a major leap forward. because stone tools are not just interested because they are stone tools but it is a window into the brain of our ancestors.
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what they were thinking preplanning then it's very useful to look at what they produced. fascinationing story, more on that and everything we are covering you will find the latest on our top story and analysis that takes you behind the headlines that's this is "techknow", a show about innovations that saves lives. we explore hardware and humanity in a unique way. this is a show about scientists by scientists. let's check out the team of so-called nerves. lindsay moran, an analyst - new technology can make guns safer. does it work. we put it to the "techknow" test.