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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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an i.s.i.l. linked group in saudi arabia claims responsibility for a mosque bombing which killed 20 people. ♪ hello this is al jazeera live from london and also coming up, after resent gains in iraq and syria i.s.i.l. takes over the last border post between the two countries. tanzania struggles to cope with tens of thousands of refugees as further violence hits burundi. and mind control a prosthetic
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brain implant that allows a paralyzed man to lift a glass. ♪ hello there and a warm welcome to the program, a group calling itself a newly established saudi affiliate of the islamic state of iraq and the levante says it carried out the bombing of a mosque in eastern saudi arabia a suicide bomber killed 20 people during friday prayers in a shia mosque in the village of al-qadeeh and province of qatif home to a shia minority and 21 people have been killed and witnesses described a huge explosion as worshippers began prior prayers and dozens were injured and we have more from the capitol riyadh. >> reporter: the mosque was packed with worshippers at the moment of the explosion and security forces say they are investigating the case and trying to find out how the
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suicide bomber managed to get into the mosque and who it's affiliated with. in the same eastern part of the country about two months ago armed men opened fire on a shia mosque killing seven people and also targeted security forces and foreigners. the government in saudi arabia blames groups affiliated with radical groups like al-qaeda and i.s.i.l. with having attacks to destabilize the country and destabilize and exacerbate sectarian tension in the country. with the claim of responsibility of groups affiliated with i.s.i.l. this is going to raise many concerns here in saudi arabia. last month security forces say they arrested almost 90 people affiliated with i.s.i.l. and attempts by those people to launch attacks across the country particularly against the u.s. embassy in the saudi arabia
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capitol riyadh and security forces arrested people including saudis to join i.s.i.l. in syria and iraq. this is something which is definitely going to problem security forces to beef up security across the country and also goes against the saudi-led air strikes targeting forces in yemen and those loyal to saleh. in yemen a bomb has exploded at a mosque in the capitol sanaa, 13 people were injured. the targeted mosque was used by shia houthis. i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for that attack. yemen and planes from saudi-led coalition are in three yemen city and explosions rocked sanaa after the air strikes there and planes targeted an air base near the international airport as well as a stadium and a guard camp. there were also on aiden in the province to the east of the
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capitol. iran cargo ship banned for yemen is in djibouti and said the cargo of food and medical supply also be unloaded and taken by the world health organization taken to the port under houthi control. ♪ now iraq is appealing for help to fight islamic state in iraq and the levante and deputy prime minister says i.s.i.l.'s resent capture of the key city of ramadi is quote a big disaster from which iraq's forces cannot adequately fight back and i.s.i.l. continues to edge closer to baghdad. it's now taken the crossing the last syrian held border crossing between iraq and syria which sits on the main highway between baghdad and damascus and in syria itself i.s.i.l. fighters are reported to have spread
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across the ancient city of palmyra going door to door executing as many as 150 suspected assad government loyals and we report now from baghdad. >> reporter: some of these men will be sent deep into iraq sunni heart land to fight i.s.i.l. others will stay behind to protect it a strategic town that iraq and levante has tried to control in the past and for the malitia men it's not just about recapturing territory, they are protecting roots from and bartow southern iraq to prevent an i.s.i.l. attempt to advance on shia holy sites in the neighboring provinces. >> translator: i volunteer to join this battle to protect our holy shrines, we don't want i.s.i.l. to advance and threaten the shia holy sites. >> reporter: it was a controversial decision to use malitia men in the province, the government had no other choice
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because the regular forces are weak and efforts to create a nonsectarian army have failed. this is the gate to the mainly shia province and it also lies on a junction with roads south to saudi arabia. north to and bar capitol ramadi where there are highways to the capitol baghdad and neighboring jordan and syria. i.s.i.l. has captured the last border crossing between syria and iraq. it controls most of that frontier and its fighters move freely between the two countries. the u.s. which leads the coalition against i.s.i.l. down played the gains and president barack obama said the loss of territory were tactical setbacks and he insists that the war is not being lost. but many disagree. i.s.i.l. has taken over two cities in a week. ramadi and iraq and palmyra in syria, ramadi is 100 kilometers from baghdad and last major city on the road to the iraqi
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capitol. and palmyra is 150 kilometers from syria's central province of homs which is on a major cross road that is strategic for the syrian government survival. the government did invest man power and resources over the years to reclaim homs from the opposition. if it loses there damascus and coastal region would be under threat but for now i.s.i.l. controls the land between palmyra to ramadi. it's led by shia malitias. >> translator: sunni politicians who want the tribes to be armed a long time ago are now calling for a new strategy. >> translator: today and bar has fallen and has significance because it's the third of the iraqi area and the province expelled al-qaeda years ago and not just and bar but a disaster with respect to iraq and the region and this is unacceptable
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and capacity of iraqs is very limited and should be a new strategic plan for iraq and the international coalition forces to terminate i.s.i.l. in iraq. >> reporter: in syria the u.s. led coalition doesn't have any partner on the ground. it doesn't recognize the government's legitimacy. over resent months i.s.i.l. may have been on the defensive. that has now changed. dana with al jazeera, baghdad. elsewhere in syria activists in aleppo providence say at least 12 people have been killed after government helicopters bombed the province and in idlib the siege by rebel fighters of a hospital occupied by government soldiers has ended. and we have the story. >> reporter: multiple air strikes from the town here in the province of idlib. the aim of those strikes is to provide cover for more than 200 government troops besieged for over two weeks in the town's hospital. these pictures show a number of
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syrian forces escape some of them are set to be senior officers. the hospital is the last government stronghold in the town. >> translator: ten days ago they promised to end the siege, where is his force? his power and his might? but two days of joy and victory. >> reporter: the coalition of rebels which includes al-nusra fighters ally to al-qaeda took control of the town over three weeks ago and days earlier they captured the city of idlib the provincial capitol and he and the rest of idlib is important and means the rebels have a gate way to the coast, president assad's power base and a highway that connects aleppo. further north in aleppo syrian helicopters dropped barrel bombs in the north tern -- northern
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countryside and it's under rebel control and say the attacks have killed several people, all of them women and children i'm with al jazeera. dozens of people reported dead after a shootout between mexican federal police and an armed group. local media are saying that there are at least 40 casualties and the clash took place at 8:30 in the morning. it is known as an arm with heavy drugs and gangs operating and one policeman is among the dead several people were also injured in that gun fight. let's speak how to john who is in mexico city. john, what else do we know? >> well, as you say local media is saying we don't have government confirmation officially but local media and journalist is actually talking to me on the phone just a moment ago said that 43 people did and say they are getting that from federal authorities and sources in federal authorities, we have not been able to get that
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officially confirmed yet but this was a shoot out that happened between the federal police and between armed civilians, again, local journalists are telling us that that group of local armed civilians belonged to the cartel and this group has been growing in power. they have been attacking federal authorities recently. they downed an army helicopters and killed 15 policemen in an ambush and have taste for attack and authorities but according to local journalists what happened was there was a big convow of these people passing down a highway. the police ordered them to stop they didn't stop, there was a chase and at the end of that chase there was the fire fight in which more than 40 people died including a gang according to local sources and local journalists in contact with their one policeman. >> is this level of violence john, in any way normal? i know we have these powerful drug gangs who have been
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operating there but to have so many dead in one incident. >> it's really not normal actually to have more than 40 people there in one incident and it's just starting to create quite a stir here. this area the border between the states is one of the most violent areas in the country at the moment. the cartel i was telling you about are expanding their reach and being recognized by mexico and u.s. as one of the up coming cartels here getting more powerful and there is also a cartel called the knights and the government has been cutting down their power, arresting leaders and they have become weakened and actually federal officials i was speaking to yesterday were very proud of the fact they were managed to subdue the violence and cut the cartel down to size. but perhaps what we are seeing here is one cartel losing power and as we have seen before again
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the gain in mexico another cartel coming in to try and take their place and unleashing vicious turf battles and we are seeing a violent area of the country and violent incident here. >> live from mexico city john thank you. still to come on the program, the search for thousands of southeast asia migrants stranded at sea plus. it has not been an easy task given our complicated history. >> we will tell you how the latest talks have gone between the u.s. and cuba as they try to rebuild relations. ♪
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♪ welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. a suicide bomber has blown himself up in a shia mosque in saudi arabia killing about 21 people, i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for the attack which happened in the village of al-qadeeh anicka tiff. they have a counter event against aisle and they acquainted for more international help to fight the group. a dozen people are reported dead after a shoot out between mexican police and an armed group and local media say at least 40 people have been killed. three people have been killed in a double grenade attack in burundi's capitol and the attack came as neighboring tanzania struggles to cope with the growing humanitarian crisis and tens of thousands who fled
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violence in burundi following a failed coup against the president are crowned in transit centers in refugee camps, the u.n. says it has seen 3-400 new cases of cholera and 33 people have died and kim reports. >> reporter: they fled their homes in search of safety but their journey has only just begun. on 100-year-old fishing boat burundi refugees are moved south from the border to kagunga, a stadium turned transit center is their next stop. >> it was two days traveling and we had to walk long distances and police could stop us on the way and when we crossed to tanzania the police made it difficult. >> reporter: weeks of cramped conditions and poor sanitation is wreaking havoc and many arrive in the transit camp with acute diarrhea and others with cholera and they are brought to
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treatment centers and pumped with saline. >> diarrhea cases as if they are cholera. the message which you confirm cholera is you have to take soil samples and send them to a lab so it's a time confusing process. >> reporter: for here it's three hours in land their final destination near a refugee camp which is almost at capacity. cholera has been confirmed in each of the three stops and hundreds of refugees with potentially life threatening dehydration are coming forward daily. more refugees arriving in tanzania by the day. tagunga the small fishing village where they arrived is overwhelmed and 25,000 have been moved from here and 35,000 remain. aid agencies are keen to move people and cut a trail through the mountains and are leading the strongest on a six-hour hike to reach the official camp. burundi people who fled to tanzania are given refugee
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status on arrival, where to live and how to make a living will come next. for now the focus is on safety and survival kim with al jazeera. after a lull in the number of ebola cases a fresh out break in guinea is worrying health officials and the world health organization says 27 new cases have been recorded in a week compared to 7 the previous week. authorities are particularly worried that some cases have been found along the border with guinea a country with few health centers. resent ebola began in ginty in 2013 before spreading to neighboring countries. the aid agency doctors without borders is warning that the humanitarian situation in south sudan is deteriorating at an alarming rate and up surge in fighting between government troops and rebel fighters in unity and john upper nile state forced thousands to leave and catherine reports. >> reporter: there are at least
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11,000 people who are out at this u.n. camp in the regional capitol of unity state in the last few weeks. more keep coming. most of them are women and children. all are escaping villages to the south where fighting between rebels and government troops is going on. many have told aid workers that entire villages have been burned to the ground and people killed and abducted and women have been raped. doctors without borders have treated dozens of people with wounds but have been forced to suspend operations in parts of the state including here the town of the rebel leader. aid agencies are worried. the rainy season is just beginning. hundreds of thousands of people are unable to till their land. >> you have no food and it's raining, it doesn't give you, you can't eat the rain. the rains may result in
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reduction of the conflicts but for the civilians who have no access to food you have no access to drinking water or shelter or medical assistance. >> reporter: fighting is also going on in parts of upper nile and other oil rich states. the government says it's making gangs gains but they control the state capitol and captured it last week >> the longer conflicts last the longer humanitarian crisis lasts, the more fatigue sets in and the more difficult it is to continue to mobilize assistance. and south sudan is no exception. >> south sudan's economy heavily relies on oil is struggling. the cost of living is very high and millions offenders placed people do not know if they will ever go back home. both the government and the rebels are pushing to gain as much territory as they can ahead of the rainy season but this
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means thousands of displaced people are not able to plant and feed their families, they will have to yet again depend on food aid, catherine with al jazeera nairobi, kenya. columbia rebels suspended ceasefire after 26 members killed by the armed forces and air and land attack in the province resulted in seizure of a large number of weapons and columbia forces resumed operations against farc last month after attack left ten soldiers dead despite on going peace talks between the two sides in cuba. they urged the group to take part in the peace talks and put the armed forces on alert. >> translator: let there be no defeat, the same firmness and determination with which we have under gone with peace talks and put an end to conflict that plagues us for decades with the same firmness we will continue
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to fight without truce the crime in all corners of the country and this is the order to remain vigilant. >> reporter: talks between u.s. and cuba about about resurrecting finished with no official end and they want to restore embassy in washington and havana for the first time in 54 years in normalizing relations between the two nations and with barack obama and castro in december but they say more talk also be needed. both delegations agree to continue our exchanges. on issues related to the functioning of diplomatic nations so we will continue
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those conversations in the next few weeks. >> reporter: the u.s. government has released nearly 300 e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton and expected to shed light on how clinton responded to the 2012 attack on a u.s. diplomatic compound of benghazi which the ambassador was killed and was chasing a democratic nomination for president and release of e-mails would not change understanding of events surrounding the benghazi attack. navy patrols in indonesia waters failed to find boats with migrants and stepped up search operation after they agreed to temporarily take in thousands of migrants believes to be stranded at sea. and we report from northern indonesia. >> reporter: searching the sea for boats carrying rohingya fleeing persecution at home indonesia navy patrols waters where their stranded boats have
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been spotted before back then the navy sent them away now indonesia and malaysia agreed to give them shelter. international organization estimate thousands of rohingya asylum seekers and bangladesh migrants are still at sea and figures cannot be verified and united states said they will start air patrols to find more boats. those who have been rescued are still recovering from their month at sea and they had to along with her four small children trying to join her husband in malaysia. rescued by fishermen they were dee dehydrated and had fevers in the hospital and still in shock about the horrors they witnessed. >> people were badly beaten in a fight over food and nearly dead and thrown in the sea and some were killed in front of me. men jumped in the sea because they were scared. >> reporter: nearly 2000 boat
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migrants found shelter in indonesia providence in the past week and agreed they can stay for one year but then it will be up to the u.n. high commission for refugees to resettle them. the people here are keen to have those standed at sea and the government is urging international organizations to find help for rohingya as soon as possible. the government says it's struggling to provide asylum seekers and migrants necessary care. >> translator: we want them to be resettled as soon as possible because it's quite a burden for the government with a lot to deal with already and it has to do with immigration looking at the refugee status. >> reporter: the government said it will do all it can to help if more boats arrive here. according to u.n. the focus is on rescuing people and decision of a more permanent home for
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rohingya must come later, al jazeera. the eu and ukraine signed a $2 billion loan agreement to help the nation economy and on the second day of the summit in the capitol and ukraine president have been urging six communist countries to move away from the influence of russia. people in ireland voting to amend the constitution to legalize same sex marriage and partnerships are already allowed and could make ireland the first country in the world to allow gay marriage by popular results and results will be announced on saturday. the concept of a bionic man or woman was once reserved for science fiction and huge advances being made in technology that can change the lives of some of the world's most severely injured people carolyn malone reports on the
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bionic pioneers. >> reporter: great strides are being made in bionic technology. eric who has been paralyzed since being shot 13 years ago now has the ability to move a limb again. >> we found out that having small conversation helps the activity move a lot smother so i have to be quiet and if i get frustrated everything just goes down hill and the activity won't work. >> reporter: it's not his arm but he is able to do one crucial thing he couldn't do before pick up a bottle and drink on his own. he is the first person to have a neuro prosthetic device implanted into the part of the brain where intentions are made. when he thinks about moving it activates a prosthetic. he is not the only one benefitting from this type of amazing new technology. he has a bionic leg that he also uses his mind to control. doctors implanted sensors in his remaining leg which pick up
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brain signals and link them to the prosthetic. >> as soon as i put my foot on it took me about ten minutes to get control of it and i could stand up and just walk away. >> reporter: lee lost both his arms when he was electrocuted 40 years ago. he was the first person to be able to control two prosthetic limbs with the technology. scientists think it's only the beginning. >> it's not just the accomplishment but the opening of frontiers and realizing there is so much more to learn. >> reporter: jan is a quadriplegic and usually only able to move her neck and head. but with probes on her brain she is learning to move prosthetic limbs as well. >> and they say that was all you, that wasn't the computer doing it that was all you, i just can't stop smiling. it's so cool. i am moving things. i have not moved things for about ten years. >> reporter: eric had his sensors surgically implanted in
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his brain. another scientific breakthrough in the development of this mind control technology. as it turns out there is a lot that can be achieved just by thinking about it. carolyn malone al jazeera. >> you can find much more on our website, the address is >> wildlife poaching is big business... worth more than 17 billion dollars year and growing. "the slaughter is being fueled by demand from asia...