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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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only on al jazeera america ♪ we have discovered 139 which we believe to be graves. >> malaysia police discover human remains in jungle camps used by human traffickers. ♪ hello, i'm rochelle and you are watching al jazeera live from doha and also ahead i.s.i.l. sets fire to parts of iraq's biggest oil refinery as iraqi forces prepare for a fight. one month on nepal people offer
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praer -- prayer to remember survivors of the earthquake in living memory. madrid after the ruling party has a major defeat in local elections. ♪ we begin with news from tunesia, a soldier turned a gun oncology leagues and killed a colonel and two others at a military barracks and the gunman was shot and killed and we are joined live from tunis for more on the story. what else do we know? >> reporter: the latest news about the deaths of his colleagues has made this incident the more serious and happened at a camp barrix -- barracks and close to parliament and know the soldier opened fire on its colleagues and when it happened people in the area were
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pretty frightened a mosque was evacuated as well as a school. we are hearing from the defense ministry official that in his words this was not a terrorist incident but we have to confirm that and we understand that the actual minister of defense will address the nation in and around about 15 minutes or so even if it wasn't a security-related incident this is still deeply worrying for tunisians who hold up the institution of military and the army as something special indeed or the country as a discipline and stable institution of monitoring the borders in this particular difficult time for the country. >> indeed it's difficult time for the country and to reflect back on what happened in march at the national museum it can certainly but in some perspective why tunesians would be alarmed and be uneasy.
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>> exactly. and the country really is still reeling from what happened on march 18th when two tunesian gunman homegrown and trained apparently in libya with connections to groups linked to al-qaeda attacked the museum at the heart of the capitol on a symbol of tourism in the country and killed 22 people mainly tourists but there have been lots of incidents in the last few years and security related, military targeted soldiers policemen, the country is still very much on high alert and what has happened in its barracks will do nothing to inspire confidence really in the security forces of the military. >> live from tunis, thank you. police in malaysia say they found 139 graves believed to be of trafficking victims. the bodies were discovered on surn near the border of
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thailand capable of housing hundreds of people were also discovered and lawrence has more. >> reporter: police say they were held by traffickers trying to etg money from family and cages and toys and bullet casings discovered and the camps are abandon but the police think they found mass graves nearby. >> we discovered 139 which we belief to be graves. we don't know what is underneath. we also discovered one highly decomposed body and we will also bring that down. we will conduct post mortem on remains which we found to get to the cause of death. >> reporter: around 28 abandon camps were found along a 50 kilometer stretch of the border. many of the camp occupants are thought to have come from
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myanmar and bangladesh and migrants from those countries traveled by boat to indoe knee shoe -- indonesia and tie land and most are rohingya and they resort to paying people smugglers to get them to other countries to find work. if they don't go by sea many try escaping over land borders and the jungle between malaysia and tie land is used by boat smugglers and traffickers and more were found on the thai side of the border. >> the only thing that is surprising about this is the malaysia government did not find these camps earlier. we have known there has been these camps on both sides of the border now malaysia really has to investigate what was happening there, whether there was official complicity of
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running the camps by local officials or others and investigate and prosecute everybody who is involved. >> reporter: human rights watch also says there needs to be international pressure put on the myanmar government to stop the persecution of thero ro rohingya people and it's feared many more will per rish -- perish at camps or at sea. i.s.i.l. fighters reportedly set iraq's biggest oil refinery on fire and north of the town on the road between mosul which is i.s.i.l. seat of power in iraq and the capitol baghdad and security forces are advancing there in an effect to retake it as we report. >> reporter: iraq's largest oil refinery burns in the distance and fighters from islamic state of iraq and levante in the refinery set it on fire to stop
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advances by iraqi security fores and i.s.i.l. set off at least nine car bombs kills security forces and shia fighters and this video is said to show them burning machinery in areas they control and iraq say it's hindering efforts to recapture the refinery. >> we are 200 kilometers and it's open terrain and i.s.i.l. have rigged it with booby traps and roadside bombs and hoping our forces will overcome these obstacles. the enemy is desperate and lost man power and fire power now and therefore is trying different methods to hold our advance. >> reporter: the facility has been hard fought over for six months with i.s.i.s. and security forces at different times claiming they have been in control. and the oil refinery is a major source of income whoever is in control of it and it's unclear
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why i.s.i.l. would set fire to it and we seen i.s.i.l. use these tactics before particularly car bombs in ramadi when they took the city over ten days ago and this may be a direct push to keep security forces out for good. baghdad. yemen at least 13 people have been killed after a shoot out caused an oil tanker to explode, the tanker had been stolen by unidentified gunmen and stopped in a neighborhood and houthi gunman and fighters loyal to the country's exile president reportedly traded fire over the oil. in neighboring syria activists say 15 people were killed in government air strikes in the i.s.i.l.-controlled city of palmyra. meanwhile i.s.i.l. fighters have reportedly killed more than 200 people in and around the ancient city after its capture last week. the dead are reported to include captured government soldiers and civilians accused of backing president bahar assad.
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four people dead and 67 injured after a suicide attack in afghanistan's kabul province and eyewitnesses say the attackers used a truck to carry out the blast outside a preventel council building. it has been one month since a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit nepal killing some 8600 people. a minute of silence was held in the capital kathmandu and formed a human chain to have resilience of the people and nepal is one of the world east poorest nations and economy have been crippled by the quakes and reconstruction could cost $7 billion, more than a million private homes and public buildings have been damaged or destroyeded and tourism director or sector is a major source of income for nepal and $460 million from visitors in 2013. but now climbing routes are
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closed and many how pells are damaged or destroyed and u.n. says half of nepal's historical at strakattractions have been reduced to rebel and service and agriculture and education have all been hit. the government says all schools should begin classes at the end of the month and as we report some schools and many students just are not ready. >> reporter: this has a picture perfect landscape or at least it did before the earthquake. nothing has been spared. homes, hotels and schools. this one housed more than 100 prime mirror students from the area. before the may 12 aftershock damaged these buildings this school was already in need of money for a new boundary wall equipment and furniture. so the head teacher isn't sure of when or if the government
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will come through with the money to rebuild the place from scratch. >> translator: the monsoon rains are coming next month and no one can do anything international community will have to keep pushing the government to make sure they use the money to rebuild schools. >> given the lack of government funding before the quake he is not counting on it but the education ministry says they are already working on a plan. >> translator: some schools will need to be redesigned while others will have to be moved to safer spots. it's hard to say but it will cost tens of millions of dollars to rebuild all the damaged schools. >> reporter: getting the schools ready even temporary ones is one thing but preparing students to come back is something different as most have been too busy dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake to think about school. 18-year-old left his school in kathmandu after april's quake and may's aftershock destroyed
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his home and the books he brought to study for exams. >> translator: the aftershock i have not been able to concentrate on my studies. the tremors keep happening. there is no time to study even if i wanted to. >> reporter: in kathmandu some schools are ready to reopen but the books and uniforms of some students are buried under the rubble of their homes. without them they can't attend classes and they don't believe that's fair. >> translator: i have dreams like anyone else to study and take care of my family but once my school opens i won't be able to go it's not a good feeling but there is nothing i can do. >> reporter: life has never been easy here and today is a day-to-day struggle for most people and now the worry is their children's future their education will be marked by the earthquake too. i'm with al jazeera, district in nepal. a lot of criticism levelled at the nepal government over its response and some say it should have done more and done it faster and let's hear from harry
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faucet and information from the minister. >> the challenges we face first is just about a month we should be able to provide money for people to buy sheets and supplies for the people in need and help them rebuild temporary shelter. >> even this weekend we've seen landslides, we have seen here in kathmandu a pretty aggressive storm, is that quick enough to get people programmer temporary shelter? >> one month but all will have to wait for one month and what i'm basically saying is this is the handing out cash is going to start in just about a day or two even in the remotest parts in the country. i mean within a month we should not just be able to provide money but provide supplies so they can purchase it and then build a temporary shelter. more challenging would be geting
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enough support for the. >> there is skeptical and we saw a committee recommending cutting brittish aid to nepal unless it dealt with indemeanoric corruption and governments and how do you convince your own population and donors that the money will be used properly and find the people who need it? >> guaranty transparency is important. making it corruption free is go to be important. >> who will the guarantors of transparency if not the same people and same institutions that came under this criticism? >> we are open, open to involvement of the donor community, some oversight role if they want, i mean we will be willing to do that. this is the calamity of proportion and a crisis and let's use this as an opportunity
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to improve the governance. let's use this as an opportunity to gain the trust of the people. let's use this as an opportunity to gain confidence of the donor outside. let's use this opportunity as a national will and determination to do the best that can be done to the most deserving people of the world. >> still to come on the program, fuel shortage in nigeria and what effect it's having on the country. also i'm wayne reporting from new zealand where the country's rugged landscape inspired technology that could save lives. ♪
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welcome back, your top stories on al jazeera, a soldier in tunisia killed a colonel and three others at a beararrick and he was shot and killed. they found the bodies of trafficking victims and 28 camps near the border of thailand capable of housing hundreds of people. i.s.i.l. fighters have set fire to iraq's largest oil refinery as security forces advance to begi and government leaders in washington and baghdad are blaming each other for letting the city of ramadi to fall in i.s.i.l. hands a week ago.
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protesters in burundi say they are willing to do something to get more people to take part in the demonstration and for weeks now they have been on the streets of the capitol opposing the president's bid for a third term in office and we have more from the capitol. >> reporter: it's another day of protests here and people seem adamant and more defiant this time and have a strategy and gathering over there, the plan is to eventually get in the city center. the police know this so the police are on the ground pretty much in every volitile neighborhood and try to block them from reaching the city center. people have another plan and say they try to get as many people as possible to participate in these protests and not use fear as an excuse so they are going in town and carrying people to work and gone oto markets and telling the women in markets to shut down the market, they cannot sell and want them to con o -- come on the streets and that is the strategy to force them
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and when you get them gathered and that is where the protests will take place and it seems people are defiant and despite the police on the streets and they have one message to the president they don't want him to run for a third term. cell phone provider urgently needs diesel to prevent shutting down services country wide. it's the latest business hit by a month-long fuel crisis in africa's biggest oil producer and in some places banks have been forced to reduce working hours, hospitals are running on emergency generators and some airlines had to ground domestic flights and we have more from the city of cano. >> well, actually things are grinding to a halt in many parts of nigeria at the moment. here where i'm standing now is one of the few petrol that is debeensing here a city of 10
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million and few petrol are selling and if they are open they are selling way beyond government-controlled prices and what we are seeing here shortages effecting different parts of the country and different lives in nigeria. at the moment the shortage of transportation here in cano and transportations and cost of services have gone high and hearing about disruption in services like banks like electricity supply schools and every sector of the nigerian economy is affected by what the country is graspingly with. ethiopia national elections expected to be released in the coming hours, final vote counting won't be completed until next month, on sunday millions of ethiopians voted in a regional and parliamentary poll and accused the party of
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using repressive measures to remain in power. spain's ruling party has the worst election results in more than 20 years. [chanting] celebrations in madrid as antiausterity parties made significant gains. the for particular parties loss is likely to reduce prime minister rohoy's chances of winning a second term this year as tim friend reports. >> reporter: spanish prime minister rohy is now under extreme pressure from barcelona to madrid the backed candidates scored big successes. and his ruling conservative people's party has lost its overall majority in many other regions. after years of austerity and political corruption voters are increasingly dissolutioned with the two main parties and are looking for answers elsewhere. >> translator: there are lots of corruption cases and people
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realize that the usual parties are always doing the same thing and apart from that they are removing a lot of options people should have employment education. >> translator: it's a shame my three grandsons who are abroad can't vote one is in dublin and the other one in france and they have to leave because there is no work here and another one is about to finish university and is getting ready to get out of there. let's see if we can fix this. the current leaders have to go and the others have to come in. >> this man pablo, the leader here was watching sunday's results carefully because a general election is due in november. >> translator: now we are obliged to work very hard to gain strength and continue our part of the political transformation of this country. >> reporter: at times anger over the state of the spanish economy and miss trust of established politicians has spilled on to the streets.
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[chanting] the new left wing and movements are finding to end the two-party system of the past four decades and drive out the people's party. voters were being asked to choose leaders in 8,000 city halls and 13 of the 17 regional governments in spain which control health and education budgets. the result harolds a new era of politics in spain and a new coalition government, tim friends, al jazeera. opposition leader of venezuela started a hunger strike in jail. he is calling for mass anti-government protests next weekend. he was arrested during demonstrations last year against venezuela's socialist government. the former israeli prime minister has been sentenced to eight months in prison for corruption. a court said guilty of unlawfully accepting money from
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an american supporter and took place while he was prime minister and the sentencing on monday is in addition to a six year sentence he received last year for a separate bribery conviction. the war in syria has forced many people to look for safety in lebanon. there are now concerns about the farm animals those refugees brought with them. and we report on the rise in animal diseases. >> reporter: when he and his family left syria three years ago he took his livestock with him. some died on the way to lebanon, others were sold. only seven sheep and goats from his herd made it. >> translator: how can i leave it behind? it's part of my grandfather's tradition. we are not leaving them, how can i leave it behind? >> reporter: it is estimated there has been a 60% rise in the number of livestock in lebanon near the border with syria which is causing concern. there are more than 1.2 million
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syrian refugees registered in lebanon and some of them have brought their livestock on them and the war on syria disrupted vaccinations and crossing the border to lebanon has increased. lebanon's agriculture ministry says large number of animals arrived without proper health checks. some farmers have reported new diseases over the past two years. the most common is foot and mouth which causes ulcers and alarm has also been raised over a new disease known as lumpy skin. the u.n. food and agriculture organization says it has killed some cattle. >> some new diseases like lumpy skin disease started appearing in syria as well as in lebanon as well as in iraq. the country's bordering syria. worried about the cattle in lebanon because large number of cattle growers in lebanon
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especially dairy cattle are very small growers and they own two three, four cows and are landless and they are poor and if one cow dies that is you know one-third of efforts and your livelihood is affected. >> reporter: the cows are immune but still need to be closely watched. cattle trading across border grazing between syria and lebanon existed before the war started. it is already impossible to prevent the herd following its instincts. for this man back home to syria is a dream and if it happens he is taking his five daughters with him as well as his goats and sheep. al jazeera, valley along the syrian border. small company in new zealand joining forces with the coast guard to help save lives and their idea is to use drone aircraft to find people lost in remote areas and wayne has the story. >> reporter: using cameras on
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so called unmanned drones is nothing new but honing them specifically for search and rescue is. and in christ church a to-man company is leading the way. >> basically been on a humanitarian side and saving lives and once you get involved in the organization like that you can't exactly step away from it. >> reporter: a joint venture with the local coast guard, a voluntary organization and testing showed planes with cameras and latest technology can provide a valuable eye in the sky all controlled using a phone or tablet. >> i'll get to this area and i will stop it and throw one of these off the back and send it off in the direction i feel it needs it or i will set maybe 50 meters out behind the boat. >> reporter: the small model also be around $5,000 and larger drones being developed that will be able to stay in the air for up to ten hours and carry rescue equipment. with more than 15,000 kilometers
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of coastline and isolated mountain rages new zeeland's rugged beauty is a magnet for those who love outdoors and everyday there is a chance that something could go wrong and when it does search and rescue workers face huge challenges. the coast guard used a drone to search for someone lost in the mountains last year. ultimately they maybe able to vastly reduce the use of conventional aircraft and saving money and improving safety. >> at the moment we send our crews into potentially harm's way quite regularly and if we can actually eliminate the risk of the crew members um in the sky to do a search by setting a uav up that is great. >> reporter: developers working with the red cross and they believe win of the potential uses is to search for victims in disaster zones. technology is being developed in christ church a city that is still struggling to rebuild after a large earthquake that struck four years ago. of course there is a commercial
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aspect to the project hand it has to pay for itself eventually but in the meantime humanitarian groups stand to benefit from the technology wayne at christ church. of course you can always keep up to date with all the news on our website, al >> flooding across oklahoma and texas leave thousands homeless. the record rainfall is not letting up. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> packets that mid rest amid protests in cleveland after a judge aquits a police officer for shooting two unarmed black people. >> the blame over the fall of