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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". >> soldier kills seven colleagues before being shot dead inside a military barracks. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. mass graves and cages found in jungle camps used by people traffickers in malaysia. >> i'm fez jamil. looking like this. >> and a new future.
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hello a tunisian soldier has opened fire on his comrades. the soldier was killed. nazanine moshiri reports from tunis. >> already on edge. the confusion outside the military barracks after monday answer shooting is adding to the tension. corporal stabbed to death one soldier and opened fiber. no known connection to any armed groups. the military suggests he must have killed for personal reasons. >> this soldier had family problems. he suffered from behavior disorders. he has been recently transferred to a less sensitive unit where he was not allowed to carry
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wens. thisweapons. >> investigators will want to speak to his friends and family. the base is in the heart of the capital, close to parliament and the bardo mument. thisbardo museum. this is where 22 people were killed in march most of them tourists. the people responsible were received their weapons in libya. the bardo is supposed to be one of the most trust evidence institutions in the country. responsible for protecting tunisia's borders from the instability and violence in libya. people will want to know why and how a soldier was able to turn on his come rates. nazanine mosh moshiri, al jazeera
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teuntunis. >> graves found in the jungle and bashed wire pens used to cage migrants. >> police suspect people were held captive here from traffickers who were supposed to mass graifers nearby. >> we have discovered have discovered 159 which we believe to be graiftsz. we don't know what are underneath. we also discovered one highly decomposed body and we will also
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bring that down. we will conduct postmore tell postmore postmortem on what we believe will be the cause of death . >> many of the camp occupants are thought to have come from myanmar and be bangladesh. they and other economic migrant pay people smug lergs to get them to other-z smugglers to get them to other countries for work. the jungle between malaysia and thailand is said to be used for smugglers and migrants.
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>> the only thing that is surprising about this is that the malasian government didn't find these camps earlier. we've known there's been these camps on both sides of the border. now malaysia really has to investigate what was happening there. whether there was official complicity in the running of these camps and others and prosecute everybody who was involved. >> human rights watch also says there needs to be international pressure put on the myanmar government to sop the persecution on the rohingya people. it's feared many more will perish in trafficking campletion or attraffickingtrafficking camps orat sea. florence louie, al jazeera myanmar. >> iraqi security forces are
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advancing towardsen beijing towards beaj. baiji. >> i.s.i.l. have set off at least nine car bombs killing dozens of iraqi security forces and shia militia fighters. be iraqi security forces say the destruction is hindering their efforts to recapture the refinery. >> translator: we are about two kilometers radius from the refinery yet it is in open terrain in which i.s.i.l. has rigged it with booby trapped trenches and bombs. we are hoping that our forces will overcome these obstacles. thereforethey are trying different
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rks ways to combat our advance. >> it is unclear why i.s.i.l. would set fire to it. we have seen i.s.i.l. use these type of tactics before particularly the car bombs in ramadi when they took that city just over ten days ago. this might be a direct push to try and keep iraqi security forces out for good. imrarn khan, alimran khan, al jazeera baghdad. >> houthi gunmen and fighters loyal to the country's-e country's exiled president were involved.
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>> government soldiers and civilians accused backing president bashar al-assad. chronic fuel shortages in nigeria have forced some businesses to shut down temporarily. the huge being queue at the fuel pump appears to be over. new government is due to be sworn in, in just a few days' sometime. ahmed idris reports. >> selling the commodity in the city of cano, the queues are more than a kilometer long. now what is happening here, as well as other petrol stations across the country is reflected in other parts of life in nigeria. electricity which was 3,000
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megawatts is down to an all time low of 12 hoob,000 1200 megawatts. be subsequent be payment to marketers importing the be commodity as well as corruption in the oil and gas industry. airlines banks hospitals and telecommunications companies are considering shutting down or scaling back simply because of the energy crisis in nigeria. transportation has gone up and be fume cuts are no news in nigeria because people have gotten used to them but the current situation threatens to shut down all being economy in the be country just a few days before the new government comes
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into power. minute silence was held inen kathmandu to remember victims of last month's earthquake. nepal is one of the world's poorest nation is and economy has been crippled by the disaster. government estimates reconstruction could amount to $7 billion. a lot of the country's money comes from tourists who brought nearly $460 million to nepal in 2014. many visit to climb mount everest. but climbing routes are now closed. being many historical being attractions have been flattened. fez jamil reports many schools are not ready. >> picture perfect landscape or at least it did before the
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earthquake. nothing has been spared. homes, hotels and schools. this one house ed more than 100 primary students from the area. before the may 12th yafer aftershock damaged these buildings the school was also due for new equipment and furniture so the head teacher isn't sure of when or if the government will come forward with the money to rebuild the place from scratch. >> translator: the monsoon rains are coming next month then no one can do anything. the international community will have to keep pushing the government to make sure they have schools. >> reporter: given lack of funding before the quake he's not counting on the it but the education ministry says. >> others will have to be moved to safer spots. it's hard to say but it is cost
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tens of mstles millions of dollars to replace ail the damaged schools. >> preparing students to come back is something different as most have been dealing with the aftermast math of the earthquake to focus on school. up the road from where his home used to stand may answer aftershock destroyed his home and the books he bought to study for exams. >> following the aftershock i haven't been able to concentrate on my studies. the tremors keep happening. there is no time to study even if i wanted to. >> schools are ready to reopen but the books and uniforms much some students are buried beyond the rubble of their homes. without them, they can't attend school. >> once my school opposite opens i won't be able to go.
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it's not a good feeling, there is nothing i can do. >> today is another day-to-day struggle for most people and now, the worry is that their education will be marked by the earthquake too. fez jamil, al jazeera nepal. >> deaths in the southern states of telengana and reaching high, forecasters say it could continue for another two weeks. at least ten people have been killed after a tornado hit the mexican be city of acuna. hundreds of homes are damaged or destroyed. dozens are injured and the mayor says a search-year-old boy is missing. still oto come on al jazeera who's benefited most from the major political upset in spain.
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and exec and cultural investment. than someone who goes to prison... >> what's being done to protect liberties in texas? >> i'm just a citizen trying to get some justice for an old man... >> an america tonight investigation only on al jazeera america
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. >> a requirement of the top stories in al jazeera. a military man has be attacked his colleagues in tunisia.
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severe fuel shortages in nigeria. fuel wholesalers and the government have struck a deal to try to end the crisis. a suicide bomb has exploded in southern province of afghanistan. blast hit the gate of a provincial capital. a lot of violence in reernt months. an air france plane flying from paris has beens courted to new york's jfk airport after an noyesanonymous threat. the airbus is now being searched after landing safely. protesters in brund say burundi say they are willing to do anything to get more people to protest.
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street protests have been held for weeks against the president's decision to run for third term. haru mutasa has the story from bujumbura. >> reporter: protesters have another strategy. there they are some of them gathering over there the plan is to eventually get into the city center. the police know at a they'll try and block them from trying to reach the city center. people also have another plan. they're trying to get as many people as possible to participate in this proas not protest. they have gone to the markets and telling women in the markets to shut down the parks they can't sell. they're saying that's the strategy now get as many people as possible, even if you have to force them, march into the city center and that's when they say where the big protests will
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actually take place. it seems people are defiant despite the police being on the streets. they have one message for the president, they don't want him to run for a third term. >> preliminary rilts in results in yoaps ethiopia's election regional and parliamentary poll. the opposition has accused the ruling party of harassment and to try to remain in power. anti-austerity parties in spain have made gains. worst result in more than 20 years after four years of severe spending cuts and a string of construction scarchld. timblscandals.tim friend reports.
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>> new era of corruption politics and further instability. earlier as the election results came in it quickly became clear that this man would play a leading role in what would come next. the leader pablo ig iglesias. >> political path of the political trixtionpolitical transformation of this country. >> candidates from the smaller parties triumphed. overturning majorities from the mainstream socialists. >> this content has driven to other groups. >> people have spoken and will continue to do so. i'm proud that madrid and
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barcelona have marked a beginning of another phase. >> what we have here are new trends and they must come down from the clouds, negotiate talk and find new solutions. >> reporter: the prime minister ma marian og lahoy. >> i would never expect the popular party to be the be head party, coalition gft or be able to govern in the minority. >> after just a few years it could be on the brink of holding the balance of power in spain. tim friend, al jazeera. >> poland's main opposition party is celebrating its first national election win in a decade. andre duda's law and justice
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party won sunday's vote with 52%, close to the catholic church considered less business-friendly and less pro-eu. former priessments prime minister ehud olmert. transaction said to have taken place while he was trade and industry minister. monday answer sentencing adds to a six year prison sentence he received last year, ohlert was forced to quit as prime minister in early 2009. china's energy minister is touring latin america. daniel schwindler has the story. >> the first chinese mostly from taiwan arrived in buenos aires in the 1950s and 60s to a
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culture very different than their own. it's argentine economy that interests chinese. >> most chinese people think this is a good place to work because they still have opportunity but really not a very easy place to live. not because they don't like the country. actually a lot of people like this country. but you have to find a way to love it. >> the president of china, xi jinping was in argentina last summer the president cristina kirchner returned the favor this year. >> you can see an interest in local people learning chinese.
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>> this is where two distant and very different economies meet. it is not an obvious or often easy match but many here are trying hard to make it work. with china investing heavily in argentine infrastructure, they come to encourage more general understanding. >> the differences in our customs are minor difficulty. the biggest difference is language. everything is different. if we don't know the language we can't communicate fluently. language is the bridge for so many things. >> reporter: mandarin is now offered in knowledge buenos airesmany buenos airesschools. >> to say hole there is no kiss being or handshake. just a bow. we have gotten used to saying
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hello in buenoses buenos aires with kisses. >> daniel schwindler, al jazeera, buenos aires. >> things are better now but many are struggling to break into the workforce. kimberly halkett reports from washington d.c. >> reporter: scott bake are joined the u.s. military when he was 19 years ol. the army soldier fault in iraq and afghanistan. when he came back to the united states he couldn't find a job. >> they think of a.ptsd a ptsd
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survivor. >> replica tags hang from the ceiling to honor those who served. father rick curry helped create the bakery after he realized many wounded u.s. veterans needed help. >> i ran a small mail order bakery in maine and i saw how disabled veterans loved to see products at the end of the day. and i thought that was it, i would start a bakery. >> he knows what its like overcoming stigma, having been born with only one arm. they say father curry is an inspiration. >> he's enlightening and such a mentor. >> helping these veterans transform their battlefield experience. >> i jumped out of airplanes
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with explosives. >> there is camaraderie at the dog tag. >> you go to the bakery to be leap. i wanted to place veterans and their spouses around caregivers into an atmosphere that would be happy. i want that inner change between the veterans with disabilities and the able body world to engage them in something very positive meaningful and happy. >> reporter: it's working and even sweeter sales are increasing every month. kimberly halkett, al jazeera washington. >> and for lovers of the outdoors you can't get better than the new zealand will derness. nowwilderness. >> using cameras on unmanned drones is not true but honing them specifically for search and
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rescue is. and in christ church a two man company is paving the way. >> once you get involved in an organization like that you can't exactly step away from it. >> it's a joint venture with the local coast guard. testing showed how the planes fitted with the lateliest cameras can provide a valuable eye in the sky all controlled by a phone or tablet. >> throw one of these off the back and send it off in a direction they feel needs to be investigated. >> the price for the small models will be around $5,000. larger drones are being developed able to stay in the air for ten hours and carry rescue equipment. >> with 1500 kilometers of coastline, new new zealand's rugged
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beauty when something goes wrong, rescuers face huge challenges. >> someone lost in the mountains last year, ultimately they may are able to vastly reduce the use of conventional aircraft saving money. >> at the moment, we send crews into potentially harm's way quite regularly and if we can eliminate the risk of four crew members up in the sky doing a search by sending a uav up that is actually much better. >> one of the potential uses is to search for victims in disaster zones. the technology is being developed in christchurch a city still struggling to rebuild after an earthquake four years ago. it has to pay for itself but in
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the meantime, humanity will benefit from the technology. wayne hay, al jazeera christchurch. >> you can watch us live by clicking on the watch live eye corn on the slaughter is being fueled by demand from asia... ...where rhino horn is a status symbol